Friday, August 31, 2012

Full moon shenanigans today?

Just putting out a preemptive post. Wrote this in July 2012.

Seems that the few crazies I know do most of the crazy stuff on or around a full moon.
I've blogged about it before.

FYI - Today is a full moon. A Blue Moon, in fact.


The best speech

I watched most of the RNC, despite the fact that I will not vote for Romney. I wanted to see mostly the other speeches, see the up-and-comers, see the flubs and the highlights.

This year's convention did not disappoint.

I enjoyed the speeches by Ryan, Huckabee, Christie, Haley, and Rice. Ann Romney's speech wasn't bad.

McCain reminded me why he got his tail kicked in 2008. Mittens was stuffy, and the establishment Republicans were stale at best.

One that caught my attention was the speech by Governor Susana Martinez. She is pretty good at this stuff. Wish she was on the top of the ticket.

The Best
But the best speech was the one given by Clint Eastwood. He had a bit of acting in it (pretending Obama was in the chair next to him), a bit of sarcasm, a few flirtations with the f*** word, and even a catch-phrase.

One leftist media outlet called it spaced-out, but that was not the case. The man was in form and was acting - that which is his trade. He performed well, and it was pretty easy to understand his points and what he was doing. Only folks saying negative things are the people that are mad that Eastwood would dare speak out against Obunghole.



This letter came from an old friend who had been directed to my blog. I'll let it stand for itself:


As you know, I am a minister, and have been in the ministry for nearly 50 years. As you also know, I am a former Calvinist. There was a day when I would have debated you for hours on doctrine. I would have taken offense to many of the scriptures you quoted.

Secretly, I'd have despised you for using those scriptures. At times, I used to get angry at God for putting them in the Bible in the first place. On more than one occasion, I asked God: "why?!?! Why did you put those in there? It gives the anti-Christians fuel to say the Bible contradicts itself. Why???"

The change did not happen overnight. It happened over a couple of months. Part of the inspiration came when I saw [the late] Dr. Adrian Rogers give the very sermon you linked to in your blog posts. That was what I like to call a preliminary turning point. The main turning point came a few months later.

I was reading Genesis. The story of Adam and Eve. God did not predestine that they would fall, so why would He predestine that others would be saved? That thought hit me, and it was if a light had been switched "on."

I immediately flipped over to Exodus 20. I realized something. God placed it on my heart that those who hold to predestination and Calvinism are violating the first two Commandments:
1. You shall have no other gods before me. 
2. You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.
 [Blog author's note: I typically prefer to use the Common English translation. Pastor S. here used the NIV. The idea is not lost in translation as you will see.]

The way God showed it to me, Calvinists are making idols for themselves. The idol is themselves. They are so proud that God chose them. They become their own idol. This is a direct violation of the Second Commandment.

The Calvinists violate the First Commandment by having a god placed before Jehova. Jehova is a loving God, and offered a free gift of salvation to any who would choose to accept the gift. The god that Calvinists paint has chosen that some will live and some will die, and that is not loving at all. That is quite spiteful, in fact. (I particularly like how you drew a reference to a small boy playing in the back yard with toy soldiers on this one) Conditional love to a few select people is not love at all!

The way you can tell my analogy is true is this: The Second Commandment comes with a warning: those who do not obey will be punished, as will their heirs to the third and fourth generation. When you read of Calvinism online, and see their words, and hear them, you see nothing but hate for the other side. They have no tolerance, except at the end, when all of their suppositions are proven to be unscriptural, and then they only say: "well, both sides have merit." 

We see many times in the Old and New Testament where God and His prophets warn of the danger of sins. The sin of heresy as you have claimed, [Usagi], is a steep one. But you have leveled that claim justly. I am a former Calvinist. Every time I espoused any of the five points (TULIP) I was engaged in heresy, and that was a sin. I am most sorrowful that I did that from the pulpit as I know that those of us who teach will be held to a higher standard by God. 

You may post this, if you wish, or any part of it. Good to talk to you, and I enjoy reading your blog. Your religion heading is most interesting. But I would expect that of you, given the training your mother gave you and your brother and sister. Tell her that E and I send our love. 

Pastor E.S.

No Question

I read the following at my mother's funeral on Monday, August 27, 2012 at about 2:30 pm:

Anybody who knew my mom knows she was stubborn. Today, in corporate America, we call that determination. Being resolute. It is a trait that is highly sought after.

Anybody who knew my mom knows she was generous - to a fault. She is the only person I ever have known that literally would have given the shirt off her back... not just a figure of speech here. Because of this, she lived in what many Americans would call "poverty." But that was her choice. She would have had it no other way.  And truly, it was only poverty in terms of dollars - never in terms of heavenly treasures. 

My mom liked Elvis. Elvis once covered a song that Frank Sinatra made popular: "My Way." An observer might say this was true of my mom. This would be, however, an inaccurate statement. My mom lived as God would have her live. She never did anything without consulting scripture and the counsel of other believers. 

Even if she didn't always take the advice her family and friends had to give.

Anybody who knew my mom knows she is a believer. There are some people that when they pass you secretly hope inside that they had accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. My mom is not one of those. She wore her Savior on her sleeve.

Luke 10: 25-28.
A legal expert stood up to test Jesus. “Teacher,” he said, “what must I do to gain eternal life?” 
Jesus replied, “What is written in the Law? How do you interpret it?” 
He responded, “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your being, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.”
Jesus said to him, “You have answered correctly. Do this and you will live.” 

 I've never met anyone who loved Christ more than my mom.

I've never met anyone who showed more love for her neighbor than my mom. 

We would all do well to learn from her. 


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Frakkin theives!

Found out last night that someone got my check card number and ran up nearly $1000 in fraudulent charges.


A bit on attention

There are three types of attention that all people seek: positive attention, negative attention, and no attention. There are four main reasons that children and adults seek negative attention:

1. Gain attention

2. Seek power to control

3. Avoid expectations

4. Seek revenge

Why is your child seeking negative attention?
Why are you?


One click off

Note: I originally had this set to post much farther in the future, but with recent developments, decided to push it up a bit. 

When I look at my rifle's sights, it has two adjustment knobs:

The horizontal knob pictured adjusts for elevation (moves the sight, and therefore, the bullet impact, up and down). The vertical knob adjusts for windage (left and right adjustments).

Let's say I am zeroed in - my sights point to the same place as the bullet will strike - at, say, 500 yards.
Let's say then that I rotate the horizontal knob (elevation) only a single click in the clockwise direction.
This will raise the point of impact 1 minute of angle.

Note: a minute of angle is equal to 1/60 of a degree of a circle.
(remember, there are 360 degrees in a full circle).
At 500 yards, one minute of angle is just a hair over 5 inches.

If I were shooting at a 4-inch target, such an adjustment would cause a miss. 

That's the point - Satan wishes for people to miss the target. He wants us to fall short. He knows that the best way to cause a miss is not to lie such that we do something that is 180 degrees from being right. Instead, he knows a 5-inch miss is the same as a 5-mile miss.

So Satan's lies are really, really "small" in nature.

I was having a polite debate a few weeks ago with a Calvinist on Facebook. He claimed that the difference between believing in predestination and a refusal of the predestination myth was simply a "matter of differing soteriology." That's what Satan wants us to believe - that both views are valid.

A few of Satan's lies that are spread by people in the world:
- "Predestination and free will are both valid church doctrines."
- "Abortion is not murder - the fetus is not a person yet."
- "I am a Christian, and therefore, I must confront sin when I see it."
- "Everybody will go to Heaven - our God is a loving God."
- "Society is to blame when a person commits a crime against another."

Basically, any removal of personal responsibility, any blame shifting, and blame reduction, any compromise of Biblical principle - they are all tactics and tricks of the evil one. Designed to tear us away from God.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Idiot in Chief

Vice President Joe Biden is a gaffe machine. That much is clear.

But his boss is just as bad.

Obama recently referred to the top Navy SEAL as "General McRaven."

Here's a hint, the Navy has no Generals. The Navy calls its flag officers Admirals.
And yes, it's pretty important to remember rank in an institution that is run based on rank.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Watching too many movies

OK, I am going to be forced to call shenanigans on something here. Seems the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership thinks that as opposed to people using guns for self defense, they can all become martial arts masters:

Indviduals with proper self-defense training can put down attackers no matter the size difference, with little to no damage done to the victim. Ask any defensive trainer, or a student of such a trainer...

To put this in perspective, allow me to point out some details from my own martial arts resume:
- 30 years in the martial arts (started 1982).
- 6th Dan (degree black belt) from Martial Arts USA.
- "Renshi" (master) license from Martial Arts USA.
- Black Belt holder in 4 styles: Wado-Ryu Karate, Kenpo Karate, Kenwayoshin Bujutsu, Koshen Jiu-Jitsu.

That out of the way, you should know that I carry a gun. Why?

Because to stop an attacker, one must use sufficient force to motivate the attacker to stop his attack. It is not uncommon for the sufficient level of force to be up to and including unconsciousness or in some cases, death.

Never mind the matter that mastery might take 10 years or more of dedicated training.

Never mind the matter that many handicapped persons might not have the physical ability to attain such a level of proficiency.

Never mind the matter that SIZE DOES MATTER. If it didn't, we would not have weight classes in combat sports (boxing, wrestling, Judo, BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai, etc.)

And something else to ponder: MOST martial arts masters I know are proficient in the use of firearms and carry regularly. Does that tell you something???

Oh, and the Brady person misspelled "individual."


Deaf, not dumb

But the school board was deaf and dumb... and stupid.

A school board in Nebraska has asked a child change his name because his name violates the board's weapons policy.

The boy is named Hunter. Click here to read of the total silliness put on by this asinine school board.


Christian Police

Jesus called us to do many things. Most importantly, He said we are to love God and love others.

Some out there live to confront others when they perceive wrongdoing. They point to scripture as their "instruction" to do so. This is an error of the greatest magnitude. This is misrepresentation of scripture - Satan's biggest tool!

Commonly misquoted verses:

Galatians 6:1
"Brothers and sisters, if a person is caught doing something wrong, you who are spiritual should restore someone like this with a spirit of gentleness. Watch out for yourselves so you won’t be tempted too."
It is claimed that the focus is on the "restore" part of the verse. This is clearly erroneous. The clear intent of the verse is if someone is caught (think a situation like Jim Bakker), then restore them gently. This is the same as to minister to someone. The idea is to restore and do so gently.

Matthew 5:23-24
"Therefore, if you bring your gift to the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift at the altar and go. First make things right with your brother or sister and then come back and offer your gift."
Folks that wish to use this as a reason to confront others. WRONG! This is about a situation when you recall that another man has something against YOU.

Luke 17:3
Watch yourselves! If your brother or sister sins, warn them to stop. If they change their hearts and lives, forgive them. Even if someone sins against you seven times in one day and returns to you seven times and says, ‘I am changing my ways,’ you must forgive that person.”
Notice that I added verse 4 - it is important to read entire passages as opposed to singular phrases. This segment is clearly about forgiveness, not about confrontation. 

Matthew 18:15
“If your brother or sister sins against you, go and correct them when you are alone together. If they listen to you, then you’ve won over your brother or sister."
This is the first true example of instruction to confront. The caveat is, it must be when the person sins against YOU. It is not to be confrontation about sin in general. By the way - the (not-so) funny part is that this verse leads directly into a parable which teaches about forgiveness. 

So, is there a time and place to confront another about sin?
Simple answer: Yes.
But not nearly as much as so many "Christians" want.

It would seem Christ wants us to focus so much more on forgiveness. Confrontation makes forgiveness difficult.

Is this a passive-aggressice approach?
Nope. It is Christ's instruction for us. 


Monday, August 27, 2012


Big thanks to my friends outside the family who showed tremendous support today and in recent days:

Last respects

Click Here.


My mother passed away last week. My brother, sister, and I were at her house: gathering pictures for the funeral, doing some cleanup, and generally just talking and grieving.

At one point, we sat outside her back door, near a small decorative pond that my mom absolutely loved. When she bought the house, there were koi in the pond, but no more. Since, a bunch of small frogs have moved in.

I watched the dozens of tadpoles swimming around like so many minnows. The adult frogs would peek their heads up out of the water if you stood still long enough. These were the things my mom enjoyed.

Here is one of the frogs:

Here is another frog:

And here is the pond:

For Moms

I don't believe the life you have will be the only one. You must let your body sleep to let your soul move on.

Don't do this

How to lose a gun fight.


Friday, August 24, 2012

The best moves

As an instructor in the martial arts for over 25 years, I am often asked: "what are the most powerful techniques?"

It goes without saying that the well-rounded martial artist should know how to punch, kick, throw, escape positions, improve position, maintain advantage positions, and employ good footwork. Those are the most fundamental movements the body must be capable of.

However, when it comes to actual techniques, here are the most commonly used successful techniques:

- Jab
This is the cornerstone of striking training. The jab sets up everything

- Cross
This is your power punch. Most KO's in MMA, boxing, kickboxing (including Muay Thai), and other striking arts are delivered with the cross than with any other technique. 

- Round kick
This is the cornerstone kick. Like the cross, it is powerful and it is flexible in use. It combines will with the jab and the cross.

- Double leg takedown (aka: "morote gari")
This is the most commonly used takedown in martial arts and wrestling. Why? Because it works. It also combines well with other, less commonly used, throwing and takedown techniques.

- Hip throw (Ogoshi nage)
The hip throw and its many derivatives are one of the most overlooked throws in the martial arts. MMA competitors ignore the hip throw at their own peril, however - as the use and threat of the hip throw is a distinct advantage.

- Juji Gatame (arm bar)
Juji gatame is the most commonly used arm bar in combat sports. It is widespread in MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, SAMBO, and others. It can be applied from every position and every transition.

- Ude Garami (arm lock or kimura/americana)
This is the other most useful arm lock. Combines with juji gatame for great effect. Ude garami and its variations will enable a martial artist to utilize combinations when seeking a submission on a carelessly placed arm.

- Hadaka jime (RNC, naked strangle)
Hadaka jime is the most commonly used finishing chokehold. It is simple, has several variations (among which, I include the "guillotine" due to similar mechanics), and can be used in several positions and transitions. Capable of rendering an opponent unconscious in 5 seconds (or less), hadaka jime is a must for every martial artist's toolbox.

- Sankaku jime (triangle choke)
A choke executed with the legs that combines well when a hadaka jime just won't do. Sankaku gives the martial artist a completely rounded attack when combined with ude garami and juji gatame. Sankaku has three main variations - mae (front), yoko (side), and ushiro (rear).

Honorable mention: If I were still an active competitor, I'd include juji jime (cross choke), uppercuts, hooks (punches), and maybe even kannuki gatame (elbow lock). These are great moves, and should help you complete an even more thorough tool box.

Good training to you!


Stupid is as stupid does

My mom passed away on 8/21/2012.

Basic story: my brother (who lives with her temporarily since he was "evicted" from his home by the judge in the initial hearing in his divorce) comes home late from work. They've been doing a lot of OT lately, working on a big project.

He arrives at the house after 10:30 pm. My mother is unconscious and unresponsive on the floor. Brother calls 911 and they walk him through CPR.

(folks - get certified regularly in CPR. It does not hurt a thing!)

After a while, the EMTs arrive.

EMT: "What are you doing???"
(incredulous voice)

Brother: "CPR!"

EMT: "Why?"

Brother: "My mother is dying, you idiot!"

It turned out she was dead already, and had been for several hours. But there was no way for that EMT to tell within a split-second upon entering the room.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

New category

In honor of my mother (6.20.1942 - 8.21.2012), here is the first in a fun list of things she used to say:

"If you're gonna cheat someone, don't cheat the Feds or the Mob. They'll come get ya!"


Rifle Ranging

I read this post by Rifleslinger, and was inspired to write this article.

Being able to hold steady to make a long distance shot is important, but the skill is useless if you do not first:
A) Identify your target.
B) Gauge the proper range to your target.

There are techniques and tactics for identifying your target, but they all revolve around being aware of one's surroundings and spotting.

Ranging is a skill unto itself. A common beginner's technique is to gauge distance based on an estimate of how many football fields it would take to cover the area between you and the target. Fortunately, for those of us with a military style rifle, there are built-in ranging tools.

For this article, we will assume a target of approximately 20" in width - about the average size of a human male torso.  

Front sight post.
On the M16 rifle, the front sight post is generally 10-11 MOA in thickness. Use the formula at this link to calculate for yourself for verification.

Since 10 MOA would be about 10" at 100 yards, it is easy to figure that 10 MOA is 20" at 200 yards. Many military manuals will confirm this, as they say on the M16, the front sight post is as wide as a man at 175 meters.

For those who think that meters are equal to yards, realize that a meter is approximately 10% longer than a yard. 175 meters is about the same as 192 yards. Close enough.

That means a target that is half the size of the front sight post would be about 400 yards away.
Similarly, a target that is 1/3 of the size of the front sight post would be approximately 600 yards away (a distance which is approaching the upper limit of effectiveness with the M16 platform).

Gauging distances in between would take a bit of practice.

For those of us that use an ACOG, it is built to help gauge range. I use the TA31F - which has the famous chevron sight. The width of the base of the chevron is about the same as a target at 300 yards. The corresponding widths of the crosshairs below represent the width of a target at the distance accounted for.

Kinda neat it works out like that.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Robbery gone right

Man tries to rob a store and gets shot for his efforts.

Link to video.



Found out last night that my mother has passed away. She was 70 years old.

Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. If you do not pray, call me and I'll show you how.

I have several posts still lined up and scheduled, but if it goes light for a while, then you know what's up. 


Global Warming myth

A creationist's view on the whole thing.

Of course, I do not believe there is any evidence of any sort of global warming, much less that said claim would be man-made.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

His lips are moving

Vice President Joe Biden is on the campaign trail.

How do we know this? Because he is making gaffes, left and right.

Gaffe #1:
"Back in Chains"
Spoken to a largely black crowd.

Gaffe #2:
"With you, we can win North Carolina."
Said to a crowd in Danville, VA.

The man is literally a gaffe machine. My favorite of all time?
"Stand up Chuck!" (Chuck is wheelchair-bound)

Here are a few more:
"He's clean." (Speaking about Obama himself, as if black people are "dirty")
"Hillary would make a better VP than me."
"Barack America"
"You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent."


Shooting Skills

10 shooting skills every gun owner should know.



Monday, August 20, 2012

Champions win

My students did it again.

Had two students enter in the Clash of the Champions in Clarksville, TN last Saturday (August 18).

Sarah (2nd from left) took home Gold in womens' grappling (winning in the championship match via armbar).
Alex (far left) took home a 4th place medal in mens' grappling.

Here we are afterwards with our Fight-2-Night shirts on display with the hardware:

Here's a link to a video of Sarah's 1st place performance.

If you like MMA apparel, but don't prefer the typical name brands, I suggest you try out some merchandise from Fight-2-Night. The t-shirt won't make you a champion, but it will make you look like one: that is to say, unique and stylish. 


A study in what it will take.

There once was a politician in office. The politician ran on the conservative ticket in a conservative district. The politician won the office and took over the governmental duties required by the office. A "Changing of the guard" happened, and the politician's party was in absolute power.

The politician gained a higher position within the party, one that had influence over what legislation would be voted on. After a while, and some money by special interest groups, the politician started blocking legislation that was wanted by the constituents, and started promoting legislation sponsored by lobby money.

At one point, the politician felt invulnerable, despite the expressed reservation coming from the constituents. Politician was quotes as saying about the constituents: "what are they going to do? Vote liberal?" It was a blatant disregard for the constituents. 

The constituents were dismayed. The rallied. They found the correct lobby and made a concerted push to have politician replaced. Not in the general election, mind you. No, politician was replaced in the primary.

Here is an article about how Courtney Rogers defeated Debra Maggart.


Friday, August 17, 2012

Cute girls / bad girls

Link to a site with mugshots of pretty girls. Yep... MUGSHOTS.

Fairly self-explanatory.


I wonder what she sees in him

No, I really don't.

But the name of the article is"So what first attracted you (40-y-o yoga instructor) to him (82-y-o billionaire, George Soros)?"

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Horrible Bosses

Good article here. Basic premise is 31 telltale signs of a horrible boss, boiled down into three.

What are the three signs?
1. They focus on protecting and advancing only themselves
2. They are interested in people only as a means to that end
3. They assume that good people are a threat

I've had a boss in the past (more than one, actually) that met all three criteria. How about you?


To those who would abuse instead of represent

Per this article, Debra Maggart was quoted as saying:
"It's not like you're going to start voting Democrat over this."

Maggart said this in response to her killing the chances of the so-called "parking lot bill" which would have permitted HCP holders to keep guns in their cars even on employee property without fear of retribution.

Maggart recently was ousted in the primary by Lt. Col. Courtney Rodgers. Part of the election campaigning featured the TFA and NRA assisted attacks on Maggart's lack of representation.

Maggart was right: the conservatives did not vote Democrat. They ousted her in the primary, instead.

Let this be a lesson to all those in government: Dance with the one who brung you. Do not throw your own people away as soon as you have power. It will come back to bite you in the ass.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Calvinist Corner - Aug. 2012

Calvinism is not Biblical Doctrine. It's a human philosophy that appeals to proud-minded individuals.

Next up: Calvinists, when confronted by the truth that the Bible does not hold up their doctrine, will spew that they believe in a Sovereign God. The undertone, if not outright accusation, is that non-Calvinists do not believe God is sovereign.

This is Bovine Scatology at its finest. I've never met a Christian that didn't believe God was sovereign. In fact, I'd say that if you do not think God is sovereign, you simply do not believe God is God.

What this is, plain & simple, is Calvinists using their verbal gymnastics (again!) to try to prove their bullied point.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Treason against the NRA

A libtard article on how this fellow thinks the NRA has committed treason against America.

Of course, the idiot wishes to blame the objects as opposed to the persons who use said objects. Wonder if he blames his fork for making him fat or if he blames his keyboard for his misspelled words?


Poisoned coffee

Like a plot out of an old movie, a doctor's wife in Chattanooga is suspected to have been poisoned with Barium. The thinking is that the doctor put it in her coffee.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Good medicine

Eric Hankins is an incredibly intelligent man.

Link to why


Shooting 102

This is a post geared towards those who have attended an Appleseed shoot and then have asked: "what next?"

Disclaimer - when it comes to shooting, there are many avenues to explore. No answer is a wrong answer with one exception: to no longer shoot is a bad choice. Always seek to improve (or at least maintain), no matter the direction.

NRA Highpower
One avenue for persons who shot well at Appleseed and now are looking for the next challenge is to shoot NRA Highpower. This is actually the course of fire (COF) upon which the Appleseed "AQT" was built.

Tactical Training
Another avenue for improvement is within the world of tactical training. Here is where you will learn how to fight with your rifle (and/or pistol). Put that marksmanship to work and learn how to put shots on targets at realistic ranges and under realistic circumstances and do so while under stress.

Sport Shooting
I differentiate here between NRA Highpower - which is clearly a shooting sport - from the more action oriented sports such as IDPA, 3-gun, and the like. These sport shooting venues will help you work on more applicable skills.

Personal Training
This is the big catch. You can train whatever you want. However, if you want to train your Appleseed skill into something practical (for hunting, self defense, etc.), then you will need to make a few changes.  This is actually going to make up the bulk of this post, as this is where most people find themselves.



Let's take those skills from Appleseed, and make them practical. We will talk about positions and strategies, as well as keeping it all within the confines of what you will actually be able to practice at a range, and what you will need to practice on your own - preferably on private land.

Standing for hunting
If you are hunting, and need to take a well aimed shot from standing, then you will want to modify your hold just a bit from what Appleseed teaches. Your support hand should be as close to perfectly up-and-down as possible.

Standing for self defense
If you are in a self defense training mode, then you will need more speed. You will sacrifice comparable accuracy, but you gain mobility, and the ability to switch targets more rapidly.

First, here is a suggestion on how to carry the rifle. There are other methods, all of them have merit and demerit. Find what works best for you and your platform. Here's what I have worked on:

Transition. Note the right hand grips the pistol grip and the left hand is snatching the sling (to keep it out of the way) while getting into a good support position:

Here we are in position. I grip the magwell. Some say don't do it. I also practice with a forward grip sometimes as an alternative. Note the tucked elbows - NO CHICKEN WINGS!

As an alternative - here is the same position with the support hand forward. Although this is a relatively new posture, it has merit. Put it in the toolbox.

Alternately, for both hunting and fighting, use a supported position while standing for situations when precision is needed. Here I am using a porch rail. You could also use a tree, rock, car, or whatever else is handy:

Sitting / kneeling for hunting or fighting
Sitting or kneeling for hunting and / or fighting is substantially similar. The only main difference would be in a fighting situation, one would want to be behind cover or concealment.

Here it is without support for help:

Here it is with support:

Depending on the situation, you can prop the rifle on the forend or the magazine. Use the magazine to prop it up if you have no bipod:

Prone for hunting or fighting
Prone position is prone position. The last thing you need to do is to think that you will have time to sling up to take a prone shot. It's just not happening. Even if you do, then you also have time to rest the rifle, which is even more stable. So prop that rifle up!

Here is a traditional angled approach, like what is taught at Appleseed. Note the bent leg behind my firing hand. Also note that I am angled off to the side:

When propping on the magazine (or a bipod, if you have one on the rifle), you can also position yourself directly behind the rifle. I like to use "live feet" (toes dug in a bit) for counter-pressure as well as mobility in case I need to stand. Like this:

Close picture of propping the rifle. Note the lack of use of the sling. It is not needed when firing prone. 

I hope you enjoyed and can use some of these techniques. They work with your main battle rifle or with a Liberty Training Rifle (LTR). These positions will be more advantageous for you than those taught at Appleseed. Only if you are going to shoot NRA highpower, or teach at Appleseed will you ever need the "field" positions they teach.

Rifle choice
All pictures here are taken with the AR15 - the Patriot Rifle of Choice. If you want to handicap yourself by having an M1 or M1A as a main battle rifle, then please do. There is a reason the AR platform is used and the M1 and M14 were replaced. 

The real choice should be barrel length (14.5", 16", 18", 20", and 24" being the most popular), barrel type (government profile, lightweight, fluted, HBAR, or other) stock length and type, and whether to free float. I use a 20" for velocity, HBAR for accuracy, free floated quad rail for a combination of accuracy and accessorizing. Stats to come.

Magazine choice
It is worthy to note that rarely would one walk around with mags prepped with 2 rounds or 8 rounds. My AR15 pictured above uses 30-round magazines. I have a couple of 20-rounders, but they offer no advantage in any position (even in Appleseed / Highpower prone with sling).

Mag changes
Also worthy of note is mag changes. When needed, they should be done with the support hand - not the firing hand!

The USMC dropped the 2 & 8 requirement in 2005 because when slung tight, it is impossible to change mags with the support hand. Recruits were learning to change mags with the firing hand, then having to relearn in infantry school where all mag changes are done with the support hand. Train like you fight!

Statistics -

20" Stainless Steel E.R. Shaw HBAR (heavy barrel) from Model 1 sales.
A2 stock from Bushmaster.
Flat top upper from Palmetto State.
Bolt carrier group and charging handle from Palmetto State.
Pistol grip from Magpul.
Free float quad rail from YHM - "Diamond" rail.
Lower from Surplus Ammo & Arms.
National Match trigger from RRA.
ACOG from Trijicon.
Rail cover index clips from LaRue.
Quick-Detach (QD) mount from LaRue.
Sling from Blackhawk.
BUIS 1: MATECH. 30 clicks right windage.
BUIS 2: Carry handle (unknown manufacturer). 30 clicks right windage. 3 clicks down from MATECH.

Nike walking shoes - size 13.
Hanes socks.
Wrangler jeans - size 38x30. Can wear 36x30, but it is snug.
Carhartt t-shirt - size XL-Tall. Again, I could wear Large-Tall, but it is snug.
Shooting jacket from Made by Mcron - size XL; tan color.

I prefer a half size larger for shooting. Loose is better.

Special Thanks:
To my son, Cael, who took all these photos, except the one of himself here:

I like his new "Spikey" hair do. It is like his girlfriend's-older-brother's hair.

Odd conversation

This happened many years ago when I was working in the car rental field. Back in the '90's, when a renter wanted to rent without a credit card, they would have to:
A) Fill out a cash qualification form.
B) Bring two utility bills in their name, to their address. Bills had to be recent and not past-due.
C) Pay a deposit equal to the amount of the rental, plus a $150 security deposit.

I'm not sure how it is done these days, or even if it is done. But this is how it was done then.

A renter walked in, and asked for a rental car which he had reserved using the 800 number for reservations. My coworker started helping the man. I was the manager on duty at the time. The conversation was pretty short:

Coworker: "May I please see your driver's license and credit card?"

Renter: "I don't have a credit card. I am paying in cash."

Coworker: "OK. We can do that. Please fill out this cash qualification form and..."

Renter interrupts

Renter: "No way! You just want me to do that because I am black! I'm not going to stand for this!!!"

Me: "Yeah, that's it. Tony here had a moment of clairvoyance this morning and knew you were coming in and that you were black. So, just for you, he decided to pre-print this standardized form. Just so you would be somehow discriminated against."

Renter: speechless.

Me: "Now. Would you like to try that again. This time without the baseless allegations?"

The renter left, not having any cash with him with which to rent the car.
He stated he had no bills in his name to his address.
He also did not have a valid driver's license.

Oh... and he had told the folks at the reservation hotline that he would secure the rental with a Visa card.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Rhetorical Concept

Liberals think it is greed for you to want to keep the money you have earned.

They do not, however, think it is greed for them to want to keep the money you have earned.


Why I wont vote for Corker for Senate

He votes with Obama over 60% of the time.

I'd say he's a RINO, but I dislike that term - it implies that Republicans are conservative.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Attachment Parenting Lies

I know... I know - redundant title is redundant.

Was researching some things on attachment parenting and I came across this quote:
"Most attachment parents are fairly normal, and just try a few techniques out here and there."

Yeah, keep telling yourself that. Just ain't so. The attachment parent types are a passive-aggressive set of control freaks.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Don't fight unarmed

As my dad used to say: "I'd have a battle of wits with you, but you are unarmed."

As I have pointed out: I'll have the battle of wits with you, so I can prove you are unarmed. More fun for me, I guess.

A conversation some time ago with a pastor who didn't like the fact that I told the truth about things he and others didn't want exposed:

Him - "Are you accusing me of living in sin???"
Me - "I didn't say you were living in sin. I said you are a 'yes-man' who has no leadership ability whatsoever, but can give what the unwashed masses think is a halfway inspirational sermon."

Yeah... the conversation was pretty much over at that point. Oh, and we both had witnesses. (yikes for him)


Explain this to me

In this country, it is perfectly legal to kill your child (if he/she is not yet born).

Yet, it is illegal to discipline them???


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Predestination is Wrong 4

So the Bible refutes predestination of individuals. The elect are the whosoever. God does not predestine who goes to Hell (and by default, who goes to Heaven).


God most certainly predestinates events and certainly did predestine to send His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for the World, so that the World, through Him, might be saved. However, God most certainly does not predestinate whom shall be saved. The notion that God determines whom shall be saved is called "unconditional election," and is a false doctrine. Those who would teach it are, by definition, false prophets. To teach false doctrine is, by definition, heresy.

The main, root problem:
The root of the problem with Calvinistic thinking - specifically with the notion that God predetermines who goes to Heaven (and by default, whom goes to Hell) - is pride. These people feel a need to be better than other people in some way and have found no other way to be better. It is a warped way of thinking and it is founded in pride.

In this series, I shall disprove the notion of the predestination of whom shall be saved.

But what about evangelizing?

See, if predestination were true, then why evangelize? If God has predetermined which toy person He will send to Heaven and which he will send to Hell, then why are we called to evangelize? God will be sending that person to Heaven or Hell regardless of what we do or do not do.

4/8 - Written 4/2012

How they do it

Those of us in favor of free speech were respectful last week in our support of Chick Fil A. Not a single report of malicious activity.

The other side, as they always do, showed their collective rear ends.

A Chick Fil A restaurant in Torrance, CA was vandalized by gay activists.


Monday, August 6, 2012

But you need an assault rifle to do that...

A teenager attacked and killed 8 people and wounded 5 more.

With a knife.

While my heart still goes out to the victims and their families, I cannot help but ponder.

This is proof that a person can go on a killing spree without an assault rifle. But then, we have seen these things before. Liberals' objective has always been control, not "safety."


Olympic wrap up

No, I'm not talking about the Summer Olympics... those will go on for a few days more.
I'm not talking about Special Olympics -because those fine athletes deserve no sarcasm.
I'm not even talking about Paralympics - to compare these fine athletes to some of the folks below would be just wrong.  

I am talking about a new kind of Olympics - the Douchebag Olympics. Results by category:

Verbal gymnastics -
Gold - Calvinists (but it was close)
Silver - President Obama (for saying "you didn't do that," then later saying he didn't say it)
Bronze - "Gay rights activists" and their attempts at a stance against Chick Fil A

Screwing the pooch -
Gold - Maxine Waters for having staffers work her campaign while the investigation was going on.
Silver - Debra Maggert for taking a per diem to travel "all the way" to Nashville from Hendersonville.
Bronze - Democrats calling for gun control while already on the ropes for all their other stances.

Tear-jerking - 
Gold - Good friends Courtney and George on their recent marriage. Happy tears! :)
Silver - Right Minded's last SS class taught.  Sad Tears! :(
Bronze -  The solidarity of Americans standing for 1st Amendment rights with Chick Fil A. Tears of hope  :)


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cool MMA Apparel company

Shirts courtesy of Fight 2 Night. Here is their Facebook page.

Sarah (front, left) is sponsored by them.

The shirts are totally awesome! They feature a saying on the reverse side, as well as the grappling with a lion picture on the front. F2N is a really stand-up company and you should go there and get some original MMA apparel instead of all the retreaded "Tapout" stuff.

Note: Nothing wrong with Tapout... but why be like everybody else.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Jerkwad owned!

So in all the Chick Fil A dealings, there were some liberal douchebags that tried to make "statements" in their own way... which usually consists of poor manners demonstrated in some way, shape, or form.

Here is one idiot who not only berates the poor Chick Fil A representative, but he films himself doing it!

What an idiot. 

But, "karma" is a bitch, and this guy finds out first hand. He got fired for his bully actions.


They think they so smarty... they think their brain so big.

One quote from Star Wars, Episode I; character Boss Nass is talking about the Naboo.

It also applies to the third and final type of Calvinist - the Faux-Intellectual Calvinist (FIC). So far, we have visited the Indoctrinated Calvinist, the Rebel Calvinist, and now we wrap up with the major type of Calvinist - the FIC.

These are the people that think they are intellectual. Often, they are quite the opposite. They want to impress the other Calvinists, and perhaps a few "Arminians" with their "knowledge" of Calvinism primarily and scripture secondarily.

These are the type of people that will buy a house they cannot afford, and have no furniture (because they cannot afford it), or any other quality of life, just so they can live in the "good section." They are all about appearances.

This type also encompasses the majority of the modern day pharisees.

Oddly enough, this categorization would apply to the vast majority of "Christian" bloggers out there who adopt Calvinist philosophy. And yes, if I've seen your blog, and you are reading this and are Calvinist, then that means you do fall into this category. 

For Example:
I once knew a man who had been a preacher at a church some time back that falls into this category. He had no real "seminary" training, so he spent his spare time trying to bulk up on his Bible theology. In his case, add in more than a pinch of the "Rebel Calvinist" type to boot, and you had a person who was trying to get back into a minister's spot without any real qualifications. How he deceived that first church in the first place is beyond me.

But back to the present - he just could not land any ministry positions. He had taken great care to move far away from where he had deceived others, in hopes that now he could deceive again to gain the position of power.

How do i know all this? It came out in his behavior, and his writings. The man was pharisee through and through. His actions were never those of a saved man. He had some head knowledge of the Bible, but no heart knowledge.

He would go on and on in public about God, and His wonders - but his behavior behind the scenes was repugnant. He was two-faced, manipulative, a bully, a liar, and the list goes on.

The root

A wise man of the word once summarized for me that almost all sin falls into one of three categories:
- Lust of the flesh
- Lust of the eyes
- Pride of life.

The same man taught that once a person had allowed one of those sins to take root, then the others crept in, as well.

The solution
Since Calvinism is a false doctrine - one rooted in Pride - it is also one of many methods that man uses to claim spirituality while not demonstrating the fruits of the Spirit.

Instead of playing like God predetermined your salvation like a boy does his toy soldiers in the sandbox, open your eyes, allow God to soften your heart. Ask God to be your personal Savior. Make the Choice that will stay with you forever!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yep - it failed big time

The boycott of Chick Fil A failed big time. Chick Fil A has confirmed it officially.

Now, gays want to stage a "kiss-in" tomorrow at the restaurants. 11,000 people are signed up on Facebook claiming intentions to do so.

There were over 70,000 on FB signed up to go there yesterday. I bet that many go and support Chick Fil A tomorrow, too.


Education and Employment 3

From the Examiner


We have discussed having the right knowledge to do the job. We have discussed having the right education on your resume to get past the prescreeners so you can get the interview. But there is still one last major area of education you need for a job: how to ace the interview for that position.

This is a tricky subject. Like any skill, it is best acquired from experience. However, that experience is all too often failed job interviews. How do you gain the skills, techniques, and tactics, as well as the experience, without burning bridges and losing out on opportunities?

This is a question that actually has an easier answer than you might think. But there are several steps. Just like any endeavor, you wish to acquire skills that will produce results. A few simple observances will have you acing interviews in no time.

First, learn the mechanics of interviews. Be prepared for behavioral questions as well as canned questions. If your profession warrants, be prepared for technical questions.

Second: practice. Perfect practice makes perfect. Get a coach or friend to help. Do mock interviews with them. Borrow a friend's resume (with his knowledge, of course) and go on actual interviews under your name but his experience for practice. The more you "do" the better you get.

Third: learn the key words. There are key words for each profession to avoid, and some to make sure to use. Similarly, there are key words at each employer that specifically can turn them off, and there are specific key words by employer that can solidify your chances. Listen to how they talk and work their phrases back into your lingo.

Finally: CHILL. Seriously, relax, folks. The best interviewees are the ones who know they have the skills, education, and ability to do the job. Nervous candidates give employers a feeling that they may not be ready for a perceived step up. Calm candidates give the "been there - done that" impression to employers and set minds at ease.

Beware... when the moon is full...

I have noticed that among regular and irregular visitors to this blog, there are a couple of crazy people I know who have outbursts on or about the time of the full moon every month. I do believe this is the origin of the words "lunatic" and "lunacy."

Anyways, at the suggestion of my buddy, Right Minded, here is a plan: below is a picture of a silver bullet. Today is the Full Moon.

*Waits to see what reaction this gets, and what "fun" we have this month.*

Incidentally, August 2012 will see a "blue moon" - that is, there will be two full moons in the same calendar month. That only happens every other year or so; except the rare year that there are double blue moons (January and March) in the same year. 1999 was the most recent double blue moon, and 2019 is next. 

Note: I am aware that the term blue moon may also refer to the third full moon in a season that would have four full moons. As I was taught and grew up, it was always the second full moon in a calendar month.

Note 2: Once, as a child, I remember the blue moon actually being red. For some reason, in the summer, the second full moon in the calendar month came, and it happened to be red in color. My dad pointed that out to me at the time.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Boycott F-A-I-L

Some days back, Chick Fil A president Dan Cathy said he supported the Biblical definition of marriage. The "LGBT" community erupted in anger. They called for a boycott. At the heart of it was a deep seated desire to deny another person of his 1st Amendment right to free speech. Even a few "celebrities" lent their support of sorts. Naturally, the liberal media tried to put their slant on it so as to turn public opinion.

See, the LGBT community all too often wants to be able to say whatever they want (which is fine!), but they don't want to hear any of the talk from the opposition. 

Today, at the original urging of Mike Huckabee, was Chick Fil A appreciation day. Those in favor of free speech were urged to counteract whatever effects there might have been from said boycott.
Fellow blogger, and TN State Senator Stacy Campfield blogged about our plans.

It would seem that the boycott failed.


Daily Caller on the outcome.

What I saw, and what close friends and family saw, was simply outstanding.
From 6:30 am until close, each Chick Fil A location in the area was packed:
Lines out the door.
Drive through lines out into the street.

People are tired of the double-talk from the left. No longer will we yield. We all have a freedom of speech, and America has spoken!

Some shots from the Chick Fil A in Hermitage from about 6:45 to about 7:30 this evening (yes, it was about a 45-minute wait here for food!):

 I counted over 60 cars in line, and over 100 people standing in line outside.

Cars in front of me. (There are two lines like this)

 Cars behind me (again, one of only two lines):

Line of people down the sidewalk, waiting to get in:

This was in Madison, TN at 3:00 pm:
(I drove in and counted over 50 cars in line)

 Here is a picture of the same thing happening in Hixson, TN this morning:
(again, dozens of cars and even more people lined up outside)
(Thanks to Pops' wife, "Grandmommy" for the pics)

Here are some pics from the Gunbarrel Road location in Chattanooga this evening:
(same story - thanks to my sis for the pics)

Of course, the left would have you believe that Chick Fil A doesn't serve gays... or that they are discriminatory in hiring or treatment of gay employees. Neither of these claims is true. Chick Fil A employs many gay persons, and serves many more every day. The founder simply stated that gay marriage is not Biblical - which is a fact.


Backdoor gun control

It didn't take long:

Lawmakers in NY and NJ want to ban online ammunition sales and restrict ammunition purchases of over 1000 rounds made at dealers.

These wimps would wet their pants if they saw my basement.


Rebel Yell

First, we talked about Indoctrinated Calvinists.

Now, it is time to talk about the second major category of Calvinists: the Rebel Calvinist.

The historical orthodox Christian position is that man has the free will to choose God, and is not predestined for salvation. This is because the Bible teaches this position, and no verse in the Bible ever indicates who is predestined, but rather, what God has predestined for those that seek Him.

Some people in life are rebels. You say red, they say green. You go right, they go left. They actually derive personal pleasure and a sense of well-being from bucking the norm. Even if the norm is reality. One might say especially if the norm is reality.

Many liberals fall into this category, and that's why I think Calvinism is to the church what liberalism is to mainstream America. It is a set if people who simply derive pleasure from what they think is "bucking the system" even though said "bucking" is really shunning reality.

For this reason, I shall continue to refer to Calvinists as the liberals of the church.

Next up: the Faux-Intellectual Calvinist