Friday, November 30, 2012


I can understand bad luck.
I can understand poor driving skills.
I can understand a momentary lapse in judgment.
I can even understand really bad circumstances.

But some things take the cake.

When working in the car rental field, I played witness to a person being at fault in no less than three collisions within a week's time frame. We got a call from her on a Monday morning - she was taking her car to the repair shop and needed a rental. She had been involved in a collision over the weekend.

I rented her a car.

Friday, she returned the rental and I returned her to the repair shop to pick up her newly repaired vehicle. Moments later, I get a call from the repair shop asking me to come pick her up again. I asked if her car repairs had been incomplete (a rare occurrence, but it was possible, and I'd seen it happen before). They said no, she had wrecked her car on the way home from the repair shop.

I picked her up again, and rented her another car...

And watched as she pulled out into traffic, wrecking the rental car.


I declined renting her another car at that point. We called her husband to pick her up.


Ammo Test

I went to the range over the Thanksgiving Holiday. While there, I conducted an ammo test. The point of the test was to determine the different points of impact of different ammo choices.

For this test, I used my M16A4 clone with a stainless steel heavy barrel. The quad rail is free floated. I used a bipod to steady the rifle, and fired all rounds from 100 yards. An ACOG - TA31F was the optic of choice. The POA was the center of the center circle for all rounds.

Federal American Eagle 55-gr
The circles marked "1" were Wal Mart Federal American Eagle 55-grain. This is cheap ammo, but as you can see, it groups well. I'd say it is sub - 2 MOA ammo. 

The circles marked "2" were PMC X-Tac 62 grain penetrator. This 62 grain ammo has an unusually high ballistic coefficient, which would make it great for long range (especially at the then-price of $7 per box!). However, as you can see, the ammo just is not as consistent. I was surprised by this 3.5 MOA group. That's why I never stocked up a lot of it.

However, the point of this test is not to measure the accuracy of the ammo, but to measure how far off the point of impact would be from ammo type to ammo type. Safe to conclude that I'd need to adjust the point of impact down 2" and to the right an inch compared to the FAE.

Hornady Steel Match
Shots labeled "3" were Hornady Steel Match 75-grain ammo. After firing the first two, and noting they were 4" high, I intentionally held my point of aim at the bottom of the circle. Again, the shot was 4" high.

On my ACOG, I later zeroed with the Hornady, and it needed 4 clicks to be zeroed.  So much for the ACOG having 1/3 MOA adjustments! No bother, though. I love the ACOG, and I know it is a combat style optic, not a precision optic. That said, it is not bad in the precision department.

PPU 75-grain Match
For my fourth and final test, and marked "4" on this sheet, I fired PPU 75-grain match ammo. My rifle loves this ammo (though I am confident now that the Hornady is just as accurate). I showed off a bit; point of aim for the first shot was dead middle. POA for the second shot was one square to the left. POA for the third shot was a square low.

This ammo is easily sub-MOA. It also has the exact same point of impact as the Federal American Eagle.

Lessons Learned:
1. I didn't expect a steel case load to perform that well. Hornady is definitely the torch-bearer of commercially manufactured match grade ammo. There's not a thing wrong with their steel cased ammo. I've seen other reports suggesting it is easily as accurate as their brass cased ammo.

2. PPU match ammo is just as good as the Hornady. They cost about the same. However, the PPU is loaded about 150 fps slower, so it does not match my ACOG's ballistic reticle at longer ranges. Never mind that, if I have to take a longer shot with an ACOG, I'll just use the Hornady Steel and give it 4 clicks of elevation correction.

3. I wish there was a 62-grain ammo with a .304 ballistic coefficient that was under 2 MOA.

4. Federal American Eagle will surprise you. I heard a while back that they use boat tail bullets, which is likely the case, given the accuracy I see in them.


Thursday, November 29, 2012


Not a repo story, but from my car rental days. Customer had an odd expectation. It turned into a funny conversation.

Situation: There had been an ice storm. Many people had damaged cars. Rental cars were in short supply as they were almost all rented.

Note: Some insurance companies reimburse more than others for a rental car. You want as much of a daily allowance as possible, and you want there to be at least 20 days, if not 30, of consecutive reimbursable days.

A gentleman walked in to the facility and announced he needed to rent a car. Sure enough, we had received computer confirmation moments prior that his insurance company would offer to pay $25 per day towards a rental car.

At that moment in time, we had a Ford Explorer, and a Dodge Grand Caravan. Both vehicles, as negotiated by his insurance company, could be rented for $39.99 per day (plus applicable taxes, of course!). This was a good bargain - at the time, the retail price for either would have been $89.99 per day!

The renter seemed dismayed at this news as he chewed over in his head the thought of paying $20 per day out of pocket for the rental vehicle ($19.49 per day to be exact). He thought things over for a moment with a twisted scowl. Then a thought went across his face!

Renter: "But hey, my insurance company just made a reservation for me for a $25/day car!"

Nice try!

Me: "Sorry - they did not make a reservation. A reservation entails a specific class of car at a specific price on a specific day and time. Your insurance company simply sent notification that if you rented a car, they would pay up to $25 per day towards that rental."

Renter: "So what did they send you?"

Me: "Basically a voucher for up to $25 per day."

Renter chews this over for a moment. As it turned out, at that point in time, a second renter showed up and rented the minivan. This is important in a moment!

Renter: "So which car will you be renting me for $25 per day?"

Another nice try!

Me: "We do not currently have an available car that would rent for $25 per day or less."

Renter: "So which one are you making an over ride decision on to rent to me for $25?"

Me: "Hate to say it, but neither. Given the ice storm and all the damaged cars, there is no way I can offer five free upgrades. If you choose not to rent the car, it will be rented in a few moments at the fair market price to the next customer."

The renter chews this one over. The door dings as another potential customer walks in and takes his place in line. My renter notices this, and gets a very surprised look on his face.

Renter: "I'll take the... whichever one you have left."


A hunting we will go!

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, I took my son up to my Uncle's place and we did some squirrel hunting.

Here is the young man in question: Cael. Age 8 and ready to bag a squirrel... even if he was not so sure of what to do with it afterwards. 

Here is the tool of choice: a Charles Daly pump 20-gauge youth sized shotgun. We used #7 shot.

Walking through the woods, we found a deer stand. Cael decided to investigate:

Then he realized he could use the perch as a better way to spot some tree-rats:

 Later, we got settled in a spot I felt would be good. Here is a tiny tree that was to my left:

There was not a single squirrel in the woods to be found, so after a couple of hours, we went back to my uncle's house, and since he lives in a remote area, we took some time to make sure the Sig Mosquito works well:

Of course, we shot the shotgun, too (that boy shot a whole box of shotgun shells!) and a few others. All in all, we got no squirrels, but had a great time. Oh, did I mention that Cael got to ride my uncle's 4-wheeler? What a treat!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Full Moon Lunacy

Today is the Full Moon. Let's see what crazy stuff happens!


Modern Minuteman

When the US was founded, the concept was that there would be no standing Army, but instead, a Militia comprised of able-bodied men ready to defend their collective freedom.

Of course, at the time, one of the ideas was that of being a "Minuteman" - to be ready at a minute's notice to go fight. Such a member of an unorganized militia might have had a couple dozen rounds of ammo, powder for same, a rile and some basic tools to bring all stored in one location and easily transported.

Part of what the Constitution mentions with the phrase "well-organized militia" is that each man should know how to follow the orders "make ready, take aim, fire." Back in those days, a certain level of marksmanship was expected - particularly if you had to hunt for food! 

If someone were to take that idea, and expand it to being thusly prepared in the 21st Century, here is a list of tools that would be absolute requirements, at a minimum:

- Rifle (preferably an AR15)
- Ammo (7 mags would be a good start)
- Pocket knife
- Multi-tool
- Flashlight

Of course, depending on what one needed to do, there might be more items that would be necessary or really helpful. Some people put these in "bug out bags." Not a bad idea at all.

Also, please note that there are many acceptable variations of each tool. Just because I suggest one in particular does not mean that I do not value other iterations within their own scope of use. For example - instead of an AR15 (the rifle, ammo, mags, and a bandolier for same might run over $1000 in price), one could use an SKS (total cost would be closer to $500 for same setup) or even an old Mosin-Nagant (total cost might be under $200). As with any tool issue, the question is what can you afford, and what does the extra cost buy you?

A modern minuteman would want to invest some time in basic skills. At a minimum, he would want to be able to hit a 20" x 20" target at 100 yards with all 10 shots using only iron sights. This could be done from any position the minuteman so chooses. If he wants to do so with a bipod, that's fine, but the minuteman must be prepared to bring these items into battle if the need should ever arise (God forbid!). If a minuteman wants to use a scope, that's fine, but a very minimal amount of training is needed to make iron sight hits at 100 yards, so that's my suggestion.

What do you think?


Funny follow up

Recently, I wrote about being "on paper" with a 300-yard zero using an AR15. I was at the range over the Thanksgiving Holiday, and made an impromptu follow up.

Target is a half-sized (10" wide) silhouette and was shot at 100 yards from the standing (offhand) position. Rifle is my main rifle - M16A4 clone with Stainless Steel heavy barrel and using an ACOG - TA31F. Ammunition was Federal American Eagle from Wal Mart. None of the materials, targets, or ammo was purchased on Black Friday.

I was aiming at the "8."

First group of 3 was shot using the tip of the chevron, where this rifle is sighted in at.

Second group was using the 25-yard zero point on the ACOG reticle - where the post turns from red to black. As you can see, this group strikes 3" - 4" high.


While I was at the range, a young man and his father came to shoot at the table next to the one I was using. The young man was named Reagan. He seemed most interested in the AR15 rifle. I put the bipod on the rifle, and at his father's request, I coached him through his first two shots ever on a centerfire rifle!

As you can see, he shot very close to my previous shot (taped over). His point of aim was at the top of the blue cross. Not bad for age 8 and never having shot a "big boy" rifle.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So Which Way Is It?

The White House warned that if the Bush Tax Cuts are not extended, it will hurt the economy.
Yet liberals have been screaming for 10 years how much we need to let expire the "Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy."


Funny conversation

This conversation took place between myself and a gun store moron (GSM) - who happened to be a manager at a store I recently visited.

Me: "Do you have any Hornady .223 Steel Match, 75-grain?"

GSM: "Nope. You know that stuff is just repackaged Tula."


Author's mental note at that moment in time:


I mean, just... WOW.


Me: "Really? They do not chrono the same."

GSM: "Hornady could be shipping them the powder."


Yes - he just dug even deeper. 



Monday, November 26, 2012

Good Move

The Tennessee Vols recently fired football coach Derek Dooley. I like this move on the front that Dooley was never going to consistently lead the team to winning seasons, much less SEC championships.

There are some who said that Dooley should be given more of a chance. I'd offer this rebuttal: when you get to a point that any coach would do better, then the writing is on the wall. Sure, Dooley was the right choice when Kiffin left the program in shambles, most notably NCAA violations. But to be fair, those violations were petty at best. Media exaggeration at best.

The interim coach for the Vols season finale was offensive coordinator Jim Chaney. Say what you will about the Vols this year, the problem was not their offense. As it turns out, Chaney led the team to a 37-17 win against Kentucky.

Is Kentucky the best team to beat? Nope. They had not won an SEC game this year.
That said, the Kentucky win was the Vols first SEC win this year.
In other words, this was a game to decide the basement of the SEC East.


Zero on an AR15

I have recommended a 300 meter zero like the USMC teaches. But a reader asked me - how do you zero for 300m if you only have a 100-yard range?


Note: All measurements have been verified using a ballistic calculator.
For M855 or similar:
- the ballistic coefficient is .304
- the velocity from a 20" barrel is 3100 fps (subtract 50 fps for each inch shorter the barrel)
- bullet weight is 62 grains

For M193 or similar:
- the ballistic coefficient is .243
- the velocity from a 20" barrel is 3200 fps (subtract 50 fps for each inch shorter)
- bullet weight is 55 grains

Using RIBZ
Know and understand that I believe in having a Revised, Improved Battlesight Zero (RIBZ) on all AR15 iron sights. If your iron sights can be adjusted like that with either a 6/3 or 8/3 dial, then simply set it to the 100-yard setting and zero as normal. After the rifle is zeroed, then set it to 8/3 and forget it.

No elevation
However, not all rear iron sights have an elevation dial. If your rear sight is fixed with regards to elevation, then here is an easy way to obtain a 300m zero (or really darn close).
This is common for most flip-up iron sights such as Magpul, Troy, or similar. 

1. Sight in at 25 yards to be on the button.
2. Move your target to 100 yards and fine-tune the zero such that your bullet impacts about 3.25 inches high from your exact point of aim.
(Alternately, sight in on the button at 100 yards, then rotate the front sight post "up" 3 clicks)

No elevation II
A 300m zero is fine for practical purposes, but it is not the most popular zero with flip up irons. The most popular zero is a 200m zero (which, incidentally, is really close to being dead on at 50 yards, too). I am not at all against this zero - it work very well.

1. Sight in at 25 yards to be on the button.
2. Move your target to 100 yards and fine tune such that the point of impact is 1 inch high.
3. Remember that at 300 yards, you will need to hold over about 7 inches (one dot over on most red-dot optics).

Other elevation settings
Suppose you have a MATECH or Knight's adjustable elevation backup iron sight. Both sights have settings from 200 yards to 600 yards.

1. Sight in at 25 yards on the 300m setting to be on the button.
2. Move your target to 100 yards and fine tune the zero such that the bullet impacts 1 inch high when set on the 200m setting (or 3.25 inches high on the 300m setting).
3. Set the sight to either 200 or 300 and forget it.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Lol. True

Rebel against the norm

I will not go shopping today. Only in America can you have a "holiday" the point of which is to shop for things the very day after a real Holiday the point of which is to be thankful.

I am probably going shooting today. Seems to be a good way to buck the norm.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

That is all.

Now stop reading the blog and go spend time with your family... or computer... or whatever.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Constitution and Congress

Congressman Nancy Pelosi forgot recently what part of the Constitution gives Congress authority to borrow money on behalf of the United States. 

It is the 14th Amendment, Congressman Pelosi.



Hey riflemen!



There is a group out there claiming to teach you how to be a rifleman. They claim they can teach you to: "take a rack grade rifle and surplus ammunition and consistently hit silhouette targets out to 500 yards from the prone position using iron sights and no rests or sandbags." I'm here telling you that may be the intent, but so many of those "riflemen" just ain't so.

So many people that get the "rifleman" designation from that outfit do so with highly tuned rifles, match grade ammo, scopes, and slings.

All of those devices are crutches!

I went shooting the other day - I do that a fair amount. An M16A2 clone, personally assembled for under $600, was the tool of choice. Shots were taken from improvised sitting position.  

First, the rifle was tested out at 25 yards. 
Sight setting: 8/3
5-shot group

Sight setting: 8/3 + 2
10-shot group

An Army Alt-C course of fire (40/40):

And here is a man-sized silhouette, shot at 400-yards:

Equipment and Statistics:
A2 fixed carry-handle sights.
Del Ton 1:9 twist 20" barrel. Government profile. 
Federal American Eagle 55-grain .223 ammo ($6.99 from Wal Mart for 20 rounds).
Improvised sitting position.

What was NOT used:
Match grade ammo.
Prone position.
Match grade barrel.
Match grade trigger.

What I am not saying:
I am not saying that match grade ammo and barrels are not useful - they certainly are!
I am not being derogatory toward a prone position or use of the sling - those things are fine within their proper context.
I am certainly not advocating against a match grade trigger. In fact, as soon as I have funds, a RRA national match trigger is going in that M16A2 clone!

What I am saying:
Don't go around thinking you have some sort of Jedi Black Belt once you get a patch that says you played a game well.
Do go out there, and take those shooting skills to the next level. Challenge yourself!
Don't just shoot at 25 yards.
Don't just shoot at 100 yards, though that is much better.
Work most on your standing position. It is most likely to be used.
Work next most on your sitting position, it is second most practical.
Learn how to steady the rifle when braced on something for support. 

Rely on skill - not equipment. 
When you have skill, then add equipment, things really go in your favor.

To put it another way:
To shoot a 1.5" target at 25 meters with a highly tuned .22 and a scope from the prone with a sling is one thing. To shoot an actual silhouette at 300+ yards without a sling while using iron sights on a centerfire rifle in a modern military caliber and configuration is quite a different thing, altogether. 


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Famous guns

Well, Ok, famous people who like guns.

Some surprises. Some... not so much.


Legislating Morality III

The final part of the blame for the Obama win.

This part of the blame rests squarely on the shoulders of Christians who refused to vote their values. This site has a great overview of politics with respect to the Bible, and specifically avoids connecting either party to the Bible, as the Bible is silent on the core political ideal of socialism vs. capitalism. (Do be careful - other parts of that site do espouse the heresy of predestination, and it similarly tries verbal gymnastics to avoid confronting the topic head on).

Nevertheless, one thing is clear: I cannot imagine for a moment that God condones abortion. Now, maybe I am wrong. I certainly do not presume to speak where God was silent. I certainly do not presume to put words in God's mouth. But one party is clearly in favor of abortion. And until we are all in Heaven and God tells us clearly His stance, I cannot agree with anyone who says God would be fine with abortion - it is contrary to everything that is in the Bible.

Yet so many Christians voted pro-choice. See, Obama is clearly pro-choice, and Romney was, too. That is not voting your values. Or maybe these people really do not believe the Bible?

Here's my allegation - if you are Christian and voted for Obama or Romney, then at least one of the following is true for you:
- You aren't really Christian.
- You don't really believe all of the Bible.
- You do not vote your morals.
- You have no morals.
- You are perfectly fine with compromising your morals.
- You are living in sin (fear).

I cannot help you if you fell into one of the top four categories. Those mean you have some serious integrity issues, or might have a mental disorder, or you really need to get to know God better.

However, I can address the final two.

Living in fear is sin. It is sin because fear is failing to trust God. If you voted for someone because he was the lesser of two evils, you voted for your own sin - your fear of one candidate over another.

Romans 12:2
Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God.

II Timothy 1:7
For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love, and sound judgment.

So why, fellow Christians, did you give in to your fear?
So why, fellow Christians, did you compromise your values?


Monday, November 19, 2012

NAGA Wrap Up - Nov. 2012

This past weekend, I had two students compete at NAGA in Nashville.
Here is a photo of us, before the festivities, sporting our Fight-2-Night shirts.
If you like this blog, you will also like the blog of the owner of Fight-2-Night. The blog is called "Rican to the Right."


Back row, Right to Left -
Me, Xerxes, Alex, Richard

Front row, Right to Left -
Michael, Sarah, Deborah, Lee, Jennifer

Results -  Click here to see the official results from NAGA.

Alex is 26 and competed only in the nogi beginner division at welterweight (160 - 169 lbs.). This division happened to be the largest at the entire event. Alex lost his first and only match. It was very close, but his opponent was better. His opponent happened to win the entire division, submitting everyone in the process. Alex had a near-finish with a guillotine choke at one point.

Sarah is also 26 and competed in the beginner women's division lightweight (120 - 134 pounds). She won Gold in the nogi division. She won silver in the gi division - submitting opponents with armbars and triangles until losing via a cross choke to the gold medalist (whom she beat in nogi).

Both did well and I am proud of them both.

Legislating Morality II

As a continuation, but this idea stands on its own, as well.

What went wrong? Why did Obama get re-elected? What did Romney do wrong? What could we have done to prevent this? Who is at fault?

There is evidence now that Romney won over more independents and much more of the moderate vote. However, in the same breath, over 3 million conservative Christian voters stayed home. Considering Romney's loss came down to much less that a million votes in key precincts, it is clear that running to the middle and being moderate did not help elect Romney.

Romney also got fewer conservative votes than Bush did in 2004.
Romney also got fewer Mormon votes (generally very conservative) than Bush.

What went wrong?

Conservatives went wrong. 

A conservative candidate did not win the nomination. Romney won. If I had a penny for every time I heard or read the phrase "I may not agree totally with Romney, but..." - I'd have made enough money to actually pay for Obamacare.

Now, I am not crazy enough to think that you must agree 100% with a candidate to vote for them. That's just not feasible. However, you should have at least 50% in common with the candidate... if not 75%. Romney's consistent stances that agree with conservatism are about as numerous as Obama's. That is why a vote for Romney was a vote for Obama.

Also, we faced the fact that Obama is quite possibly the worst president in American history. If we had run a real moderate - like Lamar Alexander, for example - it would have been a landslide for the Republican.

Romney never was a moderate, even. He is a hardcore liberal.

I can hear your responses:
"But... but... Romney is in favor of business!"

The hell you say!

Obama is in favor of business, too. The two men simply disagree on which businesses will get the government favors and which will get the shaft.

No - this loss goes square on the shoulders of conservatives. Specifically those who compromised their values and voted for Romney anyways. There were other candidates who espouse conservatism - namely Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode. Of those, Johnson was on the ballot in all 50 states. Why not vote for them? If conservatives had decided to vote their conscience - to vote their VALUES, then Johnson would have won with 300+ electoral votes, and Romney and Obama would have split the vote.

I, therefore issue this challenge:

If you are really conservative, 
then DO NOT compromise your values. 
Vote your values!


Sunday, November 18, 2012


"Everyone claims support for freedom. Too often, it is for one's own freedom, and not for others. Too many believe there must be limits on freedom."

- Ron Paul

From Ron Paul's last speech on the floor of Congress. Link to the speech, which starts at 2:08:45.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

On Tyranny

"Saying we have a little tyranny is like saying a woman is a little pregnant.
Tyranny is tyranny."
- Ron Paul

From Ron Paul's last speech on the floor of Congress. Link to the speech, which starts at 2:08:45.


Friday, November 16, 2012

On Paper

Some time ago, I posted an article about a Range Safety Officer who thought if you zero an AR15 at 25 yards, then you won't even be on paper at 100 yards. While the story is funny, and I posted links showing why he was totally wrong, I was challenged by a reader to do a scientific experiment to prove this man right or wrong.

So I did.

On a recent range trip, I took a basic AR15 - set up as an M16A2 clone - and decided to put this whole thing to the test.

First, I made sure it was zeroed at 25 yards:

With the 8/3 setting.

Second, I took the rifle to 100 yards, and fired a three-shot group.
I clicked the rifle down to the 100-yard zero (8/3 - 3 clicks) and fired.
The top of the dark circle was my point of aim.

Considering the 100-yard distance, the iron sights, and the cheap barrel and ammo, I'd say this 2 MOA group was pretty good.

The first three shots are labeled "1."

Also please note that I needed to take about 2 clicks left windage to be square on target. Fair. Still, that's a darn close zero coming from 25 yards, directly to 100 yards.

Yes, the target was on its side. The orientation below was correct for up and down.

Third, I went back to 100 yards, and set the iron sights on 8/3. Remember, this is an M16A2 clone - meaning it has a fixed carry handle with coarse 1 MOA adjustments. You can see I still needed to take 2 clicks of left windage to be on the dot.

In case you cannot tell, the inner rings in the black are 1" wide. The 7-ring and 6-ring are 1.5" wide. Looks about 3" high to me, and certainly not off paper.

Then I got an idea!

Fourth, just to prove a point, I moved back. Way back. There was another shooter, and he actually helped me come up with the idea. At that range, one could shoot from a pretty good distance. So I did.

I gave the sights two clicks of left windage. I figured I'd need it.

I did a quick range estimation. I estimated I was shooting from 400 yards. My fellow shooter's range finder dialed 396 yards. I will not argue it. At that range, each click of the knob adjusts the sight such that the bullet impact moves 4 inches. I set my sights to 8/3 + 3 clicks up in elevation. That is the 400-yard setting. It is indicated with a "4" on the elevation dial.

I aimed at what I thought would be the middle of the paper (couldn't really see it). My fellow shooter's man-sized silhouette looked to be half the width of my front sight post. My shot was taken from a sitting position. There was no sling in use, though I had it with me, in case I felt it would be needed. I did not rest the rifle. Just an ordinary sitting position.

The shot is the one marked with an "X."

Things learned:
1. I really like the USMC 300-yard battle sight zero. With a 300-yard zero, the bullet will be within 5" of the point of aim all the way out to 350 yards. Three clicks up on a 8/3 sight, and you are on the mark at 400 yards. I know this now without a doubt!

2. I really like the RIBZ. It allows me to have a precise point of aim = point of impact at ranges less than 300 yards. Here is a short list of approximates when using a 20" barrel:
- 25 yards - use (8/3 + 2).
- 25 yards with a carbine - use (8/3) or (6/3)
- 50 yards - use (8/3 - 2) to be within a half inch.
- 100 yards - use (8/3 - 3).
- 200 yards - use (8/3 - 2).

3. You can shoot to 400 yards in mild wind with cheap 55-grain ammo and a 1:9 twist government profile barrel in a $557 AR15. A rifleman is up to the task. Are you?

4. Walking 400 yards to check a target after each shot would tire many people out quickly. (That distance is nearly 1/4 of a mile)

5. Sighting your AR in at 25 yards is not going to mean you are off paper at 100. In fact, it is an excellent starting point to obtain a 100-yard, and then a 300+ yard zero.

6. I'd still rather have a scope of some sort at that range.

7. Don't believe what you hear. Investigate and experiment. Look it up. Likely chance someone else investigated before you. At the least, you will have a good place to start.


Legislating Morality I

There has been much hand-wringing and fretting since President Obama won re-election. Now, potential voter fraud aside, let's talk about why Republicans lost.


The American public does not like those who compromise their position, as this is a clear sign of weakness. Being "for" something before you were "against" it is a terrible way to seek office. To be fair, the only issue that the President has flip-flopped on has been the one of gay marriage: which is a side issue at best in most places.

Yet, Romney had a flip-flop statement on taxes, abortion, gun rights, you name it. It seemed like almost everything. Here was the former governor of Massachusetts (a position you do not win by being conservative) all-of-a-sudden trying to appear conservative. People knew better.

People knew better, and the "lesser of two evils" crowd within the conservative movement is a dying breed, and for good reason: voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil, and that is not conservative.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Calvinist Corner - November 2012

Calvinism is not Biblical Doctrine. It's a human philosophy that appeals to proud-minded individuals.

Unconditional Election
Calvinists think that God elects (or predestines) people for salvation.  By default, if true, this would also mean that God predestines some for Hell. Of all the notions in Calvinism, this is the most asinine piece of garbage that has ever been put to paper.

Total refute: John 3:16
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life."
By the way, for the link above, I linked to the ESV. Normally, I do not use this translation, as it is not a true translation, but it is rather a translation conceived by Calvinists, for Calvinists, to push their false agenda. However, even they cannot lie enough to overturn this one verse, which just so happened to be the verse that the late Dr. Adrian Rogers used to refute predestination.

"... that whosoever believes should not perish, but have eternal life." Doesn't look to me like it is God's choice as to who gets saved: looks like He leaves the choice to us.


Eat like a man

I like this article. Follow the advice in it, and you'll be on your way to healthier eating.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cry me to the moon

I am hearing a lot of conservatives fret over the likelihood of liberal Supreme court justices being nominated by Barry Soetoro Barack Obama over the last four years of his presidency.

You should have worried about that in the primary!


So you really thought that Romney would nominate conservative folks to the Supreme court (or any Federal or other court that is appointed by the President)? Let me give you two names to Google:
Marianne C. Hinkle
Stephen Abany

While you are at it, also Google another Romney nomination: Kathe Tuttman. 

Now, here is the challenge: find for me a single conservative judge that Romney appointed as governor. Come back here when you have looked as much as you can.


OK, you're back.  

Let me guess, you did not find any conservative nominees. Let me guess - if you are hardcore Romney you are making an excuse right now that sounds kinda like this: "....but...but... Romney was governor of a liberal state! He couldn't..." Well, there, you answered your own question, didn't you?

Romney was governor of a liberal state. 

He didn't get that position by being conservative.
He sure didn't get that position by being moderate.
How did he get that position?
Oh, yeah...

Mitt Romney is liberal.

Explain to me again how Romney would have been better than Obama???
Oh, yeah, that's right... Romney is a white Mormon, and Obama is a black Muslim. Neither of those differences has a bit of anything to do with being President.


Funny disarmament

A few weeks back, I was dining at a local establishment (that does NOT prohibit concealed carry). The owner of this restaurant had asked me a month prior about concealed carry, and getting his handgun carry permit. I had given him the basics, and he had begun the process by taking the class.

Well, this day, the owner's wife was there. As he talked to me about getting the paperwork done with the state of Tennessee, his wife piped up that she did not understand why anyone would want to carry a gun.

I paused her, and pointed at my concealed carry piece. I told her kindly that she might not win me over. She responded with a good and legitimate question: "why?"

I lifted my 4-year-old daughter and stated: "she is worth protecting."

Instantly, her arguments and fervor against carry evaporated. She yielded the point that my family was certainly worth protecting. She had legitimate questions about my work to educate my children about the firearms as well as safety precautions we take.

Funny thing was within 30 minutes, she had yielded completely and stated she had changed her mind about her husband getting his carry permit.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We Need a 3rd Party

Not long after last week's election results, Herman Cain went on the record stating we need a 3rd party to rise from the ashes of the Republican party. He stated we need a conservative party - not a party that condones the likes of Mitt Romney.

I agree.

Only one note to add: we do have 3rd parties. Yes, that's plural. Personally, I line up with the Constitution Party nearly 100% and the Libertarian Party over 95%. I voted for Gary Johnson over Virgil Goode because of the character and history of those respective men. However, either would have been light-years ahead of Romney or Obama.

I really think we need about 5-7 parties... each with a base of about 10-15%. It would be a race to 30% (if not 20%) in the main elections.

Come, join us, Mr. Cain. I was in your corner until you dropped out of the fray. I'd be glad to say so again!


America's secret love affair

Guys - remember that girl you kissed in high school, but didn't tell anybody about (for whatever reason)? Girls, you remember liking a guy like that - you didn't want to tell your friends?

I think this recent election was indicative of just such a love affair. Americans love liberty, and will vote for the candidate that offers more of it.
- Three states passed laws limiting Obamacare.
- A school charter was passed in WA over the objections of teachers' unions.
- A collective bargaining measure failed in MI.
- OK banned race-based hiring practices.
- MT said no to benefits for illegal aliens.
- LA protected gun rights.
- KY protected hunting rights.
- WA also voted to limit their state government's ability to raise taxes.
- WA & CO legalize recreational marijuana.
- ME & MD legalize same-sex marriage.

I think America has a real crush on libertarianism. 
We want our liberties back... not to be controlled by the government.

But what about Obama, you say?
That one is easy - his talking points did sound more libertarian than Romney's. Now, we all know that both of them were full of lies, but at least Obama's spoken ideals leave us with a brighter America, even if his actions won't.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Civil War II?

Seems that as many as 15 states have petitioned to withdraw peacefully from the US. As of this morning, there are also 4 more states on the list. I can totally understand why. I have only a few comments:

A) Romney would have brought about the same socialism, but without this type of drama.

B) Will it come to war, or will cooler heads prevail?


Obama brings hope

Obama - Better than Romney

I've been giving the results of last week's election some thought, and this one dawned on me. I think it is better for America that Obama won instead of Romney. Here are a few reasons:

1. Gun Rights
Everyone knows Obama would like to get our guns. But a lot of folks were pretending that Romney wouldn't. Romney even said in the debate that if bipartisan legislation came to his desk, he would sign it. Romney didn't care about our rights any more than Obama does.

(This is why I am a two-topic voter - if a politician doesn't care about infant rights or gun rights, then they will eventually not care about any rights)

With the clear threat, and a divided government, Republicans will have their arms collectively twisted into preventing any such legislation from getting through the Congress. This is not as important with the true conservatives, but it is critical with the 30% or so of the "moderate" (read: liberal) Republicans will be afraid of getting voted out, and will not touch any such legislation.

Romney, meanwhile, would have allowed such moderate (read: liberal) Republicans to let their guard down. The anti-gun legislation would have been wrapped in something else... and we would lose our freedoms.

2. Obamacare
This one is simple. Romney would never have had the votes in the Senate to overturn Obamacare, and would have used that as his excuse as to why he could not get it undone. Romney never had any intention of removing the socialized healthcare.

Same result, but all the excuses would make Romney weak when it came time for reelection in 2016.

3. Supreme Court Picks
This is another simple one. Obama will nominate flat-out liberal picks. Romney would nominate picks like George Bush the Elder did - liberal, but in "sheep's" clothing. At the end of the day, the results would be the same, but Romney would have to deal with a disenfranchised base in 2016 for it.

4. Taxes
This one is just a tad less decisive, but follow me. Like with, and because of Obamacare, Romney would not have the votes in the Senate, and would blame that for the lack of action. In the end, he might cut a small, meaningless amount. Still, the same result.

I could go on, but these are some of the main things that caused me to say that a vote for Romney was a vote for Obama. In the end, we would have had our socialism, and to the same degree.

The difference is now, we can select someone totally new in 2016 - and for that reason alone, there is hope!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Trouble hits close to home

I got word this morning that my brother in law was robbed at gunpoint and assaulted. He is a manager of a national chain restaurant location in the Chattanooga area. It is a well-known and reputable chain, and one that is not normally associated with being robbed at gunpoint.

My brother in law is OK (thought at first he might have had broken ribs from the assault).

Folks, the threat is real. This is why I am a big advocate of concealed carry (or open carry - whatever floats your boat).

This is how he failed

Friday, November 9, 2012


Directionals - aka "blinkers" here in the south - are occasionally used incorrectly. Since the sole function is to indicate to other drivers which direction the driver desires to go, how can they be used incorrectly, you ask?

Easy, when they are made to indicate a direction the driver does not really wish to go.

I'm not talking here about the little old lady who is cruising down the road with her blinker on because she simply forgot. Nope, there are some people that intentionally activate the device and have no desire to go in the direction indicated!

I've seen this phenomenon only in the western segment of Tennessee. It is infuriating. Here is the scenario:

Traffic is momentarily stopped, as a driver plans to turn left once oncoming traffic clears. Driver of car #2 does not wish to turn, but puts on the left side directional. Presumably, this is done to tell the following cars what is going to happen - though I'm not sure, since I've never gotten anybody to admit to this illegal behavior!

Here's a hint: the cars following will figure out exactly what is going on. No need to put on a blinker to indicate a turn you really do not wish to make.


Election thoughts

It is over. Romney lost and Obama won.

Wanna know a secret? I think Americans would rather vote for a wolf in wolf's clothing over a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Republicans MUST do some soul-searching. They MUST go back to their conservative roots. Liberal McCain couldn't beat Obama. Uber-Liberal Romney couldn't beat Obama.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. I dare you, GOP, get a hard-right conservative up there. At this point, you have nothing to lose. See what happens.

But wait, that wouldn't further the liberal Republican establishment's agenda.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn.
One of these things is not like the others. One of these things doesn't belong.

LinkedIn is not one that I use. One cannot "block" other users - and internet security is critical.

Even on the others... be mindful of what you put out there.


That didn't take long

Rumors that Senator Dianne Feinstein wishes to move against our 2nd Amendment Rights. She reportedly wants an even more strict ban this time, including a provision requiring currently owned "assault weapons" to be turned in.



Wednesday, November 7, 2012


President Barack Obama was reelected. In a distinct move toward socialism, the old adage came true that if a liberal Republican is pitted against a Democrat, then the Democrat wins. Republicans will be sour for a while. They will ask what went wrong, but in the end, it was the choice of the establishment, left-winger for the so-called "conservative" candidate that did them in. People read through the lies and flip-flops.

The good news is that with the makeup of the Senate and Congress, I predict deadlock for the next four years, and that is a good thing in many ways.

How did my votes go?
I voted for -

Gary Johnson for President. He came in 3rd in TN with just under 1% of the vote. Mitt Romney carried 60% of the vote, more or less.

Mark Clayton for Senate. He lost to incumbent Bob Corker. Corker earned about 60% of the vote, as well.

Diane Black for US Congress. Black won the night going away with over 75% of the vote.

Susan Lynn for State Representative. Lynn won with 100% of the vote as she was unopposed.

Ed Hagerty for mayor of Mt. Juliet. Hagerty won the night as well, carrying over 55% of the vote.

For the City Charter (providing a method to recall elected Mt. Juliet officials). The charter passed with a vote of nearly 85%.

For the city liquor referendum. The referendum passed with over 70% of the vote.

5 - for - 7 this time.


She knows

"That's it! I never want to go to [Usagi's] house again! Junior just acts wild, and horrible, and they are going to think I am a terrible mother... even though it is all Junior's fault!"

Said SILie... every time they would leave after a visit to my house.

Interestingly enough, when she is not around, Junior acts perfectly fine around here. And has every time since SILie got her wild hair...


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Final Prediction

Today is election day. My final prediction is a Romney win. I predict he will get 53-54% of the popular vote and about 300-320 electoral votes.

This is not indicative about excitement for Romney as much as it is a statement of how much people do not like the policies of Obama, and simply HOPE Romney will be slightly different. If Romney does wind up governing differently, it will be a big shock to me.



Rarely do I discuss my preparation, but given that today is election day, and given what I think is the likely outcome, it doesn't hurt to be ready.

I have communicated via Twitter and text with Right Minded, who agrees with me in the prediction that tonight, Mitt Romney will be elected President. We both figure he will receive 52-54% of the popular vote, and in excess of 300 Electoral votes... likely more than 320 Electoral votes.

I've also said before that it is my opinion that black people who voted for Obama because he is black, had a lot riding on Obama's success in office. they felt he HAD to succeed, so that it would pave the way for more blacks to be able to win high offices moving forwards. To be completely fair, the only people I know who would be that racist are blacks who voted for Obama because he is black, and whites who voted for Obama out of some sick feeling of sorrow that a black man had never been President.

Since Obama's presidency was rife with failure, the wish of so many people that Obama had to succeed never came true. When this hits home with the election results tonight, it is quite possible that riots may be the result. Count on the leftist media to spur things along with their slant on "reporting."

If riots happen, it is clear who will be targeted. Sadly, I fit that description. Nevertheless, I shall be prepared to defend myself and family if needed, and I will be offering up many prayers that these events will not come to pass.

AR15 - 20" barrel & ACOG.
210 rounds in pre-loaded mags in a bandolier, plus another 240 rounds in other loaded mags nearby.

GLOCK 19 - 9mm
60 rounds in pre-loaded mags.

Those will be on me or near me.
Every other piece I own will be loaded and ready.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Great quote

"It doesn't matter to me if it's Obama or Romney. Obama has done a bad job and Romney will do a bad job."

- Virgil Goode

Link to quote.


Predestination is Wrong 7


God most certainly predestinates events and certainly did predestine to send His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for the World, so that the World, through Him, might be saved. However, God most certainly does not predestinate whom shall be saved. The notion that God determines whom shall be saved is called "unconditional election," and is a false doctrine. Those who would teach it are, by definition, false prophets. To teach false doctrine is, by definition, heresy.

The main, root problem:
The root of the problem with Calvinistic thinking - specifically with the notion that God predetermines who goes to Heaven (and by default, whom goes to Hell) - is pride. These people feel a need to be better than other people in some way and have found no other way to be better. It is a warped way of thinking and it is founded in pride.

In this series, I shall disprove the notion of the predestination of whom shall be saved.

God Caused Sin:
If God predestined those who would be saved (and, consequently, those whom He would not save), that takes away free will. This also directly implies that God predetermined and caused man to sin and fall, Satan to sin and fall, and therefore, caused all evil Himself.

This is clearly not scriptural, but it is the logical conclusion of predestination. He would have had to create man specifically to sin, and that is not scriptural. But predestination cannot be explained without this concept.

7/8 - Written 4/2012

I've got a bad feeling about this

Really, though, I don't. That's just a line from each of the Star Wars movies. Last week, it was announced that George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, had sold Lucasfilm to Disney (for $4B), and Disney plans to release Star Wars, Episode VII in 2015.

Link to story.

I am looking forward to this. Unlike most "diehard" Star Wars fans, I really enjoyed every movie in the series.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Best Kata Ever

Found this Youtube video of the "Best Kata Ever." I tend to agree, it is pretty cool!


Support him, but hate his policies?

Do this:

- Go to Google
- Type "Obama supporters hate obama policies"
- One of the first entries I get is the following Youtube video:

Click here for link. Watch it.

BTW - Romney does, in fact, support these things, too.
Again, and this is directed at those of you who are voting for Obama because you do not like Romney's policies, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN OBAMA AND ROMNEY.



Thursday, November 1, 2012

The real meaning

From a friend (found this quote on Facebook):

We must be careful, Jesus came at a time when the Religious Leaders thought that they were on there way to Heaven, and Jesus was like "no, you're not."
And the very people that the Religious Leaders thought would never go to Heaven, Jesus was like "yeah, they are." 

I wonder what Jesus would say to are Religious Leaders of today??? 
Knowing the Bible or knowing who Jesus is, is not good enough. 

Most of the Religious Leaders of today are the same as the ones in Jesus' time, telling people to live up to a Law that they themselves can't keep, telling them to put on a yoke of bondage that not even they can carry [themselves]. People are not running from God they're running from us [Christians], it is not God they don't believe in, it's me.
 - Jeff R.


All those undecided voters out there. Some say if they are still undecided, then they are not awake. While that may be true of some, I disagree with this blanket statement.

Romney and Obama are virtually identical on their political positions, and both are master liars, and both are masters of spinning their position, and both are masters of changing their position to go with what they think will be the political wind.

Most of the undecided voters know this. They aren't stupid. They are trying to find a reason to vote for one or another.

folks, there are other choices. Join me, and elect a real option, not more of the same!