Thursday, November 17, 2016

Daily Thoughts

This is what we get when everyone gets a trophy.
Kids who have never failed.
They've never been told "no."
Parents gave in every time the kid pitched a fit.
They simply don't know how to cope with losing.

This generation of panzies has never lost. 
They won the last two elections.
They've never had to cope.

What's sad is they think that somehow Trump won't be president because they pitch the fit.
Hey, that tactic has always worked for them up until now. Why should they expect this to be any different?

The right feels their opponents are simply either stupid or foolish.
But the left thinks their opponents are evil.
The problem with the left is that they project. They are the evil ones, and the project that onto their opponent.

And the media has been feeding them lies.
Horror stories of their opponent.
This fuels the projection.
So, for the first time in their life, they are scared. Frightened.
Fear is a powerful motivator... second only to pain.

And in this last election, those motivated by pain beat those motivated by fear.

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