Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Basics of Training

Many times on this blog, I have suggested that the readers get training. 

One thing that is not as clear is why drills are done at the training facilities.  The impression is that "instructor A does this drill," or "instructor B does that drill." And if you look online, there are literally thousands of drills. But which ones are valuable and necessary?

First things first. Some training schools focus on individual skills, and some on team skills. Individual skills tend to lean toward competitive shooting, and team skills tend to lean toward tactical shooting.  Yes, a lot of skills needed for tactical team shooting are individual skills.  So there is some overlap, at least in one direction. 

Next, all individual skills can fall under improvement in one of the core aspects of fighting with a gun.
1. You must be able to hit your target.
2. You must be able to bring your gun to bear quickly enough to make a difference. 
3. You must be able to remedy stoppages (malfunctions and reloads).
4. You must be able to do 1 - 3 smoothly. 

The majority of drills done with a timer, for example, are designed to help you with #2 and #3.

Once you see this, you will understand the purpose with almost any drill or exercise you come across in a firearms training environment. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The Future Is Female!

I've decided I will be a feminist. From  this article, the 13 tenets of feminism:
(And my comments in italics)

1. The subjugation of women and the earth is one in the same.
Agreed.  Let's subjugate both. 

2. Future Feminism requires the participation of all people.
I'm on board...

3. Enforce a global standard for the rights and ethical treatment of women.
Yes.  Women must get child support less than 10% of the time like men do now. 

4. Identify biological differences between the sexes, and draw individuals into greater accountability on the basis of their predispositions.
Yes.  Make women go to jail for their crimes at the same rate and duration as men. 

5. Relieve men of their roles as protectors and predators. 
Finally! Women will be seen as the predators they have always been - and will be sanctioned accordingly.

6. Redefine the societal roles of women and men in response to present conditions.
Correct. No more alimony.  No more child support.

7. Advocate for feminine systems in all areas of governance.
Yes! 100% accountability - just like I've detailed here!

8. Build political structures using a circular model. 
Why not rectangular?

9. Repattern societies to nurture the resurgence of biodiversity.
Survival of the fittest, baby!

10. Feminize male-centric language. 
No more "he said-she said"?

11. Deconstruct the mythology of male spiritual supremacy. 
Because female led spirituality has really enhanced our society?!?!

12. Restore the female archetype as central to creation. 
Only women have shunned this. 

13. The future is female. 
Uh... huh huh huh. Hey, baby!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Things That Cannot Be

From time to time, a person will suggest that I should have worked in law enforcement.  My usual reply is that I cannot work in law enforcement.  If they ask why, I point them in this direction.

From the article,
Can a person be too smart to be a cop in America? A federal court decision suggests that yes, you actually can be.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Mathematics and Prepping

From this article - The Surprisingly Solid Mathematical Case of the Tin Foil Hat Gun Prepper

You have a greater chance to pay witness to violent revolution than to see a flood like we saw in the Nashville area in 2010.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Marriage Material

From Roosh V:  7 Things I Require In The Future Mother Of My Child.

Here are the 7 things -
1. She must be between 18-25 years old. 
2. She must have fewer than 3 prior sexual partners, but a virgin is preferred.
3. Her physical attractiveness should be about a 7.
4. Her skin tone should be within 2 shades of myself.
5. She must be feminine.
6. She must want to be a traditional stay-at-home mother.
7. She must believe in God. 

I would say that any man who wants a wife, would do well to require these 7 Things of his prospective spouse. If a woman does not meet all of these requirements, then do not marry her, and do not have children with her. Marriage is too risky for men these days - there is virtually no advantage for a man to get married. 

But women who hear this often prickles at the idea of men not getting married. Maybe because it upsets their "apple cart" of a free ride through life? So, women, this article is for you!

If a woman wants to consider herself "marriage material," she must adhere to these rules. The rules are derived from Roosh's rules above. If a woman does not meet all 7, then she is not marriage material, she is damaged goods.  If a woman meets all 7, she might be marriage material.  If she misses even a single one, she is most certainly not marriage material.

7 Musts For A Woman To Be Marriage Material
1. She must be between 18-25 years old. 
2. She must be a virgin.
3. Her physical attractiveness must be at least a 7, but not more than a 9.
4. Her skin tone should be within 2 shades of the man whom she would marry.
5. She must be feminine.
6. She must want to be a traditional stay-at-home mother.
7. She must believe in God. 

Thursday, November 21, 2019


A new reader writes -
Rifleman, you say you are familiar with Tom Leykis. What is your favorite thing he says? Least favorite?

Good question.
My favorite thing Tom Leykis says is when he would speak with female callers who were stricken with what I call Disney Princess Syndrome. These girls could not fathom that someone would say it is not necessary to get married. 

My least favorite is that he advocates for abortion.  

Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Since the mainstream media won't tell you, there is a big civil war going on in Hong Kong. The citizens are rising up against the Communist regime.

This meme depicts the reality of the situation.  This is why we must never turn the guns in. 

Friday, November 15, 2019

Well, That's One Way To Do It

In San Antonio, a woman refused to return her rental car, and eventually sold it for meth. I'm sure there's a heckuva repo story behind this one. 

Monday, November 11, 2019

Boomer Advice

The hashtag, #BoomerAdvice was recently trending on Twitter.  Here are some of the more accurate tweets I saw -

“You can’t just apply for jobs online.  You have to get out there! Drop off resumes, call then every day! Go pound the pavement.”

if you show you’re willing to work harder, they will show that they are willing to pay you more.

Go to college, get a good job, be  loyal to the company, they’ll be loyal to you 😒

You’ll see things differently once you have children

None of these bits of advice work any more.