Monday, February 27, 2017

What Did You Want?

This one laments on social media that her ex is to marry a "20-something blonde," less than two years after their divorce.  Some thoughts:

You asked for this.
Women initiate 75% of divorces.  You did.

He is an idiot.
I'll agree, but not for the same reason.  He's an idiot because he got married again.

You're jealous #1
You've hit the wall, and you know it.  Being 40 didn't help. Gaining 50+ pounds since age 35 didn't help.  Looking 10 years older in the past 2 years didn't help.

You're jealous #2 
He's happy and you aren't.

You're jealous #3 
He has and you have not. How is that minimum wage job working out for you?

It didn't turn out like you wanted.
Divorce is not a life improvement for anyone, but it takes a harder toll on women. Yet, women engage in all sorts of divorce porn - the pedestalizing of divorce.  You wanted to hurt him - and make no mistake, you did hurt him - you just hurt yourself worse.  Divorce is a scorched earth policy.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Fake News And The Penalty

CNN  lied about stuff to create fake news. From the article:

While Judge Orinda Evans didn’t all out declare that CNN was peddling in falsehoods. She did take aim at the network in an initial judgment in favor of a former hospital CEO who sued CNN accusing them of purposely skewing statistics to reflect poorly on a West Palm Beach hospital. Davide Carbone, former CEO of St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, filed a defamation lawsuit against CNN after they aired what he claims were a “series of false and defamatory news reports” regarding the infant mortality rate at the hospital. CNN’s report said the mortality rate was three times the national average. However, Mr. Carbone contends that CNN “intentionally” manipulated statistics to bolster their report. He also claims that CNN purposely ignored information that would look favorable to the hospital in order to sensationalize the story.

ABCNNBCBS is #fakenews . They make up stories. They cite "anonymous sources" where none exist. They repeat erroneous information among one another.

The 1st Amendment guarantees free press. Not freedom from consequences of #fakenews .

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Chest Rig Loadout

Chest rig. This is an example of a good chest rig / plate carrier option for the Modern Minuteman.

On the front of the chest rig are three velcro pockets, each holding two fully loaded AR15 mags. Above that on your right (Rifleman's left) is a utility pouch. This contains a flashlight, multitool, compass, and various small documents or tools. To your left are the gloves the Rifleman might use for entry work. On the Rifleman's left shoulder strap is the drinking tube for the hydration bladder and also the mic for the radio.

On the rear of the carrier is affixed a solid hydration unit. This one holds 2.5 Liters of water.

To the Rifleman's right, is a panel containing the fixed blade knife and a triple mag pouch. This Rifleman serves as a Designated Marksman, so these mags contain precision ammo.

To the Rifleman's left are the IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) and the radio.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Amputee Humor

Pops is an amputee. Fortunately, he's had a good  sense of humor about it.

Here are some photos I found of other amputees with a good sense of humor:

Funny stuff.

Which one is your favorite?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Ammo Review

Today we shall review some ammo that I tried recently.

Hornady 75 grain "Black" ammo.

A box of 20 was to be had from Academy for 17.99 (plus taxes, of course). Cost was $0.90 per round. The allure is this: 75 grain match ammo from Hornady is often 23.99 to 27.99 per box in retail outlets. Of course, has 75 grain match ammo from Hornady for $14.39 per box of 20 (plus shipping and applicable taxes, of course) at the time of this writing.

Would this ammo be comparably accurate?

It is important to note that Hornady advertises this ammo as having a muzzle velocity of 2790 fps and a bc of .395 - both identical to Hornady Match.

If Hornady obtained the muzzle velocity from a 20" barrel, then I should have been getting pretty close, based on my setup of the day.

My rifle, "Lucy." She has an 18" SPR (Special Purpose Rifle) barrel from White Oak Armament. The barrel is free floated. She has a Geissele trigger. I used a Vortex Strike Eagle variable power optic set at 6x for this evaluation.

The Standard
Prior to firing the test ammunition, I fired a 5 shot  group using Hornady 75 grain match ammunition.

As usual, the 75 grain match ammo from Hornady yields a group of approximately 1 MOA. Of note: this optic is zeroed using 55 grain Federal American Eagle ammo. The Hornady match has almost exactly the same POI at 100 yards.

The Evaluation:
A 10 shot group of the subject ammo was fired from 100 yards.

The Point of Aim (POA) was the middle of the diamond. As you can see, the group seems centered about an inch right of the POA.

The group measured an inch and a half in maximum spread. 1.5 MOA is the result.

Precision is better handled with Hornady 75 grain match, Federal 69 grain Gold Medal Match, or any one of a number of heavy loads available from reputable manufacturers.

So is this ammo worth the price difference?
Ultimately, only you can decide. It is not as accurate as Hornady Match. It is about 25% less expensive. If you would use this for, say, deer hunting, it would make sense.

But it only makes sense if you only buy in brick & mortar stores and if you do not buy online. There's no way I'd pay more for this ammo when I could get Hornady Match for less at .

If you only buy at brick & mortar stores, this ammo has some benefit. I'd suggest Academy Sports as their prices are low.

New Tag - Mansplaining

New blog tag - Mansplaining. This is the definition:
gerund or present participle: mansplaining
(of a man) explain (something) to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing.

Since feminism has left our society to the point that people fall for every line of #fakenews without question. And since ABCNNBCBS has given up all pretenses of objective journalism and is doubling down on their lies. Stuff needs mansplained.

I'm here to do that for you. 

Topic 1 -  Sweden
The headline in that #fakenews article - Riots erupt in Sweden’s capital just days after Trump comments. Problem is, violence (including many rapes) had already been happening there! Everywhere you see these moslem "refugees," you see this sort of chaos. 

Yet the #fakenews was silent about this. Why? It's not as if this violence had just started. Roosh V blasted the media a year ago for their silence on the same. The media has been complicit in the rape of thousands of women.

Donald Trump doesn't want rapists coming here, yet the media would have you believe he's the misogynist.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Snowflake Tell

A "tell" in poker is a change in a player's behavior or demeanor that is claimed by some to give clues to that player's assessment of their hand.

So many snowflakes claimed to be offended by the phrase "grab her by the pussy."

Yet, nearly 50 million women purchased 50 Shades of Grey, and the response to the movie was similar.

Yet, a snowflake local to this blog wears a shirt to a political function that reads "you can pee next to me." Ah, this may be the tell right here. 

Perhaps... the snowflakes want their pussies grabbed. They just have a fetish: the snowflakes want a man to dress up like a woman before grabbing them by the pussy.

Weird, but ok, whatever you are in to.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Failed Picks

What if, with the picks of Flynn and Puzder, Trump was actually trolling the left?

He knows the leftoid #fakenews of ABCNNBCBS   take the slightest bait - and then project and say it's Trump with the short fuse.

Or ... what if nobody is perfect? What if Trump picked individuals with flaws? Flynn was too leftist, and therefore he lied; and Puzder is too soft, and not fit for this type of work. If this is the case, isn't it much better for Trump to clear them out immediately instead of waiting five months like Obama did with the Hillary scandal on Benghazi?

Either way, this is why he is exactly who we need as President.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

For The Record

This blog proudly supports the God-Emperor, President Trump. 

Sniper Bag

A "sniper bag." This bag contains tools to help the sniper or Designated Marksman (DM) perform his duties more efficiently.

Disclaimer - in the American Martial Art, which is focused on homeland security, the actual position of sniper is almost completely unnecessary. A Designated Marksman will suffice more than 99% of the time - if for no other reason, because most engagements will take place well under 300 meters. And the situation where a modern Minuteman would need to take a 1000 yard shot is almost completely unfathomable.

So, one might call this a "DM bag."

In no particular order, here are the items in a DM bag:
* Hatchet (or shears) - for stripping away vegetation to construct a hide.
* Sniper veil - for concealment.
* Extra shemagh - for concealment and various sundry uses.
* Shooter sock - for steadying the Rifle (this pack has 2 - grey & black).
* 20-round magazines. This shooter loads precision ammo in 30-round mags as a standard practice. Having 20 round mags allows lower profiles when necessary.
* Range finder - to help determine distance.
* Bipod - for steadying the rifle.
* Woobie - can help in steadying and in concealment.
* Assault pack - can be used to steady the rifle, and can tote other important items.

Some Designated Marksmen like to have these things in a separate bag. This Rifleman prefers using the 2nd largest pouch in this assault pack for storage of these things. The woobie and second shemagh are stored in the primary pocket.

What about you? What do you have in your DM bag or sniper bag?