Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It Really is a Mental Disorder

Some time back, I came across this argument from a  pro-death / pro-choice woman. Yes, by definition, this person is basically worthless to the human race. Here's why:

I mean, it's not a person until it's born, so technically no lives are killed. If you believe that an 8 week old embryo is a person, there isn't really much of a discussion. The rights of a woman are not trumped by that of a fetus....

You cannot reguate what does not have rights, which is why the anti-choice group wants to give fetuses personhood...but you can pretty much kiss away your rights as a woman, in control of how you even labor and birth your baby if personhood rights exist.

The US constitution affords that women and men have the rights to their own bodies and to any medical procedure. Even a woman at 39 weeks pregnant can still (and should) deny any medical treatment, even if it means that her baby dies, because she has the right to do so.

Like it or not, women can make the same choices for their bodies as men do. And to take that away from women has thousands of unintended consequences...if you don't believe that, just look at Ireland where women are forced to birth cesarean instead of trying for vaginal birth after cesarean(VBAC) because it is considered risky to the fetus, even though the elective c-section is MORE risky to the mother and has MORE complications.

If you deny women the choice over their uteruses, you will see women lose any of their choices, and this includes how women birth their babies as well.

Whew! This as much verbal gymnastics as one might expect from a Calvinist. Typical liberal leftist. Not sure there's any brain activity going on here.

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