Friday, October 16, 2015

Combating the Mental Disorder

This week , I've posted a couple of articles about my disdain for abortion. Make no mistake, as a Libertarian, I do not think the government has the wherewithal to correctly regulate abortion, but then, they cannot regulate anything correctly.

With the fact that abortion has been legal for a bit longer than I've been alive, we can actually use this horrendous act as an indicator of personal mental stability. Indeed, see these excerpts from one of my  favorite blog posts ever -

Do not date any woman who has had an abortion. Make it very clear that you will not involve yourself with any woman who would murder her own progeny. It is a non-negotiable. The reason the murderous abhumans that call themselves "feminists" work so hard to remove the shame and stigma from the monstrous act is because women are so highly susceptible to social rejection. That is their intrinsic weak point. That is the point to which men and women of moral standards must relentlessly apply pressure.

Women who claim to be "pro-choice" can and will change their thinking. In most cases, they haven't given the matter any thought; "pro-choice" it is the default position for most college-educated women. The ignorant thought can be overlooked, the evil action itself, never.

I suspect that a movement of men who make it clear that they will not involve themselves sexually or romantically with women who have had abortions will do more to end abortion than any political activity on the part of anti-abortion activists.

Feminism is the ideology of Hell and abortion is its face. Do not compromise with it.

You can make that last line your mantra. Repeat it. Know it. Men who are dating - do not date women who have had abortions and make it clear why. How to deal with women who've had abortions? Break off any relationship immediately and tell them why in a direct manner. Beyond that, AG has great advice for dealing with these low lifes:

I don't recommend arguing with women about these things. I recommend simply treating this sort of woman with the same disdain and lack of respect you would treat the logic presented by a retarded child attempting to defend his decision to defecate in his own bed. No individual, male or female, who refuses to accept responsibility for his own actions, can be considered a moral adult or an intellectual peer.

Very solid advice.

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