Thursday, February 28, 2019

Entertainment is Good

For three weeks, I have been watching football games from the Alliance of American Football, the AAF. The games and league have been very entertaining, for a number of reasons. 

The AAF has some interesting rules - no point after touchdowns, no kickoffs, only five can rush the passer, and others. This makes for less predictable scores and more balanced teams.  Of course, each team wants to have as good an offense and defense as possible, but this format makes it prohibitive to be a specialist team. 

Some players have NFL experience. Some coaches do, too.  Some don't. However, it is clear that the players and coaches are a notch above a good college program.  Add to it a less likelihood of game fixing, and the product has been more fun to watch. 

Side Dishes
Or rather, the lack thereof.  There haven't been players "taking a knee." The commercials are short and infrequent.  The refs have been equally fair / unfair. 

All in all, it's just been good football.  Not much else.  And that's why it is entertaining.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Rigged For Success

Chest rigs, plate carriers, battle belts, and such come in an endless variety of options.  Which one is best? That's a difficult question to answer. Most agree that there are always trade offs, and the individual rifleman should evaluate the pros and cons to make a mission-specific decision.

As a rule of thumb, the rig or belt should generally be for A) things that make holes, and B) things that fix holes. In other words, just use the rig for mags, pistol, knives, and IFAK materials.  One admissible exception is comms gear.

Chest Rig
There are many sizes and shapes of chest rigs.  However, for the purposes of this article, they shall be defined as a rig worn on or about the chest area. Most can carry 6+ magazines.  Many can hold plates. Some cannot hold plates, so an additional plate carrier should be considered.  Pistols should be worn on the belt if possible, and not on the chest rig. 
Pros -
Generally more space for stuff.
Generally can hold more mags. 
Ability to wear plates as part of the same rig.
Easier to get into and out of vehicles. 
Many can be paired with a hydration bladder.
Cons -
Makes carrying a ruck much less convenient.  Cannot go as flat in prone.
Tendency to over-pack. 
Must be mindful to keep strong side shoulder area clear for better marksmanship.
Can take a while to don/doff.
Best Practices -
These rigs are generally best for urban warfare and clearing buildings. 

These rigs usually only accept 2, 3, or 4 mags (with certain exceptions). The limited space helps build in discipline for not over-packing. They can be used in conjunction with a battle belt in CQB scenarios to make up for lack of mags. Micro rigs are often the compromise solution.
Pros -
Can get a lower prone than a typical full sized chest rig. 
Can be paired with a battle belt. 
Better for vehicle ingress/egress than a battle belt. 
Although few accept plates, most are generally easy to put on over plate carriers. 
Cons -
Cannot hold as much as a full sized chest rig. 
Still cannot get as low in prone as a battle belt. 
As they are a compromise, something has to be compromised. 
Best Practices -
If mission parameters are likely to change, this may be the best choice. 
If there are unknowns in the mission, a micro rig may be the best choice. 
For training classes - a micro rig is usually ideal or nearly. 

Battle Belt
For centuries, the American Soldier has been utilizing some sort of battle belt.  Had the system not been effective, something else would have been used.  Only recently have things changed.  Most engagements civilians have been involved in require no more than can be carried on the battle belt. 
Pros -
Easy to don/doff.
Can be outfitted with shoulder straps for heavier loadouts. 
Can be used with up to 6 mags comfortably.
Can be used to get into a naturally low prone. 
Cons -
Not good for vehicle ingress/egress.
Can block top pocket access on pants. 
Best Practices -
Useful for most missions, either solo or in conjunction with chest rigs.
Great for most recon missions.
Great for most training classes. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

How To Destroy Your Business 101

Recently, Benchmade knives made a big mistake. They took the wrong side of the debate on the 2nd Amendment.  Partnering with a police department on the destruction of firearms seized or "bought back," they planned on turning the steel into their knives.

There was immediate and decisive backlash from the 2A community. During the maelstrom, it was discovered that Benchmade donated 91% to Democrats.

PS - how can any police department "buy back" a gun? They would have had to have bought the gun in the first place. Therefore, the mere mention of "buyback" infers that the guns belonged to the government in the first place. 

This is the sort of stuff that leads headlong into revolution. 

Monday, February 25, 2019

Asinine Idiot

This is not a repo story, but it does come from my car rental days. I was the manager of a location and was teaching some new employees proper protocols.

According to the official employee manual of this company, if a misunderstanding were to arise, the proper protocol would be to apologize. Particularly, if the fault resided with the company, an employee of the company, or if fault was not immediately clear. Specifically, the manual advised that the employee should say "I'm sorry."

One of the trainees objected. She explained that her father had taught her to never say "I'm sorry." His rationale came from definition number 3 below - to be in a pitiful state of affairs. I showed her a dictionary, with the following definitions: 

- adjective
1. Feeling distress, especially through sympathy with someone else's misfortune.

"I was sorry to hear about what happened to your family"

2. Feeling regret or penitence.

"he said he was sorry he had upset me"

used as an expression of apology.
"sorry—I was trying not to make a noise"

used as a polite request that someone should repeat something that one has failed to hear or understand.

"Sorry? I didn't hear that?"

3. In a poor or pitiful state or condition.

"he looks a sorry sight with his broken jaw"

Well, this nitwit continued to object.  I offered replacement phrases - "my apologies," and "I apologize."  She still refused on the grounds that it might mean definition 3 of "sorry" above. I asked how she planned then, to offer apologies and she stated she wouldn't be doing that. 

I had to write her up. 

She, of course, complained to my manager.  Among her complaints, she added that I had called Michael Moore an "asinine idiot." I was most certainly guilty of that, but that was not enough to keep her employed in violation of company protocols.

#Libtards , Calvinists, and others who don't face facts often try to skew the meaning of words.  Words mean something. It is essential for good communication that a word keep the same definition. 

Friday, February 22, 2019

Fake Facts

Hillary Clinton tweeted:
The real national emergencies:
- Relentless gun violence.
- Children separated from their families at the border.
- Climate change.
- Americans dying for lack of health care.

Let's tackle these, shall we?

- Relentless gun violence.
America has one of the lowest rates in the industrialized world.  This is #FakeFact

- Children separated from their families at the border.
These children are being separated from their families way before they get to the border.  The fact is, a Wall will reduce child sex trafficking. Dems don't wanna do that. 

- Climate change.
It's not man made, so what's the point?

- Americans dying for lack of health care.
Where? This is also a #FakeFact

Also funny how she fails to mention a real emergency - Bill is #StillDickingBimbos 

Thursday, February 21, 2019


My everyday carry (EDC), the  Sig P320 just set a new reliability standard.  From the article:

Reliability -
SIG Sauer’s M18, the compact variant of the U.S. Army’s M17 duty sidearm, successfully completed a recent Lot Acceptance Test in which 12,000 rounds—more than double the historical highwater mark of 5,000—were run through three different guns with zero stoppages. The required Material Reliability Testing deems up to 12 stoppages within its acceptable limits.

Accuracy -
The pistols also passed the accuracy and dispersion requirements, as well as parts interchangeability mandates. 

Anecdote -
My P320 has a better trigger pull, has better sights, and is more accurate than my GLOCK 19. Both are fine pistols.  The Sig is just better all around. 

Summary -
The GLOCK 19 is a fine pistol and it would never be a mistake to buy one.  The Sig P320 is just a step better.  Better trigger, better sights, more accurate, unbelievably reliable.  That's why it's my EDC.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Misbehaving Politicians

As Mount Juliet city commissioners consider tripling the property tax, there have been interesting developments.  Surprisingly, my commissioner, Vice Mayor James Maness, has thrown his support to increasing the tax.  In a public conversation on social media, when I suggested no tax increase be accepted, Maness asked what I would propose instead. He also cited that city budgets are open records to the public.

In another conversation, commissioner Ray Justice also threw his favor toward the increase of property tax.  "The budget is available online and I invite you to look at it then provide options." He also said about keeping the same tax level: "Not without sacrificing services. I’m not playing with people’s lives in an effort to save pennies."

Maness has been conservative in most every other aspect.  Perhaps he has been in office too long, or perhaps he is not as strong a conservative as I had thought.  Perhaps he lost his way. 

Ray Justice lost his bid for sheriff 70%-30%. That margin is the typical margin by which conservatives win in Wilson County.  Further, he is linked to activities unbecoming a conservative public official.  Only Democrats get away with these things regularly. 

Whatever the reasons, the call from both for me to look at the budget and "solve" the problem has two main issues:

1. It is disingenuous - simply bait for a proposal which will be ridiculed for whatever fabricated reason. 
Liberals often utilize this strategy. 

2. It is wrong of a politician to suggest someone else do the job they were elected to do. 
How would it go over if I demanded they do my job!?!?

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Know Thy Enemy

From this link, it's time to face the facts about who our real enemies are:
Out here in Realville, we better get real about our opponents. They are not well-meaning liberals. They are dangerous. The target is not Trump. They are out to get all of us.

Western Rifle Shooters correctly points out:

You Are Going To Shoot And Kill People, Even Some You May Know.

Harden your hearts.

The Reds have already done so.

Plan accordingly.

The Rifleman has pointed this out before. 
They mean to have war.  They demand our wealth be redistributed to them without our consent.  At gunpoint.  This is theft at the threat of murder. 

Thieves and murderers are not to be reasoned with.  And they sure as hell aren't our "fellow countrymen." Theft and threat of murder are not simple disagreements of political philosophy.

What's more, they acknowledge the fact that they are our enemies.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Standing Shot

At a range day with friends recently, I had some steel targets up at 100, 200, and 360 yards. 

The 100 yard targets were 8" circles. Reminiscent of a headshot at that range. 

The 200 yard targets were 2/3 size IDPA. Basically a vital zone shot. 

The 360 yard target was full IDPA silhouette size. 

The shooters were really having fun ringing these targets.  However, it didnt escape my notice that they were generally using bipods and other rests - nobody was just resting on the magazine. 

During a lull, it happened.  A challenge. 
I suggested that I'd try to hit the 360 yard target standing, with no sling and no rest.

<< steady hold >>
<< trigger press >>

<< fraction of a second >>


Friday, February 15, 2019

Some Funnies

Since yesterday was Valentine's Day, here are some related funnies:

Thursday, February 14, 2019

What Kind of Pistol

The other day, I was watching a video with James Yeager of Tactical Response. (Cue the hate... get it out of your system... now listen & read for truth)

Yeager opined that guys with this brand gun or that brand were just trying to be the rebel - as opposed to buying a GLOCK.

I'd add Sig and S&W to the GLOCK list and agree 100% with the statement.   This goes for all the Canik, Taurus, T-Rex, etc. pistol owners. 

So, which one?
Most everyone, their entry level handgun needs to be a S&W M&P 2.0 compact, a Sig P320, or a GLOCK 19. Period. Full stop.

Do not buy another for any reason. Train with your handgun until you can draw and fire smoothly, hit everything you're aiming at, and can fix stoppages without thinking. 

Get to the point where you can consistently perform this qualification from 7 yards and score a perfect 10 hits.

When you have a documented 5000 rounds through this pistol, then you can begin to consider another handgun. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Time For Change

In my martial arts classes, I revisit the syllabus at least annually.  No technique is safe.  I am constantly wanting to keep the most effective moves and discard the less effective ones. Same in my shooting classes. 

Fundamental Marksmanship
I used to teach a class called Fundamental Marksmanship. The purpose was to get the rifle zeroed and learn how to shoot straight.  Not anymore.  Marksmanship is still important, but there is no need to spend an entire day doing that. 

Now, that marksmanship part takes place by 1 pm on class day, then we cover the necessary parts of the old class that used to be called Rifle Craft in the afternoon.  Together, this class is now called Expert Rifleman.

The only materials sacrificed were the less effective methods and drills. 

Essential Pistol
I used to teach "Pistol Craft" and "Combat Pistol." In a move similar to "Expert Rifleman," I have trimmed away the less than essential material and come away with a 1-day class that does the same.  

Tactical Rifleman
More advanced tactics and techniques used to be nearly impossible to teach without a prerequisite class.  Now, it's entirely possible to teach the shooting, moving, and communicating with a single, simple prerequisite:  a zeroed rifle. 

Always be improving.  Don't stagnate.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


I absolutely love Ocasio-Cortez. Nobody, and I mean nobody,  better demonstrates liberal idiocy. Nobody.

We are told that AOC "triggers conservatives." That's a hoot.  There's nothing triggering about her.  Sure, she is a socialist - but so too is most of the Dimocrat party.  We aren't triggered by her, we laugh at her.

When the video came out of college-age Cortez dancing around, the #FakeNews said conservatives were furious.  Wrong again.  Most realized it was just a young girl being a young girl. 

We are told that conservatives hate AOC because of her beauty.  Sure, she was a solid 7 in that college dancing video.  However, this poor little girl hit  the Wall earlier than most.  To her credit, she is not fat. However, neither is she eye-candy. 

In short, this tweet sums things up nicely:
Dear @AOC,
We think you are a beautiful young lady who sports a fabulous bold lip.
We think you’re fun and a great dancer.
We think your socialist ideas are antI-American, will bankrupt our nation and rob us of our liberty.
This is why we oppose you.

The only thing I just can't stand regarding AOC is fellow conservatives calling her "occasional-cortex." 

So far, she has not demonstrated use of her cortex at all - not even occasionally.  Lol 

Monday, February 11, 2019

How To

How to get blocked on social media:

"News" story of a boy scout kneeling during the Pledge of Allegiance.

#Libtard comments: "Amazing that people are mad at this! Person kneels for the Anthem, "I don't care why he did it, he's disrespecting his country". Person shoots 100 people, "well I wonder what made him do it".

Rifleman reply: "Nah, we don't "wonder."
We know it's either radical Islam or psychotropic drugs."

This is sorta like the 1-Tweet blocks on Twitter. 

Friday, February 8, 2019

SOTU Racism

During Tuesday night's State of the Union address, a number of female Dimocrat Congressmen dressed in all white. They claimed it was a nod to suffrage. Of course, the irony was thick as the image bore stark similarities to the KKK and many people started sharing memes such as the one above.

Naturally, the memes were accompanied by statements, many of which pointed out the fact that the KKK was founded by Democrats. Of course, the #FakeNews "fact-checker" Politifact moved quickly to "debunk" the claim that the Democrat party founded the KKK.

This publication by PolitiFact is disingenuous and deceitful.  Of course the Democrat Party didn't form the KKK. It was Democrats who formed the KKK.

The first Klan was founded in Pulaski, TN, at some point in time between December 1865 and August 1866 by six former Confederate Army officers as a "fraternal social club." Nathan Bedford Forrest joined the KKK in 1867, two years after its founding, and was elected its first "Grand Wizard." This may have been because of Forrest's nickname in the Civil War of "The Wizard of the Saddle."

While Forrest was the leader,  the Klan suppressed voting rights of blacks and Republicans in the South by using violence and intimidation. (Sounds familiar, huh?)

PolitiFact is still #FakeNews
Dimocrats are still Klansmen
And Trump is still their President. 
Until next time, my friends...

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Muh Aborshunz II

From social media, there was a post on how to help a woman who might be thinking about abortion. This snarky reply by a Pro-Death (was that Pro-Choice?) #Libtard and the Rifleman's comments to each:

These platitudes are nice but in all of these suggestions,  there is not one thing that mentions things that prevent unwanted pregnancy in the first place; they are all reactionary.

How about sharing things that are statistically proven to work!!

Here are a few to get started:
-Free condoms
Why must they be "free?" Someone has to pay for them... and they aren't that expensive.

-Access to free birth control. (RX no longer needed in Tennessee! Just go to a pharmacist!!)
Again - why must it be "free?"

-Access to the morning after pill OTC.
We already have that. 

-Comprehensive sex education (abstinence only programs are proven to not work)
We already have that.  And abstinence-only most certainly does work!

-Free state childcare (costs of $200/week are not practical for most)
I'm beginning to think you do not comprehend the meaning of the word "free."

Love does not stop ovulation. Love does not induce a period.
Love does not stop teenagers who don't have education. 
And here is the tell... this #NastyWoman has never known love.  Alpha-widow, at best. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Code Noir

Gun control in the US has close ties to racism. This blog has several articles regarding racist gun control measure of yesteryear. However, there is nothing new under the sun. The US got it's racist gun control ideas from... you guessed it: Europe!

Search the French Black Code (Code Noir). Among the prohibitions placed on blacks prior to the formation of the United States, is the following:
Slaves must not carry weapons except under permission of their masters for hunting purposes (art. 15)

Such were the laws prior to the Declaration of Independence,  that in many precincts, blacks could be killed on sight if they were in possession of a weapon. Walking canes were among the listed weapons.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

It's A Mental Disorder

From this link:
Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder. 

Transgenders are also far  more likely to commit suicide.

And homosexuality is also a mental disorder,  but was unjustly removed from the list of mental disorders some time back.  

We need to treat these people.  There is a cure, and it's not giving the person hormones of the opposite gender.  

Monday, February 4, 2019

Time to Ridicule

It used to be that two people with differing views could sit down and discuss those views in a rational manner. Not any more.

The Left has been taught to feel instead of think, and to conflate those terms.
The Left has been conditioned to redefine words as meaning something other than that word's universal meaning.
The Left accepts as reality so many things that just aren't so.

What other group of people operate on emotion, don't know the proper meaning of common words, and engages in make-believe?
Small children, that's who.

A grown adult would never try to rationalize with a small child.
A grown adult would never take seriously a small child's misinterpretation of a word or words.
A grown adult would never give credence to make-believe parameters of a child when something serious is on the line.

That's our problem today. There are a number of folks on the Right who wish to use logic to convince the Left. If they were open to logic, they would never have adopted Leftist principles in the first place.

Use the tools that work with small children:
- Amused mastery.
- Rhetoric instead of logic.
- Ridicule.

The first (amused mastery) is your frame.
The rhetoric and ridicule are your tools when  engaging a Leftist.

No, it's not mean to utilize ridicule against a grown adult. They've abandoned all pretense of logic. Ridicule is the only thing that flies in the face of make-believe as fact. Rationalization to the contrary will be met with the same response as asking a pigeon to play chess.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Muh Aborshunz

Lefty writes that there is no pretense any more that the left worships at the altar of abortions. Of course, leading the way is Planned Parenthood and their goal of providing access to abortions. Ironically enough, in the same time frame that Lefty wrote that article, Steven Crowder performs an interview with a woman who was once a Director with Planned Parenthood.

Some not-so-surprising facts revealed in that interview:
* Almost everything PP does to make money revolves around the abortion industry.
* It's all about access to abortions, not women's health.
* PP has quotas on the number of abortions they must perform.

Molech is real.