Thursday, January 31, 2013

This is a fun one

So one time, this guy got mad at me because I mentioned something about him that was true... and I guess he didn't want it to be true. Guess he shouldn't have said it. Nevertheless, this guy gets online, creates a phony email address and persona, then emails me about it:

Hey Usagi,

Dude I really appreciate your blog and your a salon for the truth.  The world needs more guys like you willing to stand up to liberals and Cavinists.  About that clown that came to our church... he was a cpa that worked cracker barrel and was a class a jerk.  Thought anybody who wasn't Calvinist didn't know the gospel.  Funny how it's the other way around eh?

Same guy?

Can you tell me what happened with that celeb pastor you dealt with?  What did he lie to you about?  Oh, and what's your name?  Seems weird to keep calling you Usagi.  LOL


Clue 1: Use of the word "eh" - only time I've seen that in recent memory was the very person in question.
Clue 2: "Guy that came to our church was a Calvinist and CPA - same as the very person in question.
Clue 3: "Guy that came to our church ... was a class jerk" - same as the very person in question.
Clue 4: Really wanting to know what "celeb pastor" lied about.

Clues 1-3 are just so overt that they make it obvious from the outset. Clue 4 wouldn't be a clue unless one of the first three were clues.

Next email:

No I'm not that guy.  Never ran for office.  lol  I work for Department of Intellectual and developmental disabilities (DIDS) doing contract work making sure their clients get services they need.  Really rewarding work actually.

What kind of work do you do?  I know you're in sales but for who, if I may ask?

Yeah, it's not the same guy.  The Calvinist I knew was named Matt.  Maybe he goes by different names, huh?

Clue 5: I had asked if he was the same "Mike Turner" that holds public office in a really nearby town. Not a well-selected screen name as the ISP address put him in my town, and there are exactly 2 property owners by that name in the area... the only one who it could be was the politician. And now he claims he is not the politician.
Clue 6: NOBODY has ever asked me for whom I work. This was a clear attempt to try to harass me via my employer. There is a reason I do not mention current employment on this blog.

Next email:

Cool job, sounds like.  Very professional.

So, is this ***** clown the same guy as Grouchy?  I've been reading some of your past posts.  Why didn't you just go ahead and kick that guys ass?  Or try to press charges?  You've got the paitience of a saint, that's for sure.

Was that the only time you caught [Celeb Pastor] lying to you?

I'm proud to say our pastor stands strong against Calvinism and preaches against it regularly--especially since that *** Matt came and tried to spread it.  He was such a jerk about everything too.  He would participate in SS class discussions but you could tell it was just an attempt to make people think he was some Bible scholar.  He didn't care about people.  He cared about what people thought about him.


Clue 7: Verification that **** was the same as "Grouchy." He had to make sure it was himself.
Clue 8: The only person on the planet who has ever asked why I didn't "kick that guy's ass." Nobody else thinks that way. Same for pressing charges. Charges for what? A Biblical disagreement???
Clue 9: Wanting even more info on Celeb Pastor. It is my firm opinion he wanted to report all this directly back to [Celeb Pastor], if not actually get some dirty on him.
Clue 10: " attempt to make people think he was some Bible scholar..." This was actually another clue, in light of the others, because of the issue of projection.
Clue 11: "He didn't care about people." - projection.
Clue 12: "He cared about what people thought about him." - projection.

Next email:

Ok, lied to you?? Multiple times?? WOW!!! About what if I may ask?

And you could tell when Matt got in class, I don't know how to describe it, but it wasn't just someone trying to participate in class.  And what I read of Grouchy interupting you...when you were teaching??  That really set me off.  I mean, YOU were the teacher.  Duh!!!  How did he figure out the "weakness" he saw in you?  Sorry, but it's hard for me to imagine you having a weakness, man.

Have a good day!
Clue 13: MORE requests for info about [Celeb Pastor] lying.
Clue 14: "...wasn't just someone trying to participate in class." - projection.
Clue 15: "YOU were the teacher..." - again, he was the only one ever to make an issue of me being the teacher. ow much more obvious could he be???
Clue 16: "... hard for me to imagine you having a weakness, man..." - Trying really hard to dig deeper into the weakness. I did not humor him.

Next email:

Ok, just from the Grouchy post it seemed like you were saying he specifically figured out some weakness but you meant in general he noticed you were down?

Anyway, have a good one.

Clue 17: Again, trying to dig out the weakness. Something to hold on to. Something to attack with. Only person to ask so much on that.