Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Preventing Scope Bite

With the year winding down, and fewer and fewer blog posts from this author, it seemed appropriate to tell the kind readers of this blog about some of the derp The Rifleman has seen this year. There was plenty of it. 

Today's entry is a near instant classic. 

The Rifleman was in a class. It was a certification class. Teaching the participants to be teachers. One of the exercises was that each of the participants was picked to teach a session. The Rifleman was selected to teach "bench rest shooting." For just under 5 minutes, I described getting into a position, how to take aim, and how to gently squeeze the trigger. The position described resembled this entry from "Box O Truth" - 

As with all of the sample sessions, critique was offered after the session. The instructor (former Army MP, and NRA Instructor, among other credentials), and a fellow participant (former USMC Scout Sniper) both suggested holding the fore-end, preferably with a hand over the top, to reduce felt recoil. This image displays what they suggested (just imagine the rifle is on a bench, and not held from standing):

I was confused at first, as I have never heard of this (a later Google search yielded one whole article suggesting it). I thought they meant this variation:

After they demonstrated what they meant, I asked why - and they reiterated recoil management. My immediate question was why not the cross armed method demonstrated, and the instructor said he had seen too many people get scope bite. I offered that the shooter might be better served pushing the shoulder into the rifle, maintaining correct eye relief, and adopting the near-universal cross arm position. 

There was much push back by the instructor. At that point, I decided I needed the certificate more than I wanted to show that certified instructor how he was dead wrong. I shut up. I got my certificate. And I out-shot both of them at the range on qualifications day. It wasn't even close. 

Oh, and just in case you are wondering, when you Google "USMC Scout Sniper," this article by the Marine Corps Times appears. And the first image is a Marine using cross arm method:

I verified with another Scout Sniper, whose DD214 I have seen, and he had never heard of holding over the barrel from bench or prone. Except when I teach a variation to use with AR15 rifles when resting the mag on the ground, as demonstrated here (9:35 minute-mark) by Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics

So, I am sure these folks will keep teaching what they want. And I will keep teaching what I want. And we will each get the results our teaching methods warrant. My new long range students tend to hover around 2 MOA groups at 500 yards on Day 1. That is more than good enough for what we are doing. And none of them has ever had scope bite using this grip. 

Monday, December 28, 2020

On The Michigan Home Guard

A friend shared this video with me and wanted some thoughts.  Here are some.

Meal Team 6.  There's (at least) one in every group. 

Their room entry was terrible. Dynamic entry should have died with the dinosaur. Beyond that, the point man kept going down the straight wall on a corner fed door.  And he kept getting sucked into his zone.  Once it is verified clear, cover another sector. 

They were right - the Civil War is imminent (or has already started).

Whitmer did bring all of this on herself. 

The reporter said they were "right wing" - but we do not know if that was true. 

The reporter on voice over likened them to the "Alt-Right." There was no proof.  To draw such a correlation is irresponsible.

The editing and splicing of statements made by Mary McCord and the reporter around the 3-minute mark are combinations of truth and absolute falsehood.
- Militias cannot act as police. This is true. 
- Militias cannot attack legitimate government.  This is true. 
- It was spliced to make it appear as if militias cannot congregate or train.  This is false. 
- The key here is intent. 

Other than that, these people look just fine to me.  Would like to meet them and train with them one day. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Once In A Lifetime

Copied from Social Media -

It’s impossible to get away with rigging an election. If this election was rigged by way of rigging 3-4 key swing state cities, as Republicans claim, then this election would’ve produced a ton of data anomalies and irregularities. We would expect to see things like:

• bellwether counties would suddenly stop being bellwether counties despite decades of near 100% consistency

• the rigged cities would produce implausibly high urban turnout but demographically identical cities in neighboring battleground states would have normal urban turnout

• you would have an implausibly high number of Biden-only ballots (no down ballot selections) but the same phenomenon would not be seen with Trump ballots

• a forensic audit of the voting machines used in these rigged cities would produce unexplainably high error rates and the edit logs would be nowhere to be found. They would often be wiped by partisan officials before any audits could be in conducted, also.

• You would expect to see weird things like Trump winning key bellwether battleground states like Ohio and Florida and win them easily but would lose just enough battleground states (where the rigged cities are located) to put him under 270

• you would expect to see suspicious activity going on in these “rigged” cities... such as; blocking poll watchers... stopping the count late on election night with Trump in the lead but then resume counting hours later with huge statistically impossible spikes for Biden

• If Trump really did win in a landslide but due to vote flipping & corrupted machines ended up losing, you would expect to see a red wave, such as Rs flipping 12 seats & winning all 27 toss ups, while Ds have a dismal election night performance despite Biden shattering records

So obviously, since none of the above was observed in this election, there is no reason to suspect fraud. No reason to suspect that Biden isn’t the legitimate winner of 80 million votes and thus the most inspiring politician of our time. A once in a century politician.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Video Review - The True Christian History of America

This will be a review of the documentary video, The True Christian History of America

A number of years ago, I was teaching a jiu-jitsu class. Two students had a conversation that eventually led to a discussion of the founding of America. One participant suggested that virtually all of the Founding Fathers were Christian. The other student said that most were not. Of course, they each gave their rationale, and eventually the conversation was steered (by me) back to the topics of martial arts. 

Naturally I researched the argument, as I had always been under the impression that the majority of the Founding Fathers were Christian. And certainly that is the case. A few were "Deists" - which the one student called "Agnostic." Certainly, the men of the day were familiar with deism, as well as most of them being Christian. Not entirely different than people today. 

For posterity and full disclosure, I received a free copy of the DVD from the writer and producer, Christian Pinto. Mr. Pinto was a (fully paid) participant in the American Rifleman class I taught this past July, 2020. I requested  and received permission to blog my review - without any prescreening of my opinions or comments by Mr. Pinto. He felt that my penchant for American History - particularly that of the US Revolutionary War - would make me a prime candidate to review the documentary. 

This video is shot documentary style. The production quality is outstanding and is easily on par with a documentary one might view on the History channel or similar. The narration is clear, and the images and accompanying video is pertinent to the discussion at hand. Indeed, I had to remind myself several times that I was watching a video, and not an actual channel. Particularly when it was time for a commercial break, and I needed to go to the restroom. 

This leads to my only criticism - and it is not a real criticism. A way to purchase the video directly online (digital copy) would be great. 

This video is long, and that is not a criticism. It is advertised to be 150 minutes long. I didn't put a stopwatch on it, but that is a reasonable approximation. Many people will not sit still that long for anything that doesn't have the word "Avengers" in it. However, it would honestly be impossible to adequately cover the material in less time. The documentary has chapters and one can make use of those if viewing will require multiple sessions. 

Just like proper marksmanship takes a bit of time, so does a thorough understanding of history. 

Without letting the proverbial "cat out of the bag," this film shows where the concepts of the Republic came from. Going back to the Magna Carta and even before that. Indeed, the documentary points out that freedom, and fighting tyranny, are Christian principles. I went to a Christian school, and most of the ties of liberty with Christianity were previously unbeknownst to me. Probably because few school systems like to teach of liberty... and fewer still like to teach of Christianity. 

"Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword."
- Jesus Christ, Matthew 10:34, KJV

Overall, I must give this documentary 4.9 stars out of 5. I like documentaries, and this is one of the better ones I've had the pleasure to view. It would be $24.95 well spent. 

Friday, November 13, 2020

Aftermath II

The election is over. 

The Press is proclaiming Joe Biden as the winner. 

But, there is a problem. 

Widespread and well-substantiated allegations of fraudulent ballots and incorrect counts are to be had. All in key battleground states. Court battles are afoot. How will it end? Time will tell. 

Still, I stand by my statement that Trump won or Biden cheated. 
Trump legitimately garnered 73 million votes. That's 10 million more than he earned in his election in 2016. For comparison, Obama secured 4 million fewer votes when he was re-elected than when he was first elected. Speaking of which, if you really believe Joe Biden secured 77 million legitimate votes - more than anyone in history - I've got some oceanfront property here in Tennessee to sell you. 

Speaking of improbable numbers - check out this link. It is an in-depth investigation into the improbability of the numbers we are getting fed. Most notably - 1 million votes in PA for Trump being "lost." Also, numbers in tight states being switched at a predictable rate to cause an apparent Trump loss. 

In the end, if the entire Deep State wins the court battles, and they may, then you know we have lost our Republic. Their claims to want to let "democracy" determine things is but another lie. 

If Trump loses, then one of two things will be true:
1. We will never elect another Republican president in my lifetime (and the Republic will fall into full-blown socialism and collapse). 
2. Republicans will have to resort to similar cheating tactics to "win." At this point, the Republic is equally lost. The nature of which will just be slightly different. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2020


 For those living in a cave, the US Presidential election was held last night. 

Summary: I *think* Trump won. He was ahead in 5 key states where, in an unprecedented series of events, officials have stopped counting votes. Mostly, in those states, Trump was ahead by a margin that suggested it would take a miracle for Biden to win. That "miracle," I believe, may come in the form of Democrat shenanigans. 

It would have been better if Trump had secured the 320 electoral votes I thought he might. However, as I was once reminded by my friend, "Lefty," this nation does not value freedom. The majority vote for a living while myself and others in the minority work for a living. 

That it is/was this close, despite the overwhelming onslaught by the #FakeNews for the past 4 years, phony impeachment, lies, distortions, and censorship, is still telling. There is a glimmer of hope. And our propagandist "news" outlets and public education system will likely destroy what is left of the majority (if it even still exists) of freedom loving patriots, should we prevail. 

Scrolling through social media, I saw the following statement:
"We have to bring this Country back together, solidify our rights, and continue to fight the socialists."

The person who wrote this statement probably missed the duplicity in their statement, and for that, I do not fault them. "Bringing the country back together" and "fight the socialists" are mutually exclusive concepts. We cannot do both. We have too many people in this country that love their socialism: that is why we cannot be brought back together. 

Today, on the 2nd anniversary of my father's passing, I am saddened. Of course, I miss my dad, and I am sad for that. I also am sad for the loss of our once great Constitutional Republic. Whether the loss is solidified in the next few day or not, it will most certainly happen in four more years. And there will be no way to vote ourselves out of that. 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

More On Masks Do Not Work

Face masks could increase risk of infection, medical chief warns.

I've suggested since Day-1 that if wearing masks worked, the Kung-Flu would never have made it out of China.  Those people wear masks when there aren't phony pandemics afoot.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Masks Do Not Work

According to the CDC,  wearing masks is linked to a higher likelihood of contracting COVID.

70% of COVID patients "always" wear masks.
14% of COVID patients "often" wear masks.

Fewer than 4% of COVID cases were contracted when the person "never" wears a mask.

Masks not only do not work, they do more harm than good. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


CDC Quietly Reports 6% Actually Died from COVID 

Yes, the link is a month old at the time of this article.  And it answers the question that has been demanding an answer since March.

6% of the people who die with COVID actually die from COVID.

It is important to know the difference.  This is no pandemic.  This is a cold.  I had it.  I call it a #SpicyCold .

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

He Beats Every Challenge

President Trump was hospitalized with COVID-19 over the weekend for roughly three days. Since his return to the White House, the Left has been absolutely apoplectic. 

The #FakeNews would have you believe this #SpicyCold is death on wheels. It is not, and our President proved it. These #LibNuts actually believe all of the media fiction and are calling it a "hoax."

The Left said that Trump was putting Secret Service Agents in peril when he made his appearances to the crowds. There are a few problems with this:
1. These are the same people who just a week ago would say "All Cops Are Bastards" (ACAB) and want to defund law enforcement. Why would they suddenly care about the President's law enforcement officers? 
2. If masks work, then the Secret Service Agents were in no peril. If masks do not work, then why the mandates?

The Left is unhinged. They have been for years. They do not use logic or reasoning on any subject. Why anyone would vote for them is beyond me.