Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Make America Great Again

Found online: this photo with the following paragraph -
I was just thinking . . .

There are four living former Presidents (two Democrats and two Republicans) as well as the sitting President. None of them support Donald Trump. That's called bipartisanship.

Perhaps America should pay attention to the people who actually know what the job entails.

Yeah... because each of these guys did such a great job.

And while we are on the subject, what has bipartisanship brought America that Americans actually wanted???

Friday, May 27, 2016

3 Wrecks, 1 Week

Once I rented a car to a woman who had 3 wrecks in a single week. Over the weekend, she'd wrecked her car and she came in Monday morning to get her car in the shop, and get a rental vehicle. I rented her a car.

Her car was ready Friday afternoon. So, she dropped off the rental with me around 2 pm on Friday afternoon. I gave her a ride to the collision repair facility. About an hour later, I got a call from the collision repair facility. The same lady was needing another car.

I asked the Repair Writer if the shop had messed up the repair... some shops did, from time to time, miss some part of the repairs. No, I was told, she had been in another collision on the way home.

I picked her up from the shop, and rented her a car again.

In the process of turnig right onto the main road, she pulled out in front of someone and collided with them. She was, of course, in the rental vehicle at that moment.

Her 3rd collision in a week.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dear Feminists 3

Dear feminists,

"Feminism is about equality." Or so the saying goes. I don't buy it. I don't buy it because I can show you how feminism is not about equality.

Child Support / Alimony
All over, men are forced to pay alimony and / or child support to women who refuse to work, or are willfully underemployed. The anti-family courts consistently rule against men, regardless of her facts. Often, men are ruled against, regardless of their ability to pay.

Feminists ought to be calling for the elimination of such barbaric practices. Instead, they scream violently that men need to "man up."

"Man up" - feminist speak for requiring a man to do something that would be never asked of a woman, much less required of her.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dear Feminists 2

Dear feminists,

"Feminism is about equality." Or so the saying goes. I don't buy it. I don't buy it because I can show you how feminism is not about equality.

False Rape Accusations
Feminists want men accused of rape to lose all rights, regardless of the veracity of the allegations. So much for "innocent until proven guilty."

Meanwhile, women who destroy men's lives with false rape accusations, then later drop charges against him, rarely face prosecution. He might have been locked up for years, lost wages, his family broken up, or lost potential jobs, opportunities, etc. She walks away, scot-free.

If feminists were truly concerned about equality when it comes to justice, they would ostracize these women, and demand they face legal ramifications.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dear Feminists 1

Dear feminists,

"Feminism is about equality." Or so the saying goes. I don't buy it. I don't buy it because I can show you how feminism is not about equality.

Male Abortion
As things stand now, a woman may get an abortion if she doesn't want her child. If the father doesn't want an abortion, he is SOL. His son or daughter can be killed at the whim of the woman.

The other side of the coin, if a woman is pregnant, and the father doesn't want to be responsible for rearing a child, once again, he is SOL. It is solely up to the woman whether the child is killed for convenience. If the father doesn't wish to pay child support, he is SOL.

Some countries are investigating "male abortion" - the idea that a father can sign away his paternal rights, and in so doing, his responsibility to provide finances for the woman and child. Of course, feminists are screaming mad about the proposal. They want men to "man up."

"Man up" - feminist speak for requiring a man to do something that would be never asked of a woman, much less required of her.

If feminists were truly interested in equality, they would want these laws passed everywhere immediately,  so that no more men get trapped in the scam of child support.

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Myth of the Single Mom

There's a myth in America, and other "1st-world" countries. It's the myth of the single mom. Sure, there is the occasional widow... there always has been. But that's not the bulk of single mothers out there. Sure, there's the occasional wife who suffered physical abuse... there always has been. But again, that is not the bulk of single mothers out there.

Remember, too - it's not abuse until the man hits back.

Most single moms out there are single moms by their own choice. They chose to have sex, have a child, and then put their ex on the hook for the monetary support as awarded by the anti-family courts.
* Many of the women who have done this have done so with that singular goal in mind. They were out to scam a man from the beginning.
* Many other women in this situation are there because they fell for the lure of "Divorce Porn" - the modern pushing of acceptance of divorce as not only normal and healthy, but desirable in many cases.
* Many more women live with a "princess" entitlement mentality. They feel they deserve a "Prince Charming," and will leave their current man when he cannot be molded into one.

There are many more reasons women initiate divorce, to be sure, but these three make up the bulk of the reasons. Can you think of others?

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Thought of the Day

Almost all liberal responses could be honestly reinterpreted to convey the following two thoughts:

1. "There is no logical rebuttal to your conservative argument, so here's some feelz to the contrary."


2. "I have run out of logical retorts, so here is a red herring."

Friday, May 20, 2016

Combat Life Saver Recap

I recently attended a class by a friend and fellow patriot on combat first aid. This is the summary and review of that class.

The Instructor
Combat Medic - US Army

Topics covered include, but we're not limited to:
Basic triage
Casualty extraction
Overwhelming return fire
Fundamental diagnosis of wounds
Treatment of common combat wounds - gunshot, cuts, broken bones, etc.
Use of a tourniquet
Making a basic bandage
Making a basic splint
Clearing of airway - oral and nasal

At the end, we did a live simulation of a recon patrol being ambushed. Several team members were "injured" (kayfabe) according to design. Other team members had to provide cover fire and extract the casualties. Combat first aid was rendered.

Naturally, no live rounds were used, nor were participants actually shot at. Firecrackers and a smoke bomb were used to simulate the stressful environment, and a CS grenade was launched into the middle of the recon group to add realism to the scenario.

If you've never "sniffed" CS, you're really "missing out!" It sucks!

In SHTF situations, only.
If the enemy makes contact (shoots at you), and if someone on your team is shot, then the following guidelines apply:
1. Provide overwhelming firepower in return.
2. Analyze: if it's only a flesh wound, suck it up. Broken bones - chill. Arterial bleeding can kill, so take care of these, first and NOW. Apply a tourniquet. If a team member is not responsive and shows no pulse / breathing, go back to overwhelming firepower or the next casualty.
3. Nearest able-bodied team member needs to render aid. If possible, avoid using specialty role team members.
4. Using overwhelming return fire, move the victim to cover for more complete first aid.
5. After the threat has been eliminated, or when the team leader decides it is time to retreat, move the casualties to a safe location - preferably one with superior medical care.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, a course is made or broken with the instructor. This instructor is among a very few from whom I prefer to learn above all others. Some instructors are heavy on theory and / or knowledge, but have little or no practical experience... this instructor was NOT one of those. I'm not sure his detailed history, as it is impolite to ask, but 90 seconds in, you realize he was a combat medic and saw stuff that many civilians cannot imagine.

Great balance of practical knowledge instruction, and hands-on application. This instructor's mantra is "you don't get it after only practicing it 3 times." He's right. He throws timely reviews in place to keep attendees focused on the major topics instead of getting derailed on minor bunny-trails.

The buzz after the live exercise was electric. All at the same time, you had attendees who were ecstatic, depressed, amped, discouraged, and all of them were ready for more. Any negative feelings were there because of a participant being unhappy with his own performance. It was shocking, but at the same time, intoxicating. EVERYONE wanted a "round 2."

This was the second time I've had the honor of taking this class, and you'd better believe I'll be there the next time there is one available.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Movie Review - Captain America: Civil War

Recently, I took my children to see Captain America: Civil War. It was a good flick, as I've come to expect from Marvel. If you haven't seen it, you will want to stop reading right here. Spoiler Alert.

The underlying theme was centered around gun control. Not literally, as most of Marvel's superheroes do not use firearms. But figuratively, as events in this film and prior films lead to the UN wanting control of the Avengers group. Of course, some of the Avengers agree, and some do not.

On one side, there was Iron Man. Tony Stark was approached by a lady who blamed him for the death of her son during events of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Stark, ridden with guilt, wants the Avengers to be "registered" by the UN, and only allowed to operate within the guidelines and at the orders of the UN. Gun control.

On the other side was Captain America. Steve Rogers felt that freedom to operate was critical to the successes the Avengers had been experiencing. Furthermore, he argues that had the Avengers not acted, things would have been worse than they were. Gun freedom.

Of course, there were plenty of superhero fights. Some folks don't like others. Some stay true to friends. And sometimes, friends found themselves on opposite ends of the issue.

Overall, I felt the movie was pretty good, and avoided taking sides. In a twist of irony, the gun freedom Avengers found themselves to be "outlaws" by the end of the movie. As the old saying goes: "when guns are outlawed, I'll be an outlaw."

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Shooting Challenges

Recently, I instructed a  marksmanship clinic. My wife was one of the participants. She was impressed to be one of the few riflemen of the group, but I was not surprised. So, during a recent range trip, I gave her a few challenges. 

This was an evaluation she shot. She scored 45, the minimum score to be a Rifleman. However, this target was shot at 100 yards, not 50. So that means the target was to scale with a 600 yard target.

This was a 100 yard group she shot (on the same target - scaled 600 yards) using Federal 69 gr match ammo. Sub 2 MOA group.

This was a group she fired from 200 yards. Again, she used Federal 69 gr match ammo. Again, a sub 2 MOA group.

Now that we had her precision down, we decided to do some other challenges.

Her first time shooting with a red dot. Even though it is not centered, the small group is proof she maintained the same sight picture each time. A few clicks of left windage and elevation would have had her dead center.

And next...

This is my wife's first time shooting with iron sights. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rifleman Evaluation

Some time back, I instructed a marksmanship clinic. A couple of astute readers noted that I did not shoot, yet there was an evaluation at the end. Just how would I fare in this evaluation?

I went to the range, and posted two 400m scaled targets. The evaluation I gave had a 300m and a 400m target, so this one was harder. In the clinic, shooters had upto 5 minutes to complete the evaluation. I limited myself to 30 seconds.

As you can see, perfect score. But what about the time? Less than 30 seconds:

* Perfect score
* Less than 30 seconds
* Harder evaluation.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Leftists Lie

Some conversations I've had in person this political season with leftists:

Gun Law
Leftist: "I supported  Makayla's Law and I think all reasonable gun owners do."

Usagi: "Nope. Not even close."

Leftist: "Why not? Do you not wish to punish parents that enable children to kill people?"

Usagi: "If we do start punishing people for things they didn't do, can I just make a law to punish you when someone gets shot with a gun?"

2nd Amendment
Leftist: "I believe in the 2nd Amendment. In the militia. In the right to bear arms."

Usagi: "Cool! I belong to a militia. Wanna join?!"


Leftist: "Would you consider voting for me? I'm in need of some Republican supporters."

Usagi: "Then you came to the wrong person."

Presidential Politics
Leftist: "I can't imagine any intelligent people voting for Trump. Now you, Usagi, you're a pretty smart guy. Who did you vote for in the Primary? Carson? Kasich?"

Usagi: "Make America Great Again."


Friday, May 13, 2016

The "Final" Excuse

"Usagi, the government can kill you if they want. They have more manpower. If you have a gun, they have 100 guns... bigger guns. They can drone strike you. They have air support. If they want you dead, then there's really nothing you can do about that."

- several people I've met over the years.

To an extent, this statement is true. But, it ignores several crucial fact. Most notable, the government and elites need a populace that will support them. They are not hunters, farmers, or fighters. They cannot survive on their own. They must live off of the work of others.

This meme sums it up well.

Want to know a secret?
The government could kill us all. But they don't dare. Not for fear of retribution, but for fear of having to do all the things man has done for thousands of years. Things they are not equipped to do: hunting, fishing, farming, building, working, fighting.

The tool they are forced to use is occasional violence and much intimidation. The problem comes if they use too much violence or if they fail to intimidate. If either of those happens, their workforce is gone.

"Militia" is only a bad word if you are a tyrant. Why? Because the formation of a militia indicates the beginning of the end of intimidation. And carried to its logical conclusion, it could lead to the level of violence that the elites dare not risk.

Lately, the US government has been allowing ISIS to do the dirty work of intimidation. It would not be surprising if the government under current "leadership" actually allowed a terrorist attack on US soil between now and the election. This could have the effect of frightening more people into believing that more government is the solution.

Or, it might just awaken enough people to the reality of the fact that the government is not here to protect the US citizenry.

Militias, Oath Keepers, and 3%ers are ready for just such a threat. Prepared to meet all enemies - foreign or domestic - to defend family, friends and country. If you do not already belong to just such an organization, you should consider changing that.

The lone wolf will have the hardest time surviving, but the pack of wolves will be strong.

MT3 / Wolf Pack / WQRT / DM

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Unicorn Hunting

Ok, watch my buddy, Tommy, do a commercial for ammoatcost.com
Tell me this isn't the funniest thing you've seen all day:

By the way, Tommy does not normally speak with an Australian accent that occasionally dips into North London.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Reload Drills

Do you practice reload drills?
You should.

My friends Jeff on your left and Chris on your right. Can you reload that fast?

Talking With Teenagers

"Girls mature faster than boys."

Ok, that statement is not completely accurate. A better way of saying it would be:
"Girls mature earlier than boys."

This is acknowledged fact. But there are always two sides to every coin. Here's what's not said, but what is still true:
* Girls also stop maturing earlier than boys. They are usually done by age 20.
* Men continue to mature into their 30's, 40's, and beyond.
* Women have a greater emotional intellect.
* Men have a greater logical intellect.

Many Red Pill sources have claimed that a man should talk to a woman as though she were about 20, regardless of her actual age. This works wonders, and I utilize it myself to great success. I was reminded about the same during a recent conversation at church.

We were between early service and late service. Several of the teen / early 20's guys were hanging around, talking cars. I like cars, too - as does a fellow member of the security team. So we spoke with them for a while. Speaking with these young men was no different than speaking to 50 year old female clients, with the obvious exception of particular tastes and interests.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Wage Gap Shenanigans

Recently,  this article on the "Wage Gap" came up in my Facebook feed. I read it, and had a few takes on it. So here goes, by category... by category of my take on it, that is!

We all know "Wage Gap" is a myth. It has been debunked over and over, by reputable outlets,  including Forbes -
The official Bureau of Labor Department statistics show that the median earnings of full-time female workers is 77 percent of the median earnings of full-time male workers. But that is very different than “77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men."

Well, women in the workplace don't even do 77% of the work, so in my estimation, they are still being overpaid!

From the original article: "Ladies, you can officially not feel bad for those long lunches or that extra Facebook break."
You know, that really doesn't help your cause... pointing out that you actually don't do as much work as men.

Peanut Gallery
And my personal favorite, from the comments -
Women need a clock to calculate 79% of 8 hours for them (roughly 6 hours and 20 minutes by the way)? It couldn't possibly be the disparity in math skill that explains the wage gap, could it?

Monday, May 9, 2016

When I Became A Muslim

Did I ever tell you about the time I became a muslim?
Well, pull up a chair and listen to this. Or read it. Whatever your pleasure.

As you probably know, I read Return of Kings - pretty much on a daily basis. A man in question ("MIQ") knew spring of last year that I read it. I sent him a link! I sent him the link in front of a witness ("Mr. Alighieri"), who also reads ROK.

Recently, ROK scheduled a meetup, which was attacked by feminists and social justice warriors. The meetings were eventually "cancelled." However, when MIQ and his girlfriend (38 years old, never married, no kids - read into that what you will) got wind of it, they wanted to meet the ROK readers with arms. I politely advised I would be in the ROK group and would similarly be armed. This set off the girlfriend.

Behind the scenes, she whined, complained, and raised cain. Things were stirred up, and family was brought in, and much ado was made of nothing. At one point, one family member - with whom I am friends on that wonderful social media outlet, Facebook - saw the above punisher logo. Seeing the Arabic letters, alarm was raised.

Taking things to the extreme, as idiots do, MIQ made the following connection:
Roosh V owns ROK.
Roosh V = Daryush Valizadeh
Daryush Valizadeh = sounds muslim. (Middle Eastern)
ROK = a way to spread the word about Islam!

When you make decisions based on your presumptions instead of facts, it tends to make you look like an ass.

MIQ certainly did... he emailed me to tell me he would have nothing more to do with me (what is this? grade school?). Specifically, he mentioned my "involvement in the 'Muslim Death Cult'."

Now, without a doubt, Islam is a death cult. No arguments there. However, that's where the facts end. Well, that and Roosh V = Daryush Valizadeh. Roosh certainly has middle eastern ancestry, but I cannot recall ever reading him preach Islam. In fact, ROK is frequently bashing Islam and pushing Christianity.

And with that ASSumption, he helped his girlfriend spread to the family that I was part of a Muslim Death Cult. That's why one saw the above photo and asked what it was... she thought it was some Islamic symbol. Folks, the Arabic letters there spell "kaffir" - or infidel. In other words, it's an American comic book symbol (the Punisher), making fun of Islam by openly claiming to be an infidel.

This was the same symbol made famous by US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. I don't think he was any part of a Muslim Death Cult. In fact, I think he shot those guys. Like 160 confirmed times.

So, that's the story of how I was once branded as being a muslim - by having a profile picture on Facebook that mocks Islam, of all things.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Reversed Priorities

If you don't see the problem with these two pictures, then please do not become a parent in  the near future.

Back in the old days, before female depression, obesity, and promiscuity were running rampant, people taught their daughters to be ladies. See, only a great fool tries to teach a fish to fly, then become upset when it cannot.

Back in the old days, before men trying to go to ladies' rooms, spiking male suicide rates, and the divorce corporation world, people taught their sons to be real men... which included being a badass if necessary. Again, only a great fool tries to teach a fish to fly.

Let's get back to men being men, women being women, and people being ok with that. Everybody will be much happier.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Quote of the Day

Who built civilization?

I don't think that was the question  Chateau Heartiste was trying to answer, but they answered it anyways. ZFG.

... the formula for building advanced civilizations was, for thousands of years, organized testosterone: do more shit, get more/better pussy and respect from your bros.

And that, dear readers, is how every major accomplishment has happened in the history of mankind.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Marksmanship Test

Recently, I came across  this link. Regardless your feelings on "militias," the marksmanship standards are decent. So, I decided to see if I was up to the task.

Course of Fire
50 yards
Three magazines, each prepped with 5 rounds. (15 rounds, total)
Standing: 5 rounds / kneeling: 5 rounds / prone: 5 rounds. Mag changes between positions.
Time: 45 seconds or less.
Target: 8.5 x 11 paper.

Hit = 3 points.
25 - 34 points = Marksman
35 - 39 points = Sharpshooter
40 - 45 points = Expert

Federal American Eagle 55-grain ammo.
No sling, no bipod, no rucksack.

I used my phone as a timer. I started the timer, set the phone aside to shoot, then picked the phone back up to turn the timer off. Total time was 39 seconds, so no time - reduction techniques were needed.

As you can see from the photo, I scored a perfect 45 points. 7 shots hit the 10-ring of this target: all five from prone, and two from kneeling. The final three shots from kneeling were shot in extreme pain, else they would have been in the 10-ring also.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Who Wants Kasich?

"I'm registered Republican. I'm not voting for Cruz or Trump. So I guess it's Kasich."
More of a protest vote, or do you prefer a brokered convention?
"Lesser of 3 evils."

- A Pennsylvania "Republican" just prior to the primary.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Marksmanship Clinic Review

This past weekend, I taught a marksmanship clinic to 31 Patriots. Even though rain threatened us all day, we didn't get any more than a couple of drops until cleanup at the end. Despite the constant cloud cover, a few participants got slight sunburns. Here is my review as an instructor. If a participant has a review, I will link to it here post-edit.

We started with a safety briefing, and defined what we would call a safe rifle for the day (magazine out, bolt back, safety on, rifle on the ground, nobody touching the rifle). Of course, everyone is a safety officer. If any participant sees something unsafe, they are to call out in a commanding voice, "cease fire!" Line commands were also reviewed, so as to familiarize the participants with the nomenclature.

We started with a brief talk about "Marksmanship: The American Martial Art," as well as why marksmanship is important. Then it was to the firing line to fire a 3-shot group at an Army 300 m target. Several participants were not zeroed, and so we had a brief discussion on how to adjust sights.

Measure the number of inches high/low and right/left from center of the target, and apply that many clicks elevation and windage. Precise? No. However, since we have not yet covered MOA or IMC, it was critical to get them going in the right direction, yet still be able to get instruction in.

Shooters were warned of the hazard of "chasing shots."

For much of the rest of the day, we would huddle up for instructions, and then go shoot 3-shot groups. Often, there were a couple of 3-shot groups fired back-to-back. After each string of fire, the line was made cold, and the Patriots moved forward to read their targets.

Topics covered centered around the phrase "Sight Picture, Trigger Squeeze, and the Big Lie." The big lie, of course, is that anything else matters. Sight picture not only refers to aiming correctly at the target, but also correct sight alignment, steady hold factors, breath control, natural point of aim, and where to focus your eye and mind. We discussed how to build a stable prone position using a rucksack, bipod, or even the magazine of the rifle. Trigger squeeze covered topics such as finger placement, smooth pull, follow-through, no dragging wood.

With all this instruction and shooting, lunch was on us very rapidly. We had a "working lunch" and the topic of MOA was covered. As lunch wrapped up, we moved to "Inches, Minutes, Clicks." Measure the inches away from your target that your shots were off by, Calculate the Minutes of Angle of that measurement, and apply that many clicks to your sighting system.

And we were back to the grind. We shot a bit more in the afternoon, by design. By this time, almost all of the Patriots were getting all three shots in the black.

Afternoon topics covered holdovers for elevation ("chest-head-hat") and windage ("1-2-3-4-5"). And while these were designed for a 200-yard zero, we also discussed similar for the 300-m zero used by the military, as a good portion of the participants used this zero. Also covered were implications of your zero at common ranges.

We wrapped up instruction with some ideas for accurizing your AR15 (all but a handful used the AR15 that day). These ideas included -
* good trigger
* free floating
* stainless steel barrel
* heavy barrel / fluted barrel
* good ammo

A few more 3-shot groups, and we were ready for the final evaluation of the day.

Final Exam
The final exam was easy - Patriots prepared a magazine with 10 rounds. A 300 m target and a 400 m target were posted. The Patriot fired 5 rounds at each target. The Patriot scored 4 points for a hit and 5 points for a hit in the circle. If a shot touched two scoring areas, the higher point value was used.
If a Patriot scored 29 points or more, they earned the designation, Marksman.
If a Patriot scored 38 points or more, they earned the designation, Sharpshooter.
If a Patriot score 45 - 50 points, they earned the designation, (Expert) Rifleman.

This is the target used. We shot at 50 yards, so this target was printed at 200% size for scale. 400 m targets were created by printing at 175% scale.

My wife and son shooting. No, I did not take these (or any) photographs, as I was running the line.

One Patriot's 5-shot group.

At the beginning of the day, only a handful of Patriots got their initial three shots all on target. Only four got all three shots in the circle. Just after lunch, nearly every Patriot was able to get all three shots on target.

In the end, here's how they scored:
9 Riflemen
12 Marksmen and Sharpshooters.
10 Did not qualify.

Of those that did not qualify, all of them had placed all three shots on the target earlier in the day. Fatigue was definitely setting in with several. A few others had experienced equipment malfunction. A couple had to leave early and did not get to shoot the qualifier. We ran two qualifiers.

My wife scored Rifleman (47 & 48)
My son scored Sharpshooter (38)

One Patriot, a young lady whom had never fired a rifle before that day, shot a 44 on her final qualifier - Sharpshooter. One point away from Rifleman. Oh, did I mention she had just put together her rifle and scope that morning?

Another Patriot had an initial group with all three shots completely off paper, scored a perfect 50 on both qualifiers!

Several shooters had equipment failure. Optics wearing a price tag of under $100 failed by the end of the day. One set of traditional irons had a major malfunction. One AK went down. I brought 3 loaners, and my rifle. All three loaners were put to use. No rifle from my household had a malfunction of any sort. To be fair, my SPR was not shot that day, but I'd doubt it would have had a failure.

One Patriot brought steel cased Russian ammo, with which he had sighted in previously. Not only was he not hitting his target, he was hitting the target of the Patriot to his right, 4 feet away! When he switched to brass cased ammo, he was back on target.

I saw several lower-priced Primary Arms optics on the line. None had issues.

Wrap Up
As an instructor, I'm extremely proud of the Patriots that came out. They were eager, attentive, and learned a lot!