Thursday, January 31, 2019

Process Crimes

In this installment of  "don't talk to police," we visit the recent arrest of Roger Stone. In similar fashion to a handful of others linked to the Trump campaign, Stone was arrested by the Mueller Witch Hunt Team for making false statements to investigators.

It's the Process
These arrests have all been deemed "process charges" by the real news media.  The #FakeNews asks the illogical question "what are they covering up with their lies." Of course, this question is disingenuous. The question presumes there is guilt of anything. 

Suppose a line of questioning went something like this:
Agent: "What color shirt did you wear on Tuesday, January 16, 2018?"
Witness: "A purple shirt."
Agent: "That's a lie! We have video of you wearing a purple shirt with green stripes!"

In the Mueller Witch Hunt, statements as innocuous as these have been the only crimes discovered since the Trump campaign. Of course, one fellow committed crimes 10 years before the campaign. All irrelevant to the issue at hand, supposed "Russian Collusion."

Law Enforcement are trained
LEO are trained to get you to lie or incriminate yourself somehow. If your testimony is deemed unbelievable, and you also say "I did nothing wrong," then the "logical" conclusion is that you actually did something wrong. 

LEO can lie to you in an effort to coerce an answer. Even if you give a conditional answer, if it contradicts something else you've said - even just a little bit - you've lied to an investigator and that's a crime. 

Details - regardless of how small - that don't match up 100%, are deemed to be lies. Like the purple shirt example above.  Again, lying to an investigator is a crime. 

The 5th Amendment
The right to not self-incriminate is absolutely huge! Many will generalize: "if your answer would self-incriminate, then you *must* be guilty of something! This is not accurate at all. If the answer given could possibly be the only crime (an inaccurate statement, for example), then refusing to answer would be to avoid committing a crime!

Note to the savvy reader: the 5th Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights because Britain was forcing people to answer questions.  Refusal to answer was punishable under law.  And even in the 1700's, LEO were using the same traps to get people to make statements that didnt match 100%. There's nothing new under the sun.

Lessons learned:
Don't talk to police.
Don't talk to any law enforcement officials.
Statements should only be made with counsel present.
We have a 5th Amendment (for now, anyways), use it. "At the advice of counsel, I am invoking my right to not answer."
There is no law that requires you to remember something.  The answer "I do not fully recall" is a perfectly valid and complete answer. 
The right to not self-incriminate is not limited to crimes in the past, it also includes potential future "crimes" such as accidental inaccuracies in testimony.
What you think is an inaccuracy and what LEO will describe as an inaccuracy are two different things.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Airsoft Wrong

Seen online:
Airsoft player - "Optics are not much use in cqb you'll be looking over the bore. A cheek weld in cqb limits your peripheral vision too much."

Man with some (not much) real training: "?????"

AP - "To use a sight you have to have a cheek weld.  It cuts off almost half your vision.
In CQB your so close it's more point and shoot than looking down your sights."

In airsoft, one can easily point-shoot up close (or at a distance) because one can see the projectile mid-flight. If the shot is a miss, the airsoft player can adjust, as they can see where the projectile went. 

In an actual firefight, one cannot see the projectile.  This strategy would be completely unsound.  Additionally, this methodology violates Rule #1 of safe gun handling - keep your finger off of the trigger until your sights are on target and you are ready to fire.

Airsoft can be a helpful training tool.  However, do not go to airsoft players in search of solid fighting tactics and techniques.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Pops On Google Maps

More of Pops' legacy - the Google map picture of his place and he is mowing the lawn in the pictures.  Haha. Classic. 

Monday, January 28, 2019


A  low IQ individual  recently tried to warn me to keep my dog inside when I was in the area.


"We have wolves around here now. Not coyotes - wolves!"

The grey wolf was eradicated from Tennessee during the same time frame that it was eradicated from most of the rest of the US. The red wolf was it reintroduced in the Smoky  Mountains a couple of decades ago. Surely, there is debate about whether the red wolf should even be classified as a wolf. However, as recently as 2018, their numbers were estimated to be around 40 individuals - still in the Smoky Mountains.

Needless to say, this Low IQ individual did not live in or near the Smoky Mountains. 

Friday, January 25, 2019

The Modern Guard

The Guard.

Any serious martial artist will include the guard position as a component of their training. One needs to learn how to pass the guard, when trapped in it. One needs to learn how to use attacks such as submissions and sweeps from the guard, when applying it. And one also needs to try and how to stand up from the guard position, whether you find yourself on top or on the bottom.

Some quick guard facts.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Some people in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) community will claim that BJJ developed many of the submissions and sweeps from the guard. This is completely false. Virtually all modern arm locks, chokes, leg locks, and sweeps were documented long ago in Judo. Judo is well-documented has the parent art of BJJ. Certainly, BJJ practitioners have developed a plethora of setups and transitions to the arm locks, chokes, leg locks, and sweeps - and for this reason we must give credit to the art.

Judo & (Japanese) Jiu-Jitsu
Credit must be given to Judo for preserving some of the ancient ground fighting techniques from some of the older schools of jiu jitsu - the Fusen-Ryu and others.  As Judo became an Olympic sport, and naturally started drifting away from its self-defense roots, credit must again be given as Kano had the foresight to set up the Kosen Judo schools. This would help preserve the ground fighting traditions.
Furthermore, credit must be given to the ancient Japanese ground fighting jiu-jitsu Ryu (schools and/or styles) for developing all of the attacks from the guard. Although most of these attacks existed during the ancient gladiatorial combat days, there is no evidence that the Japanese had access to any of this information. It is fairly safe to assume that the Japanese Jiu-Jitsu schools developed these techniques independently.

Western wrestling
Western wrestling certainly dealt with the topic of the Guard. Most notably, in catch wrestling, it is called the leg scissors. Since Western wrestling can trace its roots to the gladiatorial combat days, the catch wrestling systems made sure to include techniques that were preserved from the guard use of old.
However, sport wrestling became much more prolific than catch wrestling. In folkstyle, freestyle, or Greco-Roman wrestling, the person utilizing the guard would be pinned, and therefore lose the match. This concept certainly has merit, as we see many guard fighters get knocked out in modern MMA matches.

Recent history
When MMA went mainstream in the 1990s, BJJ practitioners were able to stymie many opponents using the guard. This was primarily because very few other styles paid much attention to this position. Any man can be beaten with a technique he does not know.
Since modern MMA athletes train extensively in the guard, there are very few who can consistently use the guard as an offensive weapon effectively anymore. Ironically, the Western wrestling, catch Wrestling, Judo, and BJJ approaches to the guard all have a degree of merit in modern fighting. The best majority of MMA fights see guard use about like Judo or catch wrestling would see it.

Training the guard
The modern martial artist absolutely must train the guard. Specifically, the modern martial artist ought to train attacks from the guard, defenses from the guard, and standing up from the guard.
Attacks - when the opponent makes a mistake - Guillotine choke, triangle choke, arm triangle choke, double wrist lock (aka the Kimura) , coil lock (aka the Omoplata), scissor sweep, elevator sweep, hook sweep, double ankle sweep, and taking the back.

Defenses - also known as passing the guard - passing when posture is broken, underhook passes when kneeling, knee slide passes when kneeling, and getting past the legs when standing.

Also, the person that utilizing the guard understand some defenses - breaking the opponent's posture, and keeping the opponent's posture broken, blocking punches from broken posture, blocking punches from an opponent who is kneeling and has postured up, and blocking strikes  and kicks from a standing opponent.

A person must know how to stand up from the guard. When utilizing the guard, a person must be able to stand up when the opponent is kneeling, when the opponent is kneeling and postured up, and when the opponent is standing. A fighter who is defending his opponent's guard attacks must be able to stand up as well.

Both fighters must have a thorough understanding of how to strike from the guard position, top and bottom.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

When Is It Enough?

The City of Mount Juliet is considering a proposal to  triple the property tax. At the heart of the matter is the city's fire department.

Some questions the politicians involved cannot answer:
Is the fire department only 1/3 funded? If so, then its planning was completely reckless and We The People cannot trust those who planned it to do the right thing now. 

Is the fire department *just* short? If so, why triple the taxes? Anyone who would suggest such cannot be trusted to set this straight.  

What is being done to reclaim the taxes that Mount Juliet residents pay to Wilson County? Wilson County does not offer fire protection to Mount Juliet, even though a portion of the property taxes paid to WilCo are earmarked for fire protection.  It would seem there may be legislative or litigative remedies here that are not being pursued. 

What about the fact that since population is booming in Mount Juliet, record property taxes are being received? 

Some of the spin by local politicians: 
Some City commissioners suggest that they "do not want to sacrifice services."
Well, nobody else wants to, either.  But there's been no decrease in tax revenues, so there ought be no decrease in services. 

Some city commissioners suggest they don't want to "play with people's lives over pennies."
That's disingenuous at best.  No lives are being played with. 

Some commissioners suggest that the objectors (myself included) are against adequate fire protection.  That's not true, either. 

The fact is, we object to the continual increase in taxes.  It never stops.  It's never enough for that big government pig.  

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Ticket Quotas 2019

The Rifleman has ventured to East TN and West TN already this year for work. Tennessee Highway Patrol and local LEO are out in force issuing citations. It would seem the quota was raised.

Furthermore, the Rifleman has it on good word from LEO friends in 2 different departments that THP is "encouraging" more citations and offering incentives to some departments who write more citations.

And then,  this comes out.

Don't forget,  THP recently got themselves into hot water for  illegal ticket quotas.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

What? Why?

Inspired by a thread on social media, which was titled things that don't make sense, this memory from the rifleman's childhood came up.

At summer camp one year, there was a boy. He never wore underwear. Unless he was swimming. Yes, you read that correctly, he only wore underwear when he was swimming. And yes, his swim trunks had the mesh lining on the inside.

I still cannot figure this out.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Who Is More Socialst?

Some of the Twitter commentary on this tweet is very humorous. It seems that the #LibNuts thought that McCall would be better positioned bring the Democrats more wins in future elections in the state of Tennessee.

Both Mancini and McCall are far left agitators. Democrats are certainly a minority in Tennessee. However, far-left Democrats are the minority of that Minority. Most Tennessee Democrats that I have met would fall into the category of Blue Dog Democrats. Much more moderate then the Socialist shills that we see online so very often.

If one of the #LibNuts happens across this blog post, and wishes to debate how far left each candidate is, then I would say this. On a scale of 0 to 100, in terms of how socialist they are, there's not much difference between a 99 and a 97.

Socialism is certainly not a predominant Tennessee value, even for most Democrats, as well.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Boomer Mindset

Yesterday's blog post about a baby boomer General got The Rifleman to thinking. Technically, the General was not a baby boomer. Born in 1942, that technically qualifies as being part of the silent generation. Most sources attribute the silent generation as being born between the mid-1920s and the mid-1940s. Baby Boomers are generally considered those born from the mid-1940s to the mid-1960s.

But variation is natural, especially around the edges of the generation marker. This is particularly true of the General who was discussed in yesterday's blog post. People like this are why the Baby Boomers have been called the worst generation alive.

The term, baby boomer, came from the number of babies that were born due to the returning soldiers from World War II. Technically, Pops fits this bill, as he was born due to the return of my grandfather from WWII. My grandfather returned to the States in 1942, and Pops was born in early 1943. However, Pops' mentality was much more of that of the silent generation.

Moms, born in 1942, was much more like a baby boomer. The term "Silent Generation" comes from the focus on careers over activism. Moms was much more of the activist, while Pops was much more focused on his career.

So why the Boomer hate, especially from The Rifleman? It is not so much hate, as it is disgust. Boomers tend to be even more self-absorbed than even millennials. Similarly, Boomers tend to ignore reality, even more than the millennials. They are comically self-righteous and irresponsible.

Personal anecdote
When The Rifleman first graduated college, the first job in the terrible job market at the time, was working at home improvement store for $7 per hour. My Boomer FIL strongly suggested that I stay there. After 20 or 30 years of hard work, I would be making enough money to support a family he suggested. Don't "hop around" from job to job... you'll be unhireable, he said. 

That was 21 years ago.  My current compensation is nearly twice that of a store manager with the home improvement company. I have worked a grand total of 6 weekend days in the last 10 years - and 4 of those were attending professional sporting events... Not exactly everybody's idea of "work."  A store manager would regularly be working weekends.

To be sure, at first, Pops gave the same advice. However, as in years went on, and as my situation improved, he saw the merit of my approach. And the results were undisputable.

Undoubtably, my generation did not earn more than our parents when we first entered the workforce. In my case, there are a couple of extenuating circumstances. My dad was a very high wage earner by the time I entered the workforce. At that time, he earned more than triple the average household income in the state of Tennessee. However, I exceeded the average annual income in the state of Tennessee prior to my second year in the workforce.

In 2003, Pops retired. And although the average annual household income in Tennessee continue to increase, I doubled it only 18 months later. I tripled it just a few years after that - what before the age of 40, and less than 10 years in the workforce. 

My sister applied the "stay with the same company for a very long time and get rewarded" strategy. It took her 13 years on the same job and 15 years in the workforce to double the annual household income in Tennessee.  This is not a bash of her at all. However, it is an indictment of the old fashioned baby boomer mindset.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Low-T Boomer

This from Twitter. 

But this #LibNut later claims:

Opposing statements, to be sure. 

Clearly, an understanding of small arms is not required to become a General. Nevertheless, the General doubles down (Law 2):

In case you haven't researched, this idiot was actually in the infantry.  Of course, infantry service does not automatically mean the person can actually shoot, knows much of anything about guns, has a lick of sense, or any intelligence.  Just like anybody else, infantry vets can be good, bad, and in-between.

And just in case you needed any additional proof as to his lack of intelligence:

'Nuff said.

Naturally, the General here is a  Baby Boomer. Maybe that Agent Orange in 'Nam stripped him of all traces of testosterone. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Grass is Green

In a not-very-surprising move, Senator Diane Feinstein and several others have introduced an "assault weapons ban."  Link to her article. 

I, for one, take great offense every time these #LibNuts call my AR15s "military grade." Such an insult! I've built these rifles to perform far better than military grade rifles!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Gammas and Periods

With regards to  this author, the Rifleman has noted an interesting trend. 

When the author in question first developed a #ManCrush on Pastor Locke, the results were as expected: 8 articles in the span of a month.  Locke rebuffed him, and the author was silent for a while. 

Four weeks later (remember that number), the author started up again. Six articles in the next month.   Again he was rebuffed. 

Then, eight weeks later (two four-week periods) came another article.  Then, in approximately four, eight, or twelve week intervals (give or take a couple of days) more articles are written, with just a couple of exceptions.  

Gee,  what happens in four week intervals?
To be fair, this did not explain it.  

Then, the Rifleman remembered that the author in question is  a Gamma. We all know that Gammas  act like women. So what female event happens about  every four weeks.

That explains a lot.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Firearm Cog-Dis

Seen on social media:

"If you spend a ton of money on firearms, accessories but dont invest any money into training/professional instruction you are shoving money up a [hogs] ass. At that point the weapon is just a talisman.  You can't buy skill. Idpa or competition isnt training. It does not take the place of learning to function under stress. The guy intent on beating you to death to steal your car [doesnt] give a shit about your power factor or trophies. There is a difference between fighting with a gun and playing with a gun. Get training.  Could save your life one day."

<< Same guy wanted to take a fighting pistol class with a single action .44 Magnum revolver, instead of his GLOCK. >>

Here is the Rifleman's take on the statement:

Taking a training class is good, for sure.  What is left out of the statement is that training class is where you learn the skill, practice is where you hone the skill. And competition is an excellent way to evaluate your skill level after learning and honing. 

That said, the person who made this statement is way off base with regards to the competition mindset. Most competitors will flat out-shoot the typical gun owner.  They are typically much more accurate and much faster.  No, that doesn't necessarily mean they will perform when things get real. However, someone with just a class or two and personal training after that is no less prone to failure under duress. 

Most people who make a statement like this are actually tipping their hand - they know they can be outshot by a competitor and it doesn't sit well with them.  They then try to excuse why that is. This is an example of the psychological defense mechanism called cognitive dissonance.

A better thing to do would be to shore up what you suck at.  Train, practice, and get better.  And, god-forbid, maybe even enter a competition.

This type is seen regularly in martial arts classes.  For example, after their first roll in jiu-jitsu (where they inevitably lose like a rag doll) they will say, "yeah, but in a fight I could punch." The sad thing is, unless they train for a while, they will never see how silly the statement truly is. 

Friday, January 11, 2019

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Some Tweets

Elizabeth Warren:
Over 7,000 people in Massachusetts have been sent home or are working without pay during the #TrumpShutdown. Until @realDonaldTrump re-opens the government, I'm donating my salary to @HIASrefugees, a nonprofit that helps refugees and makes our country stronger in the process.

Rifleman: Literally fights for refugees, but not American citizens.


Pelosi: "walls are immoral."
Also Pelosi: has a Wall around her house.


The problem in a nutshell:
The Right speaks in English.
The Left listens in Dumbass.


Rashida Tliab: "Impeach the motherfucker!"
Rifleman: "Impeach the goat-fucker!"


PETA: Present your best argument for eating bacon.
1. Delicious
2. Nutritious
3. Pisses off Moslems.

Had some today on my burger.  


If Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren secures 1/1024 of the popular vote she is going to declare herself President.


Once you figure out that the other side really, genuinely, and truly wants to exterminate your religion and your race, only the suicidal and the delusional will persist in trying to “come together” and seek to “discuss our differences”. 
- Vox Day

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Fudds Will Be Fudds

Folks, training with a competent instructor is a must.  

Seen on social media -

Fudd pretend Patriot: << long rant on gun trainers who aren't military and who award patches based on skill demonstration. >>

Also Fudd pretend Patriot: "Zero that .308 at 4" high at 100 and you'll be on the money at 400."

Note: this statement is demonstrably false. A 400-yard zero on just about any .308 round and barrel length combination is going to impact roughly 7" high at 100 yards. 
If one zeroed 4" high at 100, this is approximately a 300 yard zero for most .308 loads. This will impact over a foot low at 400 yards. 

Not quite "on the money."

Monday, January 7, 2019

Happy Wife

Since writing  this article, I have been following the blog and Facebook page of The Transformed Wife fairly closely. One thing that is always funny is the people that disagree fundamentally with the material taught.

** I've said it before and I'll say it again: I do not follow things I do not agree with. **
Those who do and frequently comment do so strictly for the negative attention that comes with being a  griefer. Almost universally,  these are people who do not contribute to society, and hey know they are worthless.

Among the more common themes of these griefers, and responses to them, are:

"I won't show my husband respect until he does XYZ."
Reply - the Bible is a handbook on how to live, not on how to change others to fit what you think they ought to be. Fix yourself, and do so by Biblical standards. The Transformed Wife is guidance on how to do that if you are a wife, or wish to become one.

"I do [exactly opposite of what you just suggested] and I'm fine and my kids are fine."
9 times out of 10, no, you are not fine. For the rest, let's just put it this way: You can build a house with an old hammer and hand saw. That doesn't mean it is the most effective way. Doing things different than God suggests doesn't mean they cannot be done... it's just less effective and efficient that way. So - congrats on success after working way too hard to get it.

"What about single moms?"
This is the woman who is intentionally trying to be obtuse. Most of them are single by choice - unwed mothers (sluts trying to justify their slutty ways), or divorced mothers (divorce porn). There's a reason the Bible speaks about how we as he church are to care for the widows and orphans, and yet is silent about what to do for sluts who can't keep their legs closed and women who frivolously divorce their husbands for no good reason.  Besides, the blog is advice for wives and those who wish to be wives.

Insert "example" of Ruth, Phoebe, etc.
For the millionth time, these are exceptions, not the rule. God does not call women to preach or lead in church or lead their families. Women are called to teach younger women (Titus 2:3-5).

Some men will post this. These are just  White Knight BETA soy-boys. If they really had things figured out, they wouldn't be trying to land a date (100% unsuccessfully, I might add) with the bitter hags who troll The Transformed Wife blog and Facebook page.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Cuck of the Senate

Mitt Romney's article in the Washington Post and appearing on CNN confirms his total commitment to #cuckservative ideology.  The mindset of losing.

Heartiste on Romney.

Lefty on Romney.

Found online:

The Rifleman's take on Romney?

Top #cuckservatives of the Senate for the past 30 years:
January 3, 1987 - August 25, 2018 John McCain
August 25, 2018 - January 3, 2019 Jeff Flake
January 4, 2019 - ??? Mitt Romney

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Heed Advice

In a Marksmanship class once, one particular student was wearing his full hero gear rig. Similar to the picture above. Since the focus of the class was on marksmanship, and not tactics, The Rifleman advised him to remove the rig, so he could shoot better.

His reply - "I want to train like I fight."

My reply - "Understandable. Just realize that until you get the basics of Marksmanship down, all of this gear is going to get in the way. I advise you take it all off so that you can isolate any Marksmanship errors."

He politely refused the advice. Not surprisingly, he did not shoot expert that time. Then, at another clinic, he came to shoot for score again, and he had surprisingly removed all of the hero gear rig. Not surprisingly, with just him and his rifle, he shot expert.

When you are paying an instructor for their advice, it is only logical to heed said advice.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Houses Divided

The  Family Alpha has some advice on the upcoming election for men living in a house divided. 

The Rifleman is reminded of an  individual with whom he interacted a couple of years ago.  On social media, she asked:
"What would you do if your significant other voted for Hillary."
Rifleman: I would divorce her immediately."

Of course, the logic used was that a house divided cannot stand.  The individual in question suggested that I didn't really mean it, and if I did then I was being too severe. 

The Family Alpha's blog post lists out why my decision is both true and necessary. 

Care Bear voted for Cruz in the primary.  Hell, I almost did, myself. That, though is a simple difference of opinion.  Wanting to radically change our country and society to the detriment of oneself and those like you is not just a difference of opinion, it is suicide.