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Good Sport / Bad Sport

Last night, Ronda Rousey defended her UFC Bantamweight title against Meisha Tate. I watched it live, as did millions of other fight fans. Rousey dominated the fight from the opening bell, tossing Tate at will and constantly attacking with strikes, throws, pins, and submissions.

The Match
I counted eight times Rousey threw Tate. The Judo throws performed:
Sumi gaeshi (x2)
Kibisu gaeshi
Uchi mata (x2)
Tai otoshi
Harai goshi 
Kouchi gari
On one occasion, Tate shot a double leg takedown, and Rousey counter-threw with a beautiful Uchi Mata, slamming Tate hard to the ground. It was the most spectacular counter-throw I've ever seen in MMA.

Ryron Gracie tweeted:
"Miesha just earned some frequent flyer miles."

On the ground, Rousey hit Tate with punches and strikes, and attempted several submissions. I witnessed the following attempts:
Juji gatame
Ude garami
Sankaku jime
Yoko sankaku jime 
All in addition to the victorious juji gatame.

In the end, Rousey forced Tate to tap with her signature juji gatame. Tate offered a handshake as both fighters stood. Rousey saw the extended hand, and turned away with a look of disdain. Some call the move classless, but I have a completely different opinion...

In late 2011, Rousey defeated Julia Budd to move to 4-0 in professional MMA (she was also 3-0 in amateur MMA - all wins via first-round arm bar). Rousey started talking about wanting a title shot against then-Champion Miesha Tate. This was for the promotion Strikeforce (which has since been acquired by UFC).

Tate responded with negative comments. Tate stated Rousey had no wins over legitimate opponents. I guess Sarah D'Alelio and Julia Budd didn't count. To be fair, how many women fighters had more than ten matches under their belts at the time? Women's MMA is still a budding sport - it is still difficult to find a female fighter at 135 (or even 145) who has more than 10 fights.

Tate was wrong. She was dominated by Rousey in their first fight. Furthermore, Tate's prediction of a more worthy opponent - Sarah Kaufman (one of the few women with 10+ fights) was dominated by Rousey a couple of months later. Kaufman tapped to an armbar in less than a minute against Rousey.

This time around, enter the drama of TUF. Any time you have TV, and editors, expect things to be shaded toward the greatest amount of drama in an attempt to gain the most ratings and sponsorships. Rousey's mother even changed her mind on UFC owner, Dana White, as a result of the editing she personally witnessed.

While Rousey launched her share of verbal attacks at Tate - in true WWE fashion; Tate returned the attacks, and then some. Tate stepped over the line, by bringing Rousey's family and friends into the mix. By attacking people associated with the fighter, and not the fighter herself, Tate lost all honor. Further, some called her on her "bully tactics" in those actions. 

I am not saying Ronda is an angel. That is clearly not the case. But neither is she the devil the TV editors would have you believe.

What others are saying
So, before you finalize your opinion, take some other things into account. First, I quote Sarah Caum, an aspiring mixed martial artist from middle TN:
"People who say Rousey isn't classy or is trashy can shove it. She has treated EVERY one of her other opponents with utmost respect. Lest we forget Meisha Tate shoving Cat Zingano's face to get up when the round ended during their fight? That is a total lack of class. Open your eyes people. The media just loves to have a villain. And they've fit Ronda into that role."
This blog posted this comment:
"People are getting all upset about Ronda not shaking Miesha’s hand after the fight. You know what though? I’m on Rowdy’s side. 
The only person she ever (publicly) talks shit about is Miesha. And Miesha’s not so classy either. She’s that little asshole in the back of the classroom stiring shit while the teacher’s not looking and then acting all sweet and innocent when eyes on are her. Good on her for taking Ronda three rounds, but she’s not this MMA angel everything thinks she is. 
I wouldn’t shake Tate’s hand either if I were Ronda. She gave her reasons and that’s good enough. If someone insulted my friends/family I wouldn’t shake their hand either. 
People forget that Ronda was a great sport with Liz Carmouche. And you know what? She’ll probably shake Sara McMann’s hand before and after UFC 170."
An analysis of Tate's actions in light of the code of Bushido, yields a grim outlook for her. In attacking innocent parties, Tate demonstrated a lack of Courage, a lack of Honor, a lack of Rectitude (Righteousness), and a lack of Respect. One action violated four of the seven codes of Bushido.

In America, we believe in these same tenets, as our military vows not to engage in combat innocents and non-combatants.

From a personal point of view, once an opponent has thusly insulted me, I would consider that person an enemy. The violation of Honor, of itself, condemns the enemy to the worst of outcomes: that enemy is deserving of no honor nor respect. Further, there is no condemnation of the man (or woman) who fails to show that enemy honor or respect.

In American terms: once the opponent says "it's on," then it is indeed "ON!"

I'll continue to watch and enjoy performances by Rousey in MMA.
I'll continue to watch and enjoy performances by Tate in MMA.
Both women are talented fighters, and easy on the eyes.

That said, don't fall for the media hype.


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Incorrigible Kids

Quick post on things parents of well-behaved children know that the rest of the parents are "trying" to find out:

1. Consistency, consistency, consistency.

2. Understanding the pack-behavior of the human is critical.
Kids want a parent to be pack leader.

3. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.
Kids need a parent to be truthful to them.

4. Physical dominance is a part of pack behavior.
Brutality and abuse are not physical dominance.


Lessons Learned from a Twitter Stalker

Some months ago, I managed to find a Twitter Stalker. Seems I posted some things he/she didn't want to read... but for some reason kept looking me up to read them. Some things I learned in the whole process:

1. Twitter's "block" feature is not the same as Facebook's.
It's still better than LinkedIn's.

2. Twitter "friends" will come to the "aid" of someone they don't know.
This can be good and bad.

3. People are really ill-informed.
This can be used for good & bad.

4. People whose ass cannot possibly cover a check their hands typed never think twice and post once.

5. Don't have your name associated with things online. Nothing good can come of it.


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Summary On Diet From the Dr.

I have several friends who are doctors (most of them like to go shooting). This message from one of them recently:

Thought you would think it not ironic that as a doctor, over 80% of the diagnoses I’ve made over the last three years have been women who describe themselves as “vegetarian” or “mostly vegetarian.”

Our ancestors' caloric intake was 70%-80% animal protein and fat. You cannot change that over a course of a couple thousand years of trying to live on grains.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How To Pick the Right Wife

Came across this article recently: How To Pick The Right Wife.

I have read it several times. I have yet to find one thing said in the article that is not true, and I have yet to find anything in the article with which I do not agree. The article is how to pick the right wife, so naturally it is written from the masculine point of view.

Cliff's notes:
1. Do not marry until after age 30.
2. Do not marry a woman over the age of 30.
3. Only marry because A) you wish to raise a family, or B) you will have a career that demands marriage.
4. Marriage has been tainted to allow a woman all the control in court - "divorce theft and child robbery."


Monday, December 23, 2013

Entertainment Next Year

Found this link to 50 films to look forward to in 2014.

Yes, I'm looking forward to these:
  •  Godzilla
  •  Interstellar
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  •  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
  • Muppets Most Wanted
  • Transformers (4)
  • Edge of Tomorrow
  • Hercules
  • TMNT
  • Robocop
  • Noah
  • Pompeii
  • Minions
  • Expendables 3
  • Non Stop

These, I'll wait until they come out on Netflix:
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Amazing Spider Man 2
  • The Hobbit (3)
  • The Hunger Games (3)
  • Rise of an Empire
  • The Monuments Men
  • Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
  • Grudge Match
  • I, Frankenstein
  • The Lone Survivor

No, I'm not looking forward to these:
  • Most of the rest that aren't kids' movies.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Worst Christian Concepts

Top ten worst Christian concepts. Here's a hint - they are not Biblical. To believe any of these, you must only read a part of certain verses.

1. Original Sin - when defined as "each individual alive today is guilty because of 'Adam's' sin."
2. Predestination - when defined as "God predestined those who would be saved to salvation."
3. 667 / 124 / 67 Sins for Christians. At most, there are 10 categories. (10-Commandments)
4. Concept that belief in Jehova God is somehow different than belief in Jesus Christ.
5. Concept that there is faith without works.
6. Concept that there is works-based faith. (Faith and works are interlaced)
7. The concept of the Trinity as three separate persons.
8. The concept of "inviting Jesus into your heart" - those words are not in the Bible.
9. Any story in Genesis, chapters 1-12 as being literal.
10. The concept that any suggestion given by a man is somehow a command given by God.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Passing Guard

You are trapped in your opponent's guard. If you do not pass, you will be submitted or swept to a worse position. Here are the thoughts going through my head, stepwise, for a lightning-fast read on how to pass guard.

Open the Guard
1. Let them attack and open their own legs.
2. Knee press / ankle pry kneeling.
3. Knee press / ankle pry standing.

Obtain a Passing Position
1. Single Stack
2. Double underhook.
3. Double overhook.

Pass (single stack only)
1. Pass under the stacked leg. (same as double underhook pass)
2. Pass over the down leg with knee slide.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Escaping Headlocks

Sometimes, a less-experienced person will attempt to pin you with a headlock. Intermediate and advanced students almost never get caught in these, but beginners might well find themselves in this predicament. No worries - there's a quick way out!. Here is a lightning-fast read on the subject:

1. Frame escape
2. Hooking the leg escape
3. Going to knees escape.

Finishes (if they still maintain a hold on your head):
1. Straight arm lock
2. Collar choke (okurieri-jime - sparring only) / punches (self defense only)
3. Take the back.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Escaping Side

When you are caught under side position, you must escape... but not fast! Do not turn your back, do not expose your arms, and do not allow your opponent to mount you! Here is a lightning-fast read on my strategies for escaping:

1. Hold opponent tight to you.
2. Place your near knee up and into his hip, and brace on your far knee.
3. Be familiar with uses for arm under throat, arm around neck, and arm under far armpit positions.

1. Shrimp escape.
2. Going to knees.
3. "Running" escape (shrimp to other side).

1. If opponent makes a balance mistake, be prepared to roll him.
2. If opponent makes a solid move to mount, be prepared to do a "back door" shrimp escape.
3. Escaping Wedge (aka - "North/South" or "69" position) is the same methodology.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Mat Fairy

A parent of students once thought the dojo had a magical mat fairy. The dojo was held in a church at the time, and before and after each class, chairs had to be moved in order to make room for mats.

Parent brings kids in... which was unusual as he usually dropped them off at the front door and  never came in. Parent sees instructor putting chairs away and putting mats out.

Parent: "You still having to put chairs away each time?"

Instructor: "Nope. We now have a magical mat fairy that does that for us. All I have to do is put down the mats."

If ever there was a moment for Bill Engvall's line, "here's your sign."


Escaping Mount

When you are caught under the Mount, you must get out. Do not turn your back, and do not expose your arms. Here is a lightning-fast read on my basic strategies for escaping:

1. Hip lift escapes. Have variations. Always "attack" with it to set up other escapes.
2. Shrimp escape.
3. Leg hook / leg drag escapes. Get that half guard!


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Calvinist Corner - December 2013

Calvinism is not Biblical Doctrine. It's a human philosophy that appeals to proud-minded individuals.

Calvinism and Universalism are fundamentally the same. The only thing they might argue about is exactly how many people their "god" has predestined for damnation to Hell.


Friday, December 13, 2013

Defensive Mechanisms - Summary

For the past few weeks, we have detailed some of the more common defensive mechanisms. From a big picture level, here is a simple way to tell them apart. Note, at the upper and lower extremes, it is often difficult to determine which level a specific behavior - like projection - might belong in.

1. Pathological
Generally speaking, these are the most severe. Someone displaying these would have severe difficulty coping in public in general.

2. Immature
These are among the more severe that will be seen in ordinary public interactions. These are the people that operate "OK" in public part of the time, and then they become uncomfortable to be around at other times.

3. Neurotic
These are the more benign reactions. In fact, some might be so inconspicuous so as not to be noticed unless one is adept at spotting the behavior. Often, these are "somewhat acceptable" reactions to extreme stresses placed on an ordinary person.


Failed Guard Attacks

Nothing in life is perfect. When your opponent is in your guard, gravity is on his side, so many techniques fail more often than when you are on top. Here is a lightning-fast read on my strategies when my two top attacks fail:

Failed straight arm lock
1. Triangle choke
2. Kimura arm lock

Failed triangle choke
1. Straight arm lock
2. Kimura arm lock


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bad Guard Positioning

Sometimes, an opponent in your guard has no clue as to what they need to be doing. Here is a lightning-fast read on my strategies for some of the more common errors:

Opponent puts hands on floor
1. Kimura arm lock - forced variation
2. Kimura arm lock - rider variation
3. Triangle arm lock.

Opponent attempts a head lock
1. Elevator sweep
2. Take back

Opponent tries two-handed choke
1. Straight arm lock

Opponent tries to punch while keeping head low
1. Triangle choke

Opponent tries to choke with forearm
1. Take back

Opponent puts one arm inside guard
1. Triangle choke


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sitting Guard Strategy

Here is a lightning-fast read on my strategy from sitting guard:

1. Hip bump sweep.
2. Kimura arm lock.
3. Guillotine choke.
4. Triangle choke.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Arm Drag From Guard

Here is a lightning-fast read on my strategy when I gain an arm drag on an opponent in my guard:

1. Straight arm lock.
2. Triangle choke.
3. Take the back.


Monday, December 9, 2013

High Guard Strategies

Here is a lightning-fast read on my strategies when attacking with a high guard:

1. Triangle choke.
2. Straight arm lock.
3. Triangle arm lock (sometimes called "omoplata").


Friday, December 6, 2013

Neurotic Defensive Mechanisms

Here are the most common neurotic defensive mechanisms. Somewhat common in adults to one extent or another, they can help in short-term coping, but can prove problematic in long-term relationships and employment.

1. Displacement
Shifting of sexual or aggressive impulses to a more acceptable or less threatening target. Also, redirecting emotion to a safer outlet.

2. Dissociation 
Detachment from reality (as opposed to a loss of reality which is psychosis).

3. Hypochondriasis
Excessive preoccupation with having a serious illness.

4. Intellectualization
(as a form of isolation) Focus on the intellectual aspects.

5. Isolation
Separation of feelings from events or ideas.

6. Rationalization
Making excuses.

7. Reaction formation
Taking the opposite belief because the real belief causes distress.

8. Regression
Temporary reversion to an earlier stage of development. Often - whining.

9. Repression

10. Undoing

11. Withdrawal

12. Social Comparison
Used to make one feel better about oneself.


Guard Punch Blocks

Here is a lightning-fast read on my strategy when my opponent is punching from inside my guard:

1. Go to "stage 1" - hook head & hook arm.
2. Deflect low punches by "swimming" and by switching sides.
3. If opponent breaks away, go to "stage 4" - feet on hips, keep him at bay.

I personally do not like "stage 3" as taught in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu for my body type. It is a great technique, but at my size, it is not likely to come into play. That said, I know it and practice it, just in case I'm ever attacked by a man who is 6'8" and 500 pounds.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gun fighting 101

Congratulations! You have passed the basic marksmanship portion of the training. Now, your real training begins.

First topic: fixing malfunctions. 

Indicator: you press the trigger and the gun does not fire!

Nomenclature: "Tap, Rack, Bang!"

Alternative: If Tap-Rack-Bang does not work, then:
  • remove the magazine
  • rack the slide a few times to clear the obstruction(s)
  • Then "Tap-Rack-Bang"

Here is a video of Clint Smith teaching the same method on a handgun. The idea transfers to a rifle 100%. 


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Positioning From Guard

Here is a lightning-fast read on my basic positioning strategy when my opponent is in my guard:

1. Punch block (self defense) / break posture (sparring)
2. High Guard
3. Arm Drag
4. Sitting Guard


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pass the Cholesterol, Please

Three reasons you should be skeptical of the new cholesterol guidelines:

1. The guidelines over estimate risk.
2. The guidelines are based on flawed and outdated data.
3. The research is subject to conflicts of interest.

... As always: FOLLOW THE MONEY!


Wedge Position

Here is a lightning-fast read on my objectives when I am attacking from the Wedge position (some call this the "north-south" or "69" position):

1. Kimura arm lock
2. Straight arm lock
3. Take back.


Monday, December 2, 2013

Diarrhea of the Mouth

"I believe in natural gas as a clean, cheap alternative to fossil fuels."

"Natural gas is cheap, abundant, and clean compared to fossil fuels."
- Nancy Pelosi. 

In case you didn't know, natural gas IS a "fossil fuel."

Would be like saying "Dr. Pepper is a tasty, inexpensive alternative to soda."


Side Position

Here is a lightning-fast read on my objectives when I am attacking from the side position:

1. Americana arm lock
2. Kimura arm lock
3. Move to Mount
4. Move to Wedge