Saturday, July 30, 2011

What Congress and the President don't want you to know

If they don't reach a deal (and that won't happen), then the fact is that we the people would find out we don't really need the Federal Government.

Because they can't have that happen, a deal will be made.

Not a single troop will go unpaid.
Not a single Social Security check will be delayed.
Not a single Medicare claim will go late.

The biggest mistake either party could make is demonstrating how Washington simply creates its own problems and hypes them so we think they are actually doing something worthwhile.

Hope to have a review on this one

Space Battleship Yamato.

Best preview I've seen in years. Since Star Wars.

Seems the movie came out in Japan in 2010. 

And is it just me, or does that sound like Aerosmith singing the theme song "Love Lives"???
(OK, I found out it was just Stephen Tyler)

In response to a prayer

So Pastor Joe Nelms gave a prayer that was quite unusual, and certainly from the heart. Of course, the media tried to turn it into something it was not - a controversy.

Nelms defended his prayer without apology. Good for him.

For the record, this was not Nelms' first pre-race prayer. However, I still think it was his best.

His church is not far from me. Same county. Maybe a 25-minute drive. Might have to visit.
(Don't worry, Right-Minded - it would only be a visit!)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Best Pre Race Prayer?

That's what it is billed as. At least this minister speaks from the heart.

Link to video.

What say you? Which part did you like best?
- Giving thanks for the "mighty machines"?
- Giving thanks for his "smoking hot wife"?
- "Boogity, boogity, boogity"?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Things change in time

So I got a phone book today. A real live phone book for the Nashville metro area. We haven't had a new one in years. And it was the Real Yellow Pages from Bellsouth - not some other advertisement company.

This book is thinner than the phone books we used to get in Chattanooga when I was a kid - over 20 years ago. For perspective, Chattanooga is less than a quarter the size of Nashville. Back then, it was even smaller.

Also, to compare, I opened to the martial arts section (a long-standing habit). Seems there were only three paid ads, and each was a cheap in-column ad. All the rest of the listings were the free line-items. There was a time when the martial arts instructors used to purchase expensive full page ads to lure prospective students.

Now, so much is done online.

Found this recently

Near my house, there was a hand-drawn sign advertising a yard sale. It read:
"Hugh Yard Sale"

I don't know anybody nearby named Hugh, but he must be important if his name belongs on a yard-sale sign!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Be mindful what you read

This article is titled:
"Report: Boy, 15, dies after Odom crash"
Even the wording as the article continues tries to make it sound like LA Lakers basketball star Lamar Odom had something to do with the crash. 

Then, at the end, the truth comes out. Odom had hired the company to drive him around. He was in the back seat of the hired car. That's the extent of his involvement - none whatsoever.

Turnabout is fair play...

Or, I could say "tit for tat," but that wouldn't be 100% accurate, either.

Seems a woman in AZ decided to return the favor and grope a TSA agent.

Monday, July 18, 2011

I like it when people agree with me

Seems I'm not the only one who likes the M1 Garand, but does not worship at the altar of the M1.

Link (warning - adult language)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why is it always about race?

Seems 77% of black people support drug testing for welfare recipients.

My question is, what percent of the population feels this way, and why do we not put it into law???

Friday, July 15, 2011

Antics and Shenanigans

Discussion tonight at supper brought up some funny situations my dad, Pops, used to be a part of. No, not just a part of it, he used to engineer funny situations.

1. The Parking Brake
Parking brakes on cars are typically used to set the vehicle at rest, in the event that the vehicle's park gear fails. Pops felt this was not adequate. He observed that when a parking brake (specifically, those in the middle activated by hand), when activated quickly in a moving vehicle, will case the tires to lock up.

Although there is some danger in doing this at high speeds, when done at low speeds and under control, the danger is negligible.

When done in somewhat close proximity to a person who is otherwise unaware of your presence, the result can be hilarious.

For example:
- When people (and by "people" - I mean my brother and his buddy) are riding bicycles and are approached in the car, and suddenly the parking brake is engaged; people can become frightened by the sound. Often, it makes these people think they are about to be run over by the car whose tires are squalling.

In the case of the people I knew, they immediately drove their bicycles into the ditch in an effort to avoid being struck by the car.

Note: At no time were they ever in danger, the car was on the other side of the street, and completely under control. 

2. Drive-thru Windows
Folks who work in drive thru windows were often the target of Pops' antics.

- When paying, Pops would put a rubber snake in his hand along with the cash. Most clerks screamed. Some jumped. One took the snake, and frightened a co-worker. That was funny.

- Sometimes, Pops' windshield wiper fluid was checked at most inconvenient times. Like when the clerk was in the window. Often the clerk was sprayed by the washer fluid.

- Instead of "unsweetened" tea, Pops would ask for "sour tea." Sour, of course, being the opposite of sweet.

3. Parking Brake, Part 2
The parking brake was used from time to time. My brother and his buddy were not the only targets.

One morning, Pops and I had been to breakfast. Some men whom he worked with were were at a job site, fixing some electrical equipment. The foreman had stabbed an apple through the top with a pocket knife, and was munching it as he oversaw the repairs.

Pops drove us to the site, knowing they would be there. As we approached, he realized the foreman was unaware of our car approaching. The parking Brake was employed.

The foreman, in a moment of clarity, dropped the apple, and dove for cover.

Many of the workers joined Pops and I in laughter. I learned to swear that morning, with some of the words the foreman spewed at Pops. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sad times in the Usagi household

Yesterday, my grandmother passed away. She was 93.

Saturday, I am a pallbearer in her funeral.

Sadly, we had to step outside the family for pallbearers, as many of my grandmother's sons-in-law are older, and not physically capable; and many of the younger ones who would be physically capable, are in jail. Yes, that's right, several cousins on my mom's side are in jail - mostly for drug and theft (to get money to pay for the drugs) related crimes. That part is just as sad.

Special thanks to my brother-in-law, MJ, for stepping up to help out, and to his brother, RJ, for the same.

Allow me a moment to reflect:
If you are the praying sort, your prayers are appreciated.

If you are not the praying sort - learn how. God loves you and would like to hear from you. And you never know when your time might be. Get things in order. Get your heart right with God.

The plot thickens... (7.14.2011)

More word coming out... seems the President wishes to tighten gun laws via executive order.

Mr. O, we have laws in this country, and trying to make them via executive order is not permissible, nor legal in this instance.

If Mr. Obama REALLY wanted to stop the illegal flow of weapons into Mexico, he would direct the ATF to stop sending the guns themselves!

Pot calling Kettle

Yesterday, during budget talks, President Obama abruptly left the meeting, apparently frustrated with it.

Now, he is going to say that in order for this to work, the Republicans must be willing to compromise.

However,we all know that since it was he who stepped out abruptly, it is Mr. Obama who is unwilling to compromise.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lots of stuff coming out on this

This is not a conspiracy theory... it is conspiracy fact. Obama stated he was working on gun control "under the radar" - I blogged about it. Now more comes out about the ATF's Project Gunrunner. Just incredible.

Now this is neat

My favorite amusement park - Lake Winnie - was just named one of the top 20 in the nation for families.

Interestingly enough, another nearby park was also named to the list - Holiday World, in Santa Claus, IN.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Product Review - 7/7/2011

Recently, we bought my son a Propel Micropter. It is essentially a small RC helicopter. We bought from Walgreen's for about $20.

Due to the lack of price, one might expect it is not the most sturdy toy, and that is correct. However, we found another on clearance for $10 (bought two at that price), when the first one was rendered inoperative. Also, a quick Google search yielded some good quick fixes for common maladies.

The helicopter is best used indoors. It is small, and unlikely to damage anything other than small glass breakables. We have a bit more room, due to high ceilings, to fly the little toy around in. A few minutes, and you quickly learn how much juice to give it, and can be flying them around all over your living room.

The controller takes 6 AA batteries, and doubles as the recharging station. The copters have small, internal rechargeable batteries that allow light weight, but still give 8-10 minutes of flight time on a full charge. A full charge takes about 30 minutes.

We've had the first one about two weeks, and the original batteries are still going strong in the remote. Flying two at once can be really entertaining. Chasing the kids with one certainly helps pass the time!

Can you shoot like a girl?

Recently, Mrs. Usagi placed 3rd in an online shooting match.

I also came across this article, about a woman who shoots NRA Highpower and Palma matches, and holds her own quite well. She also blogs about it.

Now you've stepped in it...

A recent study found that women were more likely to cause accidents than men. The study took into account the actual time (and mileage) spent behind the wheel.

Of course, the study did not comment on the impact of women farding in cars (say it out loud to yourself - it's funny). 20 years ago, Rush Limbaugh did a bit on farding, and the impact (pun intended) it can have.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Product Review

Recently, I purchased a Rock River Arms National Match Trigger for my AR15.

In it's stock configuration, the AR15 sports a 9-12 pound trigger pull. The RRA NM Trigger reduces that to 4.5 lbs, so as to be legal for competition.

It was fairly easy to install (using some online directions from other folks on installing AR15 triggers).

It is very light, and has a clean, crisp break. I'd give it a 5 out of 5. It is also one of the most economical of the match triggers out there.

Another accomplishment

I'll be updating the accomplishments page today, as I've had three more.

First, I entered a "postal match" on "The High Road."
Placed 1st in iron sights on sporting (unmodified) rifle. The Mrs. placed 3rd in the same division.

Second, I finished shooting the courses of fire for the NRA Highpower course to qualify for Distinguished Expert.

Also, I've completed the NRA Light Rifle designation - Distinguished Expert as well.

Range Report - 7.2.2011

So I went to Prentice Cooper Range today, and shot a bit. This is the third straight weekend I've been shooting.

I dialed in a pink Crickett .22 that will belong to my daughter one day. It is a good little rifle. I shot a RFAQT with it and scored 211 (no sling) in under 4 minutes total time.

I shot a 240 on the AQT using my AR15. I love the new configuration. Did some 100-yard shooting and put all the brass cased cheap Monarch brand ammo (55-gr) inside a 2" diamond at 100 yards. With a sling in prone I can make a single ragged hole with this rifle at 25 yards. Scored perfect on standing and 300-yard prone.

I also scored a 247 on an AQT using a Marlin 795. Got a 4 on the standing portion, and the final prone portion. Shot it in 3 minutes.

Seems we will be going to my uncle's house tomorrow... which always includes shooting. I might not shoot much as there will be others shooting.