Friday, April 28, 2017

He Was Abusive

This thought came to me as I overheard a woman speaking about why she is divorcing her husband.  She claims he was physically abusive.  This woman has severe physical handicaps. I see their family frequently,  and she's never had injuries. If he were ever abusive towards her, she would likely die from the injuries, she is so frail.

The husband is extremely caring and patient. And he puts up with too much of her shit... which is why she now despises him. 

But as I listened to her lie to other people - she won't claim these things around those of us who know better - it dawned on me...

If you are a woman who is divorcing her husband,  and you claim physical abuse, then is he (or did he) serve time in jail for it?
If not, then you are lying. 

People who assault other people go to jail.  It is just that simple.  If you haven't called the police,  then you will understand why any rational person will not believe your fantasy tales about physical harm. And you'll get mad because they call you on your bullshit.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

False Advertising?

Seen in front of a church:

Plaque on the wall - "established 1867."
Sign out front - "come celebrate our 75th anniversary."

Folks, it's 2017.  Both of those cannot be true. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ahead of Our Time

A year ago, this blog used the word deplorable before it became popular. 

Even #fakenews admits she popularized the word on September 9, 2016.

Granted, the usage was different.  But then, this author has little in common with Hillary. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Forced Exchange

Brainwashed Socialist Teacher - "I. Hate. Capitalism."

Alt-Right Shiv - "So, you prefer money, goods, and services be exchanged via force rather than via mutual consent?"

For the unenlightened,
Capitalism is the voluntary exchange of money, goods, and/or services.
Socialism (and it's variants) are the forced exchange of money  (redistribution). And what is exchanged for that money? Goods and services. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Gender Assumption

A frustrated Progressive cunt is disappointed in the location of the meeting for her group.
FPC - While it may not personally effect [sic] us (everyone here, I believe, identifies as a hetero cis. gender), [group name redacted] members should feel welcome and we can find a better choice. 
Alt-Right Shiv - It would seem you have assumed my gender?
Minds blown. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Quality Optics

Why buy quality optics?

They hold zero.
They are very sturdy.
And sometimes, they can even survive a house fire.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Female Weight Reconnaissance

It's a well known fact (see meme above) that there is not a woman who is not at least a "4" crazy.

A leading contributor to the mental / emotional problems of many women is their weight. In this age of ever-increasing obesity, it is important to understand that there is a greater likelihood these days of mental / emotional problems for women.

Certainly, there are women who are rather slim and fit, who also have mental / emotional issues. But what these women don't have, to a large degree, are health issues. So, frankly, it's a benefit because they only have the weight obsession and not other health issues.

It is the Recce Rifleman's observation that, by and large, fit women have fewer mental / emotional issues than do fat women. This is generally true for men, as well, if to a lesser degree.  

Furthermore, it is a biological fact that obesity dramatically lowers a woman's attractiveness. A woman's single most important raison d'etre is to bear children and propagate the species; and that is directly linked to her attractiveness. In an unsurprising twist of fate, obesity also interferes with a woman's ability to procreate.

So, women, getting your size under control will increase your health, your value, and decrease your mental / emotional issues.

"Healthy at any size," isn't.  

If you are female, and your weight begins with a "2" (or "3"), then that includes you.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Belt Test

This past weekend, my dojo had a belt testing ceremony.  17 promotions were awarded. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Pros vs Amateurs

Amateurs practice until they get it right. 

Professionals practice until they cannot get it wrong. 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Bad Parents

There are memes going around that place the blame for the laziness of this generation's children on their parents. It's true. Children don't have poor behavior and poor work ethic because they are just bad people, it's because they have been trained to be that way.

Bad parents.

Understand, if you are one of these bad parents, it is not a statement about your worth as a human being. It is a statement that denotes that your parenting attempts have failed. If it was a statement of work, then the quote would be "bad people as parents."

Understand, most parents of children who are in Generation Z, are not bad people. Most parents of Generation Z simply adhere to failed parenting strategies. Strategies such as:

Being the child's best friend.
Giving in to the child after they whine for a few moments.
Doing everything for the child.
Allowing older siblings to do everything for the child.
Disallowing the child to suffer the consequences of poor decisions.
Failing to spank.
Anything "attachment parenting."
Ensuring the child thinks they are special.
Ensuring the child thinks that they deserve everything.
Not requiring the child to do work / chores / put on their own clothes / tie their own shoes /etc.
Tolerating tantrums and other bad behavior.
Making excuses for that bad behavior.
Encouraging that bad behavior.

Have you ever been upset with your child's teacher because of a grade your child received? If so, you are part of the problem.

Does your child take medication for ADD / ADHD? If so, then you are part of the problem.

Is your child still not potty trained, yet they are Age 4 or older? If so, then you are part of the problem.

Are you seeking a martial arts program for your child, age 2, 3, 4, 5 (prior to Kindergarten) for discipline? If so, you are likely part of the problem. And here's a hint from a martial arts instructor - because you will not reinforce the discipline at home, it will not work.

Has your child been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder? 90% chance you are at least part of the problem, if not the entire problem.

Just remember, children do exactly as they are expected to do.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Diversity & Proximity

Diversity + proximity = war

Civilization is defined as the stage of human social development and organization that is considered most advanced. In our Western Civilization, we treat people fairly and enjoy the benefits of our culture.

At one time in human history, the main problems faced by humans on a daily basis were 1) how to get something to eat, and 2) how not to get eaten or killed.  In modern Western Civilization,  these concerns are virtually nonexistent. Western Civilization enjoys the lack of these primal concerns predominantly for two reasons: social development and technology. 

Different cultures have different values.  Different cultures have different social values and have different technology. A social construct valued by one civilization is not necessarily valued by another culture.  A technology that is valued by one civilization is not necessarily valued by another culture. 

When a culture is transplanted into a different society without assimilation,  that society's constructs will not be valued.  As a rule, technology will be destroyed or stolen, and societal constructs will be ignored or supplanted. 

This is why diversity + proximity = war.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Trump & Syria

Wow. Thursday evening, President Trump authorized a missile strike on Syria. This author was among many that had tweeted against intervention in Syria. However, those pleadings may have been misplaced. But not everyone is convinced of that.

Vox Day starts out from the point of view that Trump was in the wrong... but then had a change of mind later.

Bayou Renaissance Man  explains why the action was in the right.

No matter whether Trump was in the right or the wrong, one thing is certain: he only stands to gain from this. There are several options as to what exactly went on:

Trump was misled by Neocons / The gas attack was a hoax
If this is the cause, expect heads to roll. Trump will clean house, as he has no problem firing anybody. Also, expect Trump to take major action against the alphabet-soup government organizations.

This was Mattis
If Mad Dog was the sole culprit of misinformation  coupled with action, expect consequences. Maybe not a firing, but tightening of the reins at the least.

The information was real
Then the actions were justified. No, there aren't any "good guys" over there, but what do we lose by attacking a chemical weapons delivery system? Also, if the information is legitimate, then it brings forth the question of whether Bush the Younger was right about Iraq moving WMDs to Syria. If Bush was right, then we may have a serious Liberal Deep State influence, and all of it may need burned to the ground.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Why Are They Fake?


Why are they called #fakenews ?

Did they report accurate polls before the election?

Did they report Hillary's health issues?

Did they accurately report that there were no ties between Russia and Trump?

Did they report the Susan Rice incident?

Do they accurately investigate Trump's claims?

The #fakenews is on the wrong side of the facts every time.  That's why I do not get my news from them. You shouldn't, either,  if you wish to be informed.  

Agree 2 Disagree

Overheard on an Arkansas radio station a few weeks ago:

Sometimes you have to agree to disagree.  Sometimes saying "go to Hell," is a way to disagree. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Better Oneself

I Choose
To live by choice, not by chance. 
To be motivated, not manipulated.
To be useful,  not used. 
To make changes, not excuses. 
To excel, not complete. 

I Choose self esteem, not self pity. 
I Choose to listen to my inner voice, not the random opinions of others. 

I Choose to do the things that you won't, so that I can continue to do the things that you can't.

Motivated, not manipulated.
Be useful,  not used. 

Some people are naturally self motivated. Some people are not motivated, but they realize it, and they seek external motivation. Some people are not motivated and do not seek motivation - they are the dead weight.  Useless. 

To be useless is to fail to have useful qualities. This is not a good way to stumble through life.  But many people settle for petty uselessness. 

To be useful takes motivation to go beyond yourself and look for the betterment of others.  At the very least, to commit to the time and effort to better oneself.  why better oneself? For the betterment of the world to the extent that you can. 

Choice, Not Chance

I Choose
To live by choice, not by chance. 
To be motivated, not manipulated.
To be useful,  not used. 
To make changes, not excuses. 
To excel, not complete. 

I Choose self esteem, not self pity. 
I Choose to listen to my inner voice, not the random opinions of others. 

I Choose to do the things that you won't, so that I can continue to do the things that you can't.

Choice, not chance. 

Libtards live by chance.  With their mantra, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, they make friends with Islam. This is dangerous. Islam is friends with no one. Yet Libtards want to think that moslems will not harm them if they show kindness.

Moslems will kill anyone who doesn't kill them first.  Libtards are so oppositional to anything conservative,  they've made a deal with the devil.  And Allah is the devil incarnate. 

#churchians live by chance, too.  They often say, "if it's God's will..." to excuse their cowardice.  While I certainly believe in God's Will, I also believe He gave us the ability to affect our outcomes. It takes guys to live up to your own expectations and own your successes & failures. 

#churchians don't have guts.  Else they'd teach the whole Bible and live it. 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Guns & Strippers

A friend recently posted a GLOCK for sale.  His asking price was $400 - which is typical for that gun in this area at this time. 

He received a message asking if the GLOCK was still available, "if so, I'll give you $350 today," went the offer. 

My friend, somewhat offended at the lowball offer, had a classic retort:

Friend - "No, I finally sold it for $275 last night."

Lowballer - "Dang! Someone got a really good deal!"

Friend - "She was a single mom and stripper. She needed it."

That, friends, is truly funny trolling.