Thursday, October 22, 2015

No Hitch Hiking!

This event has brought much laughter to my family for years.

My mother's car was damaged and needed repairs. I was to drive it to the body shop. Pops was in a separate car, as I would need a ride home. Pops also knew how to get to the body shop, and I did not - therefore, I was following him.

What Happened:
Pops turned left to get on the interstate. However, the light turned red, and I was unable to follow. Pops pulled over at the base of entrance ramp to wait for me.


There was a hitch hiker at the start of the entrance ramp. He thought Pops had stopped to pick him up!

The hitch hiker started jogging toward Pops' car!

Pops wasn't about to pick up the hitch hiker... but he had to wait for me to get through the intersection...

The hitch hiker drew near to Pops' car...

My light turned green. I got on the entrance ramp...

The hitch hiker got within arm's reach of Pops' car... and Pops took off!

Full speed ahead!!!

At this point, I could follow Pops. As I passed the hitch hiker, I noticed he was giving Pops the middle finger salute!

Surely he thought Pops to be a horrible tease. 

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