Wednesday, December 7, 2016

30 Questions

From  this source:
(With my answers)

1. Is there transcendence in intoxication?
Yes. A drunk mouth speaks a sober mind.

2. Is Rock dead?
Sadly, yes.

3. What is your purpose in life?
To crush my enemies. To see them driven before me. And to hear the lamentations of their women.

4. Was the 1944 Warsaw Uprising a mistake or a sacrifice with long-term recompense?
It was needed.

5. Why am I not a liberal?
Because I think.

6. Can one step into the same river twice?

7. How did my 18th century paternal great(xN)-grandfather look and what would we talk about if we met?
Looked a lot like me, but shorter. We would talk about why men aren't men anymore.

8. What is the most beautiful thing today?
Waking up to another glorious day.

9. What happened to all of the masculine Leftists?
There never were any. There cannot be.

10. What is the prettiest female name?
One that doesn't have a man's name imbedded.

11. What would an AltRighter’s public response be if he were for some reason victimized by nationalists?
Sure as hell wouldn't be whining.

12. What is the most elusive thing?

13. Do Islam and Mormonism have anything in common?
About half.

14. Is it wrong to have so few regrets?

15. Does haste ever not make waste?

16. What is white Supremacy — or White supremacy?
It's what it's name suggests.

17.Is art more perfect when true to life?

18. Are Mulattoes tragic?

19. Which popular song contains the most wisdom?
Only the good die young.

20. Will it be peaceful or bloody?
Depends on whether it's worth it.

21. Is there a foreign agent behind the racial cuckoldry?
Of course.

22. What is friendship?
Wanting to be around someone of the same gender for non-reproductive reasons.

23. “Grandpa, what did you do during White Genocide?”
Read the stories they wrote.

24. Have you ever journeyed into the Underworld and if so, what did you keep?
My mind.

25. What can a quadriplegic man do to live his best?
Same as a regular man: don't whine about it, do something.

26. Can a mudshark find redemption?

27. Have you ever scaled Olympus and if so, what did you keep?
My mind.

28. Should I be afraid of death?
Only if you are afraid of life.

29. How do we value something without it first having to be gone?
We cannot.

30. What do you want?
Life. Liberty. Pursuit of happiness.

Update - my answers got published on the original blog!

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