Thursday, June 29, 2017

How Much?

Libtards freak out because a man has two hundred rounds of ammo in his possession.

My chest rig holds seven mags. Each magazine has 30 rounds. That's 210 rounds in my chest rig alone. My rifle has another magazine - 30 rounds. My daypack has another 60 rounds.

So my SHTF loadout is over 300 rounds, and yet these Liberals are freaking out over only 200.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Doing What?

This past week, I took my family to the Kennedy Space Center, in Cape Canaveral, FL. The Space Center was fantastic. It had all sorts of information and really interesting exhibits.

At one point, we were watching some documentary film about the launching of the Apollo Moon missions. The film LED in with images of the 1960's in America. Not only of the space program, but of some of the other events of the period - including the marches for "women's rights."

It was not lost on me or my family that while women in the 1960's were marching for women's rights (which they already had), men were busy putting other men on the moon. My son said that it reminded him of the #feminists of today - totally irrelevant, and marching for rights they already have.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Gamma Libertarians

Why are so many Libertarians also Gammas?

Perhaps we should reword the question - why are so many Gammas also Libertarians?

Example 1 -

See this social media post from a Gamma Libertarian.

Wow.. Trump is now blaming Obama for the Russian meddling in the election. This is the equivalent of a rapist blaming a victim, telling them, you knew I wanted to rape you, why didn't you stop me.  Trump needs to resign for the good of America.

So much virtue signaling, it could be a virtue lighthouse.

Example 2 -

Enter Gamma #2 -

"Tax all at a fair flat rate. Except married couples. That's fair."
- Republicans

"Everyone is equal. Unless you work; pay more. That's fair and equal."
- Libs

"Everyone is free. Except homosexuals; don't let 'em marry because Jesus."
- Conservs

Not ironically, you'll notice two attacks at conservatives,  and one at liberals. Again, Virtue Signaling. And they let you see that in their innermost being, they hate conservatives the most.


Because conservatives know that there must be authority. And it is to this authority that a Gamma can never inwardly submit. This is what makes them Gamma.

As much as I appreciate liberty, there are two facts that just never sat well with me
1. So many Gammas in the Libertarian wing. Disgusting creatures. I cannot keep their company.
2. 99.5% of people cannot self rule. This is a fact of civilization.

Come to the #AltRight - we have cookies.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Super Marksmanship Evaluation

So, your author can shoot the Marksmanship Evaluation fairly well. But, in the spirit of pushing limits and seeing how accurate I actually am, I devised a plan.

I set the 25 m US Army zero targets up at 100 meters. Simple math tells us that these targets appeared to be the same scale as a 1200 m target.

I fired a group with my 4-14x Primary Arms scope, took it off, fired another group with my ACOG, took it off and fired a final group with the Primary Arms scope again. Also being tested was the LaRue mounts' abilities to return to zero.

9 for 9.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Marksmanship Evaluation

It was time to practice the Marksmanship Evaluation.

Two US Army zero targets are placed at 25 m.
5 rounds are fired at each target.
There is a 90 second time limit.
Shots in the black score 4 points.
Shots in the circle score 5 points.

If more than 5 shots find their way onto a target, the lowest 5 scores are used.
0 - 28 points: does not qualify.
29 - 38 points: Marksman
39 - 44 points: Sharpshooter
45 - 50 points: Expert Rifleman

I used three different types of ammo. Here are the results -

The results speak for themselves.
Take the evaluation. Tell me how you did. I'll post your picture!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

How To Load

How you load your ammo when performing a precision evaluation is important. You do not wish to simply load up a magazine and blast 10 rounds down range. That will heat the barrel and yield inaccurate results.

A common method is to single load rounds and allow the barrel to cool for 60 seconds between shots. This is the method that the author uses. But, during a recent range trip, the author witnessed an individual doing this by placing the cartridge on top of the magazine. This can lead to the bullet itself becoming disfigured upon entry into the chamber.

Standard practice is to load the cartridge into the magazine, and put the magazine into the rifle as the barrel cools. But how much does attention to this one detail matter?

The author set out to discover the answer to this question. Using known ammo, a 10 round group was fired from 100 yards. New cartridges were placed on top of the magazine, instead of loaded into the magazine.  The bolt was sent home each time. Ammo used was Federal Gold Medal Premium, and Fiocchi Exacta. Both loads utilize the Sierra Match King 77 grain projectile. Both loads are capable of 1 MOA groups in the author's SPR.

As you can see, the results were 2 MOA groups by both loads.

A third group was fired, using Hornady Black 75 grain ammo. This load is accurate, but not as much so as the other two. It typically averages a 2 MOA group out of the author's SPR, and it did again this day. This group was fired by single loading the cartridges into the magazine as per standard protocol. 

Attention to detail matters.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

POI Shift Evaluation

How does different ammo affect your point of impact (POI)?

Aiming at the dead center of the target from 50 yards, a 5 shot group was fired, using four common ammo types. Hornady 75 grain Black, Hornady 55 gr FMJ, Federal American Eagle 55 gr Black Box, and Federal American Eagle 55 gr Green Box were fired, in that sequence.

As you can see, the 55 grain ammo had a slight downward shift in POI. Otherwise, it was more than accurate enough.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Libtard Lunacy

Found on social media -

Libtard: that poster makes literally no sense. What is hateful about teaching men not to rape?

Shiv: what is hateful about teaching moslems not to blow things up? Or teaching blacks not to steal?

Libtard: you're implying that all Muslims blow things up, or that all blacks steal things, which is 100% bs, in case you didn't know. 

Led her right into a trap. The trap of invalidating one's own point. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Cruz Girl For Trump

A person who felt Trump was her "lesser of two evils choice" in November weighs in:

I voted Ted Cruz in the primary. I said on social media that I didn't like the way that Trump conducted himself. Since then, I've come to realize a few key things.

Trump was never treated fairly by the Republicans, the Democrwts, or the Press. But life is not fair and I think Trump gets that. He fights back. I like having someone in a position of power who isn't afraid of fighting back.

As conservative as Ted Cruz is, I don't think he would have moved as rapidly as Trump has. He wouldn't have pushed for a wall, lower taxes, travel bans, etc. I do think Trump's conservative pick for the Supreme Court is every bit as conservative as a Cruz appointee would have been. Good chance Gorsuch would have been Cruz' pick, too.

But, and this is a big but, I don't think Cruz would have fought as hard as Trump. We would be hearing very little from him at this point. He would have been rendered nearly useless by the constant attacks from the Left, and the media collusion.

I tend to agree with this reader.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Mount Review

Recently, I purchased a LaRue LT104 quick detach mount. The goal is to have my SPR outfitted with an ACOG for regular use, and a Primary Arms HUD DMR scope for overwatch duties. I run 75 grain Hornady ammo for precosion, so the scope's BDC matches up well for such duties.

The LT104 mount was easy to install and rugged in build. The quick release levers are virtually identical in appearance and function to the quick release levers I have on my ACOG. With the mount installed, I headed to the Range to zero the scope and verify that the mount will return to zero after removal.

A silver sharpie was used to mark where the tabs should go on my rail, so that the scope was put back in the same spot each time. So how did the mount do?

Here is my first group of the evaluation. Prior to shooting this group, I had zeroed the scope, and removed it. I put the scope back on the rifle, and fired at this Army zeroing target from 100 yards. Yes - you read that correctly - I fired on a 25 m target at 100 m. The scaled target was to represent a 300 m target when used at 25 m. Since it was used at 100, the target appeared the same size as a 1200 yard target would appear.

All in the Black... pun intended (ammo was Hornady Black).

Next, I took off the scope for the 2nd time since zeroing, and put my ACOG on my rifle, Lucy.

I guess I only need 4 power to hit a target at 1200 yards.

Off came the ACOG, and on went the Primary Arms scope in the LaRue mount for a third time.

And again, all shots in the black.

Given that the Hornady ammo is between 1 and 2 MOA, I'd say that the rifle was zeroed, and it kept it's zero.

Lessons Learned
1. LaRue makes good stuff. Go get some!
2. Shooting at Army zero targets from 100 yards is hard.
3. The LaRue LT104 mount is truly return to zero... and not many are.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

More #fakenews

#fakenews propagandist Chris Cillizza says to President Donald Trump via Twitter:
Name a story that is "fake" or "incorrect."

You can't just make a blanket assertion without ANY specifics.

Eddie replies:
1. Comey wasn't granted more resources for investigation
2. Comey will say he didn't tell Trump he wasn't under invest.  I can go all day!
3. Trump is going to live tweet during Comey hearing
4. Trump is under investigation by the FBI
5. Trump pulled the MLK bust out of WH
6. Carter Paige colluded with Russia
7. Trump dossier is true
8. Trump had two scoops of ice cream
9. Flynn is spilling the beans on Trump
10.Trump will fire Spicer
11. Hillary has 90% chance of winning
12. Comey is a Boy Scout and apolitical
13. Trump fired Comey over invest.
14. Trump has no path to 270
15. Donna Brazile didn't give debate q's to Hillary
16.Hillary didn't say she wanted open borders in a speech

Facts are irrelevant to the #fakenews and their narrative.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Nope and Nope

Vox posts that the Southern Baptists are contemplating making a mistake.  Key phrase:

The Alt-Right is not deceived. To the contrary, the Southern Baptists have embraced the wide and easy way in pursuit of the world's approval. It won't be long before they'll be featuring female pastors performing same-sex marriages before empty pews. Convergence always ends the same way.

In other news... it has begun.

Monday, June 12, 2017

#cuckservative or Progressive?

Lefty writes -

Something has happened during the last, say, 10 or 15 years that has caused the already unstable left to go full bore insane. As a friend of mine noted on Twitter just this morning, half of us loves the country, the other half hates it.

There is no use engaging liberals in a serious way. You will frustrate yourself. Facts and logic mean nothing to them. There really is an alternate state of reality occupied only by liberals.

“Progressives,” as they like to be called, are convinced that down is up and up is down, left is right and right is left, light is darkness and darkness is light, good is evil and evil is good. What do you do with that? There are no points of agreement. There is no ground upon which to compromise. There sphere they inhabit never intersects reality, not even on a single tangent.

Very accurate.

Also of note - if you insert the word #cuckservative for the word "Leftist" or "Progressive," then what would you have?

There is no use engaging #cuckservatives in a serious way. You will frustrate yourself. Facts and logic mean nothing to them. There really is an alternate state of reality occupied only by #cuckservatives .

#cuckservatives ... are convinced that down is up and up is down, left is right and right is left, light is darkness and darkness is light, good is evil and evil is good. What do you do with that? There are no points of agreement. There is no ground upon which to compromise. There sphere they inhabit never intersects reality, not even on a single tangent.

Hmmm... seems to work perfectly.

So, the question is, what's the difference again between Progressive and a #cuckservative ?
No, please, if you know the difference, please let me know. I cannot determine any difference at all.

Friday, June 9, 2017

BETA of the Year

Yesterday, James Comey testified. We now have a hands-down candidate for BETA of the Year.

Comey admitted to giving information to a friend with the express purpose of leaking that information. Very passive-aggressive move there.

Comey hid behind drapes from Donald Trump. Very BETA of him.

Comey admitted to being pressured by Loretta Lynch to change the wording of the Hillary investigation to "matter."

Comey took notes with Trump, but never with anyone else. Trying so hard to get info to use against Trump is sniping. Very BETA.

The only thing Comey didn't leak was that Trump was not under investigation.  Again, a BETA sniping move.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Game 5

We are #Smashville
They call us #trashville
It's ok, they are #shittsburgh 
Winning The Cup will be #glorious

He shoots.
He scores.
You suck.
You suck.
It's all your fault.
It's all your fault.
It's all your fault.


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Fun vs. No Fun

Lefty writes that the NBA is boring.  He's right.

Back in the 1990's, my brother and I watched the NBA a lot.  By the late 90's, we could actually predict the series results - down to the number of games each team would win. 

In 1998, my brother and I predicted the playoff results - series by series - all the way through, including the champion Bulls team. We didn't miss anything.  Every series unfolded exactly as we had predicted on paper on the day before the playoffs began.

Is the NBA rigged? Well, I miss a prediction on at least one match on every WWE event. 

Besides,  the NHL is more fun.  #GoPreds

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Lawnmower Philosophy

New section starting this week - Lawnmower Philosophy.  A good friend cuts lawns. As he puts it, ones mind can wander far & wide when you spend hours on a lawnmower.

He was raised in a Christian Church. As part of that denomination's doctrine, they feel that people who commit suicide go to Hell, regardless of salvation status. Going with that notion, if a drunk crashes his car and dies, then he, too would be eternally damned.

My friend reflects - so, if a fat person dies due to complications of being obese, does he go to Hell, as well? Gluttony is a sin. 

Poor doctrine from that denomination notwithstanding, what say you? Would that be the case?

Monday, June 5, 2017

Total Package

Seen on social media:

Current struggle: the guy you dated was quite douchey so you don't miss him but you do miss the things you did together and the connection you had over the little things in life. Why's it so hard to find someone who has the full package?

Naturally, this was written by a female.  There are many points that could be made from these two sentences, albeit one of them is a really bad run-on sentence  (with poor punctuation). However, three points seem to really stick out. 

1. Women are attracted to douchey guys.  And then they "wonder" why he won't be nice.  Here's a hint: if he acts nice, he will find himself in the friend zone.  And you, the girl, won't want to date him.

2. Men are no longer masculine.  Feminism and liberal ideology has made masculinity out to be "toxic." So the real complaint is why are so many women (and men, to some extent) training their sons to be BETA schlub "nice guys?" Why not raise your son to be the complete package?

3. What makes you, the girl, worth a man who has the total package? Women are no longer feminine these days.  So many are fat, bitchy, entitled, princess attitude, promiscuous, etc. A woman with the total package is what a man with the total package will select.

Good news for women - you ladies can control most of the factors that make you or break you when it comes to attractiveness to a man.  Fat, bitchy, entitled, princess attitude, and promiscuous are all decisions. You can decide to be something other than that unpleasantness. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

Move, B***h

Reactions to this:

My son - cool, he just shoved some doodle-britches out of the way.

Me - I'm sure that was a man of some importance.

Son - nope. Can't be. I've never seen him before.


Me - Did you see what Trump did when that NATO guy got in his way?

Wife - what did he do, just push him out of the way unceremoniously?

Me - yes. How did you know?

Wife - because that's what you or our son would do.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Still Winning

Wanna win in politics?

Shove a Beta-boy Prime Minister out of your way.

Body slam a #fakenews "reporter." 

Call out NATO leeches right in front of them.