Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Public call-out!

I am calling out the Chattanooga Times-Free Press. They are overtly liberal - not even attempting to hide behind the curtain of objective journalism.

After more research stemming from this post, I have found the following articles displaying unabashed liberalism:

All five of these examples not only border on "the ridiculous," they step right on over and march straight through to "the completely asinine."

I suggest my readers avoid sending money to that liberal publication (even though an extended family member works there and doing so might endanger this person's career), and read it only in an attempt to provide me with more blogging projects.

As an alternative, I will suggest The Chattanoogan. This article is a good example of why.

An article that gets it all wrong!

The Chattanooga Times-Free Press just published an article that was so far out of touch with reality, I begin to wonder why anybody purchases that paper.


Let me debunk some of my "favorite" quotes of that article:

"Guns are banned in Chattanooga parks, and police say that helped avoid further problems in a weekend shooting at Coolidge Park that injured five people."
- Actually, the fact that guns were banned is the reason why the CRIMINALS were daring enough to fire at the people... they knew those people were unarmed!

"'I don’t even want to imagine what would have happened,' Chattanooga police Chief Freeman Cooper said of permitted gun owners being allowed to carry weapons in the park."
- Yeah, right. We might have had somebody actually shoot the bad guys and stop the senseless attack. More likely, these CRIMINALS would not have targeted the group of people in the first place, if they knew there might be people legally carrying in the park.

"Good guys and bad guys don’t wear signs saying who they are, police said."
- And where were the police when the shooting was going on??? Oh, yeah... that's right... they hadn't arrived yet!

In Soddy-Daisy permit holders are allowed to carry a concealed handgun in parks. Mayor Gene Shipley voted for the measure, and he said if criminals think other weapons might be present they’ll be less likely to use their own weapons."
- Mayor Gene Shipley is at the top of my list for most any office he seeks in the future. He is the one source of sanity in this crazy article.

NOTE: Take a look at the comments if you want to see some people with some common sense!

... special thanks to Research assistant "Feminine" in the Chattanooga area for this one!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sad & Funny

Marlin Firearms - makers of two of my favorite rifles, in the Marlin 60 and the 795 - announced recently that they are closing their manufacturing plant in New Haven, CT. It is unknown where the manufacturing operations will be moved, or even if they will be.

Obligatory video showing Hitler learning of this news! WARNING - ADULT LANGUAGE!

Hey Liberals, is this part of the reform you wanted?

Interesting link.

Truly sad...

This article details a police bust where a search warrant was filled out for a person in NY for having too many guns.

Last time I checked, the 2nd Amendment did not regulate how much the people could have, it prevented the government at any level from infringing any individual's right to keep and bear arms. And the term was "arms" - because back then, one had several rifles as the norm!

Really, I think the folks in NY would have a heart attack if they ever saw what was in my closet...
... not to mention upstairs...
... then there's my car...
... and Mrs. Usagi's car...

And Lord help them all if they saw one of my cousin's places!

Breaking news in Sports... before Right Minded

In recent news, the University of Kentucky lost to West Virginia in the NCAA tournament.

While I am certain that Right Minded will be thrilled with this turn of events, I have promised to break a sports story before him, since he recently broke a gun story before I did.

Here is that promise being fulfilled.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Good article

This article on MSNBC, is surprisingly good.

It seems fairly objective. It is accurate. It's even well-written. I cannot complain about it at all, except Washington state citizens have an easier time getting a concealed-carry permit than we do in Tennessee!

Can you believe it? Left-coast WA state - easier to do something related to guns than TN - the patron state of shootin' stuff???

The ultimate reason Obamacare is wrong

Earlier this week, I posted multiple reasons why Obamacare is wrong. However, many liberals, obamabots, and other zombie-like persons still argue with me on those points (and a few more I've learned since then, too).

So I will spell it out and make it really clear.

The Constitution, as it was written, placed limits only on what the federal and local governments could and could not do. There were no limits on citizens.

With the Obamacare bill, we the people are forced to do something (purchase healthcare coverage). While I am in favor of making this purchase (and even did so today on the new job!), it is none of the government's business to tell me what to do or not do - what to purchase or not purchase.

This bill changes precedent. If it stands up to trial, we are in deep trouble. Here's why:

Now, with the right administration and house of representatives, the people could be forced to buy any of the following:
- Guns (you knew I'd say that, huh?). Even though I would not mind that, others would, and that is why it would be wrong - I'd be infringing on others.
- Cars.
- Pizza.
- Paper.
- Or any number of things...

The point is, it is wrong of government to dictate to the people what they have to buy, because the people are free and our Constitution allows for them to buy what they want.

When they (government) force the people to buy... who is to say that everything they force YOU to buy is something you need... or want. It could be something you are vehemently opposed to for one reason or another.

Then, it is easier to take the next liberty away and force you to do other things you may not want to do. And force people from either side of the aisle to do the same, regardless of their personal beliefs.

That's the catch - it is the government deciding, not the free individual deciding.

And that, my friends, is exactly why it is WRONG. My prayers are for decisive political action at the polls for the next few years, and that God's favor be shown to us in America - despite the fact that we as a nation have turned from Him and His principles. Also, I pray for sanity from the courts. Only God can provide that.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More evidence against Obamacare


This is information from the Tennessee Medical Association. They don't like the bill, either. They have some facts to post about it, too.

Another Link.

This details plans by the Tennessee Legislature to fight back against the bill. More information to come.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Why the "Healthcare Reform Bill" is wrong:

I have witnessed much debate in the past 24-hours over the passage of the so-called "health care reform" bill. From my observations, it is about 3-1 in opposition to the bill. The people I have seen in favor of it are folks who have an entitlement mentality. Not surprising.

But here are some facts on why the bill is wrong:

1. The bill requires the IRS to collect fines from individuals and companies who do not buy in. Nowhere in the Constitution is the Federal Government permitted to force an individual to purchase anything. The Constitution as written only places limits on government, not the people.

2. The bill was sold as health care for those who have none. But these benefits do not start until 2014. What about all the folks who need the care and coverage now?

3. The bill makes significant cuts in Medicare and Medicaid. Since the majority of uninsured Americans are in their 20's, this amounts to stealing from the elderly (who in reality NEED more coverage) to give to the young (who are not as likely to need coverage). It is almost euthanasia.

4. The bill imposes an enormous amount of regulations on insurance companies. Insurance was one of the most regulated industries BEFORE this bill. More laws will simply make things worse.

5. While it was claimed by the Democrats that the bill would lower health care insurance premiums, group policies over $27,000 per year will be forced to pay excise taxes. For informational purposes, the average cost of family insurance for 4 people is, on average $14,000. That means all group plans with two or more families in the plan will be taxed. Can you say raised premiums?

6. The single largest source of rising health care premiums, malpractice lawsuits, were not named in any way in this bill. Before you know it, the lawyers will be suing the government. Who will pay for all of this?

7. Illegals will be included. What obliges us to pay for the health care of the entire world?

8. Every source agrees that a major source of tax revenue to pay for this will be individuals making $250K per year or more. What they don't tell you is that will be based on revenues of small businesses - not profits. Can't squeeze blood from a turnip.

9. By a 3-1 margin in almost every major poll, people were opposed to this. When, in 1776, this country was founded, it was created as a representative republic. There was little representation of the will of the majority of the people yesterday.

Anybody who thinks all these things can be done and taxes be lowered at the same time is fooling nobody but themselves.

Humor for the day...

Toys R Us has a laser pointer for sale.

This one just so happens to be useful for sighting in guns - a bore-sighter. It is even shaped like a cartridge. Read the link - some of the reviews are absolutely hysterical!


Best news I've heard all day

In this, the first day of the USSA (United Socialist States of America), there has been one ray of light.

ACORN is closing.

Now we only have about 3 million other things to fix, to get our republic back.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

This is how liberty dies...

... with thunderous applause.

Moments ago, the US Congress voted to pass a version of the health care bill.

It is unknown right now whether the senate must still vote on the bill - which they should have to, because there are amendments that make the bill different from what the senate originally passed.

It is almost unimaginable... the Congress votes in one of the most unwanted bits of legislation ever.

More on Moore...

Again, at the request of readers of this blog, I will say more on a topic. This topic - Michael Moore and his film "Capitalism: A Love Story." It seems there might be some confusion as to exactly what Moore is wrong about in this movie... so I will elaborate:

Fundamental assumption
Moore's fundamental assumption was that the bail out of Wall Street was capitalism. I agree with Moore that we should not have done the bail-out. However, the bail out ushered in a standard of socialism - government financed and controlled corporations. This was in no way capitalism... or even an effort to keep capitalism afloat. The bailout was a government mistake that was geared around the central core of what is socialism.
Definition - Socialism (from Wikipedia):
"Socialism is not a concrete philosophy of fixed doctrine and programme; its branches advocate a degree of social interventionism and economic rationalisation usually in the form of economic planning."
Economic planning (from Wikipedia):
"Planned economy (or directed economy) is an economic system in which the state or workers' councils manage the economy."

That second definition describes the bail out and the conditions of its impact exactly. That, my friends, is how Moore's fundamental assumption is flawed.

Three major factual errors (from Wikipedia):
1. "Three months after a scene in which Moore approaches Goldman Sachs headquarters to reclaim taxpayers' funds, the bank was one of the ten that repaid part of the $68 billion received from the Troubled Asset Relief Program."
2. "Moore criticizes Wal-Mart for "dead peasant" policies, where the company canceled all 350,000 of such policies in 2000. However, Moore notes that the termination of the policies was covered in the presentation of facts and quotes in the closing credits."
- Wait - he made a claim during the movie, then corrects the erroneous claim in the credits. That's a weasel-move if ever I've seen one. Also... the problems were corrected by Wal-Mart in 2000; and the movie was released in 2009 - that's called digging up the past.
3. "The documentary criticizes Senator Christopher Dodd and other government officials for benefiting from exclusive financial programs; Moore lambasts Dodd in particular for predatory lending as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. The AP reported that the interest rates and fees involved were norms for the industry, and that the Senate's Select Committee on Ethics cleared Dodd ... of getting special treatments..."

Housing Bubble
Moore attributes the housing bubble to Greenspan and criticizes special interest rates for government officials. While I agree that the government officials should not receive special rates, Moore is dead wrong on what caused the housing bubble. In reality, the main contributing factors to the housing bubble:
- Fair Lending Act and Fair Housing act. While parts of these laws were absolutely needed, the damaging part was the mandate by the federal government to lenders - forcing them to lend to unqualified individuals - and "insuring" these unqualified loans with the federal government... an entity that is not known for its financial solvency.
- Market decline. A major part of the stock market was housing futures - and this part suffered with the rest of the stock market in 2008 & 2009. When so many of these companies were depending on stock yield for their profits... and stock yields lost money... the natural conclusion is that this part of the puzzle falls apart.
- Subprime mortgage industry collapse. For too long, subprime companies had been making risky loans to risky people. There's an old saying in the South - "if you play with snakes, you're gonna get bit." Well, these high risk companies met the high risk and got bit.

There are many other inaccuracies, but I suggest my readers read about them and look for them on their own. I'll point you in the right direction:
More on Moore's inaccuracies.

On a liberal film-maker

I've had a request to give some opinions and facts on film maker Michael Moore.

Some background - a few years ago, I got into a small bit of trouble on the job for saying "Michael Moore is an asinine idiot." That folks is an opinion that led my boss at the time to suggest I avoid political conversations on the job... a wise course of action to be sure (though that boss generally lacked wisdom - but that's another story).

Michael Moore produces independent films... usually political in nature. He is a self-described liberal and frequently uses his films to attack things I like: President Bush, "assault" weapons, capitalism, and the American health care system.

Let me shoot down some of his arguments with some facts:

1. Farenheit 9/11

- Moore attempts to link Bush to the attacks on the US. Such a suggestion is not only pitiful, it is rebutted by Moore himself, who in the later part of the movie criticizes the intelligence of the former President. So which is it, Mr.. Moore? Is Bush some scheming mastermind - or some idiot?

- Moore dedicates the movie to the men and women in the armed services - particularly those from Moore's hometown, Flint, MI. He also dedicates the film to "countless thousands of civilian victims of war as a result of United States military activities in Iraq and Afghanistan."
But, we have seen major news outrage recently over some Navy SEALs who punched a terrorist during the act of arresting him (lucky for him the SEALs didn't kill him - the SEALs are quite effective at eliminating the enemy). Our news jumps at the slightest injustice our boys and girls get accused of doing. This is proof in and of itself that the US military has not killed thousands of civilians.


2. Sicko

- Moore states there are 50 million Americans without health care. President Obama once claimed that, too... then he got called a liar for that and other false claims. Current realistic claims for numbers of uninsured Americans range from 17-25 million. Most of these people choose not to purchase heath insurance.

- Moore tries to portray other countries (that already have socialized medical coverage) as superior to the US system that is based in capitalism. This presentation was so inaccurate, it was immediately pounced on - by liberals and conservatives alike.
MTV's Kurt Loder criticized the film as presenting "cherry-picked facts, manipulative interviews, and unsubstantiated assertions" - according to the Wikipedia article on the film.
Also, we now know the socialized health care attempts of the UK and Canada are so disastrous, that both countries have major movements afoot to return health care to a purely capitalistic system.


3. Capitalism: A Love Story

- Moore assumes a posture of non-capitalism and claims it to be capitalism. Particularly, he focuses on government bailouts of companies as being wasteful spending of government money.
While I agree that the government spending on bailouts for companies is absolutely wrong, Moore is incorrect in what he presents as fact.
Government bailout is not capitalism - it is socialism. So the resulting economic collapse was not due to the failures of capitalism, it is due to the forced socialism that was turned to in an idiotic moment by our elected federal representatives and president.

- Moore certainly does not mind to utilize capitalism for his own means and ends. He is wealthy far beyond most Americans, yet he refuses to give the excess to the government... or even charity for that matter. He is so well off, he does not even know how much he pays in taxes, as demonstrated on a recent interview with Sean Hannity.


4. Bowling for Columbine

- This is the movie that started it all for Moore. He attempts to paint guns in a negative light. (uh-oh, you KNOW Usagi will have something to say about that!) He focuses on the horrible actions of the Columbine killers. He asserts that the American gun culture is to blame.
I suggest if that is the case, we blame the spoon and fork that Moore owns as being the culprits for making him fat. And the pen he uses is to blame for misspelled words. The list could go on...

- In the film, Moore ambushes Charlton Heston in an interview... asking him to apologize for his leadership role in the NRA. At that point, Heston took the high road and walked out of the interview.


I hope this answers any questions my readers might have on where I stand with regards to the film-maker. One note - you will not see where I call Moore a "documentary" film maker. He is not. To make a documentary, one records facts and events and presents them for what they are. Moore has a definite slant - despite attempts to make his films "look" like documentaries.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Some updates on some good legislation in TN:

First, HB 3125 - a rewrite of TN code 39-17-1305 so as to allow HCP holders to carry in restaurants that happen to serve alcohol - has passed out of the House Judiciary committee and is going to be moved on to be voted on in the State House and then Senate.

This bill is designed to slap two people in the face so-to-speak.
1) Chancellor Bonnyman, an activist Judge who attempted to use the position of judge to rewrite law last fall by striking down HB 0962 as "unconstitutionally vague." This bill removes the part of the law that prohibits carrying where alcohol is served, so that ruling cannot hold.
2) Randy Rayburn, business (restaurant & bar) owner. He put up a sign in one of his establishments that read "Guns - never; free parking - always." HB 3125 requires exact verbage quoting 39-17-1359 on the post for the post to hold weight of law.

Second, HB 0960 - allowing HCP holders to carry in all state, federal, and local parks. This is in the House judiciary committee. It looks promising. For the record, it is currently legal for HCP holders to carry in all federal and state parks, and all local parks where the local officials have not "opted out." This passed last year, and allowed local jurisdictions to "opt-out" if they wanted on allowing HCP holders to carry in the local parks.

The expectation was that only a few localities might opt out. A number of them did. And it became a mess very quickly. There are many places where local parks have opted out in one section, and not in another. Now the legislature is going to do this one correctly and disallow local preemptions as was needed with the original HCP legislation.

Third - HB 0770 - allowing HCP holders to carry handguns while bowhunting during the archery-only season - provided they do not kill the deer with the handgun. In recent years, enterprising criminals have been robbing bowhunters, as they know that bowhunters are prohibited from carrying firearms for personal defense. As a resonse, this bill was enacted, and signed into law by the Governor.

It takes effect in July and will be ready for this fall's bow-hunting season.

Funny note - Representative Janis Sontany (Democrat) really did not understand this one. She was recorded on tape asking why hunters would need their handguns if they already had a bow and arrow to kill the deer.
It was never about the harvesting of the game animal, Ms. Sontany. Duh.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Basketball Time

I rarely follow college or pro basketball until playoff time. That time is now.

As I mentioned in this post, the NCAA has predictably been most disrespectful to many teams in the tournament this year... most notably Arkansas-Pine Bluff and Winthrop who WON their conference championships - GUARANTEEING them a tournament berth.

Many other teams were unable to win their conference to earn an automatic bid, and had to gain entry to the tournament via an invitation at-large - based on the hopes of a few people within the NCAA championship selection committee that their presence would liven up the tournament.

For those who will not read my previous post, I suggest the NCAA seed the Conference Champions never any lower than a 12 seed. The play-in game should be between the two last at-large bids.

I really think they should give seeds out, in order based on conference RPI - meaning that conference champions would have the seeds from #1 - #8 only. Then start awarding the last two #8 seeds, and all others thereafter, in order of team's place in the top 25 poll, then RPI standings.

That would make for some dynamic #8 vs. #9 match-ups in the first round, and some excellent second-round games, too.

And the small schools, like my beloved UTC, would be able to get a fair shake and win a few games more often than once a quarter-century.

The best thing is, the best school each year would still win the championship.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Back in the saddle again.

Today I started at my new job. Quite uneventful. Definitely information overload. Good first impression - everybody was really nice and I think I will like the place.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More wacky hiring practices

As I wrap up my job search, I am prone to reflect on the recent wave of interviews I've been on.

Despite the bad economy, I've managed to score dozens of interviews - on the phone and in person. Ive sent in a resume over 1000 times. I have observed a few trends:

- Many companies don't really know what they want.
This is made worse by the fact that they also have a concept of the "bad economy" ringing in their ears. Makes it difficult to determine what they want. The primary indicator of this is when a company interviews you several times, then turns you down, then re-posts the position.

- Many companies want to under-employ people right now.
They prey on the evening news horror stories of the economy and desperate folks who are without a job... and maybe have been for a year or more... and then take the first thing that comes along. These employers are offering lower wages than they should, and are going after higher quality talent than they would normally be able to get away with. This will bite them - but it might take a year or two.

- Most people do not know how to interview.
There is often no game-plan, or a very skeletal one, at best. They just want to find someone they "click" with. Here's a hint job-hunters: try to secure an interview towards the end to make a better-lasting impression. Folks often hire the last better than average candidate they speak with.

- Too many companies play stupid hiring games.
I have borrowed a saying that states "play stupid games, win stupid prizes." That's exactly what these bozos will get when they play the stupid hiring games. In sales, they often want you to show them the sales process during the interview process... but they don't tell you - you've gotta figure that out. These are also the ones that will interview you a few times, then post the position again... and again.

- Many companies are embarrassed by the salary they offer.
And they should be, given the talent level of the candidates they call. I don't understand what is wrong with putting your salary range out there for folks to see. Those that want a salary in that range will apply. Those that don't want that salary range won't apply.

- Many hiring managers have their minds made up before the interview.
About whether you are a fit. About what you did. About everything. They are not fact finding - they are looking for reasons not to hire you.

- Many posted positions really do not exist.
I would venture at least 25% do not exist. Maybe closer to 50%. That number rises dramatically with recruiters, placement agencies, and employment companies. Exceptions to the last part (and refreshingly so) are Manpower a very few local firms.
Here's a Craigslist posting about just one such firm.

Great blog post on sales

Since sales is my chosen profession, I do hear occasionally from folks who hold a general disdain for sales in general.

Here is a blog post about just that topic. I would like to post the three biggest points of that post here:
1. Bad sales people have mouths but no ears.
2. Bad sales people start closing when they say hello.
3. Bad sales people covet quick cash.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The night that wasn't

My friend and fellow blogger, Right-Minded, was nice enough to invite me to go to Starbucks with him last night. The catch? I was to open carry. We decided in advance to blog of the happenings, or lack thereof.

- Right Minded is a good friend to the 2nd Amendment. Never-mind the fact that he is not a frequent shooter.
- Starbucks is good. This was my first trip to one. I've had their coffee before (always liked it), and now I see why they can not only survive, but thrive on overpriced luxury items.
- To my knowledge, there was only one person that noticed... and he didn't seem to really mind, despite the fact that he did do a double-take.
- Right Minded is a sneaky guy - he intentionally sat at the table such that I would have to be seated in such a way as to have my GLOCK open to view to the entire store.

Politics and Fishing

I never thought I'd see the day when Politics and Fishing were mixed. Unfortunately, our dear leader has decided to do just that.

Link to article.

It seems the Obama administration will accept no more public input for a federal strategy that could prohibit U.S. citizens from fishing certain areas.

This guy is just plain power-hungry. He sees government as a tool to control every aspect of life. That mindset is not only wrong, it is dangerous.

Remember, we vote this November. Not for President, but for Congress - who still have equal power under the Constitution. We need to make sure that the Executive Branches power is nullified.

Monday, March 8, 2010

When an accidental KO is funny

OK, I stumbled across this one tonight.

It is a video of a technique instructional. The technique is a shoulder choke (sometimes called a "Von Flue" choke) to counter an opponent's guillotine choke.

As the nice lady is explaining the technique and gradually increasing the pressure, her partner passes out.


Normally, one taps out before passing out. This lets the practitioner know that they have successfully applied the technique. However, with some chokes, the effects build up, and can occasionally sneak up on a person so that they accidentally go to sleep.

I have been telling students for many years that a correct choke does not hurt at all. Here is yet more proof.

A couple of reflections on legal carry...

As my career search winds down, I reflected today on some facts of legal carry of firearms - specifically concealed carry as it relates to job interviews, and open carry in my immediate future.

I had another holdout interview. It is not likely I will take that position, but I did not know that until I attended the interview. I carried concealed today - as I have on every interview since being laid off back in November, save two.

The two interviews I did not carry were one in Milwaukee, WI, back in December; and in Rochester, NY at the end of February. Wisconsin does not provide for concealed carry, and I am unsure if a non-resident can open-carry. Plus, I wanted the job, and flying with firearms is a pain in the neck - so my GLOCK stayed home. New York does not reciprocate with Tennessee as far as carry permits are concerned, and once again, flying with firearms is a pain.

Otherwise, I carried in every interview I went on. I have another holdout interview Wednesday and I will carry there (I already know the property does not post).

I wonder if anybody knew?

The GLOCK hides really nicely inside my waistband and under the suit coat.

I wonder if any of the interviewers would view me differently if they knew I was carrying?


Tonight, I have plans to meet up with Right Minded at Starbucks. He wants me to open carry, so that we can test the recent decision by Starbucks corporate to allow persons carrying legally to do so in their restaurants.

I've never been to Starbucks. I have had several of their coffees - all of them were quite tasty.

I have open-carried, but I usually reserve that for Wal-Mart of for appropriate political rallies.

I wonder what is going on in Right Minded's mind right now? Is he excited? Nervous? Curious? I know he is a true friend to the 2nd Amendment, though not as excited about "boomsticks" as I have been reported to be.

Will this be the last straw that pushes Right Minded to get his carry permit? Take his son shooting?

Will we have an uneventful evening and will he be underwhelmed? (Likely - at least the "uneventful" part... I hope!)

What will he post about after the fact? I am sure a lot of that will depend on what happens tonight. Or what doesn't.

Most people don't realize that 99.99% of the time people carry, nothing happens. It's that other small portion, however, that tends to make news.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Again, so far off, it is almost funny...

An article in the Huffington Post claims that the AR15 market came to a screeching halt last year.


The claim is that people just stopped buying AR15's after mid-year, leaving gun dealers and manufacturers high and dry.

>>> Usagi laughs hard - rolling on the floor, then picks himself up to say: <<<

Wanna know a little secret?

>>>Usagi speaks in hushed tones >>>
If, in fact, people stopped buying AR15's last year, it was because demand was through the roof. All of them might well have been bought up. Popular manufacturers like Colt, Bushmaster, DPMS, and Rock River had 3-6 month waiting lists for the rifles.

All of those companies (and many others - too numerous to name in one post) posted record sales numbers and profits.
<<< Hushed tones end <<<

We are just now seeing prices and supply levels back to the same point as late 2007 / early 2008.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Calling out the Media

Interesting story here. Nashville's Channel 4 ran a story on an event attended by numerous lawmakers today.


The "journalist" slanted the story to be an "expose" of lawmakers "skipping" out of their legislative duties.

And the slant was absolutely wrong.

This event has been planned for over three months. There was a similar event last year. There were more elected officials present than just certain state lawmakers. The list goes on with regards to the inaccuracies of this story as presented by Chanel 4.

You can read a response from the owner of Hero-Gear (one of the sponsors of the event) at this link (for a time - archives stories after 90-days). In case it gets pulled, I have copied and pasted the response below:

Response by Joe Lundberg of Hero Gear (a really nice guy and terrific supporter of our 2nd amendment rights):
My response:
This is the 4th year we have put this event on for our leaders in Nashville.
We had a good turn out of perhaps 60 brave State Reps/Senators/Commissioners, to include the Speaker of the House, as well as Zack Wamp, and the Adjutant General, Major General Haston.
* 75+ were scheduled to attend, but several lawmakers and even a few sponsors back out at the last minute to avoid the anticipated negative press....thanks for sticking to your guns, guys....

Disregard ANYTHING you have read or heard from our liberal media "friends"
This is an annual event, and one that had been planned for OVER 3 months.
This was not some impromptu event meant to delay all of the "good work" being done in Nashville.

Purpose of this event?
- Showcase the very unique training environment and relationship between the U.S. Air Force, and the TN National Guard.
Many do not understand that the Volunteer Training Site is located on Federal property, owned by the Dept. of the Air Force, but occupied and managed by the TN National Guard.
This is a rare example of State/Federal working together in a positive manner.

- Showcase the unique mission and capabilities of AEDC.
In this time of Federal spending cuts, its very important that our TN lawmakers understand how vital AEDC is to our economy here in TN, and the future strength of our military.
There are talks of AEDC being on the chopping block in the coming year/s so it is important that we have Nashville on our side should Washington decide to kill the base and their research programs.

- Demonstrate the POSITIVE aspects of firearms ownership and use in a controlled setting.
You would be amazed at how many of our leaders have never fired a gun, nor understand the rights of gun ownership.
Everyone we had on our range left better educated on the importance of gun rights/ownership, and hopefully (maybe im dreaming...) are in a better position to make fact-based votes next time a gun bill hits the floor.

With all of that said; its frustrating to see a lot of hard work and grassroots efforts slanted into something as simple as "A bunch of Reps played hooky"

These events are VERY expensive to put on, but just like the NRA and FoNRA events we sponsor, the money is well spent in my opinion.

One last observation;
You guys ever get tired of seeing the "pro-gun" guys they put in front of the camera?
You know, the one that lives in a trailer, hasnt had a shower in 2 weeks, thinks the aliens are coming to steal his pokemon cards, and flies a rebel flag in the back window of his POS truck?

The statement that
"Channel 4 was unable to speak with the representatives by deadline."
is a total lie.

Not only was I available for comment, but I spent several hours with Channel 4 on my range, and spoke with them in great length, helping them get the shots they needed, and offering to help them with their story.
The facts are; they are not interested in putting pro-gun people that dont look like morons in front of the camera.

"So, Mr. Lundberg, you are a 20 Vet of the Military, a small business owner here in TN, a family man, and a community leader?"
"Yeah, I dont think we have enough time to interview you for this segment...."

Folks, be wary of anything you see on TV.

God & Guns

Here's a link to a really neat video article on Gabe Suarez - noted firearms training expert - as done by the 700 Club.


Very inspirational.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Big case coming up

Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will hear the McDonald vs. Chicago case.

In short, this case challenges Chicago's gun restrictions. The thinking on all the gun blogs and websites is that we will have another 5-4 decision, like Heller.

The difference is that if Chicago loses, then that precedent will likely make all city and state gun restrictions ease up, to the extent that the court rules.

I, of course, am hoping for a complete and total loss... so as to prevent cities and states from restricting gun ownership beyond what the Federal Government already does.

Non-gun person at a carry permit class

Fun story from South Carolina.

Link to story.

Either we just got a good dose of what somebody feels like when they are not a gun-nut (yet), or one reported had a very crafty way of getting her newspaper to pay for her concealed carry permit in South Carolina.

Either way, it is a good read and I suggest it for all those who are not as "into" guns as I am.

Beat to the punch

As painful as this will be to admit, Right Minded beat me to the punch on a 2nd Amendment Story.

The story? Starbucks has openly endorsed having open-carry handguns in their stores... provided folks carry legally according to their state or local laws.

And I have no excuse, as I read about the same story two weeks ago on Massad Ayoob's blog (Mr. Ayoob is a noted gun expert).

Please accept my public apology for not being the first to break this.
In other news, I must now find a story on Phillies baseball or Memphis Tigers Basketball before Right Minded - just to return order to the universe.
Post Edit - I think I found Right Minded's source.