Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Gun Nut Speaks

From a friend on Bookface...

Dear liberals 
I am a gun nut, the floor joists in my house moan with agony under the weight of my gun safe. I have enough ammo to take over a small country. I have been a gun nut since my dad got me my first bb gun. I hunt, I shoot for fun and have weapons for protection. These things are never gonna change no matter how much you cry about it.

I am 50 years old and have a nonexistant criminal record. I believe in personal responsibility, you believe in government handouts and passing the buck. I believe in disciplining kids and holding them accountable and responsible for their actions. You believe in coddling them when they misbehave and instilling a sense of entitlement in them. I firmly believe in discipline, you believe in stringing kids out on pharmaceuticals.

I believe when someone has a mental illness, a mental illness that has been classified as a mental illness for decades, you get them the help and treatment they need. You believe in acceptance of the mental illness and putting it on display and celebrating it.

As liberal women you think "You don't need no man". I believe maybe you don't but your kids do need their father in their life and are not to be used as weapons against that father. I believe if your little angel gets in trouble at school they should get their little ass paddled. You believe in chastising the principle and letting him know how it's the schools fault not your little precious.

Now with all that being said, as much of a gun nut as I am, these crazies that shoot up schools and churches and theatres are most certainly not a product of my environment. They are absolutely a product of yours.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Pro Gun Memes

With all the anti-gun hysteria about, here are some good memes that the Rifleman has picked up and shared lately. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Anti Trump "Conservative"

Observed on social media recently:
I'm a conservative, but I do not like or support Trump...

So, the Rifleman finds the profile, and does a bit of research. This "conservative" is in favor of funding Planned Parentood, open borders, and gun control. Pretty sure he has no clue what the term conservative means.

Actually, he probably does. Total #cuckservative here. Conservatives have managed to conserve nothing. That's why the Rifleman is #AltRight

Monday, February 19, 2018

A Plot is Hatched

Laughter is good for the soul. However, it can be difficult to get people to laugh. Recently, the US National Weather Service of Nashville, TN has been adding to the humor.

Sure, there are plenty of typical weather reports from the service:
PRESIDENT'S DAY:  Mostly cloudy, but unseasonably warm.  A slight chance of showers.  Highs in the upper 60s to middle 70s. #tnwx #Nashville #Clarksville #Crossville

However, there is one author who occasionally challenges the status-quo. Hilarious and witty entries have been popping up. The Rifleman was just partway into the first he had seen when he recognized the prose. Immediately a text message was sent, and the recipient fessed up to the authorship.

One typical such entry:
We've got a banner day in store Friday. In addition to being Friday, tomorrow is going to be positively spring-like. Most of us will see temperatures reach the 60's with sunny skies. Even tonight won't be as cold, with temperatures bottoming out around the freezing mark. (Why do we write "clear skies" for a nighttime forecast but "sunny" for the daytime? Someday, I want to write "moony" on a clear night. It might earn a few hard stares from the higher-ups, but you have to admit it's much more descriptive than the bland "clear skies.") At any rate, tomorrow is the only spring-like day we're going to get this go-around. Rain is moving back in tomorrow night and promises to ruin the entire weekend. (Please don't shoot the messenger.) Since we just experienced a heavy rain event, we'll be keeping an eye out for flooding concerns with this next system. We're not expecting severe storms. We're not expecting snow on the tail end of this system. Just a weekend spoiler.

That entry generated 250+ likes and 35+ comments. The typical entry generates fewer than 20 likes and no comments. One of the better comments:
I don’t know who makes these statuses, but you make me laugh so hard, it hurts my stomach.

Naturally, many people on social media ask who this person could be. As the Rifleman knows him, it must be stated that he has no Facebook account. So, recently, the Rifleman was speaking with this friend, and a plot was hatched. Props to another mutual friend who was present to help egg us on and provide input. The concept is a series of photographs of this author in the style of "Wilson" from the TV show,  Home Improvement.

Wilson, of course, always appeared as pictured here - face hidden behind the fence. More infrequently, the show's producers would hide Wilson behind other objects.

Therefore, the plan is to have pictures of the Rifleman's friend with face obscured. These shall be posted to the weather updates written by the subject author. The idea is to tease his appearance, and, the Rifleman hopes, elevate him to cult-like status among weathermen.

The first entry?

Friday, February 16, 2018

The Black Panther

#BlackPanther is #AltRight

✔ Isolationist
✔ Pro-wall
✔ Strict Trade Restrictions
✔ Anti-Diversity
✔ Ethno-Nationalist
✔ Anti-Democracy

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Wrong Priorities

When I was in my teens, our neighbor came over one day, and had a question for Pops.  Since Pops was an engineer, could he help the neighbor's kids with their soap box derby car.  He asked if there was any way to fill it with lead so the kids would win?

The cars were still solid blocks of wood.  A few moments at the bandsaw and sander and the block of wood actually looked like a car.  Then came the fun part. 

Pops was going to drill a hole in the bottom of the car and pour molten lead into it.  The plan was to then spackle over it and paint it so as not to give away the shenanigans. 

In the process of drilling the hole, the neighbor moved the car. It spun away, and the drill missed and went right into Pops' hand!!!

Blood went everywhere. 

The neighbor actually complained that Pops got blood on the car.  Pops pointed out that it was going to be painted over. 

In a final stroke of genius, Pops spackled too thick. The car placed dead last.  That was Pops' revenge for the guy trying to cheat.  And not being thankful. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Knock Down Power

When I hear the term, "knock down power," my eye starts to twitch. If I am teaching a class, my first reaction is to ask the question, "and how exactly is knock down power measured?" Still no answers on that one.

Occasionally, someone will change over to the term "muzzle energy." But, since the initial term "knock down power" was used, chances are it was a debate - either 9mm vs. .45 acp, or .223 vs. .308.

Since nobody argues that .308 is a more powerful round than .223, let's focus on the main problem: 9mm vs. .45 acp.

Using ballistic calculators, as well as published data, muzzle energies of many common 9mm and .45 acp loads, data was gathered. 

On average, the 9mm rounds were right around 400 foot-pounds. The least powerful being around 390 foot pounds.

On average, the .45 acp rounds were right around 415 to 420 foot pounds.  The most powerful being about 450 foot pounds.

So, on average, there is a 20 foot-pound difference between the two rounds. 

When comparing the difference in pistol round muzzle energies to a lower powered rifle round, like .223, the numbers don't lie. 55 grain ammo has an average of around 1100 foot-pounds of muzzle energy.  So the difference between 9mm and .45 is roughly 2% of the muzzle energy of the common .223 rifle round. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Rules for Kicking Ass in Life

Rules for kicking ass in life:

1. See failure as a beginning, not an end. 
2. If you don't go after it, you won't have it. 
3. Always do more than is expected of you. 
4. Teach others what you know.
5. Assume nothing and question everything.
6. Make peace with the past or you'll pay for it.
7. Stop thinking so much and start acting. 
8. Never compare yourself to others. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Things The Rifleman Cannot Do

The sound you heard and the breeze you felt upon your skin was the Rifleman striking out.  The Rifleman didn't even come close.  What, you ask, can the Rifleman not do? Here are 16 things!

From the  Return of Kings article, "16 SIGNS THAT YOU ARE A WEAK BETA MALE."

1. You bench-press less than your body weight.
The Rifleman benches 300 for reps, and weights 220.

2. You have more than 25% body fat.
Nope.  Mid teens.  And yes, the Rifleman could stand to get that down a bit. 

3. You lack the will or ability to learn self-defense.
The Rifleman teaches self defense. 

4. You embrace leftist ideologies.

5. Your existence largely centers around pastimes like sport, video games, or TV shows.
Never has. 

6. You are more interested in other people than ideas.
Several ideas on tap at the moment.  One of then will come to fruition here in the next few days.

7. When you travel, you never step out of your comfort zone.
LOL. That's the whole reason to travel. And The Rifleman travels weekly.

8. You often watch porn.
Gun porn does not count.

9. You’re letting your girlfriend make all the major decisions in your relationship.

10. You worship females and celebrities.

11. You blame society rather than making individual improvements in your own life.
The only thing Society does for The Rifleman is to take taxes from him. Therefore, The Rifleman makes more money to make up for it.

12. You cannot stand “hate facts."
The Rifleman is a purveyor of such facts.

13. You’re taking care of someone else’s kid.
Not even one. The Rifleman's kids do, though. It's called babysitting.

14.   You’re in a relationship with single mom.
Not even close. The Rifleman is married to a married mom. The Rifleman is the one who made her a mom.

15. You have many female friends.
Just a few. Most are friends of the wife, or moms of the kids' friends.

16. You constantly defend females.
If you believe this, you have never read this blog.

Friday, February 9, 2018

CQB - Israeli Limited Entry

The dynamic entry is antiquated. Yes, The Rifleman is fully aware that the dynamic entry is standard military Doctrine. But, being standard military Doctrine does not make something right.

ACU gravel pattern.
Reflective strips.
No Hands In Pockets.
Doing away with the A-10.

Before any kind of CQB, the entering team must check the portal door for booby traps, Etc. Then the team reaches the door. A discussion about breaching could entail many blog post, just by itself. What happens next, after the bridge, is the subject of this post.

In dynamic entry, the team rushes into the Fatal funnel, checking momentarily for threats directly in front of them, before moving to one of the corners. You will hear the three maxims - speed, surprise, and violence of action. And these are all fine and dandy... If there is not an armed threat inside waiting for you.

Everyone agrees that it is the fatal funnel - why on Earth would you want to run right into it?

The Rifleman is here to tell you that there is a better way. This methodology has several names:
Israeli limited penetration entry.
Israeli limited entry.
Threshold entry.
Limited penetration entry.
High threat entry.

The Rifleman's preferred nomenclature is Israeli Limited Entry. ILE, for short.

Simply put, the operators line up on both sides of the door. After the breach, the operators scan and immediately engage the threats from outside the room. Slicing the pie, The Operators moved to the middle, scanning and engaging threats until they get to the Fatal funnel. All of this is done using the door frame as cover or concealment.

Then, in a deliberate and well-calculated move, the operators step just inside the door - to peek and clear down into the corners. Again, the operators use the door frame itself as cover or concealment.

Once all angles of the room have been cleared, the operators step in the room. If obstacles remain inside the room, behind which an enemy could be hiding, then the operators use a Bounding Overwatch type of clearing method. One operator keeps a gun trained on the obstacle, while the other operator slices the pie around the corner of the obstacle.

In the event but there are additional doors, and/or windows, ahead of the operators that could pose a threat, the Bounding Overwatch principle is used here, as well. 

In the event of an end cut door, The Operators will clear from one side to the Fatal funnel. Once that much is clear, The Operators have the option to back off and send someone in a sprinting bound to the other side to help clear the remainder. Alternately, the operator can continue to clear from the one side.

The end cut door method can also be used on a center-cut door down the hallway. Clearly, it may not be safe to move in front of that doorway just yet, so that the operators can stack up on both sides.

If, at any time, there is an operator that is not standing over watch and not actively clearing, that operator can join his teammates by using the Hip Pocket method. The Hip Pocket operator will squat or kneel, and use partner as cover or concealment. The advantage is, the Hip Pocket operator brings an extra gun to the fight.

If access can be gained to both sides of the door, and at The Hip Pocket method can be used on both sides, then the ILE method brings four guns into the fight immediately. All from a position of cover or concealment.

If, at any time, an operator is solo, and has to clear in two directions down into the corners, the following method is used. The operator will Peak only - No Gun - into one corner. This is done in a sudden, and fast motion. The process is repeated on the other side. If the operator can change levels, for peeking, then this is ideal. Once the operator has an idea of what awaits him in each corner, he can proceed accordingly.

If a door is breached in a loud manner, then the operators - be they on one side, or both sides - begin clearing immediately. No communication is necessary.
If a soft breach is being used, the lead operator will say, "begin" to signal the start of the clearing actions.
Once the Fatal funnel has been cleared, the operator will say "clear."
If there are operators on both sides of the door, and they have both cleared the Fatal funnel, then it is time to move into position to peek down into the corners. The lead operator will say "ready." This indicates that the two operators will now stand back to back, almost at the threshold of the door, ready to enter and peek down into the corner.
When two operators are "ready," back-to-back, and at this time to peek down to the corners, the command is "3-2-1-step."
When an operator has cleared to the Fatal funnel of an end cut door, and backs out, wishing to send somebody across, then the following communication is used. The operator will throw a punch straight up in the air. This means "move across in a hurry."
If an operator wishes to request a teammate as his Hip Pocket, then he will pound his fist on his hip.
If there is a Hip Pocket operator, then this is the man who initiates the clearing actions. He does this by tapping the hip of the standing operator.
If it's time to back out of a door, the operator will say "Back! Back! Back!"

Use a person's natural desire to back away from enemy fire to your advantage when doing ILE.

Shoot until the threat goes away, when engaging the enemy.

Don't be in a hurry. Be deliberate.

Please see this post, for a detailed PowerPoint presentation on limited entry:  LINK! 

And, finally, the Enlightened One has some suggestions for you: