Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thank You, Mittens

Even though I did not vote for him, I am thankful for Mittens Romney.

If you read this blog four years ago, you remember my admonishments: a vote for Romney is a vote for Obama. I must confess, that's not entirely true.

Romney, had he won, would have pushed through similarly dangerous agenda. The main exception is that he would have had the luxury of a compliant Republican Congress and Senate. Leftists would have been appointed to the Supreme Court,  just the same. Taxes would have been raised, all the same. You get the picture.

Mitt Romney was the last of a long line of establishment picks to gain the nomination. With modern communication and the now exposed lying media, I do not see an establishment (R) Candidate winning for 20+ years. We have Mitt to thank for this. He was, by far, the most left-leaning of the group of establishment Republicans.  He is the penultimate #cuckservative .

With Obama in the White House, he acted as a lightning rod. Congress could (rightly) denounce everything the man suggested. They had to, if they wanted to be re-elected. The same Congress would have gladly passed the exact same bills, had there been a President Romney pushing them.

Instead, we have Trump. A firebrand who does not play by establishment rules. The news articles of Trump selecting Romney as Secretary of State are merely conjecture. The lying media wants Romney in, to be sure. But Trump is not about to hire an enemy. The only person who hates Trump worse than Romney is Hillary herself.

And we would not have had Trump without Romney. The establishment Republicans got so comfortable, they wound up picking the worst they had to offer. The people had enough. Republicans had enough.

The #AltRight was born.

So, thank you, Mr. Romney. Thank you for being the liberal you are. Thank you for lying about that as often and as obviously as you did. Thank you for paving the way for President-elect Trump.

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