Thursday, December 31, 2015

Post Zero

It's all about the logic.

What so many people don't get is that I'm all about the logic. Make no mistake, I experience emotion, too - albeit on a much reduced scale than most. It's just that emotions do not drive my behavior.

This whole blog - all seven years and 100,000+ page views - has been my logical take on things. In the rare instance I feel something about a topic, I mention it in passing. But I realize that the vast majority of people are driven to action by their emotion.

Normally, if someone writes hundreds of words about something, it's because they are mad or sad, or insert emotion here. If you actually see me mad or sad, there's a 99% chance it's an act to motivate another person into doing something. Nothing written on this blog was motivated by emotion of any sort.

The only other driving force you will find is a sort of ocd about getting the proper information out there. Misinformation is something I cannot tolerate, and must be corrected. These days, it's fine if someone keeps at it with purposeful misinformation - I fully realize that they either have a "mission" to the contrary of logic (often rooted in rebellion) or are a troll.

So, for clarity and fairness, I shall name this entry - "Post Zero"
If you want further clarification, send me an email and ask, I'll be happy to post about it.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christians & Guns

Luke 22:36 - HCSB
Then He said to them, “But now, whoever has a money-bag should take it, and also a traveling bag. And whoever doesn’t have a sword should sell his robe and buy one.

Recently, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Jr. openly encouraged students at Liberty University to get concealed carry permits and carry.

Recently, John Piper openly discouraged the carry of guns in church.

If you've read this blog even once before, you know how I feel... both about guns, as well as Piper. And if you haven't read this blog before, first - let me say welcome and thank you for reading, second - look at the opening Bible quote and guess which way I'm going with this.

It seems I disagree with Piper on, well, the whole Bible, and now on guns, too. Not surprising. And when he endorses Hillary or Bernie for president, we will add to the list.

For the record, I legally carry everywhere I go. If I cannot legally carry, then I don't go there. I legally carry at church. My pastor, the church staff, and the Elders know I carry. It is with their collective blessing, as well.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Say Wha...

Libtard on FB -
Crime is at an all time low. Im not worried about  crime. Im worried about about all the permit holders.

Because permit holders kill so many, but crime doesn't.

Monday, December 28, 2015

The Force Awakens Review

For those who care, this post will have spoilers.

I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens with my family on opening night. It was a fun movie. Probably about the most entertaining movie of 2015. It WAS the first Star Wars movie my children had seen in a theater. Here are some of my random thoughts on it:

Yes, there was a sense of feminist propaganda in it. Find me a movie these days that doesn't feature that. I took it as an opportunity to teach my kids about what's realistic. If you feel the movie shouldn't be seen because of the feminist BS (at least two major manosphere blogs denounced the movie for same), then why overlook the fact that so much more of the movie is BS - lightsabers, the Force, FTL space travel, laser guns, etc., etc., etc.

The reason I go to see a movie is to be entertained. One thing I find entertaining is to see something I don't see every day.  This movie does that.

It was slightly troublesome that a Force initiate was somehow able to hone Force abilities that it took Jedi years of training to accomplish. But the plot hole was needed to move the story forward in the direction it's going.

Kylo Ren - one minute he's a badass, the next, he loses command of the force with only minor distraction. I can forgive him losing command of the Force after stabbing his father, Han Solo. That has to be an emotional moment for anyone. Further, I can see him losing some command of the Force to anticipate Chewie's blaster bolt. Then he's injured, so I can buy it that the injury distracts him some... but not as much as it did. A stormtrooper shouldn't have cracked his defenses in a sword battle. A Force initiate shouldn't have had more power in the Force. There's no way Rey should have bested him in a duel (hello - Luke vs. Vader 1).

Abrams stuck with x-wings for the default good guy ships. I like that. You immediately knew which ships were good and which were bad in a fast moving fight scene.

Don't piss off a wookie. Accurate depiction in my mind of what would happen if you did.

I suspect Luke is Rey's father. If not, she is Han and Leia's daughter. Failing that, she is Obi-Wan Kenobi's granddaughter.

I really didn't like that Kylo Ren's lightsaber didn't have crisp edges. I know the intent was to give it a flaming, edgy look. Just not my favorite. It needed to be crisp like other sabers.

- Captain Phasma has a greater role in the next movie.
- Snoke is really a small creature, not 3 stories tall.
- The series culminates with a lightsaber battle of Luke & Leia & Rey vs. Kylo Ren & Snoke.
- The Millennium Falcon gets destroyed... but a new (similar) ship is introduced.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

New Tables

Christmas is upon us. I am reminded of a story from my childhood.

I was a boy of ten or twelve. At that time, Pops was really enamored with woodworking. He still is, but can only do so much these days. Anyways, we were out shopping one day, and we came across a set of tables like the one pictured. The set of four plus the stand was priced around $50. Quite a tab for the mid-1980's.

Pops looked at the display tables. He picked them up, opened them, looked at them from every angle, and also looked at the carrier. To say he looked at them is a disservice. Pops analyzed these tables from every angle. He was studying them the way a gemstone expert might evaluate a rare and priceless diamond.

Later that day, we went to the Home Depot, and Pops purchased several batches of wood and other supplies.

Over the next few weeks, he busied himself in his workshop, building away. The saws buzzed, the drill whirled, and the hammer banged.

The weekend before Christmas, my family hosted a party. We had several families over. A dozen, perhaps? Toward the end of the gathering, gifts were exchanged. Pops went to his room and pulled out a set of four TV dinner tables, plus a carrier, for each family. There were "oohs" and "ahhhs." The men weren't having any of it, as they said the gift was too expensive!

Even as a boy, I understood that these people thought Pops had purchased these tables at a store for them. That was a compliment as they could not tell that the tables he gave them were hand made. The tables worked perfectly and actually looked better than the ones at the store. Surely, he had spent over $500 buying gifts for them all, they must have thought.

Little did they know that he had spent only a fraction of that. Maybe $50 in materials for the entire lot of it. And the joy he had in building them added to the benefit of knowing he had pleased his guests with a useful gift. The satisfaction and pride of having his handiwork be confused for a premium item from a major retailer had to boost his self esteem. All of it combined for a tremendous joy of giving.

Some years later, one of the guests - a close, personal friend of the family - learned that Pops had built the tables. They thought that surely he was playing a prank on them by even suggesting that. But we verified it for him, and the secret was out. In the end, I think it added to the value of the gift for that family - knowing that my father had put so much personal time and effort into constructing something they used with great frequency.

There are several great things to take from this story, what did you take from it?

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Attack From The Top

 Lefty has a good article on President Obama's absolutely asinine "method" of "fighting" terrorism.

After reading that article, a friend of mine pointed out that Obama seems completely detached from reality. Of course, most liberals are detached from reality.

But I have a different theory... one that explains Obama's every action exactly and without fail.

Imagine that you genuinely hated America and everything that the US has been and has stood for over its 200+ year existence. Now imagine that you have been thrust into a position to do something about it. And finally, imagine that you wish to destroy America, but you want to give at least a half-assed cover story so as to prevent a civil war. A civil war you'd most certainly lose - so you have to prevent it.

If a person looks at Obama's actions under that light, then everything he does makes sense.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Liberals Always Change The Topic

A recent written conversation was observed:

Infidel Patriot - I'm as wary of the real threat the militant Muslims bring as anybody out there. Regardless, we cannot sell out our rights for perceived security. On this (freedom of religion) or any other right. That said, a moratorium on immigration is not selling out any rights and would make perfect sense at this time.

Liberal Idiot - That makes absolutely no sense. By that reasoning, white men should have been outlawed by now based on all the bombings and mass shootings they've done...but no one talks about that.

Now, clearly, the first comment has to do with not allowing Muslim refugees or immigrants into the US, at least for a time, due to concerns over jihadist activity. A rational comment would address that topic. But here, the Liberal Idiot (LI for short) intentionally changes the topic to avoid discussion of whether a refugee moratorium is needed. Classic emotional response as opposed to rational.

You expect a young child to change the topic when she is in the wrong. It would explain a lot to presume that liberals simply have the mentality of said child. In fact, it could explain almost everything they do or say.

If you find comments like this in your social media feeds, ignore them, or force the issue at hand. Do not let yourself be pulled into their rhetoric. Force logical argument. Or simply dismiss the comments as irrelevant.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Obama Word Twisting

From a friend on Facebook -
Im not an Obama fan but from what I see people posting, you clearly didn't listen to his speech. Seriously, why make posts without facts. I get that people hate him, which I'm sorry you have room for hatred, but twisting and adding words makes it false. Maybe I heard it differently, but I know for a fact he said nothing about taking away our guns, he definitely called out the muslim community to handle their radicals and work with us to stop them. I get that you dont like him, i dont either, but don't just make shit up to push your agenda, it makes you just a dumb. On the other hand props to the Australian Prime Minister, she definitely has a pair!

I get all of these points. I don't agree with them, but I do understand where they come from.

The main sticky point here is one of semantics. When Obama and his ilk speak of making it harder for some people to get guns, he ultimately means he wants to make it harder for you to get guns.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Liberal Prayer

Why are do many liberals and feminists turning atheist? Here are some possibilities:

- Attention. You could probably end the discussion here if you wanted.

- Popularity. It's becoming the "in" thing with their ilk.

- Rebellion. It goes against the established way things have always worked.

- Unanswered prayers. Like the meme here, they only pray when there's an active shooter. They pray the shooter is a militia member (hasn't happened), or just a white Christian NRA member (also hasn't happened).

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Lies They Want You To Believe

A post observed on FB -
My son just asked me why my stomach was so big...I told him it was because I was fat...I then followed it with it's because him and his brother ruined my body....probably not the most diplomatic answer, but I have always taught my children to be honest so I should display that for them, right?

The problem is, that answer is not accurate, and she knows it. Sure, her stomach is big because she is fat. But she is not fat because of having children. She is fat because of a refusal to eat right and exercise.

But, this is a liberal we are dealing with... so, very soon, it will be because of the high-capacity assault forks.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Even More Training

Recently, I attended another training class. This one on breaching and clearing  (again, for me), as well as shooting while moving.

Breaching and clearing
Breaching and clearing went much as before, but with some twists. This instructor has among his credentials, time spent teaching CQB to Navy SEALs. So he had a few more techniques at his disposal that the students were familiarized with. In addition to button hooks and modified breaching - which comprised all of what we had done before - we were taught "Israeli Limited" entry. This is a good option if there are only two operators.

Israeli Limited
Israeli Limited also works with teams of 3 or more, and I like it so much that I think it should be a standard tactic of all fire teams. In fact, I think it should be the default tactic of a fire team. It's even more aggressive than standard same-side entry, and actually safer for the operator at the same time. However, Israeli Limited might not be appropriate if the room to enter has an open doorway.

Areas of Responsibility
Also covered was a modification of areas of responsibility. Typically, a left-right-center or a right-left-center would be the rule of thumb. However, when clearing a large or long room, another tactic might be to go left-center-right (or right-center-left). The catch is that the 2nd operator must not get caught in "the funnel." If the first man goes left, and the second man goes center, but sees contact (an enemy) to the right, then he must shift midstream and apply force to the enemy. The third operator must then take center, reacting to the actions of the second operator.

Coin Drill
Also, we covered shooting and moving. First drill was to walk forward with our rifle pointed at the target while balancing a coin. If the coin dropped,  you stopped at that place.  We did this drill until most of the students could move the entire 20 yards without dropping the coin. I made the entire 20-yard trip without fail all four times.

Shoot & move
We did a drill where seven shooters lined up. On command, the shooters would steady walk toward the target and fire when commanded. One might fire 5-15 rounds per drill. Sometimes, the command was to "fire 2," or even "fire 3."

Sprint & shoot
We did a drill where we had to, on command, sprint several yards to cover, take cover, then fire three rounds at the target. I had fun with this.

I ran each drill with my SPR, my M16A4, and my M4. The A4 wore only iron sights. The SPR has an ACOG with piggyback red dot, and the M4 has a red dot.

Anti-social Socialists

The irony of American liberalism is this -

Everything liberals stand for is anti-social.
Every "opinion" liberals hold is anti-social.
Everything liberals value is anti-social.


Without society as we know it, there could not exist liberalism as we know it.
Our society protects its most defenseless - liberals.
Our society offers the luxury of liberalism - as liberalism is not a reflection of "survival of the fittest" in any form and would be destroyed in nature without the intervention of man.

So, the very society that offers them the only opportunity to be liberal is that against which they lash out with their anti-social behaviors, desires, and "values."

Or, as my mom used to say, liberals "bite the hand that feeds them."

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Left Has No Clue

And what's worse, they have no clue that they have no clue...
This was a discussion recently witnessed on FB -

Leftist - Who will make sure our drugs are safe?! Who will make sure our food is safe?

Reply - You are such a brave woman. I could never trust something that Republicans control to keep my drugs or food safe. You're definitely braver than I am!

Leftist - The FDA isnt a republican/democratic institution. I don't follow

Here, let me make it simple:

See that part that says "FEDERAL?" That means it is controlled by the government. The part of the government that passes laws (makes regulation) is the Congress. This means the FDA is controlled (regulated) by Congress. Congress is currently controlled by Republicans.

Oh, the poor leftist just doesn't get it.
They rarely do.

Friday, December 11, 2015

2A Quotes

In the wake of the Islamic terrorist attack in California, some of the following 2A Quotes were to be found on Facebook. All apply.

Laws prevent nothing.
All a law can do is punish something that has already happened. A law cannot prevent the next bad thing from happening.

A thief wants to steal from you.
A socialist democrat wants the government to steal from you.
See the difference?

Both liberty and tyranny can be too much for a person to handle.
Liberty is too much for a moron to handle.
Tyranny is too much for an intelligent person to handle.

It's so adorable when left-wing outlets try to pass themselves off as news and information.
Kind of like when my son used to put on a mask to play as Iron Man.
And both situations involve just as much make-believe.

Gun control never takes guns away from criminals.

Banning guns will not keep them out of the hands of criminals.

What's legal for the government yet not for the people is the Avenue by which tyranny will (not "might") take hold.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fat Ladies and Motorized Chairs II

I have documented before  Pops' altercations with fat ladies and their obsession with those motorized carts. Well, I saw that photo above, and was reminded of this recent interaction Pops had:

Pops was shopping. He was in a motorized cart. He had been shopping in this particular store for about 10 minutes, and had several items in the basket. Also in the basket was Pops' walking cane.

Reminder: Pops has no right foot (amputation mid-shin) and only half of his left foot (another amputation).

Pops was standing to reach an item placed up high, when suddenly - out of nowhere - a fat lady sneaks up and gets in his cart and drives off. She even takes his shopping items with her!

Pops chases her down. She begins all the excuses we have heard before... "oh, it's just so hard for me to walk," etc. Pops had not asked for an excuse, but the guilty often try to preemptively excuse their actions.

But Pops wasn't chasing her down to get the cart back, or anything like that. He picked up his walking cane.

"I just wanted to get my cane before you drove off too far," Pops said - pointing at his pant-leg which was pulled up, exposing his prosthetic leg & foot.

Some people have no shame.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Refugee Hypocrisy

There is much commentary these days on the Syrian refugee issue. Liberals making fun of Christians for not wanting more refugees. And Christians saying they don't want more refugees because of the danger.

As always, to understand the liberal point, one must remember that their mindset is the same as a young, emotional child. When one understand this, all of the rest of their points make a little bit more "sense." Add to that the concept that liberals simply wish to "rebel" against conservative ideas more than they wish to actually do anything else. So, they go around looking for conservative ideas, and then they try to "rationalize" a counterpoint.

All too often, the counter point has no rationale.

So lately, the Liberals have been blaming Christians for "not demonstrating love" - all because the Christians don't want to accept more refugees into the country, and risk further terrorist attacks.

Why the liberal argument holds no water.
If a person values the ability to murder an unborn child, yet wishes to preach about the humanitarianism of showing love to refugees, then their argument is completely invalid. Murder one group of people but you must show love to another? Hypocrisy anyone?

Liberals want our government to give the charity to these refugees. But, they don't want to give the charity themselves. This is nothing new.  Historically, liberals really don't want to give as much themselves; they just want the government to give, because the government must take from you first.

Liberals were never serious about wanting true Christian morality either. Otherwise, why did they  mock Christians   just weeks later?

Why the realist ideas to hold water.
It is a demonstration of love, to want to keep your family, friends, and society safe.

It might be true that Jesus Himself might have accepted the refugees. However, He is both all-knowing and all-powerful. Two qualities that humans do not possess. He would be able to tell who intended harm, and be able to do something about it beforehand. People do not have that ability.

There is no violation of Constitutional rights. While all people have fundamental human rights, non-citizens do not have American rights.

And really... why are liberals not holding Muslim countries' feet to the fire, and requiring them to take in refugees too? Where is the outrage there?

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Get Some Training

When different people see this group at the range...

The guy who is a novice - "You missed the bullseye."
He intentionally ignores the fact that if you wanted to, that bullseye would be no more... and he ignores that because he feels useless because he cannot.

The guy who has shot a fair amount, but never had training - "Dang! Been shooting all your life, too?"
This guy thinks the only way to get better is to shoot more - which is partially true. Still, he would never consider getting training.

The person who can shoot similarly - "What barrel / trigger?"
He knows you've trained. He has trained. He immediately knows which of you is better, but it doesn't matter... because he knows you are both on the same side, travelling the same path.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Liberal Hypocrisy, Episode 87

Liberals often cannot or refuse to see their own cases of hypocrisy. One on Facebook made these comments... totally unaware, I'm sure, of the irony.

Statement 1 -
(In response to the question of whether she would accept Syrian "refugees" into her home)
Yes I would. I've worked with the homeless and immigrant population. We have a guest bedroom and an office and I would love to, as an atheist, to extend grace to them, in a way that so many Christians would not.

Statement 2 -
Well, my mom has a way of inviting people to family get togethers without asking permission of the host. This is happened several holidays now with a random African immigrant named [redacted] coming to join in our celebrations.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Is It All A Mental Disorder?

A few days ago, my friend, Lefty, wrote a good article on some of  his random thoughts. The entire article was relevant. Many parts caught my attention, for differing reasons. One part of particular note that stood out to me -

I hate it when people compare liberalism to a mental illness. It’s a slam on the mentally ill. Mental illness is an actual medical condition that is often treatable with medication and/or psychotherapy. The mentally ill can’t help the way they are. Liberalism, on the other hand, is just plain willful stupidity that isn’t treatable.

Powerful statement.

In the past, I've gone on the record on this blog, Facebook, and Twitter, stating my opinion that liberalism is a mental disorder. So when I read Lefty's post, I immediately agreed... and disagreed. The logic centers in my brain were fired. I was at odds with myself, and being a logical individual, I must say that rarely happens. But why did that happen? Why did my logical brain both agree and disagree?

Usually, when "both sides" of an argument make sense, one side of the argument is shaded by having specific exclusions or parameters. However, on the surface, this did not seem the case, so I dug deeper. What I observed of liberals both in real life, as well as their online personalities, was definitely eye-opening.

It would seem that liberalism is a mental disorder, and simultaneously is not a mental disorder. How can that be? Simple... we must look at the motivations for being liberal. Of note, I found three major motivations for being liberal:

Willful Ignorance
Often, this is the educated person over the age of 30. Think college professors and the like. These people see facts, but just don't want to accept them, so they create a fantasy world wherein liberalism is the answer.

Some people are born smarter than others. We all learned this in elementary school. Some of the more mentally unfortunate wind up being liberals because when a person is more unintelligent,  they seem to be more emotional. Vice-versa is generally true, as well. Liberals often confuse the ideas of "I think" and "I feel" and this is your telltale sign.

Mental Illness
I'm not 100% sure yet if there are ranges of mental illness that predispose a person to liberalism, or if liberalism is a specific mental illness (or series of mental illnesses) but itself. Either way, the mental illness (which, as Lefty pointed out, is treatable) puts a person into a state of reduced mental capacity such that Stupidity or Willful Ignorance take place. The good news here is that the liberal condition can be remedied with the afore-mentioned treatments.

So, there you have it. My take on three types of liberal motivations. What say you?

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

What Side Arm?

If you came here looking for a pistol suggestion, then I'm afraid I've got some bad news.

In some recent group training classes I've attended, I've noticed a trend in the side arms worn by fellow Patriot gunfighters. Many men and women wear their concealed carry pistol as a primary sidearm with their battle load out. I wear a full size Smith & Wesson M&P as my battle load out side arm, and a S&W Shield as my concealed carry piece.

It would stand to reason that there are several reasons a person might use a single pistol for both purposes:
- Financial concerns. The gunfighter may only have funds for one sidearm at this time.
- Train like you fight. The gunfighter may not wish to burden himself with learning two different platforms. This makes a lot of sense if a person is concerned he may get the manipulations wrong in the heat of the moment.
- Platform uniformity. This idea is substantially similar to that of training like you fight. The major difference is that a battle load out often has multiple pistol magazines. Therefore, a shrewd gunfighter may decide to consolidate gear as well as training time on pistol manipulation.

Because I've spent considerable time training, and because I keep my platforms simple, I actually feel there's an advantage to having a large sidearm for battle load out, and a smaller gun for concealed carry. If I have to draw a pistol in battle, a lot of things have gone wrong, and I want as big a pistol with as many rounds as possible at my disposal. 

That said, there is also wisdom in using your concealed carry pistol as your battle side arm.

At the end of the day, this is a preference - the answer to which is both are right.

Same Old Song & Dance, My Friend

Yesterday there was another mass killing.

Again, it was perpetrated by a member of the "religion of peace."
Again, it was in a place with heavy gun restrictions.
Again, it was the centerpiece of a call for more gun control by the left.

And yet...

Again, the left wants more gun control.
Again, the left refuses to admit the threat posed by the "religion of peace."
Again, the left wants to take my guns and yours, despite the fact that we have never harmed anyone.

Well, I refuse to believe their rhetoric.

Again, there is no logic to it.
Again, it ignores facts.
Again, there is an underlying desire to control in their message.

Why would they be so wrong, so often?

Maybe it is willful ignorance.
Maybe it is plain stupidity.
Maybe it is an untreated mental illness.

But the truth is simple - regardless of the left's motivation for misleading propaganda, I refuse to gain facts from or lend credence to a person who is willfully ignorant, or stupid, or mentally ill.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dad Voice

It can be because dad has a louder voice... but that's not usually it.

It's because the kids know mom will only nag them again (no real punishment there), but dad will likely spank them.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

More Training

I participated in a training class a while back that covered breaching and clearing as well as serving as an introductory to fire team reconnaissance. It was attended by folks who had done patrolling as a prerequisite. There were 10 of us in the Recon class, and another 7 learning in a patrolling class nearby.

Recon work is a lot like patrolling. The main difference is to maintain noise and light discipline, and to remain undetected.

Our "mission" was to patrol with the intent to do reconnaissance, and we were learning under the cover of night. Upon making contact with a patrol squad, our team immediately dropped into a prone position in order to remain concealed.

Each man in our squad had a sector, or zone of fire / responsibility. It was a pie-shaped area to our front open to about 45 degrees.

We were to make observations -
How many were the "enemy"?
What Weaponry?
Noticeable traits (weaker team member / etc.)?
Who was the leader?
What seemed to be their target / objective?
Other obvious / important things of note? 

After we (successfully) completed our mission, the course took us to more breaching and clearing. We were in teams of five. Not a lot of new information here from my previous class. However, some important notes:

- If your team takes fire while exiting, wounded are to be pulled back deeper into the cleared structure.

- Watching a man breach and clear with an M1 Garand is truly a beautiful sight. Even more so when he uses the bayonet.

- Shoot. Move. Communicate.
It cannot be said enough.

- Don't get caught "in the funnel."
(Inside joke - sorry, sir... uh, I mean... sorry, f***er).