Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Not Going To Do IT

On social media, this post was to be found:

It is with a heavy heart I make this plea for help from my fellow (Patriots). As you may be aware the communists have been in Nashville burning down buildings and on the 4th the American legion was set afire by arsons. They have been in Johnson City beating up WHITE PEOPLE and passing out money to the communities encouraging them to buy guns and ammo for assaulting WHITE PEOPLE. After some tried to purchase firearms at a local pawn shop and were denied, they stood outside and harassed the shop owner for 8 hours trying to push their way in. When he pushed them back out they filed assault charges.
The communists target is historic Rogersville Tennessee this Saturday. Your fellow Tennesseans are asking for your help to protect the history and the residents. I will attempt to meet with the NEW BLACK PANTHER leaders and see if I can put out this fire on Saturday before they rage but I need security and bodies. I fear this won’t go well based on what we’ve been seeing. My best friend in East Tennessee and I both are looking for armor or gear that anyone can spare. I can’t let her go in alone or unprepared. Chest plates and carriers, head gear any defense gear we can borrow to protect ourselves with. There are other 3%, Militia, Bikers and Patriots coming and we have a base camp ready to accommodate campers from outta town not far from Rogersville.
I am also trying to make contact in advance with Homeland Security and Counter Terrorist agencies but so far no luck. Does anyone have a real contact with one of these agencies?

It is possible that the threat is real, I will not argue that point. 

But if you think I'm going to Rogersville, TN this weekend, you are sorely mistaken. And there are several good reasons why:

1. Arming up and going toward the possible violence is actually in violation of the law (for a civilian) - as well it should be. Even if it was not illegal...

2. The police will only arrest the good folks, not the violent rioters. We have seen this before. If you think the police are your ally, then you must be a violent rioter, or you are delusional. Even in this passage it tells of police arresting the shopkeeper, not those that were damaging the shop and assaulting him. 

3. I think it is a trap. Intentionally set. To either test the resolve and commitment of the patriots, or to "get them."

Also - the all-caps "beating up white people" is a turn off. I am very much for the advancement of the white race, but that does not promote me to action over the assault of any other race. If media gets wind of this, you know how they will paint it. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Judging From The Actions Of The Many

From the meme - "so why are they judging all cops for the actions of a few?"

Because it is not the action of a few.  It's most - and this is my strong attempt to be impartial and realistic.  The system is corrupt.  There is no going in and correcting it from the inside.   Comprehensive reform is needed now.  

Friday, June 19, 2020

The Traitor

Meghan McCain, in a since-deleted tweet, expressed that her dad is the only one that matters, and also that she is the only person who has ever lost a father.  

Since neither of these opinions are quite right, let's compare a less-famous dad - my Pops - to her infamous dad.  

My dad lived to see her dad croak.  That made his heart happy.  And mine. 

My dad never killed any of his fellow service members - via negligence discharge of missiles, or otherwise. 

My dad earned his rank in the Army... his father was not an Admiral who cleared the way. 

My dad was not #GlobalistScum .

My dad did not lose an election to the most beatable political candidate to ever be put forward by the Left. 

My dad did not vote with Obama more than half the time. 

My dad didn't stay anywhere long after his welcome was worn out. 

My dad actually raised his kids to be successful people without having to ride his coat tails.

My dad actually gave to his community.  He was not a taker. 

Happy Father's Day. 
I miss my dad very much, and I am so glad he wasn't John McCain, the traitor. 

Thursday, June 18, 2020

You Did That To Yourself

As this is written, several precincts of Police in Atlanta called in to work. They are upset because one of their former officers is charged with Murder and several other crimes.

A few days ago, a good friend suggested that myself and fellow patriots go and peaceably stand in front of police during protests for a show of solidarity. I politely declined. In my estimation, if police and antifa - two organizations that do not have my best interests in mind - want to kill each other, then that is a win-win situation.

This is not an anti-cop sentiment. It is an anti-bad cop sentiment. And they have brought it on themselves. And it applies to virtually every cop out there now. How?

If you have 1000 "good cops," and 10 bad cops; yet the 1000 do not arrest the 10, then you really have 1010 bad cops.

When you enforce unconstitutional laws, you are a bad cop.

When you falsify your report to the ADA, trying to make the youth seem older than they are - just so you can get an adult conviction and put another "feather in your cap," you are a bad cop.

When you cite or arrest churchgoers during the #Scamdemic but you don't lift a finger against rioters, you are a bad cop. And you are a sissy.

When you call CPS on a good hardworking family just to harass them further, you are a bad cop.

When you call in on your shift because your "brother" got arrested, you are a pussy and a bad cop.

When you enforce a corrupt system, you are, by default, corrupt.

When you put someone in jail for a victimless crime, you are a bad cop.

When you shoot someone's dog, and intentionally lie, saying you "feared for your life," you're a bad cop.

When you have any sort of "but" against the absolute right to keep and bear arms, you are a bad cop.

When you lie to get a confession or evidence, knowing that if the suspect lies it is a crime, then you are a bad cop and no better than a suspect who lies.

When you have to lie to conduct a majority of your interactions, you are a bad cop.

When you say you are not going to recommend charges to the ADA, and then you turn around and recommend charges; you are a liar, a worthless POS, and a bad cop.

When your police force has to constantly do "community events" to increase the public perception of your department, it means your department is full of bad cops.

When your profession has the highest incidence of spousal abuse among any demographic, and you don't remove those abusers, then you are a bad cop.

Now, if it truly were just the occasional "bad apple," then why are we inundated with stories like these? And, as the old saying goes, "one bad apple spoils the bunch." This bunch is spoiled. The system is corrupt. We need drastic reform... YESTERDAY!

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Defund The Police

This meme has been floating around.
Sadly, as with most Leftist "memes," it is nowhere near accurate.
The Left truly wants to completely eliminate police funding.
This is not good.

That said...

We need to:

  • REDUCE SUBSTANTIALLY all police funding. We are over-policed. 
  • Eliminate quotas - particularly for traffic offenses and other victimless crimes. 
  • Demilitarize the police. They don't need machine guns, and they sure as hell don't need MRAPs.
  • Put people addicted to drugs & controlled substances into rehab - not jail. 
  • Decriminalize victimless crimes. 

  • Abolish police unions - they only preserve the bad cops. 
  • Incentivize the arrest of bad cops. 
  • National blacklist for Bad Cops. 
  • Abolish paid leave while under investigation.
  • Abolish "no-knock" raids. 
  • Abolish qualified immunity. 
  • Make police have to pay for their defense when prosecuted. 
  • Mandatory insurance to be purchased by the individual officers. 
  • Have citizens advisory boards to review all shootings. 
  • All police to have body cams. Incident happens with body cam off = immediate termination. 

  • Ban choke holds - possible only exception certified BJJ Purple belt or above. 
  • Use of Force doctrine to be rewritten and only acceptable in dangerous felonious situations. 
  • Rewrite use of force on animals - no more shooting dogs. 
  • Ban stops without reasonable suspicion. 
  • Make it legal for citizens to fight back with like force when rights are being violated.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

What Is The Value Of Training

From the Tactical Professor, What is the Value of Training?

My favorite part:
  1. You don’t know what you don’t know.
  2. Much of what you know is wrong.
  3. It’s good to have some of the answers to the test before taking it.
You really should read the entire article! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Insanity

These days, one will frequently see on social media claims that while COVID-19 survival rates are over 99% - the real issue is the long term and permanent side effects. 

Folks, if we have only known about this strain for six months, how on earth could we possibly know about long term and permanent side effects? Logic dictates we cannot. 

Also - the actual survival rate is 99.975%.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Gun Kobayashi Maru

This was too long to post on the Facebook page, and it also needed a blog post.

In Star Trek fiction, the Kobayashi Maru test was the  no-win scenario. This same no-win scenario most certainly exist in the gun culture. Specifically, when people ask the credentials of an instructor. The no-win scenario comes in because there is no way to make everyone happy with the instructor's credential.

If the instructor was a Navy SEAL, then the person asking will say they wanted an Army Ranger.
If the instructor was an Army Ranger, then the person asking will say they wanted a Navy SEAL.
If the instructors were a Navy SEAL and an Army Ranger, then the person asking will say they wanted Marine Force Recon.
If the instructor was former military, then the person asking will say they wanted former law enforcement.
If the person was former law enforcement, then the person asking will say they wanted former military.

There's no way to win.

Furthermore, even if the instructor matches what the questioner wants, they never buy.  That's right, they are not buyers. 

So why even answer the question?

To complicate things a bit more, even if you try to answer the question; if they don't like the answer, then they leave a phony negative review.  So, for the Facebook page, I simply delete the question and ban them.  They aren't prospective clients, and they aren't going to win over any clients.  Their sole possibility is to scare off potential clients without having ever having been to a class for a real evaluation. 

One more issue is that they didn't even click the link to the Facebook page, where the question is answered fully:
"All Patriot Training live fire classes are designed to the specifications of combat veterans and are taught by certified instructors."
If someone is not intelligent enough to do that, then they certainly aren't intelligent enough to trust around firearms for a day. 

That said, anyone respectfully requesting further information on instructors will be gladly and promptly answered.  And no, that answer cannot possibly satisfy everyone - and that's ok.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

How To Find Buyers

Recently, I asked several military veteran friends how they thought I might attract more former combat military to my classes. They were very gracious in their responses. The one subject line that kept coming up was ego - on the part of combat vets. The questions still remained though - how to get past that ego. I asked five different men: and I got five different answers (not surprisingly). I did not expect going in that any of them would have the answer to the question. I did expect they would provide insight from different points of view. I was not wrong in my expectations.

For the sake of clarity - vets who did not serve in combat roles and are honest about that will be lumped into the same group as most civilians - they have minimal training, and they have almost identical buying habits to civilians when it comes to gun classes.  The purpose of these questions was to attract combat vets. Based on the responses I got, here are the discoveries made:

Not all civilians advertised to are potential customers. Same is true of combat vets.
How to separate potential clients from those who have no intention of buying is the key with both civilians and combat vets.

I have and have had a very good framework from which to work to determine who are the buyers in the civilian world, but up until recently, the framework of how to attract the combat vets has eluded me. Not any more!

It all boils down to what I have to offer: superior marksmanship instruction, superior instruction overall, and a new take on their new roles in civilian life, which will necessitate a change in the circumstances that dictate the missions they might undertake now. Of course that will be a potential stumbling block to their ego - and it can also be a tremendous motivator, as I can challenge the skills of most shooters. 

Also, it is essential to distinguish quickly between the buyers and those who have no intent to buy. And in that part, one thing becomes painfully obvious: there are two types when it comes to combat vets. And here, to describe that difference, I'm going to borrow from a line in the movie, Full Metal Jacket:
- The Crazy Brave
- The Phony Tough

The Crazy Brave are up for a challenge. They aren't afraid to fail in training. They don't have any problem learning something new. These are all attributes of successful teachers, as well.

The Phony Tough are afraid. Afraid of being shown up. Afraid of not being able to hit their target. Afraid of the "what-ifs." Afraid a civilian might know something they don't.

The phony tough are not buyers, the crazy brave are. Just that simple. Now, how do I weed out one from the other? That's the secret you must pay for.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Own It

Several years back, I was able to play witness to a small number of US Military Veterans really give a civilian a hard time about gun and tactical training that was being taught. The irony was that the civilian was actually teaching at the behest of most of these individuals just a few months prior. There had been some drama, and the vets couldn't seem to drop it.

This was what really changed my mind as to whom can instruct firearms and tactics classes. Hence, this blog post - which was written shortly after the drama, edited over time, and was way back in the day set to post on the last business day of April this year. Over the years, my perspective matured and refined. Of course, during that time, I took multiple classes myself - and that helped mold my current opinion, as well.

When I take a class and take notes, some of the notes are of what the instructor does well. Some of the notes are about relevant material. And some of the notes are about presentation of the material. When people ask me who the best instructor I've had was, I clarify if they are talking about best instructor as a teacher, or best material, or best presentation. Different people hold the distinctions for each of those categories. And only one of those distinctions belongs to a military person (and no, it is probably not the category you think).

Since the military does not have the corner on the market for shooting, let's dig a little deeper on this topic. Here are the facts:
The military does not have the corner on the market when it comes to shooting.
The military does not have the corner on the market when it comes to tactics.
The military does not have the corner on the market when it comes to team movement.
Law enforcement doesn't either.

And if you ask an infantryman or combat vet, and if he is being honest with himself, he will agree. Why? Because of METT-TC. Another thing they will chalk it up to is "mission dictates."

METT-TC is a mnemonic used by the military to help commanders remember and prioritize what to analyze during the planning phase of any operation. It stands for mission, enemy, terrain, troops available, time, and civilian considerations. In other words - situation dictates.

Because situation dictates, and because civilian situations are almost universally substantially different than military (or law enforcement), skills must be at an all-time high and tactics must differ substantially.

All military operations are looked at with an "acceptable loss" in mind. Depending on the operation, there may be an acceptable loss rate of 60% casualties in some situations. Many situations allow for 33% or higher casualty rate. In civilian operations, there are few scenarios where a single casualty is acceptable. The tactics MUST be different.

Because of all of these facts and factors, I would suggest that not only is it wise to seek gun and tactic instruction from current/former military and also from current/former law enforcement, you also NEED to seek instruction from civilian instructors.