Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Needing Validation

Sigmas despise gammas. Don't take it personally, they have a general disdain for the other members of the heirarchy in general. The irony is that gammas, by nature, usually look up to sigmas. When shunned by the sigma, the gamma will often develop a hate for the sigma. Remember that hate is not the opposite of love - antipathy is the opposite of love. That sigma will be the object of the gamma's scorn - like a woman who was jilted by her lover.

Remember - gammas were made by BETA (Heartiste dichotomy - read as delta or gamma here) fathers supplicating to domineering non-feminine mothers. So they learn to supplicate to men and women. Additionally, just like a woman will try to demonstrate value to an alpha (or sigma), so will gammas try to demonstrate value to a sigma.

For all my life, I've had gammas try earnestly to show me their value - my brother, my brother in law (one of the  gamma pastors mentioned earlier), "secret admirers," coworkers, clients, etc. You'll notice that none of those categories is labeled "friends" - I don't associate with gammas intentionally. For a while, I was curious why I attracted the sort. As I read more of the red pill and manosphere, the more I realized why.

A really good source of understanding was posted by  Alpha Game a few weeks ago... and let me highlight the key spots:

The only reason men pay any attention to Gammas is that they are so damn annoying, and if they aren’t being annoying they offer little else. Their capacity for general knowledge is consistently overrated by themselves, and they typically don’t get involved in any competitive sport or even help spot you at the gym. They might be good at their jobs, in fact damn good, but so are all the other ranks. You can barely rely on Gammas at work and in crunch time they often fold up like a cheap tent and become worthless.

Women ignore them all of the time until they need a man to do something for them, and then the Gamma bounces on his hind legs like a good little puppy looking for female morsels of attention. Other than using him for things average and above women have no desire to associate with him, talk to him, or most of all have sex with him. The women who do end up with him long for something better, fill his life with verbal abuse, and boss him around like a servant.

All Gammas want to be Alphas, sometimes they fool themselves into thinking they are some sort of Alpha but generally their own lies can’t hold as they look around and for some reason see an incredible shortage of women in their lives. So what to do? The Gamma becomes that kid in the corner making fart noises while the adults are having a conversation. At least the adults might look at him because the rest of the time they pay him no mind. He might paint his hair blue, constantly try to tell bad jokes, latch on to weird causes which he thinks will get him close to women, continuously posture about his incredible superiority, get more and more hysterical when he is still ignored, and can literally go a little crazy when his true colors are shown.

The typical single Gamma leads an incredibly boring life of computer games and porn with countless hours of solitude and nobody who wants to talk to them outside of a few friends. In this, I do have sympathy as I’m not heartless and loneliness is a terrible thing for anyone. The married Gammas do much better in this regard and can at least have the love of his young children and the companionship of his wife for what it’s worth.  When his children get older it’s unlikely they will have much respect for him and it’s possible that it will turn into loathing.

So the next time you see a Gamma being annoying keep in mind that he’s a man who is chronically unhappy, insecure, and worried about his life. No matter his monetary success, or how his children turn out, he’ll still be a Gamma until he isn’t and make life miserable for those around him to a greater or lesser extent.

More than anything, the contempt comes from a disdain for the lies gammas tell... specifically because the gammas actually expect me to believe their nonsense. It adds nothing to themselves or society. Complete waste of material.

Gammas reading this - do something about it. With time and perseverance,  you can make yourself into a solid delta, and that's a darn good life.

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