From Post Zero...

This whole blog - all seven years and 100,000+ page views - is my logical take on things. In the rare instance I feel something about a topic, I mention it in passing. But I realize that the vast majority of people are driven to action by their emotion.

Normally, if someone writes hundreds of words about something, it's because they are mad or sad, or insert emotion here. If you actually see me mad or sad, there's a 99% chance it's an act to motivate another person into doing something. Nothing written on this blog was motivated by emotion of any sort -regardless of length of article.

The only other driving force you will find is a sort of ocd about getting the proper information out there. Misinformation is something I cannot tolerate, and must be corrected.

I blog about things I like: my family, friends, fishing, shooting, politics, sports, funny things, etc.


I blog about things I don't like, and things that should be different.

Weird stuff

My undergraduate degree is in the sciences. That said, it is an understatement to say I have a logical mind, and understand things like the Scientific Method. Because my brain works in such a logical manner, I find fascinating those things illogical (particularly liberals). Therefore, I really like to blog about things that don't make sense.

Here's a broad warning: if I come across you, and you do or say some really weird stuff, expect to see a blog post about it.

Errors / omissions:

Being of a logical mind, I make every attempt to use correct grammar, syntax, and spelling. However, I know some people derive great joy from finding mistakes, so I try to include some in an attempt to have a little something for everyone.

Pissed off:

I will write things that will piss some people off. Being of logical mind, I do not say these things for the express purpose of pissing anyone off, but rather, because they likely need to be said.

Messin with you:

If you see something on this blog with which you disagree, send a response (see below). If you adopt stalker behavior, I will start messing with your head as it pertains to this blog, with full respect for my freedom of speech and at the same time keeping your ass anonymous. 


I encourage readers to respond to articles. Keep it civil, or I won't post it. I reserve the right to have the last word - it is MY blog after all!   :)