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20" barrel
SPR barrel
M4 barrel
M4 ready-up
SPR ready-up
Precision ready-up
El Diablo - SPR

The folks at sent me some ammo to review. From my conversation with Eric at AmmoMan, here is my review.

The ammo was PMC X-Tac .223 ammo in the 62-grain green tip variety. For those keeping score, PMC claims the rounds are loaded to M855 specs, and the information on their site reflects that.

AmmoMan contacted me on a Tuesday. After a couple of email exchanges, the ammo was in my house when I came home Friday. I received emails when the packages were shipped and when they had notification of delivery - just like any other reputable dealer such as Primary Arms or LaRue Tactical.

For the first test, I measured accuracy (technically precision).
First rifle used was my 20" precision rifle. It has a stainless steel heavy barrel from Model 1 Sales with a 1:8 twist and is free floated with a LaRue quad rail. With precision ammo, this rifle has shot groups under 1 MOA.

Next up was my SPR. It features an 18" fluted stainless steel barrel with a 1:7 twist from White Oak Armory. If the 20" is my most accurate rifle, it is only by the smallest of margins as this baby is right on the heels.

Finally, it was time for the M4. This rifle features an M4 profile barrel in stainless steel with a 1:8 twist from Black Hole Weaponry. As you can see, it was nearly as precise as the more expensive match grade barrels. It's a testament to the folks at Black Hole Weaponry, as well as to the quality PMC ammo.

For the second test, I performed a ready-up drill 10 times with each rifle.

The M4 carbine had a flier, but was easiest to point. Since these were shot at 25 yards, the idea was to get on target and get a shot off with time as a factor, but accuracy also being a major concern. The PMC ammo was more than up to the task in the M4.

The SPR is really easy to shoot. It has the least felt recoil, and is quickest back on target. The PMC ammo is loaded to military specs, so it runs toward the hotter end of the spectrum.

The precision rifle was an interesting one with which to perform ready-ups. It weighs over 11 lbs, is a full length 20" rifle with an A2 stock, bipod, and sports a 4-14x scope. Not ideal, but I did it. It seemed to like the PMC X-Tac ammo. Not surprisingly, the longer barrel was evidently generating very high velocities, as it kicked up the most dirt behind the backstop.

Next up: double taps
the dichotomy of double taps is that you'd like to have a softer shooting ammo, as getting back on target quickly is essential. However, this is a self defense drill, so you want to have the most powerful ammo possible. The PMC X-Tac was up to the challenge. Of course, our military uses virtually the same ammo, so effectiveness is not the question.

Finally, I ran an El Diablo drill
You know the one - 6 shots standing, 6 shots sitting, and 6 shots prone from 18 yards in 18 seconds. I took a picture of my first result, using the PMC X-Tac ammo in my SPR. Clearly, this ammo is plenty accurate.

I also ran several other tactical drills:
Mozambique, shooting on the move (side to side and front to back). The ammo hit where I pointed, and did not have any malfunctions.

Running theme: reliability
In all these tests, not once did the ammo malfunction. Not once did any of my rifles experience any issues. PMC X-Tac cycles reliably and hits where it's supposed to hit.

Although I did not pay for this ammo, when it was sent to me, there was a "bill" where a voucher took off the balance.  The price listed as having been waived was comparable to my local Wal Mart and Academy.

Definitely shop  for great prices and selection. The PMC X-Tac performed as expected.

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