Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Scary Mommy

Submitted from a female reader:

Let this rant add to your others about feminists. The theory that undesirable women are, by definition, the opposite of things masculine and / or Red Pill is alive and well in me, a woman. What I witnessed by a self-described atheist, feminist, and queen bitch married to a clear gamma would not surprise your readers at all. The female I observed has used recently this picture of a coffee mug declaring her the "World's Okayest Mom." Here is what the World's Okayest Mom did:

At a parent-teacher conference, she was observed with her two sons, ages 2 and 6. The six year old was in first grade, hence the parent-teacher conference. She parks the two boys outside the classroom and proceeds to tell them to not move for the duration of the conference. She looks at me as if to try to solicit my help in watching them. As my conference was about to begin across the hall from her, I was in no position to offer help. For the record, my kids were not with me at that moment, for just this reason.

It took about a minute for the six year old to decide he needed to go to the bathroom. I figured he was probably just bored. Of course, the two year old had to follow. I was called in to my conference. A moment later, the World's Okayest Mom bursts through the door of my conference asking if either the teacher there or myself knew where her kids were. I advised her that I thought I'd seen them go to the bathroom.

"Oh, that's probably okay. Don't you think that will be okay?" She asked me. I shrugged because I honestly didn't know. I wouldn't leave mine unattended in a hall at age 6, much less age 2. Well, the World's Okayest Mom left. I finished my conference. At the end, naturally curious, I noticed the kids were not in the hall sitting where the World's Okayest Mom had put them. I peeked in her conference room. She was still there, but her children were not. I guess they were still roaming the school.
A quick search on Facebook yielded lots of information. Like the picture and, hence, the name. I also noticed that in a single week time span, she had made eight posts or comments on  posts asking other women to validate her various antics as being okay even though she is a mom.

Just thought I'd share - hope your readers enjoy!

Just a note - I think this person knows she's not a good mom, and that's the reason for the antics, the picture, and the desire for validation. She knows she's not doing the right things, and she wants to do them anyways and so she reaches out to get validation on them. It's actually a form of cognitive dissonance and demonstrates solipsism.

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