Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Greatest Civilization

The Western Civilization known as the USA is the greatest and most advanced civilization in the history of the planet. Threat of predation by other species is virtually nonexistent. Threat of war on US soil is as low as can be found. With few exceptions, fundamental human rights are widely recognized more than any other country. It is the safest and most prosperous place to live that has ever been. 

But this greatest civilization is under attack. Not by another civilization, per-se. But by barbarism.

1. absence of culture and civilization.
2. extreme cruelty or brutality.

Things that destroy, seek to destroy, or work to destroy civilization are, by definition, barbaric. Western Civilization is under attack by several such things. Following is a list of the gravest threats Western Civilization faces. Naturally, this list is comprised of highlights, and is not comprehensive.

No society has ever survived that slaughtered it's innocents. Abortion must be made illegal - with penalties for the woman seeking to kill her own child, as well as person who performs or otherwise assists in the act.

Gay issues
Gay "marriage" is not an institution that benefits society by providing a platform for the propagation of the species. Gay marriage has no cultural roots, historical roots, religious roots, or other - it's origins are in efforts to gain special treatment for a minority by the majority. Special treatment is not equal treatment. Gay marriage must not be recognized by the government.

Current feminism standards demand special treatment of women. A Representative Republic is not based on the concept of multiple classes of citizens, or castes. Feminism must be eliminated from Western society.

Illegal immigration and the taking in of unvetted "refugees" is a major source of the spread of barbarism in the West. These invaders do not wish to assimilate into Western culture, they wish for the West to adopt their ways. If their ways had resulted in a higher form of civilization, then they wouldn't have had to flee their homelands. Illegal immigration must be stopped. Those in the US illegally must be deported. The US must discontinue taking in refugees. Refugees here already must be shipped elsewhere.

World Police
Other cultures may not be ready for the adoption of Western values. The US must stop playing global police officer and must stop trying to set up "democracies" abroad. When the individual populations are ready, they will revolt and set up the type of government they wish.

Economic Concerns
The West cannot continue to acquire debt. Foreign aid must be stopped until the budget is balanced - and then only resumed with allies as funding allows. Congress must be barred from spending money it does not have. Welfare must be suspended until all budgets are balanced, and then only reinstated with major reform aimed to prevent fraud, waste, and rewards for enrollment.  There are more departments in the US government that are useless than there are useful departments - eliminate them. No more Congressional or Presidential pensions. 

Voter Reform
At a minimum, mandatory voter ID in all precincts. Only citizens.
Long term, voting needs to be scaled back to only taxpaying citizens age 25 and up. Candidates for office must be eligible voters.

Again, this is not a comprehensive list. Just a good start. Thoughts?

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