Monday, February 29, 2016

Corporate "Safety" BS

A frequent reader forwarded this communication from their employer, [name redacted]. Look at the conflicting viewpoints in the same communication.

Enhanced Security Helps Ensure Safety at Work
Learn about new protocols rolling out at all [employer name redacted] offices, plus upcoming training and drills
By [name redacted] Feb., 2016

The threat of workplace violence has been in the news and on the minds of our employees – and [employer name redacted] is taking new steps to help people feel safe and secure.
One scenario that we want to be prepared for is a “hostile intruder,” or someone using a weapon in a confined, populated area like an office building. Those situations often begin and end in less than 10 minutes – and a lot can happen in the moments before law enforcement officials arrive.
That’s why we’re introducing a host of new protocols – most of which will be in place soon – that will make us better prepared in the case of violent threats to our employees.
These enhanced features to our company’s security efforts include:
• Designated, lockable safe rooms and distress buttons at all facilities
• Mandatory annual safety training for all employees
• Periodic hostile intruder drills for all employees
• Armed security officers at [employer name redacted] -owned facilities
Every office is being equipped with upgraded security systems, complete with distress buttons that feed directly to our Security Center, which monitors access to all our facilities 24/7.
We’re also introducing lockable safe rooms across all facilities. As we do, the Security and Safety team will provide more information to those specific offices, including lists of locations and maps. We will also incorporate those details into a new annual training process.
Highly-trained, armed security officers at [employer name redacted]-owned locations
Under the direction of [name redacted], Manager of Security and Safety, a group of armed personnel working at [location redacted], known as the Rapid Response Team, is being put in place. Each member of the team will undergo certification and rigorous law enforcement training.
In addition to their regular duties on the security team, the group’s purpose is to respond quickly to any potentially violent threat to employees and coordinate with emergency responders. Statistics show that a quick response typically helps shorten “hostile intruder” situations.
The [other cities redacted] offices owned by [employer name redacted] also will have a member of a contracted security firm on premises at all times of business operations. These armed security officers will go through the same extensive training as the members of our Rapid Response Team.
All armed personnel will be required to pass an annual psychological exam.
Because we do not own the [alternate cities redacted] offices, or the [redacted], we are restricted from stationing armed guards there. The [redacted] Center is located at a property where [vendor name redacted] already provides armed security staff.
No-weapon policy still in effect for non-security employees
Only approved personnel with job responsibilities for [employer name redacted] security will have permission to carry weapons onsite. All other employees must still comply with the current no-weapons policy, meaning they may not carry a firearm into any [employer name redacted] facility.
In accordance with state law, employees may keep a firearm in their locked vehicle in [employer name redacted] parking lots. (See the FAQs for more details.)
Education is essential
"Run. Hide. Fight." is a safety best practice when it comes to a hostile intruder scenario. Developed by the Houston Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and promoted by the Department of Homeland Security, it will be incorporated into our mandatory security training later this year. We’ll also be sharing an adapted version of the video in the coming days.
The goal is to be better prepared for any threat that may arise. And the best way to do that is to make sure employees know what to do in case of an emergency. The short answer is whatever is fastest and safest. You can:
• Press a distress button if one is accessible nearby
• Call 911 (9911 from a desk phone) to alert law enforcement, who will alert our security team
• Call to alert our security team, who will alert law enforcement
“We understand how people might be afraid that something like this could happen at one of our offices,” [name redacted] said. “We want employees to know we’re listening to their concerns and that their safety is a priority.”
Safety also comes from empowering employees
If you see something, say something. While there are a variety of potential threats, the most common in workplace violence is when domestic issues often spill over from home into the office. If you or someone you know feels threatened for any reason, please reach out to the Security and Safety team or confidentially to an HR Business Consultant.
Employees can also refer to our already existing Community and Domestic Violence Resource page that lists contact information for regional community resources throughout the state.

There are many problems in this communication, but these stuck out more than most:

How can "safety come from empowering employees" and "employees may not carry a firearm into a company facility" both be true at the same time?

How can an employee "run, hide, fight" while disarmed?

Suggestion to employees of this company: if something happens, and you do make it to your vehicle wherein your gun is to be found, just leave. You made it to your vehicle.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Tradcons Are The Problem

Yes, Tradcons are the problem. But never fear, they are too weak to stand in the way. Hence the new epithet cuckservative.

These are the people that buy into feminist lies ("strong, independent woman") while supporting legislation and policies that are quite the opposite (e.g. alimony). In this example there is a challenge... one cannot simultaneously believe that our society is dependant upon strong, independent women and believe that alimony (or even child support) has any part in modern society. The two concepts are polar opposite.

Recently, the author "lost" two friends because of personal beliefs in strong male and female roles in life. Of course, it wasn't really a loss, as people like this make piss-poor "friends." In correspondence, the former friend stated a desire to raise his daughter as a "strong, independent woman." This phrase stands for all that is wrong in modern society.

Humans are not the only creatures that display differing roles. In fact, humans are one of the few species in which a strong father figure is critical. So, it could be said that not only are humans capable of different roles based on gender, but also that such differentiation is inherent in our species.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Clinch Fighting

This is post 2 in a 6-part series.

For self defense, simplicity is key. You cannot afford to find yourself in a fight and have too many options going through your head. You must be able to react immediately. So that said, this series will attempt to give you a breakdown of what movements you should drill until they are automatic.

Naturally, different people will have different opinions, so the techniques suggested will be drawn from those most often used with success in MMA. Additionally, there are more options from each position than could ever be presented in a single blog post, so major alternatives will be presented in a list immediately following the highlighted techniques.

Also, note that the strategy presented will be from the point of view of a jiu-jitsu fighter. A striking oriented fighter might use the major alternatives presented here as their go-to moves, while using the grappling philosophy as their backup plans. This does not indicate one style as being superior to another. Rather, it is indicative of different fighting strategies, both of which are proven and tested to be effective.

The major positions in a fight, which dictate technique and strategy, are:
Standing (striking)
Guard (including half guard)
Side (including north-south, headlocks, etc.)
Back (including the turtle)

Types of Clinches

The first thing the martial artist needs to know is that there are three main types of clinches. These clinch types can be divided up by relative body positioning.

In order:
Front clinch
Side clinch
Rear clinch

From all three clinch positions, many strikes are available to the martial artist, including:
* Hooks
* Uppercuts
* Elbow strikes
* Knee strikes
* Foot stomps

Front Clinches

These contestants are in a collar-and-elbow variation of a front clinch. Common variations on front clinches include:
* Collar-and-elbow
* Over-under
* Double over hook
* Double under hook

Throws and takedowns:
* Body fold takedown
* Leg hook takedown  -  kosoto gari
* Stamp
* Pancake
* Hip throws  -  ogoshi nage
* Shuck to side clinch or rear clinch.

Side Clinch

The contestant in blue trunks has his opponent locked in a side clinch. From here, one may shuck to a rear clinch, reposition to a front clinch, or execute a takedown:
* Rear takedown  -  tani otoshi
* Hip throw  -  ogoshi nage

Rear Clinch

The contestant in blue trunks here has locked in the rear clinch, or rear waist lock. This is a very powerful position. Some common takedowns include:
* Rear takedown  -  tani otoshi
* Back supplex  -  ura nage  

One could also jump to a choking position directly.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How To Have A Happy Wife

Happy wife, happy life.
If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Two true statements. In fact, the only point of contention is how one achieves making momma/wife happy. One thing is for certain - making your wife happy is not achieved by supplicating to her.

This is not how you get a happy wife.

In truth, you cannot make your wife happy. And even if you could,  it's not your job!

But, as with everything else in life, there is a way you can encourage and promote your wife to be happy. And it's not by allowing this to happen:

No, you need to take control of your life, men. Pursue those things that make you happy. Achieve, maintain and demonstrate superior SMV. Master the art of alpha-responses. Master the art of frame. Never supplicate to her, nor to any man in front of her. Take your God-given leadership role in your household. Expect she fulfill her God-given role as wife and mother.

Remember, treat her fairly ("same-treatment" - with respect), but do not go out of your way to ensure her "equality. Remember this graphic:

An all-too-quick primer on Frame:
Amused Mastery - treat her as you would a younger sister or cousin. Do not put her on a pedestal.
Dread game - keep her on her toes. Her fear you have options will make her happy you continue to choose her.
And from this article - believe in your own value.

And, an all-to-quick primer on alpha-reponses:
Agree & amplify
Dismiss and ignore
Ridicule and reframe

Fail to do these at your own peril.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Many Thanks

Many thanks to my readers and to  Bayou Renaissance Man for the link. Today, we had an all time record on this blog of 1000+ page visits.

Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting!

Primary Final


That's pretty much the Republican field at this time. By the time this article posts, I will have cast my primary vote. For whom, you ask?


How can that be?

Nature abhors a vacuum. Right now, there is a major power vacuum as a hapless delta-male has been President for seven years.  Donald Trump is not only the only Alpha-male in this race, he's the only true alpha to have run for President since 1996 (and no, that one wasn't Dole). The unwashed masses yearn for leadership, and only one candidate can provide that.

Of the remaining candidates, only Cruz touts liberty - and even he, not nearly enough. Trump is virtually the same as Carson on the issue. Rubio is shaky. Kasich and Bush are not liberty minded at all.

So, in the primary, I vote Trump.

In the general election? I'll vote for Cruz, Trump, or Carson without reservation. I might vote for Rubio if he is the candidate. I will not vote for Bush or Kasich regardless.

Cruz seriously needs to be on the Supreme Court. He would make an excellent Justice.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Gun Control Troll

Witnessed on Facebook  - one of those "Hip" groups...

Gun Control Idiot: I think all AR15 assault rifles should be banned.

Pro-2A Counter-Troll: It's because they're black, isn't it?

GCI: No, it's not because you're black. You look white in your profile picture. It is because they are death machines!

P2ACT: Black rifles matter. All rifles matter!

GCI: That is the most idiotic statement ever. Go away, the adults are talking!

P2ACT: Maybe you'd accept me if I weren't so evil looking and so scary and so black!

P2ACT: That's better. Now I'm not black anymore. Not so scary-looking. Now can you find it in your heart to love me?

GCI: That's ridiculous. Go away. Besides, those rifles can't even be used for hunting. And what if one of your precious black rifles (or green? rifles) finds its way into the hands of a child?

P2ACT: This might happen.

Bystander: I think GCI's mind was just blown. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Red Pill Origins

The year was 1993. I had graduated high school and was headed off to college that fall. A small group of high school friends was my clique. Our core was 3 guys and 2 girls. We had some "orbiter" friends who were accepted in the group, just not as tight-knit as the core.

That fall, one of the core girls, "Rachel," got a boyfriend. She had somewhat dated another guy in the core, but they weren't a good fit. But her boyfriend hung the moon. To be fair, nobody else in our clique really cared for the guy. I could have cared less, but he really didn't like me (alphas often dislike sigmas).

One Saturday night, we were at Rachel's place, and she had some news. She was positively beaming. She wore a smile from ear to ear. The night before, she and dear boyfriend had engaged in sex. It was her first time. We all politely listened to the gory details as she recounted what had happened.

They were kissing in her room. He undressed her. It just felt right. He got undressed. They did the nasty. He put on a condom to finish. Those were the details she relayed. I'd never seen her so happy. My friends and I were happy for her.

Some time later, her boyfriend dumped her for another girl. She was disappointed, but such is life.

The following spring, our clique drifted apart. One guy spent a lot of time with his band. He and his girlfriend (the other female core member) broke up and she dated someone else else soon after. The other guy was working a lot, trying to save some money to move out on his own. I was at college and easily picked up new friends... and other old friends. Rachel got a job at a local video store (that's a story all of itself, too).

Fall of 1994, we tried putting things back together. I was dating the girl who is now my wife. She instantly was part of the core. But things just were not quite the same. Are they ever?

As we tried to reassemble, during one of our parties, Rachel spoke of "that guy who had raped her." This was news to me!

Of course, I asked for details. The other guys did, too. Never did any of us think she was referring to her boyfriend of only a year ago. But she said it was him. Trying to assume the best of my friend, I presumed Rachel meant that later, after our group had broken up, he had raped her. But no, that wasn't it.

She outright said that the time in her bedroom from a year back had been the "rape!"

My buddies and I were flabbergasted. She had been so happy to have slept with him only a year prior. Even only six months prior. But now she called it rape. This was not rape. It had been consensual, and the other four of us were witness to it.

And such was my first realization in that which is now referred to as "Red Pill" teachings. Buyer's remorse being renamed "rape." But we all know it is not real rape. Real rape is what those Syrian "refugees" do to European women.

Not surprisingly, I have kept up with "Rachel" all these years. Albeit at arm's length. She has been through two marriages, and cannot seem to find "Mr. Right." Rachel had been 105 pounds soaking wet at age 18 - and at 5'8" tall - but is now much heavier than I am. She publicly laments on Facebook when her children see their respective fathers, just to try to get attention.

The way I see it, and the way Red Pill philosophy teaches, she has done this to herself. By embracing feminist lies, she has come to have unrealistic expectations from life. Unrealistic expectations can only lead to disappointment and "failure."

I would weep for my friend, but I cannot honestly say that I care. But that's a different post for a different day!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mount Review

In this review, we shall investigate return to zero claims of the American Defense Mounts ACOG mount.

The optic used was a Primary Arms PAC5X.

The rifle was an M16A4 clone outfitted with a free-floating Del-Ton 20" government profile barrel with a 1:9 twist. Free-floating was accomplished via a LaRue quad rail. This set up was constructed to retain the M16A4 appearance, while simultaneously reaping the benefits of the free-floating.

While not specifically a precision rifle, this set up can hold its own. The author would put this build up against any SDM build in terms of precision performance.

Control Group

First, a control group was shot. Technically, two control groups were fired. Hornady 53 gr VMAX and Federal 50 gr Tipped Varmint.

The point of aim was the second square down from the top right corner for the Hornady.

The point of aim for the Federal was second square down from the left top corner.

As you can see, both groups were under 1 MOA. At this point, the scope was removed and flip up iron sights were employed.

Mount Removal

Next, a 5 shot group was fired using irons and the Federal 50 grain ammunition. The point of aim was putting the center square as the "pumpkin on a fence post."

Clearly, the author needs to take 3 clicks of right windage.

For the final part of this experiment, the scope was reapplied in the same location on the rail.

Mount Reapplied

With the PAC5X back in its place, a 5 shot group was fired, again using the Federal 50 grain ammo. The point of aim was the line dividing the two boxes under the center square.

As is evidenced, the mount returned to zero exactly. 1 click up in elevation was applied to the scope, and all was good that day.

The ADM mount guarantees a return to zero and it lives up to that guarantee. It works for ACOGs as well as similar Primary Arms and Burris optics. Buy with confidence.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fight Standing 1

This is post 1 in a 6-part series.

For self defense, simplicity is key. You cannot afford to find yourself in a fight and have too many options going through your head. You must be able to react immediately. So that said, this series will attempt to give you a breakdown of what movements you should drill until they are automatic.

Naturally, different people will have different opinions, so the techniques suggested will be drawn from those most often used with success in MMA. Additionally, there are more options from each position than could ever be presented in a single blog post, so major alternatives will be presented in a list immediately following the highlighted techniques.

Also, note that the strategy presented will be from the point of view of a jiu-jitsu fighter. A striking oriented fighter might use the major alternatives presented here as their go-to moves, while using the grappling philosophy as their backup plans. This does not indicate one style as being superior to another. Rather, it is indicative of different fighting strategies, both of which are proven and tested to be effective.

The major positions in a fight, which dictate technique and strategy, are:
Standing (striking)
Guard (including half guard)
Side (including north-south, headlocks, etc.)
Back (including the turtle)

Standing Striking
The striking range is the most fluid and open of all the positions. In fact, just a single subset - boxing - is a science unto itself. There are entire strategy sets here that do not apply to many ground positions.

Stick & move - used against fighters who want to clinch, get inside, or stand toe-to-toe and brawl.
Get inside - employed against fighters who are taller and longer, or who strike better from the outside.
Stay outside - employed against fighters who wish to fight inside. Often paired with the stick & move strategy.
Cut off the ring - used to chase down a fighter who is staying away and corner them.
Toe-to-toe - standing mostly in front of the opponent and striking from there. May or may not be used with evasive movement or simple personal toughness.

Offensive Techniques
Cover & clinch (aggressive opponent)
Cover & clinch (conservative opponent)
Shoot for double legs / single legs
Push kick

Alternate Offensive Technique
Casting punch

Front kick (snap)
Round kick
Side kick
Oblique kick

Defensive Techniques
Head movement
Foot movement
Moving forward, away, left, right, diagonally
Circling away

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Equip For SHTF

In the event that the shit hits the fan, a person would do well to be prepared. Once you have achieved a certain level of preparedness, then comes time to think about priorities in the carrying of needed tools, weapons, and equipment.

Level 1 - Immediately Necessary
These are the things that should never leave your possession. In other words - don't put them down. Sleep with them on you if need be.
- Handgun (and extra mags)
- Knife
- Wallet
- Keys
- Phone

Level 2 - Weapons
The history of the human race is filled with violence. Don't pretend for a moment that any SHTF situation does not have the potential to turn violent. Expect it.

As such, never find yourself more than a short sprint away from your rifle and chest rig. 100 yards is way too far. A good start is a minimum of 7 mags (1 in the rifle, 6 on the chest rig or belt) for your AR15. Also, a chest rig is an excellent way to carry extra pistol mags, as well as commonly needed tools like a knife, a flashlight, or a multi-tool.

Level 3 - Immediate Bug Out
This is your bug out bag. Ideally, a backpack containing the "10 C's" along with perhaps a few more sundries. Don't stray too far away, unless you are in a secure camp or perhaps in a dire situation where you need to shed weight to move rapidly.

Level 4 - Long Term Bug Out
This should be a duffle bag with long term supplies. Maybe changes of clothes, winter and summer wear, alternate mission-specific attachments for your chest rig, etc. This can be left in a place more readily as its contents may not be immediately necessary.

You should never be without Level 1 equipment unless bathing. And even then, it shouldn't be much more than arm's length away.

Level 2 equipment should be close enough that you can put hands on it within 10 seconds, tops.

Actually putting the chest rig on your body, along with the backpack from Level 3, should be accomplished within 60 seconds of contact. Hence the idea of the "minute-man."

If Level 4 equipment is within a day's walk or so, then no big deal. However, as with the rest of these things - the closer to you, the better.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Women Know Their Role

Women are happier in life when they fulfill their natural role of wife and mother than if they work for some company doing something.

Such a misogynistic statement!
If a man makes it. 

But, it is an empowering statement if a woman makes it.

In other news, if a black man calls another black man "ni**er," then it's ok... but if a white man calls the same black man the same term, then it's racist.

How about we apply some common sense, people.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Barrel Comparison

In a few months, my wife will be attending a shooting clinic. To be fair, I will also be there. However, my role will not be that of a fellow shooter.

Since precision will be one of the measuring tools of this clinic, I decided to test my wife's rifle ("Pinky") with several different ammunitions. Also, the clinic will be shot at a distance of 50 yards, therefore, this evaluation was performed at 50 yards. For posterity  (and shooting enjoyment), each ammo was also tested with my SPR - which is quite possibly the most accurate rifle I've owned.

The rifle:
"Pinky" is a 16" carbine, free floated with a Samson rail. She features a pink pistol grip and carbine stock, hence her name. Her barrel is from Blackhole Weaponry.  "Standard" thickness - thicker than a pencil barrel, but thinner than a typical medium contour barrel. The barrel has a 1:8 twist and a .223 Wylde chamber. The third picture demonstrates her capabilities with 69 gr. match ammo at 100 yards.

The ammunition to be evaluated:
Hornady V-MAX 55 gr. (upper right)
Hornady V-MAX 53 gr. (lower right)
Hornady Spire Point 55 gr. (upper left)
Federal Varmint tipped 50 gr. (lower left)

The only real surprise was that neither rifle liked the Hornady Spire Point. It measured around 4 MOA out of both barrels. I later confirmed this finding at 100 yards with the SPR.

Clearly, "Pinky" liked the Hornady 53 gr. and the Federal 50 gr. ammo the most. Since the Federal is only half the cost, it shall be the choice.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Strong Independent Woman

"Strong, Independent Woman."

Those words are a bit like nails on a chalkboard - irritation to hear, and means absolutely nothing. To get real use out of a chalkboard, one must write or draw on it. Similarly, for a woman to be useful, she must not be the feminist definition of "strong & independent."

Because words do mean something, let's play the game. A strong woman would be able to change a tire or open a jar lid or build something with her hands. An independent woman would be able to completely pay her own way without external support such as child support, government subsidies, etc.

The above memes were shared as they depict specific examples that are fairly common among self-proclaimed "strong, independent women." However, suppose you run across a woman who actually does pay her own way in life? Well, if you do run across such a specimen, you won't have to wonder if she does, there's a good chance she will tell you.

Of course, her saying she pays her own way is a lot like a toddler who is proud she was potty trained. Nobody goes around congratulating adults for going to the toilet when nature calls, and in a similar fashion, nobody congratulates a man who pays his own way in life - it's expected.

However, the liberal feminists want to prove that women are equal in every way (hint - men and women are different in many ways), and they use the phrase "strong, independent woman" to tout "accomplishments" that men are simply expected to be able to do.

If women were really strong and independent,  they would bristle at the thought of someone paying their way through life. The notion of child support, alimony or division of marital assets for which they had provided no monetary input would sicken them. It would be insulting!

Without a doubt, there are women who are truly strong and independent. Some of them don't go around blabbing about it at every turn. But, in modern society, this is the exception, not the rule.

Instead of raising my daughter to be a "strong, independent woman" (feminist definition), I shall raise her to be a woman of morals and character. A woman who is capable of making her way through life by herself if need be, but who also understands the strength, unity, and advantages of being a helpmeet. For if my daughter one day fills the greatest role a woman can fill - that of a successful wife and mother - then that shall be a reason to rejoice.

And that's the key - proper expectations.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
- Anonymous
(Occasionally attributed to Albert Einstein)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Word Definitions Mean Something

A reader recently sent me an email, and it was quite clear that a definition was needed. So here it goes...

According to Merriam-Webster,  
Definition of "unfortunate" -
1 -
a:  not favored by fortune :  unsuccessful, unlucky <an unfortunate young man>
b :  marked or accompanied by or resulting in misfortune <an unfortunate decision>
2 -
a :  infelicitous, unsuitable <an unfortunate choice of words>
b :  deplorable, regrettable <an unfortunate lack of taste>

Synonyms -
calamitous, cataclysmal (or cataclysmic), catastrophic, damning, destructive, disastrous, fateful, ruinous, fatal

Antonyms -
fortunate, happy, lucky

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Why You Should Support Bernie Sanders For President

You should support a Bernie Sanders presidency, and here's why...

Hillary Clinton is a very polarizing figure. If she's elected, we will have (at least) four years of gridlock. Things will not be able to progress.

Much the same could be said of Trump.

The minor Republican candidates - Christie, Kasich, Carson, Fiorina, etc. - and Rubio (the most major of the minor candidates currently) will most certainly keep the US on the Highway to Totalitarian Hell... albeit at a slower pace than we are currently going.

Cruz, the most liberty minded candidate left on the Republican side, would not halt the motion of the handbasket... but he would wind the clock back thirty years on its "progress" toward that Very Hot Place.

Bernie, though...
Well, there's a reason Bernie's grassroots campaign uses the slogan #feelthebern . Bernie is the kind of guy that can reach across the aisle and get the establishment Republicans to side with him on his Totalitarian ideals. He's got a shortcut on the Highway to Hell and there's no speed limit.

The US would crumble in about his 5th or 6th year. Yes, he would win re-election (and by a landslide). So, the sooner Bernie takes office, the sooner the "reset button" is hit on our country and it implodes. And lessons once learned will be learned again. And after its over, the survivors might just have freedom.

Vote Bernie this year and put what's left of the good ol' US of A out of her misery.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Feminist Lies Take Down Male Meeting

Or did it?

Return of Kings (which has been linked to on this blog on more than one occasion) had been set to host a series of meetings on saturday, February 6. Liberal feminists discovered this and started spreading lies. They had people believing that ROK advocates rape (they don't) and that the men attending these meetings would be on the hunt to rape women. None of it was true.

In fact, it was supposed to be assembly and fellowship of like-minded men. Men who wish to see a return to the God-ordained masculinity and male-led hierarchies of old. Men who wish to happen to life instead of having life happen to them.

No fewer than six of my friends shared the nonsense on Facebook. All six would call themselves conservative. I would not disagree. Five of the six go to church regularly.

This goes to show you... be wary of "news" you get from Facebook.

Not only that, but many of the meetings went on anyways. In Mount Juliet, TN, for example, several people went to the original meeting place. Of course, wary from the lies, Mount Juliet police were there, waving people away. The owner of the cigar shop expressed his interest to not have ROK readers meet at his parking lot after business hours, so I suppose the police were acting within their constitutional authority. Surprisingly (or not), there were no protesters.

In a surprise turn of events, however...
Men still met in some places.
Women were not raped by these men.
Masculine principles were discussed.
A grand time was had by all.

In a twist of irony, coordinator Roosh V was reported to have been "hiding in his mommy's basement" - by an outfit called This same outfit, on its same homepage, claimed to have found the fictitious Yeti in the mountains of Italy. It's the National Enquirer of 2016. Major news outlets did not forward or even carry the same story. It would seem the reality of the situation was that "Roosh" had visited his mother (who lives in Maryland) the day before he had planned to be at the meeting in Washington, DC.

Certainly, a few "friendships" may have been lost over misinformation. And this is unfortunate. Perhaps some people will learn to vet their sources better moving forward. Repeating information originating from liberal feminist sources is not the spreading of truth, to be sure.

This author was present to witness these things. The number of men in that meeting shall not be divulged so as to maintain anonymity. Much thanks to "Mister Alighieri" for picking up this author's tab - certainly not necessary, but definitely appreciated.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Comfortably Numb

Repeated exposure to something will either numb you to it, or make you overly sensitive to it.

When I was a boy, my mother would use guilt trips on me and my siblings constantly. Ok, when an ordinary person writes that sentence, they mean maybe a total of 20-30 times in their life. My mom would pull a guilt trip 8-10 times per day, every day. So, from casual but conservative estimation: 7 times per day, 365 days per year, and let's only take 1985 - 1992 (from the time I was 10 to the time she moved out of our house when I was 17). I calculate 18,000 or so, not including leap years!

With that level of exposure, one either becomes numb to guilt trips... like my sister and me, or one becomes overly sensitive to them, as  my brother did.

The added side effect was a significant downplay of emotional response to anything. "Just don't give a $h!t" mentality. Actually, just plain don't care, either way.

Now, not having a preference for an outcome does not make one oblivious to said outcome. It just makes it hard for a person to get really worked up (or worked up at all) over something. Add that to the incredibly observant nature I inherited from my dad, and you get something like this blog - a detail of things from a strictly logical point of view.

Of all God's creatures, only man has imagination. There is a logic to nature. Whether a response be one of survival, or one of having no other option, or even one of having no gift of foresight  (a side-effect of imaginative abilities), each creature responds with what logic it does possess.

Except people.

People are the only things on earth that can convince themselves that the sky is not blue, the grass is anything other than green, and such. That's why you have liberals, vegetarians, feminists, and other such groups. I take no joy, nor angst in reporting why and how folks like this are wrong. But make no mistake, as pointed out by a friend, these people "are at perpetual war against biology and human nature, and are therefore bound to lose every time."

I point out why, comfortably numb, so that if and when they seek real change in their lives, they can be pointed in the right direction.


Thursday, February 4, 2016


The other day, I saw this formula posted on Facebook:
6 ÷ 2(1+2) = ?

Of course, some folks answered 9. Others answered 1. The question is intentionally designed to get people to do just that - give two supposedly correct answers. I hear-tell Bernie Sanders answered it with "grapefruit," but math has never been his strong suit.

What was an interesting study was that both sides used "order of operations" and PEDMAS to validate their answers. And that's when I noticed something... the folks answering 9 had to really twist things up to make those two rule sets work.

A bit of Google-fu, and my thoughts were corrected. They are not rule sets, but simply guidelines that attempt to standardize answers. Because of the fact that those guidelines can be interpreted two ways, a question constructed like this is done so on purpose - just to cause angst.


And some people love to do nothing but that. Often, they are people who are overly-sensitive themselves. These folks envy those who do not let emotions dictate their lives, and so they try to get them to a point of emotional turmoil. But fact is, a person not inclined to get overly emotional will not, by definition, get overly emotional about such things.

Now, all that said, my take on the solution:
Distributive property. Look it up. Read it. Understand it.
The minute you put parentheses around the "1+2" is the moment you wanted to distribute the factor into it. If you want the answer 9 from the above, then you must write the equation:
(6÷2)(2+1) =

Otherwise, you are simply being intellectually dishonest with yourself. Or you simply don't do reading comprehension. Maybe you had a subpar math teacher.

But, because the distributive property exists. Because it is a rule, and not simply a suggestion of order of operation. One must solve the equation thusly:
6÷2(2+1) =
6 ÷ (4+2) =
6 ÷ 6 =

If you solve for this and get 9, then you simply ignore or rewrite the meaning of the distributive property. If this is the case, then you need to simply discontinue using parentheses in mathematics altogether, you are clearly not responsible enough to handle them.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Getting a Reaction

When you have plans for the weekend, and someone asks what they are...

"Going camping with friends."
Gets one response. Usually positive.

"Attending some training with fellow preppers."
Gets a different response. Depending on the person, it can range from positive or negative.

"Getting ready for SHTF with my militia."
That gets a reaction. Usually funny.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Fight Prediction

In just over a month, UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion, Holly Holm, will have her first title defense against Miesha Tate. Tate held the title back when it was in Strikeforce, but lost it to Ronda Rousey four years ago. Holm, of course, defeated Rousey for the belt back in November.

One of my martial arts students recently asked me who I thought would win. When I replied that I felt Holm would win, he asked how I figured it would play out. Would Tate keep it standing? Would Tate try to take Holm down?

So here's my prediction:
Holm will win, but it won't look "as convincing" to the casual fan. It might even be by decision.

The way I see it, Tate will not be able to take Holm down. Rousey tried for six minutes, and got her face smashed for her effort. Rousey is a much better takedown artist than Tate. Holm, meanwhile, has the world's best MMA coach in her corner and a lights - out takedown defense.

On the feet, Tate is a far better striker than Rousey will ever be. But as good as she is, she will never be as good as Holm is.  Holm is a masterful boxer, who is a true student of the science of the "sweet science." Holm also peppers precision kicks into her arsenal with expert timing.

The caveat is this... Rousey is an upper-body takedown specialist (Judo), while Tate is a lower-body takedown specialist (wrestling). Holm may not have faced as experienced a wrestler in the cage yet.

All that said, my prediction is a late KO by Holm. Probably after the midpoint of the 3rd round. Alternately, Tate does have a great chin (both in looks as well as ability to take a punch), so she may last to a decision.

How do you see it going down?