Friday, September 11, 2020

Life Changes 3

How to fix my problem?

90% diet. 10% exercise. 

I stopped running 6 years ago due to knee injury. I will resume walking when cleared. 

Diet - 90% carnivore. And I must stick to it. And I shall. 

To be sure, several close family members feel this is an error. They may even feel that it was meat that got me into this situation. There is simply no objective proof of that. The "studies" were based on surveys of people trying to remember what they ate - not actual controlled studies with closely managed variables (types and amounts of food given). 

There is no diet that can guarantee human longevity. 
However, there is a diet that can guarantee a shorter life - the standard American diet. 
- Dr. Ken Berry. 

At the time this was written, 9 days without a processed carbohydrate. Only a handful of green vegetables consumed. 16 pounds lost. Blood Glucose returning to normal levels. 

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Life Changes 2

Tuesday, September 1 at noon, I was wheeled into an operating room. I was prepped and given anesthetic. 

The objective was to insert a tube up my arm via the artery in my wrist. This procedure used to go in at the groin, but new advances have made it possible to perform via the wrist. The groin area was prepped, just in case. 

The exploration revealed a blockage in one of the vessels on the heart, and a near blockage in another. Two stents were put in - one in each vessel. 

Halfway through the procedure, I awake, pop my head up, and say, "hey, guys, how is it going?" This understandably caused a bit of commotion. They asked if I was in pain - I wasn't. My wrist burned, and otherwise, I was fine. Except my left hand and both feet hurt from laying on the hard surface for so long. The next time I awoke, they were wheeling me to my room. The procedure was a success. 

The doctor put me on a chemical cocktail of meds - mostly blood thinners and blood pressure meds. This to protect the new stints. Although my blood pressure is and was normal, the meds also help with a protective action for my heart and organs. 

The cause was diabetes. A1C of 10.5. Uncontrolled blood glucose levels. For an extended period of time. Triglycerides were over 700. HDL (good) cholesterol was 17 (should be over 70). These are opposite of what is good for a person. This was caused by high blood glucose levels. 

I know how to control my blood sugar, I simply didn't. I ate carbs and grains for the better part of the last 5 years. I have paid for it. 

The fix is to be detailed next. Continued... 

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Life Changes 1

Monday evening, August 31, I came home after my son's football game. I sat down to dinner, and a few bites in, I became uncomfortable. There was a tightening in my chest. My upper back also became tight, as did my upper left arm. After finishing the food, I laid down, and tried to get comfortable. No luck. Not even with changing of positions or having more water. I texted my wife to come into the room for a minute. 

I think I'm having a heart attack. 

10 minutes later, we are in the emergency room. She had driven. A neighbor stayed with my kids. A man was speaking with the receptionist, trying to find a friend or relative. I tried to wait for him to finish... but the discomfort had grown unbearable and was not stopping. I interrupted:

Miss, I think I'm having a heart attack. 

Within moments, I was in a bed in the emergency room, being attended to by a male RN whose name I remember, but will not disclose on here because I'm not certain he wants it shared. He gave me a nitroglycerin tab to dissolve under my tongue. Also, I was administered several chewable aspirin tablets. Blood Pressure was 179/105 - HIGH. 

Five minutes passed, and blood pressure was down, but not good - 153 / 99. Another nitroglycerin tab. Another aspirin. Within moments - RELIEF! Blood Pressure down to 117/75 - GOOD! That is closer to my normal. My chest was no longer under severe pressure. 

An EKG was performed and it was inconclusive. My troponin (heart attack enzyme) levels at that moment were mathematically indistinguishable from zero. Something had happened. 

The next morning, I spoke with the doctor. The blood draws at various times throughout the night and morning had indicated sharply rising troponin levels. Heart attack confirmed. The doctor recommended and I consented to a cath scope and repair if necessary. 


Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Rifle Misconceptions

Recent conversations relayed to the author:

Q - What distance will we be shooting at this tactical carbine class?
A - From 3 - 300 yards. 
"Great! I'll bring my Savage 110 bolt action rifle!"

Participant in a recent class did not hit as often at 300 as he wanted to. Participant changed ammo types twice in class (losing zero each time) and became understandably frustrated. Friend of participant says about his AR15 carbine equipped with a red dot:
"Your instructor should have advised you that you were ill-equipped for the task at hand."

Prospective participant asks about bringing multiple rifles to a carbine class:
"Can I bring my bolt action with a scope for the long range portions?" 
(the "long range" portions are 100, 200, and 300 yards.)

Both of these statements proceed from a point of absolute ignorance. Sadly, this ignorance is widespread in and among the gun community. Mention shooting past 50 yards, and people start assuming one needs a bolt action rifle with a 14x scope. 


The US Army has soldiers shoot to 300 yards - usually with a red dot sight - in Basic Rifle Marksmanship. The US Marines used to (up until just a few years ago) shoot to 500 yards with iron sights - now they use a 4x scope. 

In every class this author teaches where targets are engaged at or beyond 300 yards, never has a single participant failed to hit the target at 300 yards with their chosen rifle or carbine (always by lunch). Do they all hit as often as they want? Of course not... being precise on a rifle is not a skill that can be learned and honed in a single day. Like any other worthwhile endeavor: it takes time and practice. 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Similar Situation

This meme was shared on social media, and it reminded me about something from childhood.

For the record, one platform of social media has a whole section dedicated to "insane parents." My mom had all of them beat.  That will be important to know here. 

When this happened, I was about 12. We were gathered around, all looking at something (I forgot what). My mom shifted position, I was bumped, and I fell backwards. I landed on the edge of a milk crate that was being used to hold homeschool books. 

The crate looked like this:

When I landed on it, I yelled out in pain.  My mom fussed at me for being so "dramatic." I ran around a bit in a haze of pain, clenching my injured left buttock with my hand.  When I pulled my hand away, there was blood. A fair amount of blood.

I showed my mom, and she examined the wound and called my dad to come home to take me to the hospital. 

Side note: my dad's place of employment was very close to the hospital in downtown Chattanooga. He had to drive all of the way home, just to get me and drive all of the way back to the hospital.  Why she couldn't take me, I still do not know. 

I eventually got to the hospital and received a number of stitches to close the wound.  I healed just fine, thankfully. This event was what the meme reminded me of. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Nine Reasons Not To Date A Single Mom

Normally, just one reason should suffice, so pick from the nine reasons below why you should not date a single mom. This article inspired by an article online that tries to make the opposite points - why one should date a single mom. Of note, this author observes that among the thousands of single moms encountered, only one was a single mom due to husband's death (in the military - and he is thanked for  his service). The rest of the single moms encountered were so by their own design.

The nine points and this blog's counter-points:

1. Weak men can’t handle us or our kids
(Notice the shaming tactic and the psychological projection) The complaint is centered around a hypothetical toddler having an outburst and a man "unable to handle it." The reality so often is a 10-year-old having the same type of an outburst and the man she wishes to trap date is unwilling to tolerate it. 
Counter Point - Don't date single moms. They refuse to parent their children. 

2. We don’t need to be saved
This point has more shaming and psychological projection - and yes, that will be a running theme in this article. The single mom is jealous that a good man (who doesn't want them) can be man of the household and she cannot. 
Counter Point - Don't date single moms. They think they can be the dad. This means she does not know natural male and female roles, and that is a big disqualifying red flag. 

3. Games, Games, Games
This point has more shaming and psychological projection. These single moms get played easily by 
"players." Also, they are playing a game themselves (and it actually is with their kids) - they are trying to play the game of trapping the man in marriage or other financial obligation (child support). 
Counter Point - Don't date single moms. They have already made their mistake and many are trying to make the next guy pay for it.

4. We can’t be swept off our feet
More hate for players here. Because they fall for it and they know it. The point goes on to say that single moms want someone to "be real with them." And this is true - because so many single moms have ulterior motives. 
Counter Point - Don't date single moms. They know they are not worth much effort. 

5. Our kids will always come first
The first point that is not an outright lie. Well, except it is a lie. The children will come before the man she dates - and that is the honest part. But she will put herself ahead of the children - and that;s the part that makes the statement a lie. 
Counter Point - Don't date single moms. They want you to pay for everything and do everything, and all without anything worthwhile in return. 

6. We aren’t looking for a daddy
Except that is exactly what they want. The psychological projection here is that she herself doesn't want to have to be the mom (be responsible). 
Counter Point - Don't date single moms. They don't want to bring anything to the deal, and will expect and demand you do everything. 

7. Our tolerance for bullshit is extinct
This is only a slight rewording of the actual truth. They want quality men, but quality men have discernment and see through the single mom's BS, and leave because of it. The single mom's tolerance for men who cannot provide is extinct. And that is the only kind of man they can attract. 
Counter Point - Don't date single moms. They want you to tolerate everything. 

8. We don’t put out
Except, they do. And there is proof. They didn't become a mom via immaculate conception. If they really do not put out for you, then they are telling you up front they will never meet your sexual needs, and will still drain you of your resources. 
Counter Point - Don't date single moms. They will take it all and/or not give anything at all.

9. Last but not least. Our children are NOT baggage
Except, the children are baggage. Very few species have examples where surrogate fathers raise young that are not their own. 
Counter Point - Don't date single moms. They will never accept your role as leader. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

A Decade Later

Not too long ago, I was having a conversation with an Appleseed Red Hat Instructor. The subject matter of that conversation made me think. I was reminded of that conversation more recently, when I was speaking with a student from one of my recent rifle classes.

The Appleseed instructor mentioned that they are the first training class for so many people. The conversation with my student emphasize the fact that this was the student's first training class, as well. Additionally,  The Appleseed instructor with whom I recently spoke had a total of 40 live-fire classes under his belt, 13 of those as an assistant. My most recent class was my 61st as primary instructor.

If you read many of my old entries on this blog, you will see that I was critical of Appleseed at the time. Those criticisms still stand, however, they were meant as constructive criticism then, and that still stands today. Appleseed has changed a little bit, as well they should. However, my opinion is that they probably should not change much more.

While my criticisms were accurate, the spirit in which they were delivered needed adjustment. Looking back as a more seasoned instructor now, I see this so many people who attend an Appleseed are attending their first training class. In my last class, more than half of the students were participating in their first-ever training class. The difference between what my students got, and what Appleseed offers, is that my method is more direct to getting them to the point. I do not get hung up in the antiquated practice of sling shooting.

The arguments in which I participated online, were most likely with people who have never had any other form of training. I did not adequately explain that I came from a position of additional training, as well. These days, I can point that out. However, because I can point out that I have additional training and teaching under my belt, I stick to just broad generalizations - and most of these are positive.

I'm always amazed at how much time and experience will mellow a fellow.

Monday, August 10, 2020

It's Not The Politicians

A man was arrested in Nashville for not wearing a mask. Screen shots to preserve the report in case something else is claimed later. 

The officers enforcing this order need to be fired immediately and permanently banned from ever working in law enforcement again.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Excuses Not To Shoot

Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch explains why not to shoot. 

Here are some additions this author would add:

1. I don't have time. 
It is all about priorities. A person will make time for the things he thinks are important. So, a more honest statement would be: "I do not think this is a top priority."

2. Money (I don't have enough to train)
Again, this is a priority. What is funny is seeing people who vape or smoke, drink heavily on most weekends, then "don't have the money." Once, this author even saw that excuse, then the same person went to the beach the following weekend. 

3. Weather
If only all self defense situations were in perfect environments. Also, some of the best reviews come from classes held in the worst weather.

4. Safe Princesses
Why have a gun if you cannot shoot it? And if you collect some guns, why not pick up a few to train with? The good training guns are usually cheaper than collector guns. 

5. I already know how to shoot. 
If you say this, then you really don't know how to shoot. The true masters are always practicing, and they train regularly. Plus, tactics and techniques change with time. Improvements are made. And what's to say that the way you learned was correct? 

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Optic Recommendation

In the past, this blog has made recommendations on optics for your AR15 rifle. Specifically, the red dot, the Low Power Variable Optic (LPVO), and the low power fixed optics have been suggested for use on your rifle. 

Moving forward, the suggestion for a low power fixed optic will be removed. 

If you already have a low power fixed optic, train with it. In addition to marksmanship, work really hard on the up close material. Get used to using the Bindon Aiming Concept. Work hard on the up close - you will be at a disadvantage here, so over come it. 

And that is reason #1 why the low power fixed is no longer on the suggestions list - most people will not train on it nearly enough to fight with it at urban distances. 

Reason number 2 - the low power fixed optic does nothing that the LPVO cannot do. In many cases, the LPVO can have higher magnification. And the LPVO is vastly superior up close. 

So here are the suggestions:

You may want a flip to the side magnifier for this. 
Zero at 50/200. 
Learn your hold overs and unders. 
Keep the magnifier flipped to the side so you can engage up close immediately. 
Train to engage the magnifier with a long range target of opportunity. 

Zero at highest magnification per the instruction manual. 
Keep it on 1x. 
Learn to swing it over to max magnification to engage at longer range on targets of opportunity. 
Reset it to 1x after shooting.