Friday, October 30, 2015

American Infidel

Kafir - Arabic for "infidel."
How does one become a kafir? Simple - reject Allah, or reject that Mohammed was Allah's final prophet, or reject the teachings of the Koran (Qur'an). There are many places  to find this definition. But most of them agree pretty much down the line.

Muslims have more than one category of infidel, but simply speaking, they fall into one of three different categories:
1. Christians and Jews - of "the book," but reject Allah / Mohammed.
2. Other faiths (Hindu, Buddhist, etc.).
3. Atheists.

There are numerous ways a Muslim can become an infidel, and even though I've never been Muslim, just for fun, I'm trying to satisfy as many of them as possible.

Beware the Muslim who makes the claim that Christians and Jews are not infidels - according to the Koran, it is not only permissible, but advisable to lie to the infidel to advance Islam.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ready in a Minute

From a reader:
What basic preparations do you have on hand to fill the role of modern minuteman?

Excellent question. Understand, there are many correct answers. This answers for me.

I travel for work. Often, I am in a hotel room a few hours drive from home. Not every week, but often enough. My minuteman setup is built around "getting home."

I always carry regular clothes with me when I travel. Additionally, if the SHTF, I have my recon fatigues in my vehicle. My favorite pattern is A-TACS. Many fellow patriots select Multicam, and that's a good choice. My son likes old fashioned woodland camo, and that is also a good choice. Hiking boots from a reputable manufacturer and in a comfortable design colored in dull earth colors - tans, browns, greens. A hat and a shemagh completes the attire selection.

Load Out
My AR15 rifle (SPR build) with 7 loaded mags is the preference. As backup, a Smith & Wesson M&P in 9mm (full size) with 5 loaded magazines. The mags are all kept either in the corresponding firearm, or in a recon chest rig (also A-TACS).

Knife, multi-tool, flashlight, binoculars, cord, fire starter, compass, cotton bandana, rain jacket. All kept in a backpack (A-TACS of course).

3 days worth of food (3 lbs of beef jerky). 2 L water bladder affixed to the back of the recon chest rig. Another 1 L canteen on my bug out bag (BOB). Water filtration device.

Note: I have, on multiple occasions, stretched 3 lbs of beef jerky into 5 days worth of food. This is not a stress or strain for me.

Since I am often more than 35 miles from home, I do not carry comms with me. That will change soon, but the limitations must be understood.

Debate Observations

Wasn't it "odd" that the media was crowing over the "fact" that Trump was no longer polling in the lead. So much so that they seemed somewhat happy that the poll leader was Carson.

Those "polls" are not to be trusted, that's for certain.

The fact that Trump leads the field and that the leftist media hates it is proof enough that he may be the right guy for the job. He has moved the dialogue more to the right than anyone in the past century.

The fact that the cuckservative part of the Republican party hates Trump almost as bad as the leftists should tell you how much they can be trusted.

Ted Cruz had the zinger of the night when he attacked the media. Instant polling for that statement registered more favorably than any candidate has ever registered, according to several sources.

Kasich and Bush should just drop out.
Fiorina, Rubio, and Huckster should follow directly after.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Putting the BS in the SHTF

A few observations about folks with poor discernment with regards to potential SHTF situations that may or may not be looming in our future. As a disclaimer, nobody can know for sure what calamity may strike or when, so general preparedness is to be commended. However, these ideas are common, and are clearly wrong for many reasons.

"It's not gonna happen" mentality.
These folks do not see America as being in a state of decline. They do not link the socialist actions of other countries with the inevitable collapse of same. They live in a protected bubble and are either ignorant or dishonest with themselves.

"I have a handgun, I'm ready."
No. You aren't.
Some folks, usually those who have just realized that the world is not a nice place, buy their first handgun and think that's it. No training, no additional firearms or preparations, no skills.

Some are simply proud of their purchase - and they should be. But don't let ego get in the way. You need a fighting rifle and skills to back it up. You need a trainer rifle and pistol to work on basic marksmanship and that will later be useful for hunting. Most who prepare also get a full size handgun (if yours was compact for carry purposes) as well as a shotgun.

"If the SHTF, I'll come to your place!"
This one is wrong on many levels. First, you are outright telling me that you don't want to prepare, but still want to reap the rewards of my preparations. Here's a hint - there's a good chance Socialism is the reason for societal collapse in the first place; more now certainly will not help. And it certainly won't help my family and friends.

Second, you are putting my family at risk. I've prepared for them, not them and you. Your taking of my family's supplies puts them and me at risk. Risk that won't be there if you aren't. Therefore, any threat you pose to my family's survival will be met with appropriate force.

Third - who says I'll actually be at my place? Often, when someone gives me this asinine phrase, I'll reply with "good! I'll need someone to watch my place... I won't be there!"

"I'll just be a sniper."
No, you won't. You can't hit targets at a measly 100 yards, when are you going to gain the additional skills? Plus, every sniper I've met, and every one I've read about, was quite proficient in close quarters combat.

There are others, but these are the most common.  Have you seen others? Mention them in the comments.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Scary Mommy

Submitted from a female reader:

Let this rant add to your others about feminists. The theory that undesirable women are, by definition, the opposite of things masculine and / or Red Pill is alive and well in me, a woman. What I witnessed by a self-described atheist, feminist, and queen bitch married to a clear gamma would not surprise your readers at all. The female I observed has used recently this picture of a coffee mug declaring her the "World's Okayest Mom." Here is what the World's Okayest Mom did:

At a parent-teacher conference, she was observed with her two sons, ages 2 and 6. The six year old was in first grade, hence the parent-teacher conference. She parks the two boys outside the classroom and proceeds to tell them to not move for the duration of the conference. She looks at me as if to try to solicit my help in watching them. As my conference was about to begin across the hall from her, I was in no position to offer help. For the record, my kids were not with me at that moment, for just this reason.

It took about a minute for the six year old to decide he needed to go to the bathroom. I figured he was probably just bored. Of course, the two year old had to follow. I was called in to my conference. A moment later, the World's Okayest Mom bursts through the door of my conference asking if either the teacher there or myself knew where her kids were. I advised her that I thought I'd seen them go to the bathroom.

"Oh, that's probably okay. Don't you think that will be okay?" She asked me. I shrugged because I honestly didn't know. I wouldn't leave mine unattended in a hall at age 6, much less age 2. Well, the World's Okayest Mom left. I finished my conference. At the end, naturally curious, I noticed the kids were not in the hall sitting where the World's Okayest Mom had put them. I peeked in her conference room. She was still there, but her children were not. I guess they were still roaming the school.
A quick search on Facebook yielded lots of information. Like the picture and, hence, the name. I also noticed that in a single week time span, she had made eight posts or comments on  posts asking other women to validate her various antics as being okay even though she is a mom.

Just thought I'd share - hope your readers enjoy!

Just a note - I think this person knows she's not a good mom, and that's the reason for the antics, the picture, and the desire for validation. She knows she's not doing the right things, and she wants to do them anyways and so she reaches out to get validation on them. It's actually a form of cognitive dissonance and demonstrates solipsism.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Touching The Butt

Problem: a man wants to touch his wife's butt. Here's how each archetype would respond:

Alpha -
Touches her butt. Gets a few extra squeezes in there.

Beta -
Warns her, but still touches her butt even if she objects.

Delta -
Asks if he can touch her butt.

Gamma -
Creates the power point slide shown above.

Omega -
Has no wife. You hear "click"  "click" "unzip" "fap" "fap" "fap."

Sigma -
Bends her over the nearest piece of furniture...

Lambda -
Touches his "husband's" butt.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Five Lies

Submitted by my brother, single guy.

Five Lies told in the dating world:

1. I'm not here for a hook up.
Yeah, that's why you posted this on Tinder - a known hookup site!

2. I am a self-sufficient woman.
Yeah, thanks to hundreds of dollars in alimony, more by way of child support. And let's not forget that if your roommate leaves tomorrow with her $400 a month toward the rent, you'll be bankrupt in no time!

3. Body type: "average" or "curvy"
Let's just have a site where you have to step on a scale and the weight determines the body type automatically. If it's wrong 25% of the time, then that means we will have 70% more honesty.

4. I'm not here to date, just to find friends.
Then why on God's green earth are you on a dating site???

5. Don't just think we will talk and I'll just give you my number.
Oh, is it pay for play? Well here's a clue - there are websites dedicated to that. And plus, if I type in "average" for body type there, I'll actually get to see a girl who is not fat!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

No Hitch Hiking!

This event has brought much laughter to my family for years.

My mother's car was damaged and needed repairs. I was to drive it to the body shop. Pops was in a separate car, as I would need a ride home. Pops also knew how to get to the body shop, and I did not - therefore, I was following him.

What Happened:
Pops turned left to get on the interstate. However, the light turned red, and I was unable to follow. Pops pulled over at the base of entrance ramp to wait for me.


There was a hitch hiker at the start of the entrance ramp. He thought Pops had stopped to pick him up!

The hitch hiker started jogging toward Pops' car!

Pops wasn't about to pick up the hitch hiker... but he had to wait for me to get through the intersection...

The hitch hiker drew near to Pops' car...

My light turned green. I got on the entrance ramp...

The hitch hiker got within arm's reach of Pops' car... and Pops took off!

Full speed ahead!!!

At this point, I could follow Pops. As I passed the hitch hiker, I noticed he was giving Pops the middle finger salute!

Surely he thought Pops to be a horrible tease. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cannot See the Irony

Leftist Facebook friends can provide vast amounts of humor and blog material.

From one such:

You cannot reguate what does not have rights, which is why the anti-choice group wants to give fetuses personhood...but you can pretty much kiss away your rights as a woman, in control of how you even labor and birth your baby if personhood rights exist.

Yes, guns should be regulated. Bodies should not.

A better suggestion would be that rights cannot be regulated. However, our government officials have made many a career of regulating rights.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nine Rounds

Nine rounds.
Will it be enough?
One on one, probably.
Two on one, possibly.
Three on one, maybe.
Maybe not.

Nine rounds.
Will the rifle in the car do a better job?
It will, but can I get there?
It will, but do I need it?
It will, but what dangers lurk between here and there?
Nine Rounds will do for now.

Nine rounds.
Hope one is never needed.
Hope, if needed, the family is not there.
Hope, if needed, the family can be defended.
The wife has seven more rounds.

Nine rounds.
The draw will be smooth.
The shot will fly true.
The awareness will be made.
The martial art of it has been honed.

(This poem written by someone who carries a S&W Shield 9mm with nine rounds in it)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Inside The Mind

Liberal friends on Facebook are not a necessity, but can most certainly be a source of humor, insight, and subject matter for this blog. They could all be unfriended with no interruption to life and little inconvenience. And that's the key - convenience.

One such friend, a self-identified feminist, with distinct leftist leanings, made this her status the other day:
Since we can't seem to come to a consensus on gun laws, I have an idea. Let's separate the country into two halves. Those of you who think the answer is more guns/more freedom to carry guns can have one half, and the ones who think the answer is tighter gun legislation or bans can have the other. No weapons allowed to cross the border. Hmm, I wonder which side the criminals will flock to...

Now, of course her words were meant to suggest that violence would only ever occur in the half of the country with weapons, but we all know that's not how it would work. The criminals would prey on the unarmed populace with impunity and virtually ignore the half of the country that was armed.

Not to mention, and admittedly this is picking nits, that the country wouldn't be divided in "halves." It would be more like 3/4 and 1/4, give or take.

This friend can be forgiven, to an extent. She's only 23 and just out of college. Now, if she still holds that opinion in ten years...

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Memphis > Ole Miss > Alabama

Yesterday, between errands, I got to watch parts of the Memphis - Ole Miss game. Memphis won, of course. And they won in convincing fashion. It was no fluke, and the final score did not properly convey how lop-sided it truly was.

I am a UTC Mocs fan first, as they are my alma mater. The Tennessee Vols are my favorite team that I've followed for 30 or so years. However, I did live in Memphis for a while and am not reluctant to root for the Tigers. My friend, Right Minded, is a Tigers alumni and between his blog and Twitter feed, I remain regularly updated on their progress.

As it stands right now, Memphis is the best college football program in the state of Tennessee. They deserve a top 15 ranking. They've not had an easy schedule, and the Ole Miss team is a legitimate top 25 team. If the Tigers were to play my Vols, it would be another Memphis win.

If Memphis had played the Vols schedule, the worst they'd be right now is 5-1, with a realistic chance at being 6-0. They only game whose outcome I wouldn't have been sure of is a game against Florida with the steroid-laden quarterback.

I wish them well during the rest of their season. If they win out, I think they should get a nod for the national championship playoff.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Combating the Mental Disorder

This week , I've posted a couple of articles about my disdain for abortion. Make no mistake, as a Libertarian, I do not think the government has the wherewithal to correctly regulate abortion, but then, they cannot regulate anything correctly.

With the fact that abortion has been legal for a bit longer than I've been alive, we can actually use this horrendous act as an indicator of personal mental stability. Indeed, see these excerpts from one of my  favorite blog posts ever -

Do not date any woman who has had an abortion. Make it very clear that you will not involve yourself with any woman who would murder her own progeny. It is a non-negotiable. The reason the murderous abhumans that call themselves "feminists" work so hard to remove the shame and stigma from the monstrous act is because women are so highly susceptible to social rejection. That is their intrinsic weak point. That is the point to which men and women of moral standards must relentlessly apply pressure.

Women who claim to be "pro-choice" can and will change their thinking. In most cases, they haven't given the matter any thought; "pro-choice" it is the default position for most college-educated women. The ignorant thought can be overlooked, the evil action itself, never.

I suspect that a movement of men who make it clear that they will not involve themselves sexually or romantically with women who have had abortions will do more to end abortion than any political activity on the part of anti-abortion activists.

Feminism is the ideology of Hell and abortion is its face. Do not compromise with it.

You can make that last line your mantra. Repeat it. Know it. Men who are dating - do not date women who have had abortions and make it clear why. How to deal with women who've had abortions? Break off any relationship immediately and tell them why in a direct manner. Beyond that, AG has great advice for dealing with these low lifes:

I don't recommend arguing with women about these things. I recommend simply treating this sort of woman with the same disdain and lack of respect you would treat the logic presented by a retarded child attempting to defend his decision to defecate in his own bed. No individual, male or female, who refuses to accept responsibility for his own actions, can be considered a moral adult or an intellectual peer.

Very solid advice.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

More Mental Disorder...

From an idiot:

Abortion is not in the constitution but right to privacy is and that is why Roe v Wade was in favor of abortion because Jane Roe had the right to not disclose the nature of her abortion (at the time it was only legal in cases of take and incest). Also the constitution does give the rights to people over their own bodies and the right to decline medical procedures. And those rights, human rights, just as equality, cannot be discriminated by the states, which is why the supreme court has interpreted the constitution as such.

Yes, guns should be regulated. Bodies should not.

So, there you have it: the Constitution somehow protects abortion, but not guns.
Give no medicine to the dead... it serves no purpose.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It Really is a Mental Disorder

Some time back, I came across this argument from a  pro-death / pro-choice woman. Yes, by definition, this person is basically worthless to the human race. Here's why:

I mean, it's not a person until it's born, so technically no lives are killed. If you believe that an 8 week old embryo is a person, there isn't really much of a discussion. The rights of a woman are not trumped by that of a fetus....

You cannot reguate what does not have rights, which is why the anti-choice group wants to give fetuses personhood...but you can pretty much kiss away your rights as a woman, in control of how you even labor and birth your baby if personhood rights exist.

The US constitution affords that women and men have the rights to their own bodies and to any medical procedure. Even a woman at 39 weeks pregnant can still (and should) deny any medical treatment, even if it means that her baby dies, because she has the right to do so.

Like it or not, women can make the same choices for their bodies as men do. And to take that away from women has thousands of unintended consequences...if you don't believe that, just look at Ireland where women are forced to birth cesarean instead of trying for vaginal birth after cesarean(VBAC) because it is considered risky to the fetus, even though the elective c-section is MORE risky to the mother and has MORE complications.

If you deny women the choice over their uteruses, you will see women lose any of their choices, and this includes how women birth their babies as well.

Whew! This as much verbal gymnastics as one might expect from a Calvinist. Typical liberal leftist. Not sure there's any brain activity going on here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Patrolling Training Review

Some time back, I attended a training session with 13 fellow patriots. The topic was patrolling. The session was taught by a US Marine, who was about 5 years removed from his time in the infantry. It is my understanding that his MOS was 0311 - infantry - and that he had served overseas. I am unsure if it was Afghanistan or Iraq, or both. Two other Vets assisted in demonstrations. Out of respect, I am keeping all personally identifying information out of this review.

My son (age 10) was one of the group of 14. There were three teenage boys, who were remarkably well mannered and well behaved. Two women were in the group. Of the grown men, I was one of two (that I know of) who had not been in the military.

There were many nuggets of information that were passed along which have applicability outside of patrolling. Things you might hear in a tactical carbine class or other combat oriented class.
* Keep your head on a swivel.
* Complacency kills.
* In a gunfight, you need to be shooting, moving, or communicating.
* Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.
* People will naturally take the path of least resistance.

As for the patrolling specific information, I took notes and other things were committed to memory. Here is the roundup:

You would patrol an area around a place you occupy. The idea is to stretch your area out and make sure the enemy is not encroaching to prepare an assault. There are many other reasons to patrol, as well. A patrol of a few hundred yards may take 3 - 5 hours when done correctly.

Patrolling is not reconnaissance. Patrolling is not standing guard or standing watch.

The key word was "dispersion." Don't keep bunched up. There are times to be in a straight line (tight spaces, etc.), but in the open, you should have 7 - 25 meters distance between yourself and other members of your fire team. Patrol in a staggered (zig-zag) pattern. TAKE YOUR TIME - this is not a race.

Areas of Responsibility
5's and 25's is the term: 5 meters all around you is your zone of responsibility, as is at least 25 meters in front. Every 7-15 steps, you should turn to the rear and check the person behind you... just in case. Always turn to the outside of the group. If you are the final person in the group, you need to turn every 5 steps or so. Remember - this is not a race.

What to Look For
Overturned dirt. Things out of place. Evidence of enemy movement. Look for the enemy.
Look all around. Look on the ground. Look up in trees / rooftops. Look everywhere.

Bounding By 2's
From time to time, you will come across an area where you are out in the open from all sides. At this point, you would "bound by 2's." Two people move forward, one covering forward and right, one covering forward and left. The two do not leave until touched by fire team member behind them. Both people leave cover at the same time.

Once the clearing is crossed, they stop, and provide cover for the next two fire team members. Additionally, ones head must be on a swivel - expect the enemy also to come from the front. Once the next two team members arrive, the first two continue the patrol. If there are more team members still, then the second pair provides cover while the third pair bounds by 2.

Setting Up a Perimeter
Perhaps you've reached a checkpoint or an objective, it's time to set up a perimeter. You may have just your own fire team, or you may have several fire teams. Traditional doctrine specifies movement based on squad machine guns... however, we lowly civilians do not have access to that technology, so the idea would be to fill in the next logical space. ** Author's note - perhaps the civilian group needs to base the doctrine around the Designated Marksmen? **

When leaving a perimeter, there are two general schools of thought:
* First in, first out.
* First in, last out.
Obviously, if another course of action is needed due to circumstances, it is up to fire team leaders, squad leaders, and platoon leaders to communicate and sort this out in advance.

Hand Signals
This ends the review of the material covered. Obviously, we practiced each of these, as well as performing drills to get better. Each activity had specific hand signals that were needed to be known -
* Stop!
* Get down!
* Go prone.
* Get back up
* Increase space between you.
* Decrease space between you.
* Come on (continue patrolling).
These signals were fairly straight forward and intuitive. A quick Google search will yield all the pertinent signals.

Other Observations
These are my personal observations, outside of the scope of the material. Some were touched on by the instructor(s), and some were not.

Camouflage - I am happy with my choice of A-TACS. Woodland would be good, as would multicam. My son had no issues blending in among tall grass by simply taking a knee. He was wearing OD pants and hat, along with a regular grey shirt. We put local grasses in his hat for effect.

Black - is not camouflage. I immediately realized this in the pictures of the group. Everything on my primary rifle and load out that was black is being replaced. Similarly, my orange/red lenses on the sunglasses were easy to spot. Those have been replaced.

Single point slings are not bad. I've ordered one (not in black). The model I ordered can double as a two-point sling.

Hydrate. No, really.

During and after the training, I was very glad for every hour of exercise I put in over the past few years. Carrying 30 - 40 pounds of gear was not something easily done by several in our group. For patrol, pack light. I carried 210 rounds (7 magazines) regular ammo, 40 rounds (2 mags) precision ammo, a handgun, 85 rounds handgun ammo (9mm - 5 mags), a knife, flashlight, water (3 L), and my primary rifle (SPR - about 8 or 9 pounds). Some in the group were drenched with sweat at the end, I was not one of them, nor was my son.

We were in forrest and fields in rural Tennessee. My ACOG with piggyback red dot was perfect. My son used a micro dot on his M4, to good effect. Most had red dots of varying types.

In the field, a boonie hat is easier for ACOG users than a ball cap. My ball cap would have bumped my optic when aiming a lot. The boonie hat gives way. The ACOG, of course, has a short eye relief, so the shooter must get close. That said, a ball cap is perfectly fine with red dots.

Comfortable hiking boots in earthy colors are more cost effective and comfortable than military style boots, in my opinion.

This was my first time wearing a combat shirt during training. I was impressed with the comfort and utility.

It is very reassuring being among like-minded individuals. Patriots, the lot of them.

Nobody seemed to mind a 10 year old with a full size M4 carbine. Nor the teenagers with similar. We were there to train, and I didn't catch any unsafe gun handling by any other students.

Several Vets complimented my son on his manners ("yes, sir" / "no, sir"). It seemed anyone there would have been happy to have him on their fire team. Makes me a proud daddy.

Riddle Me This

Suppose you support abortion.

Scenario 1
A woman is pregnant and wishes to end the pregnancy. Should she have the right to do so?
If so, then...

Scenario 2
A man finds out he is going to be a father. (For the sake of argument, let's presume we have the results of a legitimate paternity test)  He does not wish to be a father. He should have the right to force the woman to terminate the pregnancy, lest he be on the hook for child support.  At the very least, he should have the right to post an objection that would exempt him from financial support.

Scenario 3
A person causes a car accident (or similar) wherein a pregnant woman and her fetus are killed. Clearly, the person is responsible for the death of the mother, either through intentional act or negligence, depending on exact circumstance. If the circumstance is negligence, then this person should clearly not be charged for the death of the fetal infant as it was not their desire that the fetus should die.

If you agree with scenario 1, but not with both scenario 2 and scenario 3, then you are not applying logic to your stance on abortion. You favor abortion strictly for convenience, regardless of what other argument you may proffer. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Idiots Abound

On FB a few days ago, someone put up this faulty meme suggesting gun buyers be subject to all the regulations to which those seeking abortions are subject. I replied with my opinion that neither should be regulated by the government.

One response was hilarious: "nobody is trying to take away your guns, but abortions are heavily regulated."

Funny thing is, Obama clearly hinted at taking guns away just a  few days prior -
We know that other countries, in response to one mass shooting, have been able to craft laws that almost eliminate mass shootings.  Friends of ours, allies of ours -- Great Britain, Australia, countries like ours.  So we know there are ways to prevent it. 

Australia and the UK have had outright bans, to disastrous results. The UK has recently been seen trying to ban knives as people still kill people. Again, it it not the inanimate object.

A few takeaways from the comments:

Liberalism (and abortion support) is a mental illness
Any woman past college age (young and impressionable) who is in favor of abortion is mentally ill. Not surprisingly, the women who were in favor of abortion in this thread were all liberals... also mentally ill. One of them (the one with the above quote) is seen on Facebook making posts about being drunk several times in the same week in some cases.

It's all about control.
They fail to see that the control they hate in one area is the control they want in another area. Of course, they are mentally ill, so they fail to see that.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Great Honor

A couple of weeks ago, I conducted a belt test at my martial arts studio. 14 people were deservingly awarded new rank. My karate instructor,  John Suarez, came down to be part of the Shinza (examination board) for this jiu-jitsu examination. Afterwards, I treated everyone to lunch at the  Greek Deli as a celebration.

When he got back home, Mr. Suarez penned this letter to me via Facebook. It was an honor to receive, and I wish to preserve it here:

I want to thank you very much for having Sensei Menard and I on your Shinza board and lunch afterward. Your family-based school is wholesome, fresh, and united. Your students show confidence, determination, great spirit, and their level of proficiency is outstanding. Above all, your students and their families are having fun, which can only be achieved with a compassionate, dedicated, and above all, knowledgeable chief instructor.

I am very proud of what you have accomplished in the last 30 years, that 10 year old young man that walked into my school a generation ago has transformed into a world class martial arts professional teacher, but most importantly an innovative leader. Your past experiences as President of AMAR round out your prerequisites for achieving your rank in WKRBR.

Your martial arts father,
John Suarez

Thank you, sir. It was an honor to have you down for the promotion ceremony.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Statements of Truth

You've gotta have it to lose it.
One cannot lose what one does not have.

Lies do not become a man of action.
Those who lie (to themselves or others) do not act. Those who take action do not lie.

Faith without works is not Faith
Read the Bible - book of James - for clarification. Also, put your money where your mouth is.

Real "manning-up" has nothing to do with income redistribution.
Self explanatory.

Often, the one who was promoted was the only one stupid enough to be promoted.
Often, the least threatening person is hired / promoted. Age is no measure of wisdom. Rank is no measure of wisdom.

Two is one and one is none.
Things fail. You know that. Prepare for it. Have backup.

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.
Get the technique right, speed will come.

People either make excuses or examples.
Never both.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Special Kind of Stupid

It takes a special kind of stupid to join an organization like the Boy Scouts, while being an atheist (this week, at least), and then complain about one of the (optional) merit badges requiring a project showing your religion. Here's a hint (pick any one):

- Don't join an organization known to have Christian values if that upsets you. Heck, Boy Scouts have made major headlines in recent years for having Christian values. Don't say you didn't know.

- Leave said organization without drama. I know, I just took your only tool in life away.

- Don't participate in that project. Don't earn that merit badge. BFD.

Sounds like the kind of person that would do a profile picture overlay of supporting planned parenthood, using a picture of their toddler. It takes an asinine idiot to support a group that makes its money off of killing children and illegally selling the body parts; and to do so with a picture of your child...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Needing Validation

Sigmas despise gammas. Don't take it personally, they have a general disdain for the other members of the heirarchy in general. The irony is that gammas, by nature, usually look up to sigmas. When shunned by the sigma, the gamma will often develop a hate for the sigma. Remember that hate is not the opposite of love - antipathy is the opposite of love. That sigma will be the object of the gamma's scorn - like a woman who was jilted by her lover.

Remember - gammas were made by BETA (Heartiste dichotomy - read as delta or gamma here) fathers supplicating to domineering non-feminine mothers. So they learn to supplicate to men and women. Additionally, just like a woman will try to demonstrate value to an alpha (or sigma), so will gammas try to demonstrate value to a sigma.

For all my life, I've had gammas try earnestly to show me their value - my brother, my brother in law (one of the  gamma pastors mentioned earlier), "secret admirers," coworkers, clients, etc. You'll notice that none of those categories is labeled "friends" - I don't associate with gammas intentionally. For a while, I was curious why I attracted the sort. As I read more of the red pill and manosphere, the more I realized why.

A really good source of understanding was posted by  Alpha Game a few weeks ago... and let me highlight the key spots:

The only reason men pay any attention to Gammas is that they are so damn annoying, and if they aren’t being annoying they offer little else. Their capacity for general knowledge is consistently overrated by themselves, and they typically don’t get involved in any competitive sport or even help spot you at the gym. They might be good at their jobs, in fact damn good, but so are all the other ranks. You can barely rely on Gammas at work and in crunch time they often fold up like a cheap tent and become worthless.

Women ignore them all of the time until they need a man to do something for them, and then the Gamma bounces on his hind legs like a good little puppy looking for female morsels of attention. Other than using him for things average and above women have no desire to associate with him, talk to him, or most of all have sex with him. The women who do end up with him long for something better, fill his life with verbal abuse, and boss him around like a servant.

All Gammas want to be Alphas, sometimes they fool themselves into thinking they are some sort of Alpha but generally their own lies can’t hold as they look around and for some reason see an incredible shortage of women in their lives. So what to do? The Gamma becomes that kid in the corner making fart noises while the adults are having a conversation. At least the adults might look at him because the rest of the time they pay him no mind. He might paint his hair blue, constantly try to tell bad jokes, latch on to weird causes which he thinks will get him close to women, continuously posture about his incredible superiority, get more and more hysterical when he is still ignored, and can literally go a little crazy when his true colors are shown.

The typical single Gamma leads an incredibly boring life of computer games and porn with countless hours of solitude and nobody who wants to talk to them outside of a few friends. In this, I do have sympathy as I’m not heartless and loneliness is a terrible thing for anyone. The married Gammas do much better in this regard and can at least have the love of his young children and the companionship of his wife for what it’s worth.  When his children get older it’s unlikely they will have much respect for him and it’s possible that it will turn into loathing.

So the next time you see a Gamma being annoying keep in mind that he’s a man who is chronically unhappy, insecure, and worried about his life. No matter his monetary success, or how his children turn out, he’ll still be a Gamma until he isn’t and make life miserable for those around him to a greater or lesser extent.

More than anything, the contempt comes from a disdain for the lies gammas tell... specifically because the gammas actually expect me to believe their nonsense. It adds nothing to themselves or society. Complete waste of material.

Gammas reading this - do something about it. With time and perseverance,  you can make yourself into a solid delta, and that's a darn good life.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Poor Exegesis

A few days ago, I saw a video wherein a pastor denounced the discovery of water on Mars as being impossible to sustain life, due to his interpretation of Acts 17:26. Basically, he said man will never live on any other celestial body, nor is there life anywhere else in the Universe. The problem is, he stated that Acts 17:26 states this. So let's examine...

Acts 17:22-31 HCSB (verse 26 in bold)
Then Paul stood in the middle of the Areopagus and said: “Men of Athens! I see that you are extremely religious in every respect. For as I was passing through and observing the objects of your worship, I even found an altar on which was inscribed: TO AN UNKNOWN GOD. Therefore, what you worship in ignorance, this I proclaim to you. The God who made the world and everything in it — He is Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in shrines made by hands.  Neither is He served by human hands, as though He needed anything, since He Himself gives everyone life and breath and all things.  From one man He has made every nationality to live over the whole earth and has determined their appointed times and the boundaries of where they live.  He did this so they might seek God, and perhaps they might reach out and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us.  For in Him we live and move and exist, as even some of your own poets have said, ‘For we are also His offspring.’   Being God’s offspring then, we shouldn’t think that the divine nature is like gold or silver or stone, an image fashioned by human art and imagination. “Therefore, having overlooked the times of ignorance, God now commands all people everywhere to repent, because He has set a day when He is going to judge the world in righteousness by the Man He has appointed. He has provided proof of this to everyone by raising Him from the dead.”

This is clearly a misinterpretation. The logical and rational meaning of "their appointed times and boundaries of where they live" is clearly a reference to nations of the world. It makes no mention nor inference of living off world or the possibility that there might be life on other planets.

Good news is that this man gets virtually everything else right. It's ok, we all make mistakes.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Live Free or Die

If you want an apology from me for filling your FB pages with pro-gun stuff today, forget it (come on, you shoulda known better!). If this causes some to dislike me, then so be it. If you unfriend me over it, then great - good riddance. If you won't talk to me in real life for it, then that's fantastic... but I will still pray for you.

But, if you want to take rights away, then you're gonna have a fight on your hands. A fight you cannot win. And not because I'm some bad ass with martial arts or a gun, though that will certainly figure into it. No, you won't be able to win this fight because in the end, I'll fight for my rights and yours to the death. And if I die defending these rights, then I never lost them. Indeed, I kept them to the end.

And if you are that determined, then I don't mind being forced to take your life, because someone who will take one right away will never stop there... they will always want more. So you see, it's not about guns, it's about control. And I will not be controlled. Don't tread on me... might just be the last mistake you ever make.

Live free or die.

Most Common Twits

From a reader:

You've written a fair amount about behavior topics and seem well read on the subject. In real interactions, though, what seem to be the most common psychological defense mechanisms that you see in day to day life?

Great question.

Cognitive dissonance

Learn these two and you will spot 95% or more of psychological defense mechanisms in use. Report

20" barrel
SPR barrel
M4 barrel
M4 ready-up
SPR ready-up
Precision ready-up
El Diablo - SPR

The folks at sent me some ammo to review. From my conversation with Eric at AmmoMan, here is my review.

The ammo was PMC X-Tac .223 ammo in the 62-grain green tip variety. For those keeping score, PMC claims the rounds are loaded to M855 specs, and the information on their site reflects that.

AmmoMan contacted me on a Tuesday. After a couple of email exchanges, the ammo was in my house when I came home Friday. I received emails when the packages were shipped and when they had notification of delivery - just like any other reputable dealer such as Primary Arms or LaRue Tactical.

For the first test, I measured accuracy (technically precision).
First rifle used was my 20" precision rifle. It has a stainless steel heavy barrel from Model 1 Sales with a 1:8 twist and is free floated with a LaRue quad rail. With precision ammo, this rifle has shot groups under 1 MOA.

Next up was my SPR. It features an 18" fluted stainless steel barrel with a 1:7 twist from White Oak Armory. If the 20" is my most accurate rifle, it is only by the smallest of margins as this baby is right on the heels.

Finally, it was time for the M4. This rifle features an M4 profile barrel in stainless steel with a 1:8 twist from Black Hole Weaponry. As you can see, it was nearly as precise as the more expensive match grade barrels. It's a testament to the folks at Black Hole Weaponry, as well as to the quality PMC ammo.

For the second test, I performed a ready-up drill 10 times with each rifle.

The M4 carbine had a flier, but was easiest to point. Since these were shot at 25 yards, the idea was to get on target and get a shot off with time as a factor, but accuracy also being a major concern. The PMC ammo was more than up to the task in the M4.

The SPR is really easy to shoot. It has the least felt recoil, and is quickest back on target. The PMC ammo is loaded to military specs, so it runs toward the hotter end of the spectrum.

The precision rifle was an interesting one with which to perform ready-ups. It weighs over 11 lbs, is a full length 20" rifle with an A2 stock, bipod, and sports a 4-14x scope. Not ideal, but I did it. It seemed to like the PMC X-Tac ammo. Not surprisingly, the longer barrel was evidently generating very high velocities, as it kicked up the most dirt behind the backstop.

Next up: double taps
the dichotomy of double taps is that you'd like to have a softer shooting ammo, as getting back on target quickly is essential. However, this is a self defense drill, so you want to have the most powerful ammo possible. The PMC X-Tac was up to the challenge. Of course, our military uses virtually the same ammo, so effectiveness is not the question.

Finally, I ran an El Diablo drill
You know the one - 6 shots standing, 6 shots sitting, and 6 shots prone from 18 yards in 18 seconds. I took a picture of my first result, using the PMC X-Tac ammo in my SPR. Clearly, this ammo is plenty accurate.

I also ran several other tactical drills:
Mozambique, shooting on the move (side to side and front to back). The ammo hit where I pointed, and did not have any malfunctions.

Running theme: reliability
In all these tests, not once did the ammo malfunction. Not once did any of my rifles experience any issues. PMC X-Tac cycles reliably and hits where it's supposed to hit.

Although I did not pay for this ammo, when it was sent to me, there was a "bill" where a voucher took off the balance.  The price listed as having been waived was comparable to my local Wal Mart and Academy.

Definitely shop  for great prices and selection. The PMC X-Tac performed as expected.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Introvert Scale

A good friend, whom I have known for many years is the subject of today's discussion. He is an introvert. I know this because of observation. But also because he identifies himself as an introvert. Rarely does a week go by that he doesn't tweet something from a Twitter account called "Introvert Life."

Many people mistakenly assume that an introverted person cannot demonstrate masculinity. Nothing could be further from the truth. Now, by definition, you will not see many true top alpha males who are introverted, that's does not mean an introvert cannot be at the top of the food chain.

At first glance, due to my friend's preferred and intentional quiet nature, you might be inclined to think him a delta. Indeed, that would be a fine spot in life for an introverted man, as  Alpha Game points out, Deltas "have responsibilities and do not normally shy away from them." That is a noble life to be sure.

However, my friend is most surely a leader without knowing it. He has led groups, and is unquestionably the leader of his household. That does not spell delta male in most cases.

He is clearly no gamma as he has no delusions of grandeur. He doesn't vote or think to the left in any way. He doesn't cause drama. He doesn't pretend to be alpha when there's another clear leader in a social setting.

That said, my friend is neither devious, nor does he despise gammas like a true sigma would, so he is clearly not sigma, either.

An omega wouldn't leave the house and would never be seen at a party. Neither of these things would be true for my friend. In fact, I've attended parties at his place and he has at mine. You would certainly think to invite him, so he is no omega.

If I had to put my thumb on it, I'd say he's a higher order beta with regards to Alpha Game's definition. To be fair, he likely has no clue of his SMV. He is happily married and has a wonderful, loving family. If he woke up tomorrow not married, he would be able to date women of a value that exceeds the common man.

Not bad for an introvert. To be sure, introversion has no definitive correlation with any of the heirarchy, except the afore - mentioned fact that by definition, a top alpha is not introverted.

On the flip side, I have seen and met several gammas with a penchant for extroversion. Yet, they are the most antisocial of the species. 

Now, if we use the Chateau Heartiste dichotomy scale, then my friend is certainly an alpha and not a beta. It is critical to understand the difference in these terms though. An AG beta is night-and-day different from a CH beta.

Ironically, after I'd written this, I took this test using correct answers for my friend, and it came up with the same results.

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