Monday, November 14, 2016

I Wish

I wish I had the luxury to be Libertarian.
The position makes sense, let people self-govern. Live and let live. Hands off. My kind of stuff. Problem is most people do not get it. They aren't smart enough to get it. They aren't reliable enough to execute it.

But people seek leadership. People want a "daddy" figure in their life. They cannot self govern. Until we evolve to a point to where we can be trusted to do that, we simply do not have the luxury to allow self-governance.

Because I realized humans absolutely must have leadership, I made the conscious decision some time back to align myself with the Alt-Right. Among the most important tenets for me:

4. The Alt Right believes Western civilization is the pinnacle of human achievement and supports its three foundational pillars: Christianity, the European nations, and the Graeco-Roman legacy.
5. The Alt Right is openly and avowedly nationalist. It supports all nationalisms and the right of all nations to exist, homogeneous and unadulterated by foreign invasion and immigration.
6. The Alt Right is anti-globalist. It opposes all groups who work for globalist ideals or globalist objectives.
7. The Alt Right is anti-equalitarian. It rejects the idea of equality for the same reason it rejects the ideas of unicorns and leprechauns, noting that human equality does not exist in any observable scientific, legal, material, intellectual, sexual, or spiritual form.
8. The Alt Right is scientodific. It presumptively accepts the current conclusions of the scientific method (scientody), while understanding a) these conclusions are liable to future revision, b) that scientistry is susceptible to corruption, and c) that the so-called scientific consensus is not based on scientody, but democracy, and is therefore intrinsically unscientific.
9. The Alt Right believes identity > culture > politics.

However, like Milo, I like Israel and I generally approve of George W. Bush. I'm ambivalent on the Iraq war... possibly leaning toward being in favor of it.

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