Monday, November 21, 2016

Family Matters

A man must set the example for his family. Behaviors that work against the family unit cannot be tolerated, regardless of their source. Observe this conversation from social media -

Woman posts - I couldn't take it anymore to watch the election. I had so much anxiety, I was giving myself an ulcer lol. Congrats to Donald J. Trump! It's a new day! Let us be united and not divided. Don't let your differences in politics destroy your relationships with family and friends.

Man replies - If they support Hillary, were they ever a friend to begin with?

Woman - My Aunt supports Hillary. She is still my Aunt because I love her. It burns me that she does, but a candidate doesn't define who she is. Same goes with any of my friends. I stand by them until they show me otherwise. That otherwise is not based on a candidate.

Man - Sadly, it's entirely possible to be a relative, yet not a friend.

Woman - Please don't take this wrongly or disrespectfully, what if it was your wife? She was a closet Hillary supporter. Later you found out that she voted for her after the election. Would that change how much you love her, who she has been to you and your children for all these years?

Man - I'd divorce her immediately. A house divided against itself cannot stand. That said, I'd have vetted for that well in advance of marriage. No way I'd let something like that slip through.

Naturally, the woman had no reply to this. When a woman knows her worth is only limited to what value she can bring to the traditional family unit, it is very enlightening. Playing hamster wheel games to excuse anti-family behavior cannot be permitted. Our society already has enough divorce-porn, the last thing women need is more excuses.

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