Tuesday, March 31, 2015

And So It Ends

"You change your mind three times about it, then question my integrity?!?!

Have a pleasant day."

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Red Pill / Blue Pill

From a reader:

"Mr. Usagi,
You have mentioned 'sigma' and have a few posts about male interaction. I take it you are a 'Red Pill' guy?"

To each, his own... for me: reality.
(That's a "yes," for those who don't get it.)
Also - thank you for the inspiration for a new series of blog posts. To be fair, I call it "masculinity," but the general premise of Red Pill is close enough in most instances. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Long Arm of the ...

Loose Rounds published a tutorial on USGI sling use. Good stuff.

Of note, they talk about moving the sling swivel closer to accommodate those with shorter arms. I've actually contemplated buying a 15" rail so I can move the sling swivel out farther to accommodate my long monkey - arms.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kids Say...

Funny conversation from my dojo last night:

Me: "So what do you think I'd do if I saw one of you students out in public getting bullied by another kid?"

Student (with enthusiasm): "Pull out your gun!"

And thus came a short lecture on not seeing everything as a "nail" when one has a hammer.

Friday, March 20, 2015

"Family Court" Shenanigans

Another family court judge plays god. They all do.

Orders a man to not have guns in his house until the child is 18.

Your rights do not matter in "Family court."

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tie Your Shemagh

Every man and woman who believes in preparing for uncertainty should own two shemaghs.  After you purchase one, the next logical question becomes: "how does one tie a shemagh?"

Art of Manliness has a great how-to article.

This YouTube video takes the art to the next level, showing multiple methods.

It would be wise to experiment and determine your preferences, then commit to memory a couple of tying methods.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Don't Go Naked

In my not-so-humble opinion, there are a few changes of clothes every man should own:
Black Suit
This for funerals, weddings, and other formal occasions. Complete this with a white shirt (no button-down collar on this one) and a power tie. A power tie is typically blue or red. More rarely, a yellow or purple power tie can send signals of other importance. Shoes should hold a shine. Socks should be black.
Power Suit
Usually in a shade of brown or grey, this suit would be for interviews, and other slightly-less-formal situations. With this one, it is acceptable to have a shirt that is not white if you prefer. However, still no button-down collars on the shirt. Also acceptable are non-power ties, depending on circumstance. Shoes should hold a shine. Socks should be black or a dark color that does not clash with the pants nor the shirt, nor the tie.
Business Casual
Business slacks - usually grey, brown, olive, or khaki - coupled with a button-down long sleeve shirt. Polo shirts are acceptable in some circumstances, the most common is 90+ degree weather. Button down shirts for business casual may have button-down collars. In fact, that is preferred over traditional collars.  Shoes should hold a shine. Socks should be black or a dark color that does not clash with the pants nor the shirt.
Jeans and a favorite casual shirt are typical. Cargo pants are an acceptable alternative, as are some Polo shirts. Shorts are acceptable in many circumstances. Pajamas are not acceptable past 9 am or out in public. Socks can be white or some other lighter color (usually a tan or grey) as lon as the shoes are a white or light grey. Black ankle socks go wit most everything. Shoes may vary from sneakers to boots. No shoes with a shine coupled with jeans or cargo pants.
Heavy-duty khaki, olive drab, or camo is the rule of the day. Hiking boots are preferred if you have never been military. Also, if you have never been military, avoid current military camo patterns. If you have been or are current military - even reserves - military patterns are acceptable. Use the pattern your branch selects - do not use a pattern from another branch.
Mix top and bottom patterns with discretion.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

All Should Be Equal

From a reader:
"I see your label 'JBT' and can only presume it means 'Jack-Booted Thugs'. That's a very nasty way to describe those that protect you from bad guys who break the law. Why so much hate for them?"

First off, thank you for reading.

Secondly, it would be a good start to remind you and my readers that police have no duty to protect.
You might see this picture floating around.

Ironically, the same people will post this meme the next day:

So, which one is it?

A third, yet equally important point is this: what hate? You read my intentions and emotions through my words on a computer screen that simply parlay facts? Wow. If you really can do that, then you are a better man than me.

Next point: police have authority that common citizens do not have. They can get away with crimes that citizens cannot get away with. All people should be equal, yet they are not in the US. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Next point: police act as revenue generators for their precincts. They levy taxes that were largely never voted on by the public. This meme from the Facebook "Cop Block" page says it all:

Next point: What's with the shooting of all the dogs? Really?

Final point: They enforce immoral and sometimes illegal laws. That means, by definition, that they enforce, using force if necessary, someone else's political objectives on We The People. Therefore, it is a natural conclusion that such activity is the very definition of terrorism:

Terrorism: noun
     - the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.


Monday, March 16, 2015

Militia Is Not a Bad Word!

From a reader:

"The other day, you mentioned militias. Are you in favor of them after all they've done to destroy America?"
- [Name Withheld]

You must be referencing a post I did a few days ago about practical camouflage.
Let me go on the record as saying:

I am 100% in favor of the "Militia Movement," Militias in general, 3% organizations, Minutemen, Oath Keepers, and similar groups. I might or might not even belong to a local segment of one of these. The Socialist media in this country has demonized the word "militia," as well as the actual groups of patriots who want not to overthrow the government, but to keep the government from overthrowing the US Constitution. I refuse to take part in that demonization.

In fact, I urge you to seek out a local group of patriots who believe in the US Constitution. Lots to be learned from people like this.


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Thank You

So apparently, I owe someone a big thanks for a gift. Problem is, I do not know whom to thank. So, if this gift came from a blog follower: thank you.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Favorite Ammo 2

Went shooting with my son today. He put 150 rounds of M855 through his M4.

I got to test several other types of ammo in my new SPR build: Winchester match 69 gr., Hornady Super performance Match 75gr.  5.56, Hornady Match 75 gr., Federal Premium 77 gr., Nosler Custom Match 77 gr., and Fiocchi 77 gr. Matchking HPBT.

The Nosler matched the performance of the Federal Premium 69-gr. that I shot the other day. All others were not quite on the same level. None of them were over 2 MOA, but only the Nosler and Federal Premium 69-gr. were sub-MOA.

Interestingly, they both shot to the same point of impact (POI) as M193 clone ammo using my ACOG. That's good news, as they both should follow the BDC fairly closely according to published data. Either round should buck the wind much better than the lightweight 55-grain M193.

Given that price was the same ($19.99 per box of 20 rounds), I may stock up on the Federal Premium due to availability. I can find it at most Academy Sports stores in Tennessee, whereas the Nosler has only been found in a sporting goods store in Chattanooga.


Favorite Ammo

Shot this at the range with my new SPR build. 

Barrel is a WOA 18" rifle - length fluted stainless steel work of art. It has a 1/7 twist and weighs less than a 16" RECCE barrel. I topped off the upper with a Samson 12" free float keymod tube. The barrel has a low-pro gas block. At the time this was being written, I am awaiting a pair of Diamondhead BUIS. 

Lower was one I already had. A2 rifle stock and a RRA match trigger make the SAA lower just to my liking. Overall weight of the rifle unloaded is under 7 lbs. And, as you can see, this rifle is capable of sub-MOA accuracy. 

In addition to establishing a zero, I was also testing 5-shot groups: checking different ammo at 100 yards. Here's the rundown:

Top group was Prvi Partisan 75-gr. match ammo. I have had good luck with this ammo through my 20" ER Shaw match SS heavy barrel. However, the WOA barrel simply does not like it! At 50 yards, it was getting spreads of over 2"! It seemed to "settle down" (or was just lucky?) at 100 yards to over 3" groups. Not a good pairing. I know the ammo is capable of better... just isn't a good match of ammo and barrel. 

Middle group was shot using Remington Premier Match - which is 69-gr. ammo. This ammo features Sierra Matchking bullets and clearly got the best results of the day. I intend to purchase more of this and try my hand at the 1 MOA All Day Long Challenge

Bottom group was shot using Hornady HPR 75-grain ammo. I purchased the ammo knowing full well of its reputation of having issues with consistent powder loads. Seems this day proved that point yet again. I'd like to try Hornady match ammo and Hornady steel match ammo to see if I get better results than the 2.5" spread shown here. Interesting to observe, the horizontal spread was barely an inch. The vertical spread was the killer... and is proof of different velocities of the projectiles. 

Looks like stocking up on Remington Premier Match ammo is not a foolish idea for me. I also intend to try other match grade loads. 

Oh, by the way, I was able to nail a 4" clay target at 200 yards with an ACOG on this rifle. Using Federal American Eagle 55-gr. bulk ammo. I've blogged about the accuracy I often get from that ammo, and it was true again, this day. 


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hide That Gun Where?

Saw this in Academy Sports the other day. Didn't know whether to be aroused or amused. Really thought the cash stuffed into the pouch in one of the pictures was a touch of "class." 

Rifle Drill #3

Rifle drills are a good way of practicing techniques. Here is an excellent drill to incorporate into your training:

Mozambique Drill (gleaned from ar15.com)

7 yards
Silhouette target

Each "course of fire" consists of a double tap to the torso and a single shot to the head.
Magazine must be prepped with 3 rounds.
Start from a low ready position.

1.5 seconds or less.

Advanced Goal:
Accomplish while moving.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

About Face!

It looks like the ATF has reversed course on the impending "ban" on M855 style ammo.

I wonder how many people bought the stuff for way too much?
I must admit, I bought some at sub-$0.50 per round at the onset, thinking I might turn a tidy profit... but that wasn't meant to be. Oh, well, guess I'll just have to shoot it!


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Practical Camo

I'm starting to appreciate the effectiveness of A-TACS FG camo for all seasons in the country and wooded areas of the US Southeast.

This would be a good choice for a 3%er, Minuteman, Militia, Oathkeeper, etc...

Friday, March 6, 2015

To Be the Woman

"To be the man, you've gotta beat the man!"
 - Ric Flair

It's been a "day or two" since Flair said this, but he's right.

A few days ago, Dr. Annmaria De Mars wrote a blog article on why she feels 135 is a good weight for her daughter, Ronda Rousey, to compete at. She hit several major reasons why Rousey ought not compete against someone at 145. She was 100% correct on every point. I would like to chime in and maybe comment on those points here.

The 145# question
Why can't "Cyborg" make 135? Oh, because maybe she used steroids to bulk up to 145?

Why must Ronda make the change?
To be the (wo)man, you've gotta beat the (wo)man. Ronda is the woman right now. Not Cyborg.

But Ronda walks around at 150.

But Ronda has to beat Cyborg to be considered the best ever. 
Did GSP have to beat Fedor to get similar consideration? Of course not. They are in different weight classes

Why does Ronda have to make the move?
Seriously... why must Ronda make the move. Cyborg has to make the move. I would suggest:
Cyborg must drop to 135 and beat Ronda to be considered the best ever. 

If Ronda did whip Cyborg, it would still NOT be enough. 
Seriously. People would just find another excuse. Can't make them happy. That won't change, regardless of what Ronda does or does not do.

So File This Under
Your mythological match up between Superman and Hulk, because unless some miracle happens, it's just as unlikely. Cyborg is ducking Ronda out of pure fear. Can't 100% blame her, though.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Rifle Drill #2

Rifle drills are a good way of practicing techniques. Here is an excellent drill to incorporate into your training:

"El Diablo" (gleaned from ar15.com)

18 yards / 18 seconds
Silhouette target, with 8" circle in middle of torso.
Three magazines with 6 rounds in each.
6 rounds standing - 6 rounds sitting - 6 rounds prone

Pass / Fail

Miss a shot = fail
Take more than 18 seconds = fail


Monday, March 2, 2015

Funny Statement

Watching the UFC this past weekend, my friend (who happened to be host of the party) said of Kate Upton during commercial:
"If that don't light your fire, your wood is wet."