Monday, December 26, 2016

On WROL Situations

A reader found this gem from just before the election:
"The 3 percenters are going to declare it a Without Rule Of Law situation and riot if Trump loses."

Clearly, this one has no clue. No clue about 3 percenters. No clue what the definition of WROL happens to be. And no clue about the direction the election was headed.

For those who are unaware, WROL means Without Rule Of Law. An example of WROL might be a time where the fabric of society has either temporarily or permanently broken down. Another term is SHTF -  Shit Hits The Fan. In either event, there would be, by definition, a situation of short term or sustained emergency.

No person or group can "declare" a WROL situation. This cupcake must have been confused with how governors declare a "state of emergency" when bad weather or circumstances hit their states. 3 percent groups do not pretend to be governors. I'm not sure who wrote this or where, but it sounds like a #cuckservative who fears riots and looting. I wonder how they feel about BLM?

A lost vote would not be a WROL situation. A stolen vote would have proven to be a lawless situation, and would be WROL by definition. But to think that a person has the ability to declare that is simple foolishness. To think Patriots wouldn't take back a stolen country is similarly foolish.

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