Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Most Likely Moves

Many people will ask a jiu-jitsu instructor what the most common moves are in a fight. The full answer has many layers.

- One possible avenue of answer might involve the most commonly used techniques between two people who both know and practice jiu-jitsu.

- Another answer might be based around the most common moves used in MMA or similar.

- A third possible answer might center around the most likely moves used by a jiu-jitsu practitioner if attacked.

And while there will be some (natural) variation in the three collections, some techniques will be broadly applicable.

Most Likely Moves for Self Defense
Yep, name says it all. Here are the moves you need to learn for self defense, in order of importance:

1. Rear naked choke. 
This is the most likely to be used, and the most simplistic and effective.

2. Straight arm lock from the guard.
Once you learn how to use the guard to neutralize the attacks of a larger opponent who happens to be on top, you must realize that the mistakes they will make leading to a straight arm lock are plenty. Learn this move and practice it second only to the RNC.

3. Triangle choke from the guard
This movement is a piggy-back from #2 (Straight arm lock from guard). These two attacks go hand-in-hand. Like salt & pepper.

4. Guillotine choke from standing. 
Easy to use, and realistic in many self defense situations. If an opponent lowers his head while in close quarters (usually to tackle you), you can use this choke and have a devastating finish. Be sure to practice the movement such that you not only learn to get the tap while standing, but also follow up to the ground, as well.

5. Americana arm lock from mount
This movement is far less common than any of the other four. However, it is critical because not only will a novice opponent leave himself open to it, but also the use of the Americana arm lock can set up many other possibilities.

6. Kimura arm lock from guard.
By far the least common of the bunch. However, it is like its cousin, the Americana, in that, learning it will open up all new combinations and possibilities.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

No Good Deed...

On Friday, Dec. 19, my pastor, Greg Locke, played "Santa Claus" with the ministerial staff of the church with some local residents. The plan was to take fresh, crisp, $100 bills to 10 random people as a gift - as a blessing.

All went well, until ... well, I'll let Pastor Locke describe it.
(From his Facebook post):

If you know me, then you know it takes quite a bit to raise my temperature. However, today myself and the manager of the Goodwill of Mount Juliet had a very intense conversation to say the least. I was calm but I was very firm. You would think that a place called Goodwill would actually allow some of it to be shared every now and again. It takes a lot to shock me, but today's act of stinginess did just that. Today our church had the great blessing of going all over town and randomly blessing different people with $100 bills as a Christmas bonus. Walmart, no problem. Kroger, no problem. Dunkin' Donuts, no problem. Goodwill, are you stinking kidding me?
We picked out a lady that worked there who was showing a great smile and had a wonderful personality. I felt for sure that this was the lady that we needed to help. When we took a picture with her and let her know what was in the card she threw her arms around me and gave me the biggest hug of the day. Two hours later, she called the church not only to thank us in a big way but to let us know that she had to quit her job. The management told her that she had three options. She could either give the money back to us, she could be fired, or she could donate her blessing to the Goodwill organization since she was on the clock when she received it. She decided to keep the money and walk away. I personally went back down to that Goodwill store and met with the 20 year old manager and let him know that I was less than happy about this situation. He let me know with great sarcasm that it was her choice to quit. I then called the corporate headquarters of Middle Tennessee. The guy on the phone was floored and never heard of such foolishness. But then, his boss jumped on the line to let me know that was indeed a policy. I was told that anyone who works for Goodwill must give any gifts over to the corporation. I told the lady to keep my number and I'd help her find another job. I get it Goodwill. You've got your policies. Too bad you've lost sight of your people. It's Christmas folks.
As of this writing, this Facebook post has garnered over 4000 likes and as many shares. 

It was a Christmas gift, a joyful surprise, a random act of kindness. When representatives of a Mt. Juliet church walked unannounced into that town’s Goodwill store on Friday, they chose an employee with a big smile and a sweet personality and handed her $100 in cash. She gratefully accepted.
No one — not the employee, not the church members nor the store’s unsuspecting management, had anything but the best intentions in that moment. But there was a problem.
The employee had signed an honesty policy saying she would not accept gifts of cash or donated goods while on the clock. It is a policy that all Goodwill of Middle Tennessee’s employees for many years have agreed to follow, and there’s a great reason for it.
Goodwill is a not-for-profit that provides employment and training opportunities to thousands of Tennesseans, including those who have disabilities and others having trouble finding and keeping jobs, through the sale of donated goods. In essence, it is a charity made possible – day in and day out – through random, generous gifts from the community.
It is of the utmost importance to Goodwill that we remain good stewards of the donations we receive and that we maintain the trust of our donors and shoppers. Our unique business model demands that our employees follow a strict code of ethics, particularly with regard to the acceptance and stewardship of donations. A single inappropriate act by any one of our thousands of employees could betray that trust and have harmful consequences for the rest, not to mention endangering the much-needed services we provide the community.
But what occurred in our Mt. Juliet store Friday was not the sort of scenario this policy was intended to prevent. Had Goodwill’s management team known in advance about about the gift, they could have suggested that church members give it to the employee after hours. They would have been excited for her and might have even helped plan the surprise, knowing how much it would mean to her.
Instead, supervisors were caught off-guard and reminded the employee of the policy, and gave her the choice of returning the gift to the church or donating it to Goodwill. The situation could have been handled much better. The employee chose to keep the gift and walk away from her job.
A few hours later, the church’s pastor wrote a description of what had happened on social media, and it went viral.
On Saturday morning, Goodwill reached out to the employee and offered to allow her to keep the gift and return to work. The employee has told us she will consider the offer.
Goodwill’s President and CEO Matthew Bourlakas called the church’s pastor. He explained the importance of the policy in maintaining trust with the community and expressed regret about its strict interpretation in this instance. He told the pastor that every effort had been made to set the matter right with the employee. The pastor indicated that he understood the policy and that it was not his intent to hurt the charity’s reputation.
But the pastor’s social media post, and hundreds of comments voicing negative responses to the incident, remain online.
And so we wanted to tell you our story, how deeply we wish we had known about the church’s gift in advance and had responded differently. It was a gift of kindness, after all, and Goodwill employees — from donation attendants to truck drivers to the CEO — understand the power of that gift. We see it reflected every day in the faces of our co-workers.
We see it in the former prisoners who find jobs with Goodwill when no one else will hire them. We see it in recovering drug addicts who regain their self-respect through the power of work. We see it in those who are blind or deaf or wheelchair-bound or who have learning disabilities, all of whom lead normal lives of quiet dignity with the help of Goodwill.
And we see it in our neighbors across middle and west Tennessee — 26,000 of whom got assistance at Goodwill’s Career Solutions Centers this year and 8,600 of whom landed jobs.
All of this starts with the generosity of our donors and shoppers and is maintained through their trust in Goodwill. We will take this opportunity to review our policies and procedures. We thank our donors for their continuing support of Goodwill’s mission.
We wish you all a Happy Holidays.

What say you?

Monday, December 29, 2014

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

A college professor calls for repeal of the "stupid 2nd Amendment."

Methinks it is the professor who is stupid.
What other rights does he not want???


Death of a Gun

The Ruger Mini-14 (and, by extension, the Mini-30) is one of those guns that ought to be a stalwart in most collections. They ought to be bought and sold with great frequency. They ought to be more than a has-been in the gun world. 

What's not to like? 
The Mini-14 is chambered in a popular caliber (.223 / 5.56 mm). It is somewhat inaccurate for the cartridge, but most shooters wouldn't know. It is a magazine-fed semi-auto. It is lightweight and easy to use. With minimal effort, one can mount a scope of choice... or just stick with the perfectly fine iron sights that come standard. It is based off the same fundamental design as the M1 and M1A - two revered rifles. 

So why is it so relatively unpopular?

Here is a basic list of some of the reasons. Call it a perfect storm, if you will.
  • Cheap AR15's - meanwhile, Mini-14 prices are soaring. (This due primarily to the fact that ARs are produced by many competing companies - but the Mini-14 is not)
  • Bill Ruger's assistance with anti-gun legislation.
  • Fairly expensive magazines.
  • Extremely inaccurate due to design issues. 
  • No updates/improvements in above-mentioned design flaws!
  • Timing of cheap SKS rifles on the American market in the late 1980's - early 1990's.
  • Poor QC, resulting in unreliable models during the 1980's and 1990's. 

Basically, it is a list of things not to do if you want to successfully sell a gun. 


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Truth About Police Brutality

Here is an article listing seven reasons why police brutality is widespread and systemic - not merely anecdotal ("a few bad apples").


Why Not to Trust Police

This article gives three reasons a normal, rational human would not trust police:
1. Low IQ applicants, only.
2. Incentive to kill.
3. "Protect & Serve" is a myth.


Friday, December 26, 2014

How Do You Do It?

I mentioned earlier this week that several years back, I was much heavier (over 100 pounds heavier), and diabetic.

Three years ago, I was almost 40 pounds heavier than I am today, and was on diabetic medication- 5 mg of glyburide and 2000 mg of metformin per day. Usually, about three to four hours after taking the glyburide, my BG levels would crash into the 60's. It was an unpleasant feeling to say the least. The metformin caused "intestinal distress" (read: extreme daily diarrhea).

Note: Now that my fasting BG readings regularly hit the 60's without medications, it feels totally different!

Today, it has been almost a year since my last metformin pill. Almost two since my last regular dose of glyburide. My BG levels are lower than they ever were when I was medicated. A paleo approach has done the trick again.

Note: Funny... you NEVER hear about diet & exercise working when the diet includes grains - "healthy whole grains" or otherwise! 

How to do all this?
Here's how I did it:
- Ate fatty meats and green leafy vegetables only until your BG numbers stabilize.
- Practices intermittent fasting.
- Once BG numbers stabilized, kept on a very low carb diet - as in, the only carbs I got came in the form of whole vegetables.

These steps will cause weight loss to accelerate, and insulin and BG levels will return to normal.


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Put the "Christ" back in Christmas.
Put the "Christ" back in Christian.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014


In 2009 (when I started this blog), I was not in as good of health as I am today. Currently, I am over 100 pounds lighter, and far stronger than I was then. Here is a comparison:

Dec. 2009 Dec. 2014
Height 6'2" (188 cm) unchanged*
Weight 323 lbs (146.5 kg) 212 lbs (96 kg)
Chest 52" 46"
Waist 45" 36"
Bicep 11" 15"
Quad 33" 27"
Max run: 300 yards 6 miles
Push ups 21 100
Pull ups 0 20
Cholesterol: 205 123
Fasting BG**: 240 69
HbA1C 11.6 4.6

Paleo diet works. It works well. It lets you lose enough weight so that you can exercise and truly get yourself in shape. 

Lose weight at the table. 
Get fit at the gym (or outdoors).

* - Did you really expect my height to change?
** - BG = Blood-Glucose level. Also known as "Blood-Sugar." 


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Little Pet Peeve

From time to time, I'll see diabetics on Facebook pages, blog comments, twitter, etc. refer to their blood - sugar numbers as "bs." This is a pet peeve of mine, albeit small.

The correct abbreviation is "BG" - for blood-glucose.

"BS" is an abbreviation for bull$h!t ... also known as "bovine-scatology."

So, for clarity:

indicates your blood-glucose or blood sugar numbers.

BS indicates when your diabetic doctor or DIEtician says "healthy whole grains" are a necessary part of your diet and that they don't raise BG numbers.


Monday, December 22, 2014

Show Me

In the spirit of Paleo eating, there is a lot of debate on the merits of a high-fat diet with regards to blood cholesterol and body fat. Most of the arguments against Paleo point to the "medical science" reports of high-fat diets leading to obesity and high cholesterol levels.

However, no one can point to a study that concludes that a high fat diet lead the person to being obese or having high cholesterol levels.

Show me a study where you have control groups. Show me a study where one group of participants ate a high-fat diet and no grains. Show me a study where one group of participants ate a high grain diet and no fats. Keep the protein levels virtually the same, for the sake of science. Folks, this is the scientific method. It is not too hard. Show me a study that has done this that concludes that a high fat diet is bad, and I will rethink my whole position.

Until then all you have is anecdotes, based on faux science. "Science" where no studies were done. "Science" which was funded by the grain industry and Big Pharma. And the plural of these anecdotes is not data.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dear Elizabeth Warren,

Do you remember that time you referred to Republicans as being anarchists?

We real anarchists got a real kick out of that. Perhaps you should go into comedy...


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

That's Just Asinine

Some of the Sandy Hook victims' parents are going to sue Bushmaster.

So, because a criminal stole a gun and used it illegally, the manufacturer is somehow to blame?

How about this... whenever a police officer's gun is stolen and used illegally, we sue that officer and his precinct?


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Less Coke, McD's

People are starting to eat better, and this report demonstrates that.
How long until grains start declining in popularity?


Monday, December 15, 2014


I recently found myself on a flight to Dallas. There was fog in the area delaying arrivals, so the pilot was forced to land the plane in Shreveport LA to refuel. The hilarity begins when the flight attendant gets on the speaker:

"Ladies and gentlemen, if there are passengers whose final destination is Shreveport,  you may disembark the plane upon our arrival. However, your checked bags will not be available when you get off the plane. Checked bags will have to go with us to Dallas and catch a later flight to Shreveport."



Friday, December 12, 2014

The Real Rape Culture

Rolling Stone magazine did a story on a woman who claimed to have been raped.
Then they issued a note, basically recanting the story as the woman's claims were suspect.

This, friends, is the real "rape culture" in America these days - men being persecuted and prosecuted for consensual relations, and sometimes in instances where no relations took place.

Men are getting raped by our legal system every day because the system will take a woman's word, yet not accept a man's absolute proof.

Men are getting raped by our legal system every day in the form of alimony and child support.

And on...


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Back in the summer, Eric Garner was killed by a NYPD cop who used a choke to do the deed. It was all caught on camera. I even did an article about it.

Recently, a grand jury failed to indict the Jack-Booted Thug. Cops almost never get indicted. They often are only reviewed by their own and cleared of wrongdoing.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

On Dating 10

From a reader:
"Hey, Usagi,I've read some of your stuff on your brother's divorce. I'm in about the same boat. Got any dating / woman advice for guys like us?"

I do have some advice. Probably the best summary ever is here. But I'll break it down into a weekly segment for you and others.

By Swingset
Item 10: Lastly, I leave you with this. It's a difficult lesson to be a man. It's a painful, self-sacrificing labor and part of the human condition to be a man. You must accept that much of your life and your ties to women rely on your honor and your good nature. Sadly, most of us choose our mates based on nothing more than a tiny dab of sexual experience and a lot of ignorance about human nature. The women you meet, fall in love with, screw, and hurt, are all human beings with complex pasts, desires and dreams. Treat each woman, no matter who she is, as if she is your best friend's girl. Give her respect, even if you don't choose to engage her in a meaningful way. Understand that she is a daughter, a sister and someone's baby and if she's not good enough to be kind to, then leave her alone. Your dealings with the chicks will come back to haunt you, and each s***ty act will be revisited on you, or your children, or your future women. Trust me really happens. Be a good man, a smart man and an observant man, and women will not be a source of pain in your life. 


Monday, December 8, 2014

Friday, December 5, 2014

Funny Stuff

Oh the irony of an Internet Tough Guy claiming to be ready to "cash a check anytime" his mouth (or keyboard) wrote... and said individual (I won't call him a man) knows where the dojo is and the class times. Of course he would never show up. 400-pounders can hardly get out of a car, much less challenge anybody to anything.


Keyboard Warrior

1. A Person who, being unable to express his anger through physical violence (owning to their physical weakness, lack of bravery and/or conviction in real life), instead manifests said emotions through the text-based medium of the internet, usually in the form of aggressive writing that the Keyboard Warrior would not (for reasons previously mentioned) be able to give form to in real life.

Found these pictures the other day.
Applicable to some folks I know and know of.

This post may or may not have been set to post on a full moon on purpose.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gun Signs Don't Work

Was at a Sonic recently, and this struck me as odd...

The sign says "Employees Only."

However, there is still a chart to measure how tall the potential robber is.

You mean criminals don't obey signs?!?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

On Dating 9

From a reader:
"Hey, Usagi,I've read some of your stuff on your brother's divorce. I'm in about the same boat. Got any dating / woman advice for guys like us?"

I do have some advice. Probably the best summary ever is here. But I'll break it down into a weekly segment for you and others.

By Swingset
Item 9: A woman's beauty is her worst enemy, and her only true servant. Be very afraid of a woman who has relied, or counted on her looks to survive or succeed - for when those looks or your attention to them wanes, she will self-destruct before your eyes. You will come home to find her gone, or on top of your best friend. Again, not to drive a point too fine, but stay away from the 10's. A stripper model does not live to enjoy a 50 year wedding anniversary, and she will not change your diapers when you're old. Believe it or not, that stuff really matters. You, like women, are driven by your nature. If you're always attracted to the worst kind of women, it's not their fault bucko. It's fight your impulses and go with what's smart not what "feels good".


Monday, December 1, 2014

Changes Brewing

For over two years, I've written a post every weekday. Starting in 2015, that format will change. No more meticulous planning. No more 8:15 post times. Just my thoughts from my phone or tablet... As they happen.


Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday

Why is it that so many people were "so thankful" just 24 hours ago are killing one another right now just to get a "bargain" on something they don't have?


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Internet Tough Guy

This one stood out as being spot on for one particular #twitterstalker #blogstalker etc. who has a #mancrush on me. 

Does the link mean anything to you? It should, you visit it every day. 
Same guy says "#readytocashthatcheckanytime" yet knows where my dojo is and when we meet, but has never made an appearance. Oh, and has a gay fascination with "batpoles" and a suggestive Batman comic strip (three times in May alone/ Really?). Or, just has a big time gay fascination. So be it, I will not judge because of your closet homosexuality. 


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Common Zeros At Common Range Distances 2

Today, lets discuss your point of impact at 25 yards.

Carbine length sight radius
100-yard zero
This zero is 3 MOA under the point of impact (POI).
3 MOA at 25 yards = 3/4 inch.
Therefore, this zero will see a bullet strike 3/4 inch low. 

50/200-yard zero
This zero is 2 MOA under the POI.
2 MOA at 25 yards = 1/2 inch.
Therefore, this zero will see a bullet strike 1/2 inch low.

300-yard zero
This zero should be on the button at 25 yards.

Rifle length sight radius
100-yard zero
This zero is 4 MOA under the point of impact (POI).
4 MOA at 25 yards = 1 inch.
Therefore, this zero will see a bullet strike 1 inch low. 

50/200-yard zero
This zero is 3 MOA under the POI.
3 MOA at 25 yards = 3/4 inch.
Therefore, this zero will see a bullet strike 3/4 inch low.

300-yard zero
This zero will be 1 MOA under the POI.
1 MOA at 25 yards = 1/4 inch.
Therefore, this zero will see a bullet strike 1/4 inch low. 


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

On Dating 8

From a reader:
"Hey, Usagi,I've read some of your stuff on your brother's divorce. I'm in about the same boat. Got any dating / woman advice for guys like us?"

I do have some advice. Probably the best summary ever is here. But I'll break it down into a weekly segment for you and others.

By Swingset
Item 8: Get to know your prospective inlaws....even if you have no idea you're going to marry the girl you're banging. If you don't love them like they're your own parents, RUN. Seriously, it's that simple. Run. Look at their relationship - her mother and father's. Look at it hard, because that's you in 25 years....or some variation of it. Your woman will make sure of it, because she's hard wired to.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Common Zeros at Common Ranges 1

I have an idea for an experiment. Based on the concept of "not being on paper at 100 yards."
Take the most common zeros for AR15 platform rifles:
300 - USMC
50/200 - IBZ
100 - RIBZ

My hypothesis is that at 50 yards, which zero you use will not matter. For the sake of exploring this, lets look at the facts.

At 100 yards, the zeros will perform as follows:
USMC - shots will be 3 inches high.
IBZ - shots will strike 1 inch high.
RIBZ - shots will strike at the point of aim (POA).

Each click of elevation adjustment on a 6/3 detachable carry handle will move the sights 1/2 MOA.
1/2 MOA at 50 yards is 0.25 inches.

Using these facts, the following information can be extrapolated:

1. IBZ will be on the money.

2. RIBZ (100 yard zero) would be two clicks down from IBZ.
Two clicks = 1 MOA.
1 MOA at 50 yards = 0.5 inches.
Shots would impact a half-inch low at 50 yards.

3. USMC (300 yard zero) would be four clicks up from IBZ.
Four clicks = 2 MOA.
2 MOA at 50 yards = 1 inch.
Shots would impact 1 inch high at 50 yards.


100-yard zero would impact a half inch low at 50 yards.
200-yard zero would impact at point of aim at 50 yards.
300-yard zero would impact an inch high at 50 yards.

Doesn't sound like a huge difference to me.

Now I need to go to the range and test it.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Range Day

The other day, I had an opportunity to go to the range and shoot my M16A4 clone rifle. Got a pretty good zero at 25 yards, and then went to 100 yards and shot this on a 50/200 setting. Was aiming for the middle of the neck at the same level of the shoulders. Group appears an inch high (as it should be with the setting) and about an inch to the left.  

After shooting that group, I adjusted the windage by two clicks, then verified my zero. Dead on. Also verified with the 100-yard setting. Again, dead on. All of this was with iron sights. 

Funny story: there was a couple there sighting in the wife's .243 bolt gun at 50 yards, and the husband's black powder rifle (also at 50 yards). They were all over the place at that distance, yet thought they were right on the money. The wife kept talking about the wind blowing the bullets "off a bit." 

At 50 yards, a .243 bullet (100 grains / .214 bc / 3100 fps) would deflect a full inch in 15 mph winds... a vigorous thunderstorm. However, an inch of deflection would not explain shots 15: apart and farther. Oh, and neither could hit 12" targets with my rifle with irons. She said her "groups" were similar to what she shot in the Air Force. Asked if my gun was zeroed. I showed her my (above) target at 100)... and she said "looks like it."

Guess the deer will be safe from them this fall. 


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Make Up Yo Mind!

When we were children, we had a friend who used to lie a lot. Sometimes, he would lie and later directly contradict himself with another lie. We would tell him to make up his mind what he was going to lie about, and then tell us the lie... just to let him know we were on to him.

Somebody needs to tell Nancy Pelosi that.

"...I don't know if you have seen Jonathan Gruber - MIT's analysis..."

"I don't know who he is..."

Seems she did know who he is. It's just not as convenient to know who he is now if you are Pelosi.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

One More on Elections

When the country was founded, only tax paying property owners could vote.

These days, we do not have a direct national property tax, but we have an income tax. I propose that only individuals who pay income taxes should be allowed to vote.

Not people who "pay" (payroll deducted) in, but get a larger refund at the end of the year.
Not people who do not pay in.

Only people who have a net tax owed, which is paid in full for the year prior (under age 21) and for the three consecutive years prior (age 21 and over).


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

On Dating 7

From a reader:
"Hey, Usagi,I've read some of your stuff on your brother's divorce. I'm in about the same boat. Got any dating / woman advice for guys like us?"

I do have some advice. Probably the best summary ever is here. But I'll break it down into a weekly segment for you and others.

By Swingset
Item 7: Women, contrary to another urban legend, are s***bags too. They will have you convinced, if you talk to them enough, that they are the masters of reason and emotion. Bulls***, fellas. They are contriving, maniacal masters of chaos and work feverishly against their own happiness sometimes. Nothing will disturb a woman so deeply to her core as true contentment. Some women shudder at the thought of a placid, pleasing life. It's a very rare thing, a woman at peace and comfortable with when you find one, say "I do" and keep her away from other women. Wanna see proof of this? Work along side alot of women. When one finds happiness, the others go about dismantling hers with ant-like industry. Nothing on earth is quite so destructive as women screwing with a happy one. It's a pretty safe bet that if your lady friends hang out with other girls, they will try (even unwittingly), to f*** you up. Sorry girls, you know this one is true.


Monday, November 17, 2014

National Election Thoughts

A few thoughts on the national election results:

Republicans Win
Republicans won by running on Libertarian principles.
Republicans were not elected to "cooperate" with Democrat policies, but to undo them!
Republicans were not elected because they resembled McCain or Romney, but because they represented themselves as the exact opposite!

Liberal Heads Explode
I saw statements like:
"Gas prices down, Med inflation down, unemployment below 6%...clearly means it's time to move America backwards."
Of course, the truth is that gas prices were down due to speculation that Republicans would win.

"Aging white voters still mad at black man who fixed the economy."
What economy did he fix???
And what about the fact that older voters by and large stayed home? This victory was had by younger people who finally have seen through the "Hope & Change" routine.

Of course, many of these statements were made by the same people who admitted to being 30 years old, and still making minimum wage. Of course, they were also complaining the minimum wage needed to be increased. Never do they think of making more of themselves so that they might deserve more than $7.25 per hour.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Tennessee Election Changes

A few thoughts on the recent election in Tennessee, and the changes we should make:

Closed Primaries
In Tennessee, we really need closed primaries as long as the media insists on only allowing "2" parties. This would require a person to register in advance as being "Democrat" or "Republican" and only allowing that person to vote in the appropriate primary. This will reduce the incidences of "cross-pollination" polluting the primaries.

Majority Wins
In Tennessee, we really need a law (like many other states currently have) requiring an automatic runoff election between the two top vote-earning candidates if nobody earns at least 50% of the vote. This needs to be instituted in statewide primaries and the general election.

Judges need to be elected, not appointed. We need to undo the recent state constitutional amendment.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

TN Election Reflection

For Liberty
On the one hand, an argument could be made that Tennessee voters were a bit schizophrenic. They voted for liberty by banning a sales tax (Amendment 3), allowing more organizations to hold raffles (Amendment 4), and even granting their legislature rights to regulate more parts of the medical industry (Amendment 1) as others currently are.

Against Liberty
On the other hand, Tennesseans voted away their right to vote. On Amendment 2, the electorate decided they want judges appointed. As one complete idiot pointed out:
The main reason I think appointed will work better than elected is that the judges will be free to interpret the law fairly and the way it's written, rather than subjecting it to popular interpretations so they'll have something on which to campaign "next time." Granted, appointment is no guarantee for that, but it does remove one pull towards that direction. And, as long as we keep putting human beings in those positions, there are going to be trade-offs. 1 and 3 were much more important to me than 2 and 4.
Folks, judges already have a "god" complex. There's no need to encourage them. 

This one is interesting. 
I know of only a single person that voted for Lamar Alexander (US Senate), yet he won "convincingly." This means several things are possible: 
a) people may be lying to me
b) my friend pool is skewed
c) elections were rigged 
Perhaps it's a combination of the three. Perhaps I haven't thought about more likely scenarios.

What I do know is the following breakdown:
Republican votes for TN Governor: 951K
Democrat votes for TN Governor: 339K**  (I added C. Brown's votes to J.J. Hooker's)

Republican votes for US Senate: 849K
Democrat votes for US Senate: 437K

Republican votes for US Congress (9 districts combined): 848K
Democrat votes for US Congress (9 districts combined): 457K

Independent vote counts were very consistent across the board on total percentages, except for Senate, where there was a much higher percentage voting for independent candidates. Also, vote counts for certain US Congressional races were high. In addition, total vote counts in two Congressional races (Fleischmann and Desjarlais) were way down compared to the others. This tells me a few things: 
Many Democrat voters voted for Haslam (I estimate approximately 100K)
Many Democrat voters voted for Alexander (I estimate at least  80K)

The Constitution party showed very well in the polls - often placing no less than third**. I hope they continue to build steam here and in other states. 

** For the governor's race, John Jay Hooker is a lifetime Democrat with a bit of name recognition in the state. He was listed as an "independent," yet hardcore liberals in the state know him well and would likely have voted for him instead of Charlie Brown. So I list his totals as Democrat votes as opposed to a true independent candidate. 


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Irony of Liberty

Most people fear true freedom. It's a sad truth that becomes even more apparent with each election cycle. As we move forward as a country, each election turns into a big pissing contest to see who can exert more control over whom.

Democrats claim they want liberty. They will point to gay rights, pro-choice, legalizing marijuana, and such as their proofs. However, when was the last time a Democrat actually sponsored legislation or cast a vote in favor of one of these? 

When was the last time a Democrat voter actually voted with one of these issues first in his/her mind?

What most Democrat voters want is free stuff... to be paid for by "rich" people or "evil" corporations that are somehow "not paying their fair share" of taxes; even though these same people and companies pay 95% of all taxes paid. 

Republicans similarly claim that they want liberty first and foremost. They will point to gun rights, free speech, and similar for their proofs. However, finding sponsored legislation or votes cast in favor of these ideals is also quite difficult. 

When was the last time a Republican voter actually voted with one of these issues in the forefront of his/her mind?

What most Republicans voters want is to force their ideals on others. Instead of a concept of truly living free lives, they want everyone to accept their interpretation of what is or is not right, regardless of whether it infringes on other people. 

In reality, what both parties want is control. 
Hence the "pissing contest" mentioned above. 
Hence the irony of liberty. 

The greatest irony of liberty is that most people want control over others more than they want true freedom for themselves. 


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

On Dating 6

From a reader:
"Hey, Usagi,I've read some of your stuff on your brother's divorce. I'm in about the same boat. Got any dating / woman advice for guys like us?"

I do have some advice. Probably the best summary ever is here. But I'll break it down into a weekly segment for you and others.

By Swingset
Item 6: There is nothing a woman can sniff out like desperation. If you have even one tiny cell of creepy in you, she'll smell it all over you like a possum carcus in the sun. One of the lessons of adulthood is F***ING RELAX. Do it, for all our sakes. Don't chase women, for there is no need. Be a man, be yourself, have a good time and get your life in order, and the women will forever come to you. Believe this fellas.....nothing could be truer. If young swingset would have only known this...


Monday, November 10, 2014

Right or Privilege?

A friend posted on Facebook her "I voted" sticker and said:
"Thankful for this privilege."

Note: Voting is a right... not a privilege.
And apparently, no minimum level of intelligence is required.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Election Results

Yes, I know it's a full two days after the election.
Yes, I know you are sick of the analysis.

This is just for fun, To show how my predictions held up. Thoughts will come later (unless there is something glaring now).

I voted for Shaun Crowell.
Prediction: Haslam with approximately 60%+ of the vote.

Outcome: Haslam by ~70%

US Senate
I voted for Joshua James (Libertarian) for Senate.
Prediction: Lamar! wins this one with a high-50's percentage (57%-58%).

Outcome: Lamar! by ~62%

US Congress
I voted for Mike Winton for Congress.
Prediction: Black wins with ~60% of the vote.

Outcome: Black by ~71%

State Senate
I voted for incumbent Mae Beavers.
Prediction: Beavers wins with ~70% of the vote.

Outcome: Beavers by ~100%

State House
I wrote in a name for State Representative.
Prediction: Susan Lynn wins with about 60% of the vote.

Outcome: Lynn by ~77%

City Council
I voted for my friend, James Maness, who did everything he said he would in his initial term .
Maness ran unopposed.
Prediction: James Maness with 80%+ of the vote. He might even reach the high 90's.

Outcome: Maness wins with ~100%

Wine referendum 
I voted to allow.
Prediction: I think the referendum passes with a vote of about 60%.

Outcome: Wine is allowed by ~76%

Amendment 1
I voted Yes.
Prediction: Amendment passes with a vote of 55% - 57%.
Outcome: Amendment passes ~53%

Amendment 2
I voted No.
Prediction: I think the amendment will pass (Yes vote) with 51% - 53% of the vote. I do not think that many voters will vote for it, however (draw your own conclusions as to what I'm suggesting).

Outcome: Amendment passes ~61%

Amendment 3
I voted Yes.
Prediction: this amendment passes with over 60% of the vote.
Outcome: Amendment passes ~66%

Amendment 4
I voted Yes.
Prediction: The amendment passes with a vote margin of 55%-57%.

Outcome:  Amendment passes ~70%

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wasted Votes

A vote for a candidate who espouses the same ideals you hold dear is not a vote wasted.

A vote cast for a candidate whilst "holding one's nose" and voting "for the lesser of two evils" is the very definition of a wasted vote.

Those who tell you that you are wasting your vote because you are voting "3rd Party" fall into one of just a few categories:
- A candidate who would rather you hold your nose and vote for him (her).
- A brainwashed sheep spewing forth what (s)he heard on TV.
- A person trying to convince you to vote their way (for a D or R candidate) so they can accomplish their own goals. 


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

On Dating 5

From a reader:
"Hey, Usagi,I've read some of your stuff on your brother's divorce. I'm in about the same boat. Got any dating / woman advice for guys like us?"

I do have some advice. Probably the best summary ever is here. But I'll break it down into a weekly segment for you and others.

By Swingset
Item 5: Women, contrary to [some uban] legends, do not want sex that often...especially once the relationship cools off (normalizes). If they do crave the weenie all the time, they are messed up (see item #1). Women do not have testesterone pumping through their organs, and will not crave sex, at least not like you think they do. Get used to it, deal with it, and make your peace with the fact that a normal woman wants sex about 1/10th as much as you. Sadly, the sexaholic women are usually reliving some sort of childhood trauma, and sex gives them control over their neuroses about that past. See, women have sex for very different reasons than we do. They have it to feel sexy, to feel loved, to feel wanted, even to feel in charge....but they don't have that physical drive like us. We, by contrast, have sex to purge the evil venom from our balls, and that's about the extent of it.


Monday, November 3, 2014

How I Voted & Predictions

Tomorrow is the Nov. 4th election. I voted on Friday, October 17. Here's the breakdown of how I voted, why, and my predictions on each.

I voted for Shaun Crowell.
No way I'd vote for Haslam. Not gonna vote Democrat, either. Crowell is a solid Constitution party candidate, and I am happy to have voted for him.
Prediction: Haslam with approximately 60%+ of the vote.

US Senate
I voted for Joshua James (Libertarian) for Senate.
No way I would vote for the liberal (Lamar!) nor the slightly-to-the-right-of-Lamar! Gordon Ball.
Prediction: Lamar! wins this one with a high-50's percentage (57%-58%).

US Congress
I voted for Mike Winton for Congress.
Diane Black is not my preference, too "squishy" (as my wife puts it) on key topics.
Prediction: Black wins with ~60% of the vote.

State Senate
I voted for incumbent Mae Beavers.
Beavers is one of only two incumbents to earn my vote, and the only person on the ballot with an (R) beside her name to do so. Beaver represents my wishes on the state level in over 90% of the thins that matter, so I was happy to vote for her.
Prediction: Beavers wins with ~70% of the vote.

State House
I wrote in a name for State Representative.
Susan Lynn is just another Haslam crony. She does not represent my interests, nor those of the majority of Wilson county. No way I'm voting for Democrat Jesse McLevain - his Facebook page (one of the rare places to find out anything about him) indicates he is very liberal (read: Socialist).
Prediction: Susan Lynn wins with about 60% of the vote.

City Council
I voted for my friend, James Maness, who did everything he said he would in his initial term .
Maness is running unopposed.
Prediction: James Maness with 80%+ of the vote. He might even reach the high 90's.

Wine referendum 
I voted to allow.
The City of Mount Juliet has a referendum to allow large stores to sell wine. I do not drink wine with any frequency, and have never purchased it. However, free market and all dictates that any store should be allowed to sell it, not just the friends of the mayor or campaign contributors. (Note: I am not saying the current mayor had a dog in this fight, just making a generalized statement).
Prediction: I think the referendum passes with a vote of about 60%.

Amendment 1
I voted Yes.
The amendment would allow the state legislature to enact laws regarding abortion. As this is not a US Constitutional issue, this is, by definition, something that should be handled on the state level according to the founders.
Prediction: Amendment passes with a vote of 55% - 57%.

Amendment 2
I voted No.
The amendment would give the governor the right to appoint judges. It is my feeling that if you have authority, you should face elections and the voters.
Prediction: I think the amendment will pass (Yes vote) with 51% - 53% of the vote. I do not think that many voters will vote for it, however (draw your own conclusions as to what I'm suggesting).

Amendment 3
I voted Yes.
This amendment would prohibit the state legislature from being able to enact an income tax.
Prediction: this amendment passes with over 60% of the vote.

Amendment 4
I voted Yes.
This amendment would would empower the state legislature to authorize lotteries via a two-thirds vote for annual events that benefit 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(19) organizations. Currently, the legislature may authorize lotteries via a two-thirds vote for 501(c)(3) organizations, but not 501(c)(19) organizations.
Prediction: The amendment passes with a vote margin of 55%-57%.

How did you (will you) vote?


Friday, October 31, 2014

Humor of the Day

I find it funny:

Arminians say (usually jokingly) they were "predestined" to be Arminian.

Calvinists say (usually seriously) that they chose to be Calvinist.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Challenge Accepted

A restaurant in the Chattanooga area, Mountain City Cafe, offers a rare challenge. If you order and eat (within 45 minutes) their Mountain City Burger, you win a free t-shirt, and your challenge meal is free. The challenge meal is $25 if you do not finish, or receive help.

The Mountain City Burger consists of 3 half-pound beef hamburger patties, two quarter-pound hot dogs, six thick slices of bacon, regular hamburger trimmings, and a plate of chili-cheese fries.

At one point, about a half-dozen people had attempted the $25 entree, only to fail to eat the entire thing, much less eat it within the 45-minute time frame.

Then my brother came along. 

He took the challenge and beat it in 22 minutes.
Here's the write-up:

Not being one to sit quietly by and leave a challenge unattended, on my most recent trip to Chattanooga, I, too, took the challenge. In preparation, I did not eat for 24 hours before the challenge. To be fair, I did not eat for 33 hours after the challenge, either.

To date, my brother and I are the only people who have the free t-shirt.

my shirt


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dishonesty and Misinformation in Calvinism

If you are a Calvinist, you likely know many of Calvin's teachings. You also likely know that Calvin got a good deal of his inspiration from Augustine.

If you are a Calvinist, and you don't acknowledge that Augustine got his inspiration and ideas from pagan beliefs, it means one of two things:

1. You stopped right there. 
This is the type of Calvinist who has read more books on Calvinism than has read the Bible. This person was likely searching for a "rational organization" to the Gospel, found Calvinism, and jumped in the water with both feet (big mistake).

2. You learned of Augustine's inspiration, but dismissed it.
This is the type of Calvinist that knows Calvinism is a twist on scripture. This person is more likely to enjoy online debates and otherwise using your "religion" to infuriate others. This is the person that takes a healthy concept of "playing devil's advocate" to such extremes that they are often dismissed by others in society as being "that guy."


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

On Dating 4

From a reader:
"Hey, Usagi,I've read some of your stuff on your brother's divorce. I'm in about the same boat. Got any dating / woman advice for guys like us?"

I do have some advice. Probably the best summary ever is here. But I'll break it down into a weekly segment for you and others.

By Swingset
Item 4: Women, real women, do not want a boy. They want a man, so be one. Don't get dickhead haircuts, tribal tats, spinners for your ghey car, the latest trendy clothes or skin care products. These are the tools of vain boys, and a woman does not want these things from you even if she acts like she does. You may get some dates, you may get laid, you may even get married by being a boy.....but bet your @$$ that your woman will dream of a man (which is not you).


Monday, October 27, 2014

Christian VooDoo

Pentecostal denominations often believe in a sort of shamanism mixed with Christianity. "Spirits will do this or that to you if you don't obey God," and "good will happen if you do obey God." Kinda like the prosperity gospel on steroids and with a dark side.

You ought to Google what they think they are accomplishing when they speak in tongues or lay hands on people. 

Weird stuff.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Dancing Around the Subject

More and more places are requiring police to wear body cameras. In all reality, this is because of the increased awareness of police brutality and other violations of citizens' rights.
Although these steps are to be applauded, they are not the answer. The real answer is to reset the system such that no person, regardless of badge or other "standing," should have more rights or authority than another.

This is, to me, dancing around the subject matter at hand. People with too much authority abuse said authority. Then we put more laws into effect to try to curb abuses. The real solution is fewer laws and the concept that all men are created equal. 


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Please, NO!

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow recently suggested giving more authority to President Obama than our constitution allows. Effectively, if this were to happen, we would be living in a dictatorship.

Yet again, I am reminded that people like this, although entertaining to watch when they are performing a script, rarely have productive material of their own. Paltrow is certainly good looking, and a talented actress, but political acumen is not among her strengths.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Say What?!?

Many people "poo-poo" stories of vindictive police abusing their authority because the story originates far from home. Well...

This one originates in my hometown, Chattanooga. 

A police officer accused a popular local Mexican restaurant of running a behind the scenes illegal strip club and gambling operation. These claims are delusional at best. 

I've eaten at El Meson more times than I can count over a 25+ year time frame. They serve excellent Mexican food, and have really competitive prices. Never once have I seen gambling nor stripping happening at their restaurants. My family goes there frequently, and they wouldn't if these things were happening. 


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

On Dating 3

From a reader:
"Hey, Usagi,I've read some of your stuff on your brother's divorce. I'm in about the same boat. Got any dating / woman advice for guys like us?"

I do have some advice. Probably the best summary ever is here. But I'll break it down into a weekly segment for you and others.

By Swingset
Item 3: To attract women, you need but one be in charge. Not necessarily of the world or the building you work in, but in charge of your surroundings. You need to be in charge of whatever setting you and the womenz will be in. In any herd of animals, the females obey the alpha. You must be, no matter what the situation, the "guy". You might need to be the funny guy, or the cool guy, or the host, or the entertainer, or even the "taken" one, but you had better be the center of attention that day. To be this thing, you need some confidence, you need your shit in order, and you need some sort of talent that will put you in the alpha spot - no matter if that's at the library or at the night club. Women do not fawn at the slowest, weakest gazelle. They look at what's running out front, and follow. Get your life in order. Women are not laying in the tub right now letting the water hit the pink parts dreaming about a gun nut who's playing Rainbow Six in his mom's basement. You follow?


Monday, October 20, 2014

Go Back To Hollywood, Fred

Today, I received this flyer in the mail. Below are pictures, front and back. It is a flyer urging people to vote "Yes" on Amendment 2 on the Tennessee ballot this November. I have already voted (early voting) and I voted against the measure. 

You can see Fred Thompson's photo used, as well as a quote from Thompson: 
"Passing Amendment 2 adds new checks and balances so our appellate judges are more accountable to the rule of law and the people of Tennessee."

Problem is, if Amendment 2 passes, then judges will be appointed, not elected. If the measure fails, judges will be elected. How is being appointed to a position adding any checks and balances??? If anything, it is removing the sole check and balance from the equation: having to face the voters and be held directly accountable for your actions.

Furthermore, the second checkmark implies that the passage of this amendment "protects the right of Tennesseans to vote to keep or fire judges at the end of their terms." 
NO - it doesn't!!! 
Should Amendment 2 pass; if Tennesseans are unhappy with an unjust judge, and vote to replace, then there is no provision in the law as written that would mandate the governor to appoint a different person. So the governor might well, in all likelihood, re-appoint the same judge! 

Why can't the companies and organizations listed run this campaign fairly and honestly? I'm sure there are plenty of Tennesseans who wish for judges to be appointed - as they understand that any judge positions in many other states are appointed. 

Because of the dishonesty, I call for a boycott of all the organizations listed:
Farm Bureau of Tennessee
Tennessee Sheriff's Association
Tennessee Business Roundtable
Beacon Center of Tennessee
Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry


We Eat Meat!

Some of the hows and whys regarding the human meat-based diet origins and evolutionary advantages. Good read. Meat Diet Made Us Smarter.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Sun is Warm, Grass is Green

According to a study, as reported by Forbes, internet trolls are, indeed, psychos.
Something we all knew, but now the research is out.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Warrior Dash Recap

A couple of weekends ago, I participated in the 2014 Warrior Dash in Pulaski, TN. This years course was 4 miles and featured a dozen obstacles. My cousin, who had been very interested by my involvement last year, decided to join me. I let him set the pace running. We completed every obstacle.

Breakdown - 
Time completing obstacles: approximately 11 minutes.
Time waiting in line to participate in obstacles: approximately 26 minutes.
Time running: approximately 46 minutes.
Total time: 1:23


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Movie Review: Noah

Yes, the one with Russell Crowe.
Yes, the one so heavily criticized.
Yes, the one that took "artistic license" with the Biblical story.

To be fair, my readers must know that I consider Genesis chapters 1-12 to be largely parable in nature. For example: I believe God created the world, but it wasn't in six literal days.

I will not argue the Biblical inaccuracies of the film - there were plenty. To my taste, it didn't distract from the story. In the film, Noah did not speak to God directly. Therefore, by default, Noah had to speculate as to God's will on some of the finer points. This was strictly for more drama and intense scenes in the end, not for anything else. It did not detract from the core story that mankind's wickedness will be punished.

For me and others like me, the fact that the story of Noah is a parable to begin with is enough for us to accept the creative licenses taken with a [small] grain of salt and still enjoy a slightly-better-than-average creation of Hollywood. The central core of the story of Noah is not lost - believe in God, and do not be wicked.

One thing - I remember many Creationists being up in arms about this film presenting creation and evolution. In the montages dealing with the creation story, both options were left perfectly valid.

I enjoyed it. Not the best movie ever. Not even the best this year. But better than most of Hollywood's crap-ola.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

On Dating 2

From a reader:
"Hey, Usagi,I've read some of your stuff on your brother's divorce. I'm in about the same boat. Got any dating / woman advice for guys like us?"

I do have some advice. Probably the best summary ever is here. But I'll break it down into a weekly segment for you and others.

By Swingset
Item 2: Women are 95% a product of the relationship (or lack thereof) between they and their fathers. Men are made by their mothers, women by their dads. If daddy beat them, left them, or otherwise was a s***bag, you had better believe they will not have healthy impulses and chaos will follow them throughout their days. This is an absolute, so trust me when I say, if they don't have a healthy relationship with pops, they're not having one with you either, so f***ing run. Yes, they're going to be fun in the sackeroo, but trust That other 5% of their nature comes from lucky genetics, but you're not turning that into anything by yourself. You ain't fixing a broken girl, so just run.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Funny Video

Two video games my son loves: Mario and Minecraft. So when we saw this youtube video, I figured it would be worth a blog post.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Quote of the Day

Because if God commands you to repopulate the Earth after a great flood, then Jennifer Connolly wouldn't be a bad choice for a wife!

- my brother as we watch Noah on Blu-ray.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sigma As F%&*

Employee is interviewing for a promotion via telephone. Boss is on the Phone. VP (boss' boss) is on the phone, trying to close the deal.

Employee: "I'm just not sure if I want this promotion. I'd have to move, and the job could be performed just as well from my current location."

VP: "We will offer you $15K more, plus a company car, plus relocation. What's more, you can take 6 months to move here."


Employee: (pretending to mull it over) "Fair. OK, I will discuss this with my wife, to see if she has additional input that I might wish to consider, and I will get back with you in 48 hours with my answer."

VP (trying to alpha-up): "What else is there to consider? Your boss made the initial offer a week ago. You should tell us by the end of the day or we will pick someone else."

Employee: (laughter) "You've got to be kidding me! Only a great fool would want to promote someone into a position where good judgment will be required, only to mandate that the person make a decision spur-of-the-moment. I'll get back to you in 48 hours... and go."



Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How is This Possible?

From a reader:
Usagi, I have seen your post on HR people. What about wacky managers? Anything interesting there? Funny reviews?
Indeed. I could go on about this one... for years.

Once read a 30-day review which included the following phrase: " you started off with a bang, but have cooled off a bit since then."

Not sure how it is even possible to evaluate all of that in the span of only 30 days.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

On Dating 1

From a reader:
"Hey, Usagi,I've read some of your stuff on your brother's divorce. I'm in about the same boat. Got any dating / woman advice for guys like us?"

I do have some advice. Probably the best summary ever is here. But I'll break it down into a weekly segment for you and others.

By Swingset
Item 1: Do not listen to what women have to say about women. They are not privy to the keen powers of self-instropection, nor are they honest when the mirror paints the picture of womanhood in a less-than-flattering light. If women were to be trusted about how they tick, we'd all have it figured out, and women would be happy. Society is afraid of saying what I am, that women have been led to believe they are a noble half of the human race, and more suited to matters of the heart. Fact is, they're just as clueless as you. Next.


Monday, October 6, 2014

The Next Biden???

Rarely do you find a single person who is the source of so very much fail outside of Washington. Well evidently, Lebanon, TN Mayor Phillip Craighead wants to give Vice President Joe Biden a run for his money in that department.

Lebanon voters recently turned down an opportunity to increase their own sales tax (good for them!). From this article, here are some quotes full of fail from the mayor:

“It was an option to take the load off of the citizens..."
How on Earth is a tax INCREASE going to take the load off the citizens???

"...and provide us with a new revenue stream,”
The sole bit of truth by Craighead in the article

“We have to go back to the drawing board to figure out what we’re going to do to fund things like a new fire hall and road paving.”
What about the $12 Million in the city's rainy-day fund? What about the $1 Million in bonuses the city just paid out? The city of Lebanon is not broke. 

“I went out to six different neighborhoods and had total support,” 
Maybe they told you what you wanted to hear... like you did to them to get elected?!?!

“They understood it, but they just didn’t take the time to vote. I can’t drag them up here."
You sure about that? You intentionally chose a Tuesday in September (instead of the main election in November) specifically so there would be a lower voter turnout - something you needed to force this on the people. 

"We gave them an opportunity to reduce people’s property taxes, but we couldn’t do it." 
There was no measure on the ballot to reduce property taxes... only to increase the local sales tax. You know you are being disingenuous here - you never were going to lower property taxes.  

"I don’t know how we will keep up with all the things we need to fix.
Maybe government is not the solution?!?!