Thursday, March 28, 2019

No Collusion

Last Friday, Robert Mueller delivered his report on Russian collusion to Attorney General William Barr. No further indictments. No reports of any collusion.

#Libtards are quick to point out the many arrests associated with this investigation. None of the arrests had to do with collusion. All were either procedural arrest, or or wrongdoings in the past, unrelated to the Trump Administration.

Some of the Rifleman's favorite tweets on this topic:
Robert Mueller has delivered his report to William Barr.

At 5:00 PM.

On a Friday.

Without any more indictments.

The investigation is over.
- @ARmastrangelo

The collusion hoax is the biggest scandal in American history. It’s nothing more than a smokescreen to hide the Democrat’s collusion with Ukrainian & foreign intelligence to entrap Trump. The media has played a key role in the coverup.
- @Dbongino

I want all you Russiagate freaks to repeat after me

After 3 years of investigating

After FISA warrants, wiretaps, and leaks

After appointing Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Donald J Trump is still your President
- @JackPosobiec

Trump haters,
Now that u know there was no valid reason to suspect Trump, will u shift your hatred to the media for lying to u for 2 yrs?
Or will u keep hating Trump w/o cause & gulp down their next false accusation of him to "justify" it?
Ever consider not hating him up front?
- @FiveRights

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

What To Train

This question, or one just like it, crosses my desk multiple times per week.  

"What do I need to learn about guns?"

1. Marksmanship. Be able to hit your target.
2. Be able to bring your gun to bear rapidly enough to make a difference. 
3. Be able to remedy stoppages. 
4. Be able to do 1-3 as smoothly and quickly as possible. 

Every drill worth training is some version of 1-3. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Why I'm Not An NRA Certified instructor

Why I'm not an NRA certified instructor.

1. I refuse to partner with someone who hates me.
-  NRA backs bump stock bans.
-  NRA supports red flag laws.

2. NRA gun courses are not in high demand.
Show me one gun training school that makes the bulk of its money teaching NRA certified classes.

3. The NRA is not the only place to get insurance.
At one point in time, it would have been very difficult to find insurance for gun classes. Now, all one has to do is perform a Google search.

4. NRA insurance doesn't cover enough.
The insurance that one can purchase through the NRA basically only covers NRA certified classes. If people were taking NRA certified classes, then this would be important.

5. Source Material
The reason NRA classes are not in high demand is because the NRA is no longer the sole source material for good shooting tips. In this information age, it's very easy to find exactly what material one needs to study. Folks are no longer paying for the material, now they are paying for a coach who can present the material effectively, and help them overcome deficiencies.

There are other reasons, as well. However, these are the highlights. What do you think?

Monday, March 25, 2019

Why You Need A Gun

Not my words but every word is gospel......

A couple years ago I was working security at a bar in northern Virginia. I overheard a table of college kids arguing about gun rights and gun control and it was getting far too emotional so I did what any sane combat veteran would do and attempted to exfiltrate. I must not have withdrawn as surreptitiously as I intended, because I was stopped in my tracks when a 5-foot-nothing brunette seemingly leapt in front of me and blurted out "excuse me, can you help us?"
I'm sure I must have looked irritated as I cycled through the possible quips and excuses I considered available to me but being uncertain that she wasn't some Senator's daughter, I caved: "What's up?"
She basically leads me to this table of 2 other females (probably both named Karen) and a very soft looking male.
Becky: "So, we were just talking about current events and, you know. So, you look like you're probably in the military, right? Like the Army?"
(When you accuse someone of being in the military you probably don't need to give an example)
Me: "Similar.. yea"
Becky: "Right. Okay. So, do you think civilians should be allowed to own guns?"
Me: "Most of us. Yes."
Becky: (clearly not happy with my answer) "Okay, so, why do you think you need a gun?"
(At this point it's almost 2am and I've just given up on patience. Hold my beer)
(With intentionally overt condescension): "Oh, honey, I don't. I don't need a gun."
Becky stares at me blankly, so I continue, but with a more serious tone:

"I could follow you home, walk up your driveway, and beat you to death with the daily newspaper.
I could choke you to death with that purse.
I could take a credit card, break it in half, and cut your throat open with it."

"With enough time and effort I could beat your boyfriend here with a rolled up pair of socks.
I could probably dream up six dozen other ways I could easily end your life if you gave me an hour or so."

"If I wanted to, I could wrap my hand around that beer mug and kill all four of you before you could make it to the exit. The worst part is, in your utopian little fantasyland, there ain't a thing any of you could do about it.
I don't need a gun.
You need a gun.
You need a gun because of men like me."

Call me a jerk, but if you want to keep your guns, these are the conversations we all need to start having.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

More Dick's In The News

Dick's Sporting Goods to remove guns from 125 stores.

Usually, when Dick's are finished screwing people, they go soft. Also, these Dick's pull out when done with the screwjob.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Reload Ammo Review

Someone I used to call a freind...
Why I no longer consider him a friend is beyond the scope of this blog post.  Suffice it to say he stole large sums of money from mutual friends.

I used to give him brass from when I went shooting.  Thousands of pieces of brass.  In exchange, he would hand load it.  And he would give me some of the hand loads from time to time.  

His 55-gr .223 hand loads were better than most factory loads.  I'd get 2.5 MOA from them.  

However, his pistol loads were not.   He had given me 200 rounds of 9mm FMJ and another 200 rounds of 9mm hollow point.  From 5 yards, groups were fired.  

The first group was with the FMJ. A 10-round group was fired that measured 8". Surprised at the lack of accuracy, I fired another 10-round group from a rest - as the first group was offhand.   The group did not tighten up!

The hollow point ammunition grouped much better - under 3" offhand and rested. I may use some of that for upcoming classes that I will be teaching.  

Monday, March 18, 2019

Where We Are Headed

The Rifleman reads many blogs. Many Twitter accounts. Many news outlets. Information is critical, therefore I try to take in as much as possible.

A couple of outlets feel that President Donald Trump will win re-election in a landslide. Most believe he is doomed due to a "failure to live up to campaign promises." Among the promises these outlets feel Trump has failed on - the Wall, gun control (bump stock ban), and others. 

The Rifleman is no prophet.  If I was, this blog wouldn't exist.  I'd be quietly retired somewhere.  So I certainly do not know who will win the presidency in the 2020 election.  But let's put it this way:

I don't care. 

See, it won't matter.  The next time a Dim gets into office, our Republic will be doomed.   We are too far past the tipping point.  We have voted our way into socialism.  The easy times have made for soft men, which have created the hard times we have now and that will come. 

This is not the Rifleman getting "Black-Pilled." It's a result of having studied history.  And things will happen quickly at that point.  And the side that decides to be violent enough, often enough will win what is being called "Civil War 2.0."

Friday, March 15, 2019

That's A Conversion

A woman stole a rental car because demons told her to steal it. 

Yes, it's from Florida. 

Although there are many things in the story that do not add up, one that stood out to me was that the woman said the rental employees did not rent her a car, claiming they had no cars to rent her at that time. But then, she stole a car from them.

Did she lie about that part?
Or did she come back later and steal the car after it had been returned?
Was that car simply reserved for someone else, and therefore not available?
Did the rental employees lie to her, because they didn't want to rent her a car?
Something else?

During my rental days, this would have been called a "conversion." The car had been converted from a revenue-generating state to a non revenue-generating state.

Funny & sad story any which way you look at it. 

Thursday, March 14, 2019

On Libertarians

What Libertarians get wrong.


Why I cannot be a Libertarian. 
A.K.A. - a Libertarian.

Based on information from their website.

Free Trade and Migration

We support the removal of governmental impediments to free trade. Political freedom and escape from tyranny demand that individuals not be unreasonably constrained by government in the crossing of political boundaries. Economic freedom demands the unrestricted movement of human as well as financial capital across national borders.

Free trade and migration can only work when all other countries adhere to all of the same principles, have the same values, and have the same laws. Under our current system, we cannot afford to have free trade and free migration - the social welfare programs are bankrupting us already, and we don't need to add to that burden.

National Defense

We support the maintenance of a sufficient military to defend the United States against aggression. The United States should both avoid entangling alliances and abandon its attempts to act as policeman for the world. We oppose any form of compulsory national service.

While it is true that the United States has played police to the world far too much for far too long, simply adopting a defensive posture is not the correct solution. There will be legitimate times and places when an offensive mindset is the better strategy.


Recognizing that abortion is a sensitive issue and that people can hold good-faith views on all sides, we believe that government should be kept out of the matter, leaving the question to each person for their conscientious consideration.

Because the regulation a laws concerning murder are well within the constructs of what the state should be doing, abortion should be made illegal accordingly. This position is a cop-out. 

The Rifleman also believes that is not burdensome government to have capital punishment. However, this is not a "mountain" issue, but rather a "molehill" issue.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Movie Bomb

The Twitter feed Tuesday morning suggests that Captain Marvel performed at outstanding levels this past weekend. This seemed odd - when I took my family to see it (at a usually busy time for hit movies), there were only four other families in the theater.

So I went and did some research. looks like the movie bombed, by MCU standards.

From the link, Captain Marvel was number 20 out of 21 MCU films on opening weekend.

Maybe that's just not adjusted for inflation. Let's look at that:

As you can see, adjusting for inflation doesn't help Captain Marvel at all - 21st out of 21. Dead last. 

Perhaps we should look at the global box office. Perhaps the USA is just stuck in the molasses of toxic masculinity.
The news really doesn't get much better. It's the lowest global opening of a post-Avengers MCU movie.

Perhaps Brie Larson shouldn't have gone full retard with the feminist propaganda right before the opening.

Perhaps MCU and Disney knew what they were doing - and that's why Avengers: Endgame is scheduled only six weeks later.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Feminist Lies Children Edition

 The Transformed Wife hits another one out of the park. Seriously, if you do not read that blog, you should start today. The wife and I both enjoy it tremendously.

The subject of that post was why more men don't want more children. The author makes very good and accurate points. She is not wrong on any of them. The only thing I would add, is that some men don't want more children for (legitimate) fear of excessive child support in a potential divorce situation. 

Naturally, there are some exceptions to the rule. However, The Transformed Wife has hit the nail on the head.

The Rifleman has two children, one boy and one girl, and is very happy with that number. So is the Mrs. My brother has one son, and is very happy to have his son. My sister has no children, and she and her husband are happy with that.

Growing up, my mother made children and babies out to be "gross." She would say that they had diseases and germs and things like that. She repeated the classic feminist lie that children will ruin your lives, and that you cannot do what you want to do after you have kids.

I suppose this indoctrination had an effect on me and my siblings. My wife and I had our first, our son, when we were both in our late twenties. My brother's then wife became pregnant on accident - and my brother was not happy about it at that time. Since then, my brother has changed his mind, and he would not trade his son for the world. My sister has never wanted children. Again, I think it was the indoctrination from when we were children.

In reality, my mother's handed down lies from feminism really do fall under points 2 and 3 from the article above. Feminism and its tenets are awful, and those lies have permeated so many aspects of our society. Don't fall for them.

Monday, March 11, 2019

On Marksmanship

"In my work in the Army, I often come across men of a rather low order of intelligence whom no amount of practice will teach to shoot, chiefly because they have never learned how to use their brains. Any man of ordinary intelligence, who is not physically handicapped, can become a good shot. To become an expert shot requires both a good body and a good brain."

Col. Townsend Whelen, The American Rifle 1918

Friday, March 8, 2019

Know Who You Work For

Here is a funny story of a "before-and-after."

Several years ago, The Rifleman was searching for a place to hold martial arts classes. Naturally, many different business entities we're call. Local YMCAs, strip malls with space for rent, and even some local churches.

As his natural in business, the primary contact person was not always available at the time of each phone call. Therefore, The Rifleman left messages. As usual, The Rifleman was also expecting phone calls from several clients. No worries, most people will identify themselves.


Caller: "This is 'Mike,' you called me?"
Rifleman: "Yes, sir. Remind me, who are you with?"

Caller: "Well, you called me. I'm wondering what you want?"
Rifleman: "Yes, sir. I've called many people over the last few days. Tell me, what company do you work for?"

Caller: "well, if you don't know why you called me..."
Rifleman: "Sir, I have called several different people from several different companies for several different reasons. If you could just tell me who you work for, I can tell you why I called you."

Caller: "Well, if you don't know why you called me then I guess I can't help you."

The Rifleman call that number later, only to find out it was one of the strip malls with space for rent. I advised the person who answered the phone to tell their boss that Mike cost them a sale that day because he did not identify who he was with. I told her the story, and she sighed in disgust. It wasn't the first time that had happened.

I can understand the desire for personal privacy. However, if you work for a company, and your job is to sell something for that company, then it is important to identify your company when returning a prospect's phone call.

The Rifleman was calling out to several ranges, gun clubs, and other establishments that might be able to host shooting classes. As before, a number of messages had to be left. As before, The Rifleman had several calls out to other clients, as well.

However, the one thing that was not like before is the fact that The Rifleman no longer suffers fools.

Caller: "This is 'Mike,' you called me?"
Rifleman: "Yes, sir. Remind me, who are you with?"

Caller: "Well, you called me. I'm wondering what you want?"
Rifleman: "Yes, sir. I've called many people over the last few days. Tell me, what company do you work for?"

Caller: "well, if you don't know why you called me..."
Rifleman: "So you don't know who you work for?"

Caller: "you called..."
<<interrupted by the Rifleman>>
Rifleman: "My friend, I have placed dozens of calls in the last few days, and have left messages with many of them. I can't begin to tell you how many different things this might be in regards to. I can tell you that if you don't know who you work for you're likely to miss out on some money for your company."

Caller: "Well..."
<<interrupted by the Rifleman>>

Caller: "I work for ABC range."
Rifleman: "See you there? That wasn't so hard! For future reference, you should say, 'Hi, this is Mike, I work for ABC Range. You had a question?'"
<< The Rifleman continued on with the business request. >>

Good communication skills. They are rare these days.

Thursday, March 7, 2019


Fact 1: DUI checkpoints not only are a poor use of police resources, they are also unconstitutional.

Fact 2: If you pass through a sobriety checkpoint, data shows you’re more likely to get a citation for something other than drunk driving. Among the violations most often cited — speeding, following too close, texting and improper lane usage, among others.

Fact 3: Uber and lyft have done more to prevent drunk driving than anything law enforcement has done.

Meditate on this.  And let me know what you think. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Minuteman Rifle

From a reader:

Mr. Rifleman,
Like you, I enjoy the classic guns.  I have an M16 clone. However, a lot of gun store employees and other guys say I need an M4 for more tactical training and operations.  What are the ins and outs?

Great question!

The M16A2 and M16A4 are excellent rifles.  Civilian clone rifles are similarly excellent.  Many major manufacturers produce 20" barrels and they and others make good A2 buttstocks. An M16A2 or M16A4 clone makes an excellent minuteman rifle.  Let's dig into this deeper.

M16 clones have longer barrels. Longer barrels means greater velocity from the rounds.  This translates into better effectiveness. 

Greater velocity also translates to longer effective ranges.  For outdoors, an M16 clone rifle can make effective hits out to 800 yards with quality ammo. 

The rifle length gas tube, accompanied by the A2 stock result in an even lighter recoil impulse. The .223 / 5.56 is not a hard recoil round to begin with, but when you lighten recoil further, it means better control for follow up shots.  People spend lots of money to reduce the felt recoil on their M4 carbines.

Although longer barrels do not translate into greater accuracy, a longer sight radius will lend to greater accuracy. This is true for irons - optics will yield similar results in either rifle.

Reliability is much better in the M16 variants due to the afore-mentioned rifle length gas tube and A2 buffer tube. A properly lubricated M16 Clone rifle firing brass cased ammo can easily go 1000's of rounds between malfunctions.

Vehicle ingress/egress will be more troublesome with a 38" rifle. In your SHTF fantasies, how many include lots of vehicle operations? If you imagine that will be a big part of it, you haven't done a lot of research into human catastrophe.

CQB considerations will have to be made.  Marines have been stacking up on doors and making entries with M16A4 rifles for nearly two decades, so it's certainly possible. Also, if you still adhere to dynamic entry instead of Israeli Limited (ILE), you're just wrong.  The M16 clone is not at any disadvantage when using ILE. 

To get maximum effectiveness from your M16 clone rifle, do the following upgrades:

Trigger - get a good trigger.  The Rifleman suggests Geissele.

Optic - a red dot, low power fixed scope, or a variable power scope all do well with this setup.  Plus, they look dead sexy. 

Free float - free float your barrel.  If you don't want to gunsmith much, Daniel Defense, Troy, and Midwest Industries all have free float rails that can attach using the factory barrel nut without removing the front sight post.  The Rifleman has a MI rail on his main M16A4 variant. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Camo Patterns

Here is a map of the US, along with corresponding camo patterns that tend to work best. Obviously, the patterns used in this display are the more modern patterns.

For most of the Eastern US, traditional Woodland pattern, A-Tacs FG, and Digital Woodland are just about ideal.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Shut It Down!

According to traditional church leadership typography, a leader can take the role of prophet, priest, or king.  Last week, Pastor Greg Locke of Mount Juliet was full on prophet. 

Late last week, it was announced that an abortion clinic would be opening in Mount Juliet.  Naturally, this created an uproar.  Pastor Locke went to the front door of the facility on Friday and made a social media video. In that video, he stated the clinic wouldn't last a week. 

On Sunday, the city commission held a vote the results of which will make it nigh impossible to open the clinic.  Particularly since they had not obtained the necessary permits.   Pastor Locke was at that vote and was asked to speak before the commission.  

So, within two days, his prophecy came true.  And, more importantly,  no abortions in Mount Juliet.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Happy Birthday

Today would have been Pops' 76th birthday.  It's the first one he will celebrate in Heaven.