Friday, December 30, 2016

Knowing What Is Not Experienced

"Maybe you should stay away from these topics until you are an actual expert."

"Stick with what you know."

"Unless you have a vagina, stay away from [making decisions on] women's health."

These phrases, and others like them, are most often used by Social Justice Warriors  (SJW). Frequently used when the other party has made a point with which the SJW disagrees, but cannot argue by use of logic. (That's most of the time, people.)

Of course, the underlying message - that one cannot know anything about what one has not experienced - is blatantly false. As an example - would you like to drink concrete? Of course not. Most people would agree. Yet, almost nobody has ever tasted concrete, much less drunk the stuff.

Almost all the times these phrases are used by people other than SJW fall into the category of use by a #cuckservative . Of course, a #cuckservative by definition, is a conservative who sells out. (And even Wikipedia got that one right.)

From time to time, these #cuckservatives don't even know that's what they are. Trained from an early age to use these tools, and give way when the big mean liberals attack, modern #cuckservatives can often resort to retorts like this without blinking.

The human being has the capability to understand without direct experience. To understand conceptually. Or, to put it another way: most of the feminists who blather these lines cannot understand the irony that they have a male OB-GYN. If they used their "logic" for a moment, they would never return to their doctor, as he is a man and not a woman. How could he possibly know about a woman's health?

"When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser."
- Socrates

(I still say his name in my head like Bill & Ted - "Sow - crates")

On a more serious note, the phrases above, and those like them, often preclude or are intertwined with slander. The speaker / writer of the phrase knows she has lost and feels she must resort to slander.

And never forget Law 3 - SJWs always project. The SJW will often say you are slandering them in cases like this. It almost never fails!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Some Gem

Saw this gem on Facebook. It's really interesting. But, it gives too much credit to the real sources of #fakenews .

Shift the vertical lines over two notches, and it will be just about correct.

Yes, they had Slate, Vox, The Guardian, and the WSJ listed as great in depth sources of news that meet high standards. Good grief.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Optic Upgrades

You've got your rifle. You own several magazines. Your marksmanship is improving, as are your mag changes. You work on your rifle to pistol transitions and vice-versa.

You've upgraded your rifle. You've got your  basic skills. Maybe you are unsure which optic to go with. There are so many!

Most people would be best served by a red dot optic. Not the $40 True Glow you find at the discount store. A real red dot. When you can shoot a group like this at 50 yards with your red dot, think about upgrading to a scope:

What kind of scope?
Preferably a fixed low power. An ACOG or similar is the standard. When you upgrade, look at a canted mount for your red dot, or a piggyback red dot option.

Alternately, you may wish to invest in a variable low power scope. Often, these are 1-4x or 1-6x or similar. Many good options out there. Some can nearly duplicate the red dot on the 1x setting. Many have a BDC or similar for longer range shots. Some people leave them set at highest magnification and run a piggyback red dot on top.

If you graduate to a scope, work even more on your marksmanship. Be able to shoot a group like the one above at 100 yards (with quality ammo, of course).

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

No Law Needed

Not everything needs to be legislated.

A while back, I was sent a request from a friend to like her new Facebook page. The page was geared towards the pushing of a new law...

"This page is to push through a new law called [xxxxx]. This law will require all daycare professionals to have training for kids with special needs."

As you might guess, this person has a special needs child. They were on vacation at a ski resort and the resort daycare could not accept her child due to the child's special needs. So they want a law to mandate it.

Folks, this is foolhardy thinking. We do not need a law every time something doesn't go your way. Particularly if you have a very unusual circumstance (as in this case). It used to be that people in this situation either didn't vacation, or arranged for a family member to watch the child, or something of that sort.

Now we "need a law."

No, we don't. We need common sense and much less of an entitlement mentality.

Monday, December 26, 2016

On WROL Situations

A reader found this gem from just before the election:
"The 3 percenters are going to declare it a Without Rule Of Law situation and riot if Trump loses."

Clearly, this one has no clue. No clue about 3 percenters. No clue what the definition of WROL happens to be. And no clue about the direction the election was headed.

For those who are unaware, WROL means Without Rule Of Law. An example of WROL might be a time where the fabric of society has either temporarily or permanently broken down. Another term is SHTF -  Shit Hits The Fan. In either event, there would be, by definition, a situation of short term or sustained emergency.

No person or group can "declare" a WROL situation. This cupcake must have been confused with how governors declare a "state of emergency" when bad weather or circumstances hit their states. 3 percent groups do not pretend to be governors. I'm not sure who wrote this or where, but it sounds like a #cuckservative who fears riots and looting. I wonder how they feel about BLM?

A lost vote would not be a WROL situation. A stolen vote would have proven to be a lawless situation, and would be WROL by definition. But to think that a person has the ability to declare that is simple foolishness. To think Patriots wouldn't take back a stolen country is similarly foolish.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Rogue One Review (Spoilers)

Review of Star Wars: Rogue One

I saw this movie with my children at a 9:45 pm showing on opening night.

There may be spoilers below. If those sort of things upset you, then do not read further.

To start, the film was marred in controversy by its writers saying the Empire is White Supremacist. The obvious hit here is toward the Alt-Right. However, as card-carrying member of the Alt-Right, I know better. We aren't white supremacists. We are realists.  Point 7.

But, as George Lucas has always said, Star Wars is for kids. Mine are well trained to think. Had there been feminist propaganda strewn throughout, they'd have picked up on it. So, I took them.


I did, too.

No, it's not a space opera like the Timeline films. That's why it lacks an opening crawl. It's a spy film with a battle at the end. You knew this would be the case: it was billed as the story behind the capturing of the Death Star plans, setting up Episode IV, A New Hope.

From the opening crawl of ANH -
It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire.
During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon, the DEATH STAR, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet.

That gives you the premise of this movie in its entirety.

I didn't see too much feminism in this movie. Yes, the central character is female. But she's no leader. In fact, she is following through much of the movie. The reluctant leader is a white male, "Cassian." Yes, I'm aware that he's a Spaniard... and I'm also aware that Spaniards are not Hispanics. There is a distinct racial difference.

The characters are hodgepodge. They fit for a band of spies. They all die in the end. Sneaking into the Empire's data center has consequences.

Originally, the Rebel Alliance had a Gold Wing, a Red Wing, and a Blue Wing. This movie explains why you don't see Blue Wing in ANH. The movie also explains why Red 5 is available for Luke. The movie also explains the vacancy that had to be made for Ackbar to be promoted to Admiral.

Cameos that we all liked:
Red Leader
Gold Leader
Governor Tarkin
Darth Vader
Bail Organa
Princess Leia
"I hold the death sentence on 12 systems"
R2D2 & C3PO

The battle scene at the end, "Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire," is the best battle montage of the entire Star Wars Universe to date. Maybe even of the entire genre.

Darth Vader's end cameo is absolutely bad ass. He plows through Rebel soldiers as easily as Anakin plowed through Separatist battle droids in the prequels.

From the looney toon files... a colleague from my college years posts this about his 8 year old son:
Today's Disappointment:  Star Wars Rouge One was too intense, too dark, and violent for my son that we left after the first 30 minutes.  What's sad is we saw Star Wars The Force Awakens last year and he loved it.  Rogue One does not feel like a Star Wars movie.  Sorry if this ruins it for anyone but as a dad you become sensitive to your child's needs.  It was too scary for him.
"Rouge One was a bad idea to make dad," [my son] said this afternoon.
Yes, this person is a Gamma. Yes, he is a #cuckservative . Yes, he is raising his 8 year old son to be a pussy.

My kids' reaction to the above:
"It's was a good movie. It wasn't too dark!"
- 9 year old daughter.

"It's what Star Wars is all about... WARS. Fighting, battles, all that cool stuff."
- 12 year old son.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

How Is That Working For You?

Seen posted on Facebook, you probably know where this is going. Subject is over age 40, over 300 pounds, and twice divorced.

Yeah, a real "catch."

Yep. More of the predictable. But, gee, is this subject happy or not? Well, let's look to basics. A happy person wouldn't be posting these things. She probably defines her own happiness based on her relationship status. So, a logical conclusion would be that she is single... based on direct and indirect posts.


Ah, there it is! The prediction holds true! It's almost boring by now, seeing these things come true according to Red Pill teachings.

The reason we have people like this who are struggling like this is simple: they are "snowflakes." On this blog, I used to call it princess syndrome. They want to be treated like royalty, but have neither the time nor the inclination to look the part or act the part.


And then this gem. But, it's really Law 3 - projection. These types of women are almost always Alpha-widows. They lament the "one that got away."

What they don't realize is that he didn't "get away" in the sense they are thinking. He was never gonna stay. If "he" happened to have married her, then there's a 100% chance that she filed for divorce, and now regrets it. Because he is living the life pictured in the words of this meme.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Mistake

Not "a" mistake... "The" mistake.

I wanted a new look (and functionality) for my primary rifle, Lucy.

In the process of removing the gas block, it comes to my attention that it's really stuck on the barrel. Much hammering and leverage didn't help. I eventually had to purchase a dremel and cut it off.

But the hammering had taken its toll. Closer inspection revealed not only thread damage, preventing reattachment of Lucy's dreaded muzzle device, but also displaced metal in the crown area.

Barrel ruined.

A new one is on the way from White Oak Armament. $350. I intend to keep Lucy in her upcoming configuration. Unless, of course, the SLR rail proves to be as flimsy as the Samson rail had been.

By the way, the picture above is Lucy, except she will wear a Magpul A2 stock and an SLR rail. I got the 16.5" rail... it comes really close to the end of the 18" barrel. New pictures posted as soon as her new barrel arrives.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Take Offense!

I try to keep this blog civil. I try to be proactive, but not unnecessarily offensive. Today, I put that all on hold. This is not politically correct. This post is designed to be as offensive as possible. Here goes -

If black lives mattered, then they wouldn't kill each other.

A girl / woman who has an abortion should have to have a big red X tattooed on her forehead to warn men that she is not soul mate material since she will kill her own offspring.

Gays don't really want to get married, they want more attention. The fear most being seen for what they are: irrelevant.

Feminism is the most destructive plague of the 21st century for the West.

Feminism isn't about equality, it's about special treatment.

If black lives really mattered, they'd protest abortion.

If gun control really worked, the liberal elite would lead by example and disarm their bodyguards.

A single old school Christmas song has more soul than the shit that passes as pop music these days.

Liberal men are all Gammas or low-Deltas.

Men who claim conservatism or a loved for liberty, but who voted 3rd party or write-in instead of voting for Trump are Gammas and low-Deltas.

Civilized society allows men the "luxury" of being Gamma. Yet Gammas inherently seek to destroy civilized society.

I like to use the term "God-Emperor" when referring to Trump because it angers typical #churchians

I'm glad I've lost as "friends," those who were libtards, #cuckservatives , SJWs, and the like.

My new favorite Christmas song is "Baby It's Cold Outside." It's a song of classic seduction / playing coy... like men & women are supposed to do.

Merry Christmas! 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Random Thoughts

People who got their "news" from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert now complain about "Fake news."

How did Russia convince Brazile to give Hillary the debate questions in advance? And why would they do that if they were all in for Trump?

I wish my AR15 was fully auto like libtards think it is.

Christmas: it is better to give than to receive. But a list of what they want is still helpful.

Some people want to save as much as they can on an AR, but they still want it to save their life in SHTF. Can't have it both ways.

The look on the face of someone when they shoot their first gun: this is why we are winning the gun control debate. Take someone shooting.

Kids are safer at tactical classes that adults. It's a fact.

Common sense is no longer common. That's why there are so many idiots in management.

There is a war on: Christmas, Christianity, being white, and Western Civilization.  That's why voters fought back.

I could listen to Christmas music year round.

I could give away $1000 in gifts every month of the year. Gonna figure out a way to do just that, and be able to afford it.

Breast cancer sucks.

Like-minded friends are best.

I teach three gun classes: Fundamental Marksmanship, Pistol Craft, and Rifle Craft.
Fundamental Marksmanship is the most needed for most people.
Pistol Craft is the most enjoyed by most people.
Rifle Craft is my favorite, and it's not even close.

Volunteering for parking crew at my church a couple of years ago has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done.

Lots of people can't drive... and are worse when it comes to parking! Lol

Aside from having to attend a single Titans game for work, I haven't missed the NFL this season.

I'm looking forward to getting Lucy 2.0 up and running.

Lucy's name is Lucy. Not Lucille.

Killing my first deer was awesome. Gonna get more. They taste great! I'm hooked!

There's more, but that's about all for right now.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Mo' Money

Tennessee governor, Bill Haslam, wants more taxes.  Internet sales taxes,  more gas taxes, you name it, he wants more taxes.

You'd think the State of Tennessee was running short on cash, with how many taxes the governor wants to raise. But that's just simply not the case...

Tennessee had a $1 Billion surplus!

Yes, part of that was one-time money. But the state has been running $200 Million surpluses for a long time now. In short, the state does not need more cash. We need to cut a few of the taxes we already have - that are clearly not needed.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Greatest Civilization

The Western Civilization known as the USA is the greatest and most advanced civilization in the history of the planet. Threat of predation by other species is virtually nonexistent. Threat of war on US soil is as low as can be found. With few exceptions, fundamental human rights are widely recognized more than any other country. It is the safest and most prosperous place to live that has ever been. 

But this greatest civilization is under attack. Not by another civilization, per-se. But by barbarism.

1. absence of culture and civilization.
2. extreme cruelty or brutality.

Things that destroy, seek to destroy, or work to destroy civilization are, by definition, barbaric. Western Civilization is under attack by several such things. Following is a list of the gravest threats Western Civilization faces. Naturally, this list is comprised of highlights, and is not comprehensive.

No society has ever survived that slaughtered it's innocents. Abortion must be made illegal - with penalties for the woman seeking to kill her own child, as well as person who performs or otherwise assists in the act.

Gay issues
Gay "marriage" is not an institution that benefits society by providing a platform for the propagation of the species. Gay marriage has no cultural roots, historical roots, religious roots, or other - it's origins are in efforts to gain special treatment for a minority by the majority. Special treatment is not equal treatment. Gay marriage must not be recognized by the government.

Current feminism standards demand special treatment of women. A Representative Republic is not based on the concept of multiple classes of citizens, or castes. Feminism must be eliminated from Western society.

Illegal immigration and the taking in of unvetted "refugees" is a major source of the spread of barbarism in the West. These invaders do not wish to assimilate into Western culture, they wish for the West to adopt their ways. If their ways had resulted in a higher form of civilization, then they wouldn't have had to flee their homelands. Illegal immigration must be stopped. Those in the US illegally must be deported. The US must discontinue taking in refugees. Refugees here already must be shipped elsewhere.

World Police
Other cultures may not be ready for the adoption of Western values. The US must stop playing global police officer and must stop trying to set up "democracies" abroad. When the individual populations are ready, they will revolt and set up the type of government they wish.

Economic Concerns
The West cannot continue to acquire debt. Foreign aid must be stopped until the budget is balanced - and then only resumed with allies as funding allows. Congress must be barred from spending money it does not have. Welfare must be suspended until all budgets are balanced, and then only reinstated with major reform aimed to prevent fraud, waste, and rewards for enrollment.  There are more departments in the US government that are useless than there are useful departments - eliminate them. No more Congressional or Presidential pensions. 

Voter Reform
At a minimum, mandatory voter ID in all precincts. Only citizens.
Long term, voting needs to be scaled back to only taxpaying citizens age 25 and up. Candidates for office must be eligible voters.

Again, this is not a comprehensive list. Just a good start. Thoughts?

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Fake News

When you see outlets such as NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and the like speaking of "fake news" -

Understand that this is Law #3 - SJW always project.

The Legacy Media is the fake outlet, and they know it.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Rifle Basics

Friday's post seemed to garner a lot of attention. So let's make sure we set some things straight. Friday's post was about rifle upgrades. There was no mention of basic handling, basic equipment, etc. This post shall address those topics.

Basic equipment
All AR15 Patriot rifles should have:
* A sling
* A white light
* 6 mags, minimum.
* 300 rounds, minimum.
* Iron sights, zeroed at either 100, 200, or 300.

Basic skills
* Accurately and repeatedly able to hit targets at 300 m.
* Load and reload the rifle.
* Field strip and reassemble the rifle.
* Perform a magazine change.

Without a doubt, there are other valuable skills and equipment items out there. However, these are the bare essentials.


Friday, December 9, 2016

Rifle Upgrades

A common question is what upgrade should one get for their AR15 rifle first?

There are three really good upgrades that will help any Rifleman or aspiring Rifleman. Optic. Trigger. Free float rail. These are investments for your rifle. Beyond these upgrades, the only things really left are more for precision - barrel upgrade and good ammo.

Free float rail
This device replaces your handguards. If you have an A2 front sight post, you will need to either:
A. Remove the sight post for a low profile gas block - ONLY if you want a long free float rail.
B. Order a shorter free float rail.
Remember to re-zero your rifle after installing the rail. The point of impact will shift.

The free float rail prevents the rail from being contacted by an external force. Such contact will shift the bullet point of impact... often significantly. The free float rail allows use of a bipod, sling, or even resting the rail of the rifle on something without altering the point of impact.

A drop in trigger is one of those upgrades that once you get it, you wonder how you ever got along without it. A RRA national match trigger can be had for around $100. Higher quality triggers from Geissele, Timney, and CMC can be had for $200 or less (or more!). Install takes about 5 minutes.

A good trigger will help with accuracy. The gun is less likely to be shifted by trigger pull if there is less trigger pull weight!

A good trigger will help with follow up shots and controlled pairs. Some people call this "double tap." With a shorter reset and less effort to pull, coupled with the reduced likelihood of shifting the gun with said pull, the controlled pair is made simpler.

These days, most folks should run a red dot on their AR15. Nothing wrong with a scope, but the red dot has a distinct advantage in 95% of combat ranges - 100 yards and closer. A red dot works well with a zero at 50 yards, and confirm at 200 yards. For longer distance shots, remember  chest-head-hat.

The folks at Primary Arms have  a red dot for under $200 that features 50,000 hours of battery life. It's a good red dot, and there are many others, as well. Ultimately, you'll realize that an Aimpoint is worth the money.

Do these three upgrades, and you'll have a really good, combat effective rifle. With match grade ammo and most modern barrels, you should be able to gets groups of 2 MOA or less. M193 and M855 bulk will print 4 MOA groups for you (provided you've trained your craft). You'll have the ultimate technology in hand for personal defense.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Needed Change

My first fight was against a karate guy. As in, all he had ever done was karate. Needless to say, I just covered up, dove in, took him down, and finished him with strikes from mount.

- Friend (with MMA experience)

Folks, this is unacceptable. Karate, Taekwondo, and the like must change so that this is no longer the case. It used to be that a black belt meant something. You may not have been the baddest guy around, but you could certainly hold your own in any fight.

That's not the case any more. Times have changed, but the traditional striking arts haven't changed.

It's time to put an end to that. The solution is simple. But will someone recognize it? Will someone make it widespread? Will the traditional striking arts teachers go along with it?

It is my belief that over 95% of people who start training in the martial arts do so for self defense purposes. However, 100% of those who stick with it do so because of the enjoyment and camaraderie. Whatever solution there is, must address these facts, too.

So many striking schools have increased enrollment after big UFC events. Then, a month or two later, enrollment drops back down. People realize what they are being taught in a typical karate school is not what's being used in real fights and in MMA.

Change must be made. But what change? And how?

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

30 Questions

From  this source:
(With my answers)

1. Is there transcendence in intoxication?
Yes. A drunk mouth speaks a sober mind.

2. Is Rock dead?
Sadly, yes.

3. What is your purpose in life?
To crush my enemies. To see them driven before me. And to hear the lamentations of their women.

4. Was the 1944 Warsaw Uprising a mistake or a sacrifice with long-term recompense?
It was needed.

5. Why am I not a liberal?
Because I think.

6. Can one step into the same river twice?

7. How did my 18th century paternal great(xN)-grandfather look and what would we talk about if we met?
Looked a lot like me, but shorter. We would talk about why men aren't men anymore.

8. What is the most beautiful thing today?
Waking up to another glorious day.

9. What happened to all of the masculine Leftists?
There never were any. There cannot be.

10. What is the prettiest female name?
One that doesn't have a man's name imbedded.

11. What would an AltRighter’s public response be if he were for some reason victimized by nationalists?
Sure as hell wouldn't be whining.

12. What is the most elusive thing?

13. Do Islam and Mormonism have anything in common?
About half.

14. Is it wrong to have so few regrets?

15. Does haste ever not make waste?

16. What is white Supremacy — or White supremacy?
It's what it's name suggests.

17.Is art more perfect when true to life?

18. Are Mulattoes tragic?

19. Which popular song contains the most wisdom?
Only the good die young.

20. Will it be peaceful or bloody?
Depends on whether it's worth it.

21. Is there a foreign agent behind the racial cuckoldry?
Of course.

22. What is friendship?
Wanting to be around someone of the same gender for non-reproductive reasons.

23. “Grandpa, what did you do during White Genocide?”
Read the stories they wrote.

24. Have you ever journeyed into the Underworld and if so, what did you keep?
My mind.

25. What can a quadriplegic man do to live his best?
Same as a regular man: don't whine about it, do something.

26. Can a mudshark find redemption?

27. Have you ever scaled Olympus and if so, what did you keep?
My mind.

28. Should I be afraid of death?
Only if you are afraid of life.

29. How do we value something without it first having to be gone?
We cannot.

30. What do you want?
Life. Liberty. Pursuit of happiness.

Update - my answers got published on the original blog!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

On The Vols

I blogged about the Vols last week, and it posted yesterday. Honestly didn't expect bowls to already have been selected,  but the Vols were selected for the Music City Bowl, with Nebraska on the other end.

I shall be rooting for the Vols this bowl season. Indeed, four teams from Tennessee made bowl games - Vanderbilt,  Tennessee,  Middle Tennessee St., and Memphis. I shall root for each in their respective games.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Vols 2016 Football

Some call the Vols 2016 season a disappointment. Some call it a disaster. Let's put it all in perspective, first.

Alabama was 13-0 this year. They will likely play in the national championship playoff.
The next best record in the SEC was 8-4. Tennessee was tied with Florida, Texas A&M, and Auburn at that mark.

But what if?
What if they hadn't turned the ball over 7 times at A&M?
What if they hadn't lost focus inexcusably against South Carolina?
What if they had allowed less than a stellar offensive performance by Vanderbilt?
11-1? (Likely 11-2, after another loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship Game).

Yeah, what if...
What if there had been no miracle at Georgia?
What if there hadn't been an unusual defensive breakdown by Florida?
What if they hadn't gotten the call against Appalachian State?

Those what-ifs never went their way under Dooley. They fell about like that with Fulmer. 

Tennessee needs an offensive line... in a hurry.
Tennessee needs a defensive backfield... in a hurry.
Tennessee needs linebacker coaching... in a hurry.

But the Vols had the second best record in the league. They beat Florida convincingly. They lost to A&M by a score in 2OT. They did not play Auburn. Maybe that would be a great bowl game... Auburn vs. Tennessee.

Auburn vs. Tennessee in the Sugar Bowl.
That would work.

Looking forward to next year. Not on the "fire Butch" bandwagon. Not convinced Butch is capable of more than 8 wins while in the SEC. Butch will likely get a chance to show what he can really do next year. Pretty sure it won't be 15-0 and National Champs. Would like it to be 9-3 or 10-2. Looking at the schedule, every game is winnable (save Alabama, perhaps). LSU will be tough.

But we will wait to see how they play.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thank You, Mittens

Even though I did not vote for him, I am thankful for Mittens Romney.

If you read this blog four years ago, you remember my admonishments: a vote for Romney is a vote for Obama. I must confess, that's not entirely true.

Romney, had he won, would have pushed through similarly dangerous agenda. The main exception is that he would have had the luxury of a compliant Republican Congress and Senate. Leftists would have been appointed to the Supreme Court,  just the same. Taxes would have been raised, all the same. You get the picture.

Mitt Romney was the last of a long line of establishment picks to gain the nomination. With modern communication and the now exposed lying media, I do not see an establishment (R) Candidate winning for 20+ years. We have Mitt to thank for this. He was, by far, the most left-leaning of the group of establishment Republicans.  He is the penultimate #cuckservative .

With Obama in the White House, he acted as a lightning rod. Congress could (rightly) denounce everything the man suggested. They had to, if they wanted to be re-elected. The same Congress would have gladly passed the exact same bills, had there been a President Romney pushing them.

Instead, we have Trump. A firebrand who does not play by establishment rules. The news articles of Trump selecting Romney as Secretary of State are merely conjecture. The lying media wants Romney in, to be sure. But Trump is not about to hire an enemy. The only person who hates Trump worse than Romney is Hillary herself.

And we would not have had Trump without Romney. The establishment Republicans got so comfortable, they wound up picking the worst they had to offer. The people had enough. Republicans had enough.

The #AltRight was born.

So, thank you, Mr. Romney. Thank you for being the liberal you are. Thank you for lying about that as often and as obviously as you did. Thank you for paving the way for President-elect Trump.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It Was You

Found circulating on social media -

“IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who spoke these words at an Islamic dinner - "I am one of you."
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who on ABC News referenced - "My Muslim faith."
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who gave $100 million in U.S. taxpayer funds to re-build foreign mosques.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who wrote that in the event of a conflict -"I will stand with the Muslims."
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who assured the Egyptian Foreign Minister that - "I am a Muslim."
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who bowed in submission before the Saudi King.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who sat for 20 years in a Liberation Theology Church condemning Christianity and professing Marxism.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who exempted Muslims from penalties under Obamacare that the rest of us have to pay.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who purposefully omitted - "endowed by our Creator" - from your recitation of The Declaration Of Independence.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who mocked the Bible and Jesus Christ's Sermon On The Mount while repeatedly referring to the 'HOLY' Quran.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who traveled the Islamic world denigrating the United States Of America.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who instantly threw the support of your administration behind the building of the Ground Zero Victory mosque overlooking the hallowed crater of the World Trade Center.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who refused to attend the National The below provides the basis for virtually everything Obama does Prayer Breakfast, but hastened to host an Islamic prayer breakfast at the WH.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who ordered Georgetown Univ. and Notre Dame to shroud all vestiges of Jesus Christ BEFORE you would agree to go there to speak, but in contrast, you have NEVER requested that the mosques you have visited adjust their decor.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who appointed anti-Christian fanatics to your Czar Corps.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who appointed rabid Islamists to Homeland Security.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who said that NASA's "foremost mission" was an outreach to Muslim communities.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who as an Illinois Senator was the ONLY individual who would speak in favor of infanticide.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who were the first President not to give a Christmas Greeting from the WH, and went so far as to hang photos of Chairman Mao on the WH tree.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who curtailed the military tribunals of all Islamic terrorists.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who refused to condemn the Ft. Hood killer as an Islamic terrorist.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who has refused to speak-out concerning the horrific executions of women throughout the Muslim culture, but yet, have submitted Arizona to the UN for investigation of hypothetical human-rights abuses.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who when queried in India refused to acknowledge the true extent of radical global Jihadists, and instead profusely praised Islam in a country that is 82% Hindu and the victim of numerous Islamic terrorists assaults.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who funneled $900 Million in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Hamas.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who ordered the USPS to honor the MUSLIM holiday with a new commemorative stamp.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who directed our UK Embassy to conduct outreach to help "empower" the British Muslim community.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who embraced the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood in your quest to overthrow the Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who funded mandatory Arabic language and culture studies in Grammar schools across our country.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who follows the Muslim custom of not wearing any form of jewelry during Ramadan.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who departs for Hawaii over the Christmas season so as to avoid past criticism for NOT participating in seasonal WH religious events.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who was uncharacteristically quick to join the chorus of the Muslim Brotherhood to depose Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, formerly America's strongest ally in North Africa; but, remain muted in your non-response to the Brotherhood led slaughter of Egyptian Christians.
IT WAS YOU, OBAMA who appointed your chief adviser, Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian, who is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, an off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood”.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Funny Thought

"Michelle Obama makes me rethink my stance on abortion."

- Pops

Monday, November 28, 2016

First Kill

Opening day for rifle season. A friend suggests I hunt that morning on his farm. I accept his gracious offer. Equipped with a valid Tennessee big game permit (purchased at the last minute!) I ascend his deer stand and wait.

Official first light for the day is at 5:56 am. The irony is not lost on me. My SPR, "Lucy," is chambered in 5.56 mm, as is standard of the AR15 platform.

Lucy has a free-floated White Oak Armament precision fluted barrel. She has a Geissele trigger. I use a traditional A2 stock. For glass, my TA-31F ACOG. Not a "precision" optic, but more than capable. Ammo is 75 grain Hornady match. It is a BTHP round, known for its accuracy.

About 7:15, a buck enters my line of sight from the right. He is bounding at a brisk pace. He stops at the trees in the above picture and turns, quartering away from me.

Most people worry most about "buck fever" - the anticipation and nervousness that wrecks the hunter's body and mind and leads to poor shots and frequent misses. Years of Martial arts training means I feel none of it. Almost robotic in nature, I raise my rifle, settle my sights behind the shoulder about 4 inches, and fire.

The buck runs off and leaps a nearby fence.

I make a mental note of the location in the fence he leapt. I climb down from my perch, grabbing my rifle and day pack. I patrol to the spot and realize I cannot make it safely over or under the fence at that spot. The deer had made an incredible leap.

Never did it occur to me that I might have missed. Years of training in marksmanship left me with a clear picture in my mind of my sight picture at the moment the gun fired. It was a clean hit behind the shoulder.

30 yards down the fence, I find a suitable opening and make my way through on hands and knees. Returning to the spot I'd noted, I blankly realize that I'd never tracked an animal before. This is my first hunt.

Memories of friends who hunt talking about blood trails come to mind. I search the area, and quickly find a blood trail. I follow it for 40 yards. It was easy to follow.

And there he was, lying in a ravine.

As I drew near, it was easy to see the effects of the shot.

The exit wound was significant.

The entrance wound was less impressive:

I dragged my 100+ pound prize back, through the opening in the fence, and waited for my friend, who would show me how to dress the paleo friendly meat. My friend also took a picture of me with the kill:

In less than an hour, I had a cooler full of tasty fresh deer meat. Pictures of the meat and dinners to come later. I also kept the antlers as a personal trophy. Pictures of that to come later, as well. 

As a side note, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) has a fantastic and simple check in system. I was able to do it via my phone during the short wait for my friend to meet me.

One shot,
One kill.
No luck,
All skill.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Quote of the Day

From  Rollo Tomassi -

You see, equalism (the religion of feminism) would have women believe that what makes men happy must necessarily be what makes women happy – or would make them happy in the long term if only the “patriarchy” would allow women the same opportunities to experience it.


Yet in our modern western(izing) world we find that the equalist effort to socially engineer androgyny into society has had the opposite effect in engendering happiness in women.

Definitely some very worthy points in here. You should read the rest of the article, too.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

This one was a doozy.

Visiting a friend at her place of business. She is a small business owner. She and her husband are fellow Trump fans. Naturally, the discussion moved to the Trump victory. 

As we addressed the Trump locker room talk, we agreed we were both guilty of same, if not worse. The conversation continued from there with the topic of people openly discussing things they didn't used to discuss openly.

In other words, what used to be locker room talk is now no longer constrained to the locker room.

We also discussed other things done by many people now that we would never have dreamt of doing when we were younger. Specifically, we discussed people sending nude texts and the like. How is a married person supposed to react when someone wishes to share that with you? There seems to be no proper protocol!

At that moment, a woman pops her head around the corner, and proceeds to make the most outlandish series of statements I've ever heard. She said she was offended by our conversation as it "was not proper conversation for business." This Offended Woman (OW) was twisting our words, making it seem webhad said things we clearly had not said. She tried to angle it as if she would get us both in trouble with "the company."

My friend advised OW that she, my friend, was indeed the owner of the business. OW tried to escalate, but my friend was having none of it. OW was not there to patronize my friend's business, she was there to see the doctor in another part of the building.

The doctor's office was closed, so OW "couldn't wait in the office." She was waiting out in the hall for the doctor's office to open up. Problem was, and my friend pointed it out, there were multiple signs posted by the building owner expressly forbidding people from doing that. Evidently, this had become a problem for the other tenants... like my friend.

My friend pointed out that the Offended Woman couldn't possibly have heard our conversation from the chair in the hallway, it was too far away. She had to have been eavesdropping. My friend pointed that out to OW. And it hit her - the only reason OW would have been offended was if she hated Trump! "I bet you're just mad because you're a Hillary supporter!" My friend says.

So now the "offended" diatribe shifts.

OW looks at me and proceeds to tell me that I objectify women. My inner shitlord was stirred to action immediately. "Of course I objectify women. What use are you otherwise?"
Agree & amplify.

At this point, she has no clue how to respond, so she begins a petty argument with my friend, who was having none of it. Friend asks OW to leave, but the woman tried to argue. I take an authoritative step in OW's direction and simply point a finger out the door.

She took the hint.

Oh, did I mention that the doctor's appointment was a mental health appointment?

Posted above - picture of "Wat? Lady." Offended Woman in this entry rather resembled Wat Lady in appearance. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Patriotism Wins

It was never right vs. left, even though the media told us it was.
It was never even liberty vs. authoritarianism. I wanted to believe it was, but it wasn't.
It was globalism vs. patriotism.

Patriotism won.
Patriotism will ensure the sanctity of liberty.
Patriotism will protect society from the evils of the policies of the far left.
Patriotism will work on higher priorities than the policies some on the right might have that people on the left claim are destructive.
Patriotism is what makes our country.
Patriotism will #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

Monday, November 21, 2016

Family Matters

A man must set the example for his family. Behaviors that work against the family unit cannot be tolerated, regardless of their source. Observe this conversation from social media -

Woman posts - I couldn't take it anymore to watch the election. I had so much anxiety, I was giving myself an ulcer lol. Congrats to Donald J. Trump! It's a new day! Let us be united and not divided. Don't let your differences in politics destroy your relationships with family and friends.

Man replies - If they support Hillary, were they ever a friend to begin with?

Woman - My Aunt supports Hillary. She is still my Aunt because I love her. It burns me that she does, but a candidate doesn't define who she is. Same goes with any of my friends. I stand by them until they show me otherwise. That otherwise is not based on a candidate.

Man - Sadly, it's entirely possible to be a relative, yet not a friend.

Woman - Please don't take this wrongly or disrespectfully, what if it was your wife? She was a closet Hillary supporter. Later you found out that she voted for her after the election. Would that change how much you love her, who she has been to you and your children for all these years?

Man - I'd divorce her immediately. A house divided against itself cannot stand. That said, I'd have vetted for that well in advance of marriage. No way I'd let something like that slip through.

Naturally, the woman had no reply to this. When a woman knows her worth is only limited to what value she can bring to the traditional family unit, it is very enlightening. Playing hamster wheel games to excuse anti-family behavior cannot be permitted. Our society already has enough divorce-porn, the last thing women need is more excuses.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Some Commentary

This was posted by a liberal on Facebook. Interesting points and my comments in bold.

I feel some compulsion to try to come up with a comprehensive, unified theory of yesterday, but I can’t do it.  Too tired, too depressed, too busy.  And frankly, still hoping that Mom is going to wake me up and tell me I’m about to be late for school.  Instead of that unified theory, then, I’m going to offer some random thoughts that seem to me to be important.  In no particular order, and without trying to synthesize them into any sort of conclusion:
Typical liberal response: want to hide from reality.

1. We have a democratic, Constitutionally-enshrined process, and it worked.  It didn’t work the way I wanted it to, or apparently the way that a majority of the people who voted wanted it to, but it worked the way it was designed to.  For 240 years, we’ve been built around the peaceful transition of power through an electoral process, and we did it again.  And in that regard, the office deserves respect, and the person who is elected to it is entitled to a presumption that he or she will act in good faith and in what he or she believes to be the best interests of the country.  I don’t like him or trust him, and I didn’t vote for him, but he got his voters out and he won.  He’s entitled to our prayers and thoughtful support. Oh, and kill the [hashtag]notmypresident stuff.  That’s not the way it works.
Well said.

2. Like many of you, and notwithstanding the foregoing, I’m afraid of the next four years.  That having been said, we should not over-worry about what President Trump will actually accomplish, as opposed to what he pontificates about.  First, events and politics always force elected officials toward the middle, no matter where they start out.  Second, even though it is strained, we do have a system of checks and balances that works.  Imperfectly, but it works.  Third, much of what Trump has proposed, inside and outside the Republican platform, is impossible, politically, practically and/or economically.  The wall is going to be built and 11 million undocumented aliens are going to be deported right after President Obama closes down Guantanamo, you know?  Fourth, much of government is in the hands of an entrenched bureaucracy that doesn’t much care who the President is.  Change is hard, and slow.
I think the main difference is Obama is a liar. He promised to close Guantanamo to get elected with no intention of doing so. I think Trump has a history of delivering what he promises.

3. God remains in charge, and faithful to us.  No election changes that.
Yes, and this is also a passive-aggressive cop out. And yes, I saw scaredy-cat #churchians putting up the same line on Monday, November 7.

4. One of my friends posted this morning that she could no longer tell her daughters that they could grow up to be President.  That’s an understandable reaction, but not a fair one. Hillary Clinton did not lose because she was a woman (although there are doubtless many people who didn’t vote for her for that reason; some people, including some women, feel that way, and we have to take comfort that their numbers diminish generationally).  Hillary Clinton lost for lots of reasons, one of which was that she was the specific woman she was, with the baggage she carried.  Some of that baggage was illusory (Benghazi, her “health issues”).  Some of it was real, but unfair (she stayed married to a philanderer, something a surprising number of alleged Christian conservatives apparently think is worse than being a philanderer or, for that matter, being a serial divorcer – you know that you can’t fit all the Mrs. Trumps, Mrs. Gingriches and Mrs. Giuliani’s in an eight-passenger van?  But I digress).  Some of it was both real and fair (in three decades in public life, Mrs. Clinton’s arrogance, her the-rules-are-for-other-people attitude, and her penchant for acknowledging error only in years when the Cubs win the Series have grown tiresome for lots of folks).  But frankly, her biggest challenge, and one that she could not overcome despite her best efforts, was the position that history gave her – trying to be the first woman President immediately after the first African-American President.  As I have written before, and as I firmly believe, a lot of the hostility toward President Obama came from a basic, almost primal conviction among a lot of white Americans of around my age and older that Trump tapped into quite well – the conviction that everything they had been raised to believe in was going to hell, and that that was symbolized by the fact that The Other was now in the White House, when it was only supposed to be occupied by Us.  The idea of another four years of The Other  - in this case, a woman - was too much for a lot of those people.  So yes, the fact that Mrs. Clinton was not a man worked against her, quite unfairly, but I don’t think it’s reasonable or accurate to say that her defeat means my friend’s daughters, or mine, can’t grow up to be President.  Mrs. Clinton was not simply a woman; she was a woman with a unique set of baggage that, in the end, proved too much to carry at the particular point in history when she had to carry it.
Clinton's baggage was very real - her health and the emails. That you would trivialize it proves you are either stupid or have an agenda.

5.  I’m already seeing mems from Trump supporters making fun of the "sensitive safe-spacers".  What Trump’s supporters must understand is that their candidate created an atmosphere of fear and intolerance that we have not seen in a serious Presidential candidate in my lifetime, not even George Wallace. Trump, as a central theme of his campaign, repeatedly and specifically attacked immigrants, Muslims, women, Jews, Republicans(!), major portions of the Constitution, veterans, the military, the news media, on and on.  (Perhaps oddly enough, he didn’t spend much time directly attacking African-Americans and the LGBT community, except by implication, but he surrounded himself with those who did, including his Vice President.) Further, he built a campaign around encouraging mob violence.  Sneer all you want, folks, but people have legitimate fears about not only what a President Trump will do, but what the elements he encourages and tolerates will do, and you owe those fears some respect.  What Van Jones said was right; I woke up this morning afraid of how to tell my children that a man they feared, a man who has embodied the very opposite of almost every value I’ve tried to teach them, had been elected.  I’ve never faced that problem after an election before.  I pray to God I never have to do it again.
The atmosphere of fear was created by your Legacy Media. It was not based in fact. Liberal positions are never based in fact. He never attacked Muslims, immigrants, etc. And for a liberal to speak of attacking major portions of the Constitution is laughable.

6.  James Comey should have the grace to resign.  What a disgrace.

7. The mainstream news media must do some serious soul-searching.  I read parts of the Washington Post almost every day.  It is far from perfect, but it remains one of the best examples of journalism available in the U.S., where journalism is almost extinct.  That having been said, day in and day out for the last year or more the Post has featured five or six stories and op-ed pieces on the evils of Donald Trump.  Not only did that give Trump enormous free publicity; it reinforced in the mind of the core Trump voters that their candidate was the enemy of an “establishment” that they had come to distrust.  The more the Post and the New York Times vilified him, the more Trump’s supporters believed he was their savior.  The media let us down badly.
The media let you down, yes. They let you down by throwing all in on Hillary, and dropping any pretense of fair play. They don't need to do soul searching, as they are too far lost in their biases. They no longer report news, they fabricate stories. Fiction. Trump did not win because of "free publicity."

8. The Republican Party must do even more serious soul-searching, if they can find the souls they sold to Donald Trump.  I am, as I have said, a lifelong Republican supporter.  When I watch those who should be the watchdogs of our liberty afraid to stand up to someone who is a petty, venal demagogue because they fear that Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter or SarahfergoshsakesPalin are going to make fun of them, I ask how can our party, how can a responsible conservative movement, survive?  When I watch them prostrate themselves before a candidate who doesn’t even support traditional Republican positions, a candidate who counter-programs against his own party’s convention, a candidate who attacks his party’s own incumbents, I ask why should our party survive?
The Republican party is dead. Conservatism ad you reference is also dead. The Alt-Right has come. It is the dominant political force in the US. But, I understand why you want to restore the #cuckservative arm of the Republican party - your liberals can beat that, easily and repeatedly.

9. Please take paragraph 8 and insert “the Christian Right” everywhere the words “the Republican Party” appear, and then repeat.  It still more-or-less works.
Call them #churchians . Their movement is equally dead like the #cuckservative movement.

10. We the people, and frankly mostly we the conservative people, must demand better for ourselves.  The willingness of people in this country, and especially of people who consider themselves conservatives and/or Republicans, to believe the utter cr-p that comes out of made-up “news” sites, to share the vilest lies without the slightest effort to verify them, to believe that any slur, any lie, any slander, any callous disrespect may be excused by saying “I’m tired of being politically correct”, to cheerfully tell large numbers of God’s created beings that God doesn’t love them because of who they sleep with or who they marry or how they worship or who they vote for – that willingness makes me sad beyond belief.  They say that we get the candidates we deserve, and sadly, I’m coming to believe that.  And until we take the responsibility to demand more of ourselves – more wisdom, more insight, more fairness, more love – I don’t see how we can say we deserve better.  Franklin reputedly said that the Constitutional Convention had given us “a republic, if you can keep it”.  We need to earnestly ask ourselves what we’re doing to keep it, and that starts with using our brains, our hearts and our immortal souls.
This liberal ideal of "demanding better" out of conservative candidates is the trap. They then attack the slightest imperfection until the candidate is no longer viable. This is why Conservatism is dead. #Cuckservatives and #churchians have aided and abetted the liberals in this goal.

As I said, I'm sorry I haven’t been able to organize my thoughts in a more orderly fashion.  If there is someone I’ve failed to offend, shoot me a PM and I’ll try to think of something.  In the meantime, pray for our President, our President-Elect and our country, if you’re so inclined.  Pray for those who fear, that they may be comforted.  Pray for those who are victorious, that they will have wisdom and courage.  Pray for our children, and for the American Dream we hope to preserve for them.  Pray for me, if you get around to it.  And if you don’t have time for anything else, pray to God to thank Him for watching over us these 240 years, and ask Him to give us faith that he will continue to do so, both now and forevermore.  G’night.
More passive-aggressive #churchian / #cuckservative / liberal talking points.
Long live the Alt-Right.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Daily Thoughts

This is what we get when everyone gets a trophy.
Kids who have never failed.
They've never been told "no."
Parents gave in every time the kid pitched a fit.
They simply don't know how to cope with losing.

This generation of panzies has never lost. 
They won the last two elections.
They've never had to cope.

What's sad is they think that somehow Trump won't be president because they pitch the fit.
Hey, that tactic has always worked for them up until now. Why should they expect this to be any different?

The right feels their opponents are simply either stupid or foolish.
But the left thinks their opponents are evil.
The problem with the left is that they project. They are the evil ones, and the project that onto their opponent.

And the media has been feeding them lies.
Horror stories of their opponent.
This fuels the projection.
So, for the first time in their life, they are scared. Frightened.
Fear is a powerful motivator... second only to pain.

And in this last election, those motivated by pain beat those motivated by fear.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Unexpected Reward!

Always an A student and always pick up quickly in athletics, as well, I am an overachiever. Because of this and a dominant personality, I am completely unaccustomed to being cut any slack. Teachers, instructors, and coaches have always been harder on me than on my peers. And I'm OK with that.

Actually, I'd have it no other way - I hold myself to higher standards than the norm.

The challenge is real to me. The gratification is in doing. I don't do things for the notariety or recognition. I do things either because they need doing, or because they can be done.  And the accomplishment is not to be held over another's head.

And because I do not seek additional commendation, never before have I received it. Until this week...

At the end of training with my III% group's Quick Response Team, the squad leader called me front and center. He stated to all present that back in June, he had said if I shot higher scores in qualifications than him, he would give me something of note.

Honestly, I did not recall this conversation - mea culpa.

In front of the group, he handed me his last Rifle Expert badge from his days in the USMC. I protested - I was no Marine, I never served in any branch. Stolen valor is very serious to me: I make sure to never be associated with it. He disallowed my protest. I yielded, as disagreeing with one's instructor is an indication that one does not value the instructor's evaluation, and nothing could be further from the truth.

It was very humbling to receive. I shall be forever thankful. Not sure how I could repay this. Thank you!

Don't Go Vote!

The most asinine and annoying posts on social media prior to an election are those people urging others to "go vote," or "make your voice heard." 

If someone is stupid enough to need that kind of motivation to vote, then they deserve to not have their voice heard.

And, make no mistake...

Not everyone needs to vote.

Not everyone deserves to vote.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Comprehensive Voter Reform

This country needs comprehensive voter reform.
Some suggestions:

Miminum Qualifications
Minimum age - 25
No felons
Not receiving government subsidies or welfare.
Not receiving alimony or child support.
Voter ID mandatory in all precincts. One ID per social security number, one vote per ID.
Anyone caught perpetrating voter fraud is permanently barred from voting.

Conditions to be Met
To be eligible to vote, the person shall pass at least two of the following three Conditions:

1. Military service.
The citizen shall be honorably discharged from the US Military.

2. Taxpayer
The citizen shall have a net balance paid in Federal Income tax.
The minimum tax amount paid shall be greater than or equal to 10% of the median household income.
The citizen shall have paid the minimum tax amount in at least two out of the three years prior to the election, and three of the five years prior to the election.

3. Minimum Cognition
The citizen shall pass a cognition test with a minimum acceptable score.
For example - one option would be scoring a 20 or higher on a Wonderlic test.

If these changes were implemented immediately, the US leech society would no longer be able to vote. This would dramatically improve the quality of life in America.

Monday, November 14, 2016

I Wish

I wish I had the luxury to be Libertarian.
The position makes sense, let people self-govern. Live and let live. Hands off. My kind of stuff. Problem is most people do not get it. They aren't smart enough to get it. They aren't reliable enough to execute it.

But people seek leadership. People want a "daddy" figure in their life. They cannot self govern. Until we evolve to a point to where we can be trusted to do that, we simply do not have the luxury to allow self-governance.

Because I realized humans absolutely must have leadership, I made the conscious decision some time back to align myself with the Alt-Right. Among the most important tenets for me:

4. The Alt Right believes Western civilization is the pinnacle of human achievement and supports its three foundational pillars: Christianity, the European nations, and the Graeco-Roman legacy.
5. The Alt Right is openly and avowedly nationalist. It supports all nationalisms and the right of all nations to exist, homogeneous and unadulterated by foreign invasion and immigration.
6. The Alt Right is anti-globalist. It opposes all groups who work for globalist ideals or globalist objectives.
7. The Alt Right is anti-equalitarian. It rejects the idea of equality for the same reason it rejects the ideas of unicorns and leprechauns, noting that human equality does not exist in any observable scientific, legal, material, intellectual, sexual, or spiritual form.
8. The Alt Right is scientodific. It presumptively accepts the current conclusions of the scientific method (scientody), while understanding a) these conclusions are liable to future revision, b) that scientistry is susceptible to corruption, and c) that the so-called scientific consensus is not based on scientody, but democracy, and is therefore intrinsically unscientific.
9. The Alt Right believes identity > culture > politics.

However, like Milo, I like Israel and I generally approve of George W. Bush. I'm ambivalent on the Iraq war... possibly leaning toward being in favor of it.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

On The Alt Right

 Vox Day defined what the Alt Right is. It needs no further interpretation or explanation. This post is what the Alt Right is to me, no more, no less.

What the Alt Right is
My belief that Western Civilization is the pinnacle of society and human achievement.
My belief in American Exceptionalism.

What the Alt Right is not
Progressive, socialist, marxist, communist, liberal - these are failed political ideologies.
Globalist. No international free trade.

In Summary
Curb illegal immigration. No open borders, no international free trade.
American Exceptionalism is a benefit to our society. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
Democracy - mob rule - is a dangerous thing. We must protect our Republic.
No more playing defense with liberals. On the attack. Win the culture war.

This is what the Alt Right is to me.

This Week in Observations

Just some observations this crisp, cool Saturday morning in November.

The Democrat party is in shambles. And so is the "Conservative" arm of the Republican party. This is good for We the People if we finish them off and disallow them to circle back up and regroup. Of the two, it's the Democrats who have no viable option for President in 4 years. Biden and Bernie are too old. The Clinton and Obama names are finished.

For all those who are calling for unity, I ask this... How do you propose to unify with people who have no desire at all for unity? The Left has built it's identity over the past eight years on divisiveness and hate. We have never been more divided because they don't want to be unified. And if you think supplicating to them will work, just watch how they eat their own.

Speaking of divisiveness, did you notice the claims from the Left that Trump is the most divisive person ever to be a major candidate?  Pure projection. Law 3. More Law 3 projection includes accusations towards Trump of racism & bigotry, misogyny, hate, stripping of rights, and most of their claims.

Speaking of the Three Laws, Law 1 (always lie) and Law 2 (double down on the lie) are in full effect, as well. It's just that the snowflake generation is so emotionally damaged from having lost, that they don't cling as much to Law 1 and Law 2 before heading to Law 3. It's because projection is actually a psychological defense mechanism. Thus mechanism must be employed as the snowflake psyche is in a bad spot right now.

On the riots: this is being organized by Soros. Bought and paid for. A friend suggests via Twitter that terrorists should be executed, their houses bulldozed, and families deported. Apply this to the bought and paid for rioters and this ends quick.

Where are the #NeverTrump ers these days? One prominent one from the Nashville area changed his Twitter account to private. Most of the rest are in hiding. A few are the ones calling for unity.

There haven't been many calls for working together... yet. They are coming. And to that, I say, in the words of President Obama: "elections have consequences and at the end of the day, I won." There's no need to work together. Republicans have the Presidency, the House, and the Senate for the first time in 100 years. Their mandate is simple: #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. To do that, they need to follow Trump's 100 day plan.

The race card is played out.

Hillary, when her (albeit mental cases) supporters needed her most, was unable to perform. She was in the back crying uncontrollably. She left them hanging at 3 am... sound familiar? Was this really what you wanted for President? She is no Strong, Independent Woman.

I feel sorry for the Bernie supporters. Their candidate legit won the nomination, but was cheated out of it. Who knows what might have happened with a candidate who brought so much less baggage to the table?

Race and politics are undeniable. Gender and politics are, as well, but not directly linked to a party like race is. That said, 61% of white men voted for Trump. Let's assume 5% of the population is gay, and also that most of the gays voted Democrat. That means basically 35% of the white male population is Gamma or low Deltas, acting like Gammas.

The Alt Right dominated this election. More on that, later.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Real Media

As mentioned before here, I use alternative media sources. I no longer take information from the Legacy media. They have devolved into entertainment outlets, no more. Everything they show is fictional. They do not report the news. They cannot be counted on.

Therefore, a thinking man gets his information from other sources.

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The above, plus Milo Yiannopolous.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The SIW Lie

This little "gem" was posted on Facebook by an over-the-wall pregnant lady in her late 30's. She married at age 36. Clearly, she identified with the "parable." For the record, let's repost the parable here, just in case it gets taken down.

The Intimidating Single Woman: A Parable

Once there was a man who owned a rich, fertile piece of land, with hills to climb and lakes to swim and forests to explore. The landowner was known throughout the countryside for handling his affairs with fairness and truth. He had one daughter, and he loved her supremely. The daughter grew up knowing her father was good and one day all that was his would be given to her.

When the daughter had reached a certain age, her father said, “It is time for you to learn to manage the affairs of my property, so you may be well prepared at the time of my death.” Then the landowner set out into the countryside with a few belongings and left his daughter to oversee all that was his.

The daughter found herself alone and needing instruction, so she visited a neighbor, an older woman. She knocked on the woman’s door and asked, “Do you know how to tend the crops so that they are plentiful at the time of harvest?” But her neighbor said, “It is not right for a daughter to manage the affairs of a household alone. You must have a man to help you. Go find a man first.” Then the neighbor shut the door.

Indeed, the daughter imagined the work of sowing and planting and harvesting would be easier with the partnership of a man. But she knew of no suitable man, and she did not want to starve, so she began doing the work herself. It was strenuous at first, but over time she learned how to use the tools properly and tend the livestock and set up an irrigation system. Though she was sometimes lonely, she began to enjoy the work and believed her father would be happy with her labors.

After some time, the daughter began to imagine ways to expand the borders of her father’s land. There was an elderly man nearby who was selling his property. By selling some of her crops, the daughter reasoned, she could purchase the land and build a new barn, mend the fences, and perhaps try her hand at growing new crops.

But soon some of the neighbors, having become prone to gossip due to pride, heard of the daughter’s plans. And they said to her, “No man will want to help you now that you’re purchasing land alone. You’re too reliant on yourself. Why didn’t you find a man to help you?”

Indeed, the daughter wondered if her planning and dreaming was too fanciful for her own good. And she still believed the work of developing the purchased land would be easier with a man. But she had not found a man to work alongside her, and it came to pass that she was able to purchase the nearby land at a very good price. So she set to work building the new barn and mending the fences and planting new crops. She was happy with her ingenuity and believed her father would be as well.

Many years later, a great famine fell upon the countryside and destroyed many houses and killed many people in the land, including the parents of many children. Grief-stricken and full of compassion, the daughter surveyed her father’s property, which had been spared and was in fact bountiful. She thought, Surely my father would want me to share what’s here. She began to gather the children who were now without parents to her home and to care for them in their distress.

But when some of the neighbors, having grown bitter due to their recent misfortune, learned of the daughter’s plans, they scoffed. They said, “Now you have done yourself in. No man will want to join you now that you are caring for children alone, as he will find himself superfluous in your affairs. Why didn’t you find a man to help you?”

Indeed, the daughter feared that her largesse was too much for her to manage. And more than ever, she longed for a man to join her in caring  for the children and the household and the land. But she had not found a suitable man willing to work alongside her. And she did not want her father to return finding her misusing the land he had entrusted to her. So she went about her affairs, raising crops and tending the home and caring for the children.

Then one summer day, the landowner returned to his property after many years of absence. The daughter saw him far off, walking up the hill to the house, and immediately her heart filled with joy. But she was also struck with fear: Had she dishonored her father since she had not found a man to help her manage the affairs of the property? Had she not looked hard enough for a man to help her? She froze at the thought of her father’s judgment that she had mismanaged what he had given her.

When the father reached the house, he beamed as he surveyed his land. He saw fields of green and gardens overflowing with vegetables and children running in the dirt. He ran toward his daughter and said, “Well done, my dutiful daughter! You were faithful with what I entrusted to you. Now come and enjoy the fruits of your labor.”

But the daughter said, “Father, I am glad for your return. But the neighbors said that I should not have done the work without a man. I longed for one and still he did not come. Have I dishonored you?”

The father replied, “Woe to those who spoke judgment against the work of your hands. And woe to the man who did not see the goodness of your labors. For greater is the lone woman who is faithful than the woman joined by a man who is idle. Now let’s have a feast to celebrate.”

Then the father set out to find the neighbors so he could ask why they hadn’t sent a suitable man to his virtuous and hardworking daughter.

Now, to be clear, the person who shared this had not built up anything in life, other than a vast personal debt - $80K in debt, working a $35K job. But, let's look beyond that. It is so very rare that a woman would build up something like this by herself. And the reason continually given and alluded to - that the woman was intimidating - is just the most ludicrous part of the whole dance.

Women who cannot find a man are not intimidating. They're bitchy! Men don't want to be around that. The men who eventually capitulate are the ones who cannot do any better.

The real intimidating women are the ones who are knockouts. Perfect 10's. You know, like the winner of Miss America and the like. But you'll notice that these women rarely make age 25 before getting married. That's because the built in desire to be with such a beauty overwhelms a man's intimidation of her. And also because top tier men don't let petty little things like a small amount of fear or uncertainty stop them.

So rest assured, the above "parable" is no parable. It's fantasy. Pure fiction. No more real than the latest superhero flick or romance novel. And don't you like that last line? Classic liberalism /feminism - blame someone else for your own shortcomings.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How Did I Do?

"If I ever go to Vegas, you're coming with me."
- Red Bank, TN Mayor John Roberts
To me, on election night as I walked him through the states and the votes for Trump.
Overall,  my predictions went pretty well...

My predictions, written out last week, and blogged Monday, were -

1. State Representative, District 57
Susan Lynn (R) x Trisha Farmer (D)
I voted - write in candidate.
Prediction: Susan Lynn wins with around 70% of the vote.
Actual: Susan Lynn wins with 69% of the vote.

2. Mt. Juliet Mayor
Jim Bradshaw x Ed Hagerty
Both lean heavily R.
I voted - Bradshaw (would be fine with either man)
Prediction: Hagerty with around 55% of the vote.
Actual: Hagerty wins with 55% of the vote.

3. US Congress, Tennessee District 6
Diane Black (R) x David Kent (D) x David Ross (L)
I voted - David Ross
Prediction: Black with about 60% of the vote.
Actual: Black wins with 71% of the vote.

4. US President
Trump (R) x Clinton (D)
I voted - Trump
Prediction: Trump wins Tennessee with about 60% of the vote.
Trump wins the White House with over 300 electoral votes.
Actual: Trump wins with 306 Electoral Votes.
Trump wins Tennessee with 61% of the vote.

Summary - I missed the exact percentage by which Black would win to the tune of about 10%. That's a mea culpa. I overestimated dissatisfaction with her being a RINO.

Other than that, it was on the money. How, you ask? I have good sources. For local races, I fall back on historical voting records. Lynn got about the same as she (or the Republican holding that office) always gets. Black got a bit more. Haggerty was a gut instinct, based on talk around town.

My sources on the national level... well, now, that's another blog post for you!