Tuesday, December 27, 2016

No Law Needed

Not everything needs to be legislated.

A while back, I was sent a request from a friend to like her new Facebook page. The page was geared towards the pushing of a new law...

"This page is to push through a new law called [xxxxx]. This law will require all daycare professionals to have training for kids with special needs."

As you might guess, this person has a special needs child. They were on vacation at a ski resort and the resort daycare could not accept her child due to the child's special needs. So they want a law to mandate it.

Folks, this is foolhardy thinking. We do not need a law every time something doesn't go your way. Particularly if you have a very unusual circumstance (as in this case). It used to be that people in this situation either didn't vacation, or arranged for a family member to watch the child, or something of that sort.

Now we "need a law."

No, we don't. We need common sense and much less of an entitlement mentality.

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