Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Unfair Withholding

Was eating supper some time back. The restaurant had few patrons, and at the moment, the servers were rolling silverware into the napkins. They were chatting amongst themselves, and I got to overhear this gem...

One server, a bit older than the others (early to mid 30's?), was detailing how her ex-husband wanted to see their daughter. The server exclaimed that she would be happy to allow the visitation, the moment he caught up on his 11 years of back child support.

One problem - no state allows a parent to withhold visitation on the basis of unpaid child support. What she was doing was illegal.

In another place, in another time, I'd have said she was moderately attractive... particularly given her age. And that might be a contributing factor as to why she can hold such anti-social (read: illegal) views and still be considered by the opposite sex. Sure as hell isn't because she has anything of value to offer in a relationship.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Butt Love

Or was it???

A "woman" recently carried a mattress across the stage during her graduation from college. She did so in protest of her university's alleged apathy toward punishing her alleged rapist.

Only, the DA said there was no evidence of rape. Oh, and she sent him flirty and loving texts and Facebook messages for week / months after the alleged incident.

But she persisted in her weird Social Justice Warrior (SJW) ways, and continues to claim rape to this day... even though she didn't even try to file the charges against the man for seven months! And her "cause" seems unwarranted because those who side with her don't even have the common decency] to clean up after themselves.

In fact, the university has been sued for defamation by the man who was seemingly wrongly accused of the rape.

And, if you needed even more proof that the rape was no rape, President Obama invited the woman to the State of the Union address. You know, given the President's history on taking sides like this, had I been the young woman in question, I'd have gone into permanent hiding the moment I found out he took my side.

The sex was consensual.
She got mad because he bragged about it. Or maybe because he found another flame.
She and her bitchy advisers got together and hatched a scheme to "get him back."
Anybody who marries this girl is asking for a one-way trip to an incredibly hot locale.


Still Can't Shoot Straight

Got to the shooting range recently. While there, I was able to conduct an accuracy test (technically precision) of some ammo. The ammo tested was Federal American Eagle 50-gr. varmint tipped .223.
I fired a pair of 5-shot groups, aiming at the "8" and the "9" on the green and white target. As you can see, less than a 2-inch spread and almost exactly on target. Not bad for ammo that only costs around $0.50 per round (the box of 20 rounds sold for $10.99).
Next, I fired a 10-round group at the black and orange target. This time I was using my gun's favorite ammo - Federal Premium 69-gr. SMK. Less than a 1-inch group, as expected.
The rifle used was my SPR.
All shots pictured were fired at a range of 100 yards. 
After that, I ran some "El Diablo" drills (dropping 1 point using the red dot and dropping 2 points using a Primary Arms 1-6x variable power scope) and some handgun drills.
Other notes:
- My selection of a Smith & Wesson M&P as a combat handgun was confirmed. I ran drills with it and with my 1911.  The M&P was superior in every category except trigger pull. I might move up to an M&P in .45 ACP. 
- A red dot is still the fastest optic for close range work.  It would be my go-to optic for a potential SHTF situation. Have no fear, I'd still carry an ACOG or scope (with a BDC) in my bag... just in case I needed to "reach out and touch someone." 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Knock It Off!

A friend posted this article on Facebook recently. The article details one woman's realization that she had been "accidentally" verbally abusing her husband for years. It piqued my interest because I wanted to see what this "verbal abuse" was, in fact.

To be sure, there was verbal abuse by the woman, based on what she claims. And no, her husband didn't "deserve" any of it... hence the reason I agree it is abuse.

My biggest thought was this: what kind of MAN would actually take that sort of abuse? In the "Red-Pill" world, these are known as shit-tests. In my parlance, it is just simply anti-social. Any woman or man who tried that sort of stuff with me would be told promptly to knock it off.

Where have the men gone these days?


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

On Anarchy

Seen on social media -

If anarchy doesn't work, then how on Earth does a movie theater clear out in 5 minutes without incident when it took 30 minutes to fill up?

Clearly this numbskull has no idea what Anarchy is. They certainly cannot recognize when there are rules in place - societal or otherwise. Lame example is lame.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

False Accusations

From a reader -
Do you ever have gammas or hamsters accuse you of s*** you didn't do? How do you stop it?

All the time. That's what they do - accuse people who aren't guilty. They do this because they cannot attack you with legitimate accusations. 

Some do it by way of projection, and others by way of lashing out against perceived authority. How you handle it depends on circumstance.

If the accusations happen in front of nobody, or a small group of people who know better, simply do not acknowledge.
If the accusation happens in front of many people, in front of people who don't know better, or in a social media outlet; then follow this format:

- BRIEF one or two sentence response that touches on the incredulous nature of the accusation and how rediculous such a  charge would be.

- IF the challenge persists, and only if further argument is needed or cannot be avoided, then restate facts and turn the burden of proof back to the accusing party. Agreeing and amplifying can be very powerful here.

Don't get too wordy (people tune out), and don't persist in the argument. Give a final statement of fact, and leave the accuser dangling with the burden of proof. Then give it no more time of day. The only reason people would think you would continue to harp on it is if you felt you were guilty.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Man of His Word

You can tell a man by his actions.

Some of those actions will be viewed as brave. None of those actions will be viewed as cowardly by those who aren't being intellectually dishonest with themselves.
Some of those actions will be viewed as being bold. These same actions will often be the source of ridicule from the gammas and hamsters of the world.

Here are a couple of actions that fall into both categories I just described. These are actions that every man should take:

1. Hold every man (and woman) to his (her) word.
If they said it, it is reasonable to expect it. This goes for the printed word, as well.

1. Be a man of your word.
If you say it, then mean it. Naturally, this bears the responsibility of being mindful of what you say and how you say it.

In essence, allow your words to be your actions and expect that of others.

To be fair, doing these two things has been the "source" of strife for the author with the gammas and hamsters of the world:
People who want words to mean different things than they actually mean.
People who don't want to accept reality for whatever reason.
People who derive pleasure from the pain of others.
People who have anti-social tendencies.
People who lose at the social game.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Drama Free

As a rule, I live a very drama free life. This is by choice. As a man, I do not strive to create drama where none exists. And my friends point out that in groups, I tend to quell drama when it springs forth.

Based on statements made on this blog over the past few months, I've become a bit reflective on drama in my life. It was discovered that 90% of the drama in my life in the last 15 years has originated online. And 90% of that drama came from the same limited number of sources.

Gamma males.

In every instance, the drama has originated with a female or a gamma male. Females are to be expected: part of their internally programmed desires to shit-test have centered around creating drama where none exists. Handling this drama is easy, and I've done a good job of it.

Gamma male drama is where I've failed. It was my objective to give men the respect due a man. That is a mistake when dealing with a gamma. Henceforth, I shall treat the gamma male as I would a female, as that is the most effective and most warranted protocol.

I've blocked or unfriended known gamma males from Facebook, just as I've deleted gamma male comments from this blog. If one of these people comes to me in the future, they will be dealt with cautiously, and must prove to me that they've mastered their estrogen levels before I allow them a spot in my life.

Disgusting creatures.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Trust Earned

In this picture, gleaned from Facebook, are just a few things I trust more than Hillary Clinton.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Truth Hurts

From time to time I'll have a reader comment that I jump to conclusions without "getting all the facts." In my livelihood, being able to draw quick, accurate conclusions is of the utmost importance. These quick, accurate decisions are based on small amounts of evidence leading to a "gut instinct" extrapolation.

Often later, the additional evidence comes. Almost without fail, the additional evidence supports my natural instinct. It is my observation that the people jumping my case about these observations do so, because of a certain amount of pain.

Truth hurts.

Truth hurst some more than others. Specifically, the truth hurts those who sit on thrones of lies.

Like gamma males.

Take, for example, a person using a foreign word as an insult. If you have two English speakers, and one insults the other using a Spanish word, that is clear evidence of gamma behavior (passive-aggressiveness). Misspelling the word simply adds more proof.

Seeing said person's Facebook profile picture with him sporting a fedora confirms the observation.

And of course, such a gamma would never insult someone he had met in person... only an online acquaintance.

It's all about passive-aggressiveness with a gamma.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Prank or Just Plain Dumb?

When I was a kid, I might have been guilty of a prank call or two. Well, I've wondered for years when prank text messages would start. Seems now is that time.

Either that, or someone is really stupid.

This picture is a screen shot from a FB friend. My friend was texted by an unknown number... and had this "conversation."

Friday, May 8, 2015

Names are Important

Saw this sign a few weeks ago at a hotel in Arkansas. They had named all of their luggage buggies. I thought it was funny.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


This conversation happened when I was a kid. My brother was about 8 or 9 at the time.

Brother: "Mom, is it normal for a belly-button to smell like a butt?"

Moms: "It's NOT normal to be sniffing either!"


Monday, May 4, 2015

Explain it to Them

This does not make sense:

The people who denounce Islamo-fascism and proclaim their love of liberty instead...

Are the same people who don't think we live in a police state and also think the police don't do hardly any wrong.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ban Him!

Observed on Facebook: a meme stating a person on welfare benefits caught looting or rioting should be barred from ever again receiving welfare benefits.

I agree.

Likewise, I think police officers caught harming people who posed no threat should not only face the same legal ramifications as the citizenry, but also be barred from law enforcement for life.

And politicians caught subverting the constitution be immediately removed from office and barred from holding elected positions at any level ever again.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Lifetime Carry

Governor Haslam signed a law into effect providing for a way for Tennesseans to have a lifetime handgun carry permit.

It probably burned his butt to have to sign it after such overwhelming support in the State House and Senate. Remember: he is (or was) a MAIG member.

Yes, I'll probably invest in one.

I Agree With Michael Moore?!?

Michael Moore suggested we disarm police. With a caveat, I agree with that statement.

If we continue in the mindset of shiny badges granting extra rights, then we need to disarm those who wear the shiny badges, or else it is only a matter of time before we become a nation ruled solely by tyrants.

But, without that caveat, it would probably be a bad idea.

So what would you do?

Good question... I'm glad you asked...

Ruler For A Day
Of course, if I was ruler for a day (scary thought, huh?), I'd go about things a bit different:
* No victim = no crime
* Police would protect and serve, and could not be militarized.
* There would be no civil fines handed out by police. No quotas. (Of course, this falls under the doctrine of no victim = no crime)
* All police would have to meet minimum requirements (no maximums), including IQ, verbal and written communication skills, and with limits on personal aggressive tendencies. They would also have to be truly proficient in marksmanship, as well as real martial arts (Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing, as a minimum).
* All police would have to wear body cameras at all times. In cases of body camera "failure," the officer would have to be immediately suspended and presumed guilty of wrongdoing unless or until there was unaltered video evidence to the contrary.
* All officers would have to carry a professional liability insurance (like E&O insurance or Malpractice Insurance in other fields). An uninsurable person cannot be an officer.
* No paid leave during investigations.
* All laws apply equally to citizens and police officers.
* Any officer found guilty of breaking the law on duty gets blacklisted from employment in law enforcement anywhere. Since we are operating under the rule of "no victim = no crime," the blacklisting is permanent.

There's a lot more I could add, but this gets to the core of the matter. What do you think?