Saturday, November 12, 2016

This Week in Observations

Just some observations this crisp, cool Saturday morning in November.

The Democrat party is in shambles. And so is the "Conservative" arm of the Republican party. This is good for We the People if we finish them off and disallow them to circle back up and regroup. Of the two, it's the Democrats who have no viable option for President in 4 years. Biden and Bernie are too old. The Clinton and Obama names are finished.

For all those who are calling for unity, I ask this... How do you propose to unify with people who have no desire at all for unity? The Left has built it's identity over the past eight years on divisiveness and hate. We have never been more divided because they don't want to be unified. And if you think supplicating to them will work, just watch how they eat their own.

Speaking of divisiveness, did you notice the claims from the Left that Trump is the most divisive person ever to be a major candidate?  Pure projection. Law 3. More Law 3 projection includes accusations towards Trump of racism & bigotry, misogyny, hate, stripping of rights, and most of their claims.

Speaking of the Three Laws, Law 1 (always lie) and Law 2 (double down on the lie) are in full effect, as well. It's just that the snowflake generation is so emotionally damaged from having lost, that they don't cling as much to Law 1 and Law 2 before heading to Law 3. It's because projection is actually a psychological defense mechanism. Thus mechanism must be employed as the snowflake psyche is in a bad spot right now.

On the riots: this is being organized by Soros. Bought and paid for. A friend suggests via Twitter that terrorists should be executed, their houses bulldozed, and families deported. Apply this to the bought and paid for rioters and this ends quick.

Where are the #NeverTrump ers these days? One prominent one from the Nashville area changed his Twitter account to private. Most of the rest are in hiding. A few are the ones calling for unity.

There haven't been many calls for working together... yet. They are coming. And to that, I say, in the words of President Obama: "elections have consequences and at the end of the day, I won." There's no need to work together. Republicans have the Presidency, the House, and the Senate for the first time in 100 years. Their mandate is simple: #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. To do that, they need to follow Trump's 100 day plan.

The race card is played out.

Hillary, when her (albeit mental cases) supporters needed her most, was unable to perform. She was in the back crying uncontrollably. She left them hanging at 3 am... sound familiar? Was this really what you wanted for President? She is no Strong, Independent Woman.

I feel sorry for the Bernie supporters. Their candidate legit won the nomination, but was cheated out of it. Who knows what might have happened with a candidate who brought so much less baggage to the table?

Race and politics are undeniable. Gender and politics are, as well, but not directly linked to a party like race is. That said, 61% of white men voted for Trump. Let's assume 5% of the population is gay, and also that most of the gays voted Democrat. That means basically 35% of the white male population is Gamma or low Deltas, acting like Gammas.

The Alt Right dominated this election. More on that, later.

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