Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

This one was a doozy.

Visiting a friend at her place of business. She is a small business owner. She and her husband are fellow Trump fans. Naturally, the discussion moved to the Trump victory. 

As we addressed the Trump locker room talk, we agreed we were both guilty of same, if not worse. The conversation continued from there with the topic of people openly discussing things they didn't used to discuss openly.

In other words, what used to be locker room talk is now no longer constrained to the locker room.

We also discussed other things done by many people now that we would never have dreamt of doing when we were younger. Specifically, we discussed people sending nude texts and the like. How is a married person supposed to react when someone wishes to share that with you? There seems to be no proper protocol!

At that moment, a woman pops her head around the corner, and proceeds to make the most outlandish series of statements I've ever heard. She said she was offended by our conversation as it "was not proper conversation for business." This Offended Woman (OW) was twisting our words, making it seem webhad said things we clearly had not said. She tried to angle it as if she would get us both in trouble with "the company."

My friend advised OW that she, my friend, was indeed the owner of the business. OW tried to escalate, but my friend was having none of it. OW was not there to patronize my friend's business, she was there to see the doctor in another part of the building.

The doctor's office was closed, so OW "couldn't wait in the office." She was waiting out in the hall for the doctor's office to open up. Problem was, and my friend pointed it out, there were multiple signs posted by the building owner expressly forbidding people from doing that. Evidently, this had become a problem for the other tenants... like my friend.

My friend pointed out that the Offended Woman couldn't possibly have heard our conversation from the chair in the hallway, it was too far away. She had to have been eavesdropping. My friend pointed that out to OW. And it hit her - the only reason OW would have been offended was if she hated Trump! "I bet you're just mad because you're a Hillary supporter!" My friend says.

So now the "offended" diatribe shifts.

OW looks at me and proceeds to tell me that I objectify women. My inner shitlord was stirred to action immediately. "Of course I objectify women. What use are you otherwise?"
Agree & amplify.

At this point, she has no clue how to respond, so she begins a petty argument with my friend, who was having none of it. Friend asks OW to leave, but the woman tried to argue. I take an authoritative step in OW's direction and simply point a finger out the door.

She took the hint.

Oh, did I mention that the doctor's appointment was a mental health appointment?

Posted above - picture of "Wat? Lady." Offended Woman in this entry rather resembled Wat Lady in appearance. 

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