Monday, December 5, 2016

Vols 2016 Football

Some call the Vols 2016 season a disappointment. Some call it a disaster. Let's put it all in perspective, first.

Alabama was 13-0 this year. They will likely play in the national championship playoff.
The next best record in the SEC was 8-4. Tennessee was tied with Florida, Texas A&M, and Auburn at that mark.

But what if?
What if they hadn't turned the ball over 7 times at A&M?
What if they hadn't lost focus inexcusably against South Carolina?
What if they had allowed less than a stellar offensive performance by Vanderbilt?
11-1? (Likely 11-2, after another loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship Game).

Yeah, what if...
What if there had been no miracle at Georgia?
What if there hadn't been an unusual defensive breakdown by Florida?
What if they hadn't gotten the call against Appalachian State?

Those what-ifs never went their way under Dooley. They fell about like that with Fulmer. 

Tennessee needs an offensive line... in a hurry.
Tennessee needs a defensive backfield... in a hurry.
Tennessee needs linebacker coaching... in a hurry.

But the Vols had the second best record in the league. They beat Florida convincingly. They lost to A&M by a score in 2OT. They did not play Auburn. Maybe that would be a great bowl game... Auburn vs. Tennessee.

Auburn vs. Tennessee in the Sugar Bowl.
That would work.

Looking forward to next year. Not on the "fire Butch" bandwagon. Not convinced Butch is capable of more than 8 wins while in the SEC. Butch will likely get a chance to show what he can really do next year. Pretty sure it won't be 15-0 and National Champs. Would like it to be 9-3 or 10-2. Looking at the schedule, every game is winnable (save Alabama, perhaps). LSU will be tough.

But we will wait to see how they play.

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