Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Putting the BS in the SHTF

A few observations about folks with poor discernment with regards to potential SHTF situations that may or may not be looming in our future. As a disclaimer, nobody can know for sure what calamity may strike or when, so general preparedness is to be commended. However, these ideas are common, and are clearly wrong for many reasons.

"It's not gonna happen" mentality.
These folks do not see America as being in a state of decline. They do not link the socialist actions of other countries with the inevitable collapse of same. They live in a protected bubble and are either ignorant or dishonest with themselves.

"I have a handgun, I'm ready."
No. You aren't.
Some folks, usually those who have just realized that the world is not a nice place, buy their first handgun and think that's it. No training, no additional firearms or preparations, no skills.

Some are simply proud of their purchase - and they should be. But don't let ego get in the way. You need a fighting rifle and skills to back it up. You need a trainer rifle and pistol to work on basic marksmanship and that will later be useful for hunting. Most who prepare also get a full size handgun (if yours was compact for carry purposes) as well as a shotgun.

"If the SHTF, I'll come to your place!"
This one is wrong on many levels. First, you are outright telling me that you don't want to prepare, but still want to reap the rewards of my preparations. Here's a hint - there's a good chance Socialism is the reason for societal collapse in the first place; more now certainly will not help. And it certainly won't help my family and friends.

Second, you are putting my family at risk. I've prepared for them, not them and you. Your taking of my family's supplies puts them and me at risk. Risk that won't be there if you aren't. Therefore, any threat you pose to my family's survival will be met with appropriate force.

Third - who says I'll actually be at my place? Often, when someone gives me this asinine phrase, I'll reply with "good! I'll need someone to watch my place... I won't be there!"

"I'll just be a sniper."
No, you won't. You can't hit targets at a measly 100 yards, when are you going to gain the additional skills? Plus, every sniper I've met, and every one I've read about, was quite proficient in close quarters combat.

There are others, but these are the most common.  Have you seen others? Mention them in the comments.

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