Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Optic Upgrades

You've got your rifle. You own several magazines. Your marksmanship is improving, as are your mag changes. You work on your rifle to pistol transitions and vice-versa.

You've upgraded your rifle. You've got your  basic skills. Maybe you are unsure which optic to go with. There are so many!

Most people would be best served by a red dot optic. Not the $40 True Glow you find at the discount store. A real red dot. When you can shoot a group like this at 50 yards with your red dot, think about upgrading to a scope:

What kind of scope?
Preferably a fixed low power. An ACOG or similar is the standard. When you upgrade, look at a canted mount for your red dot, or a piggyback red dot option.

Alternately, you may wish to invest in a variable low power scope. Often, these are 1-4x or 1-6x or similar. Many good options out there. Some can nearly duplicate the red dot on the 1x setting. Many have a BDC or similar for longer range shots. Some people leave them set at highest magnification and run a piggyback red dot on top.

If you graduate to a scope, work even more on your marksmanship. Be able to shoot a group like the one above at 100 yards (with quality ammo, of course).

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