Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Unexpected Reward!

Always an A student and always pick up quickly in athletics, as well, I am an overachiever. Because of this and a dominant personality, I am completely unaccustomed to being cut any slack. Teachers, instructors, and coaches have always been harder on me than on my peers. And I'm OK with that.

Actually, I'd have it no other way - I hold myself to higher standards than the norm.

The challenge is real to me. The gratification is in doing. I don't do things for the notariety or recognition. I do things either because they need doing, or because they can be done.  And the accomplishment is not to be held over another's head.

And because I do not seek additional commendation, never before have I received it. Until this week...

At the end of training with my III% group's Quick Response Team, the squad leader called me front and center. He stated to all present that back in June, he had said if I shot higher scores in qualifications than him, he would give me something of note.

Honestly, I did not recall this conversation - mea culpa.

In front of the group, he handed me his last Rifle Expert badge from his days in the USMC. I protested - I was no Marine, I never served in any branch. Stolen valor is very serious to me: I make sure to never be associated with it. He disallowed my protest. I yielded, as disagreeing with one's instructor is an indication that one does not value the instructor's evaluation, and nothing could be further from the truth.

It was very humbling to receive. I shall be forever thankful. Not sure how I could repay this. Thank you!

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