Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ready in a Minute

From a reader:
What basic preparations do you have on hand to fill the role of modern minuteman?

Excellent question. Understand, there are many correct answers. This answers for me.

I travel for work. Often, I am in a hotel room a few hours drive from home. Not every week, but often enough. My minuteman setup is built around "getting home."

I always carry regular clothes with me when I travel. Additionally, if the SHTF, I have my recon fatigues in my vehicle. My favorite pattern is A-TACS. Many fellow patriots select Multicam, and that's a good choice. My son likes old fashioned woodland camo, and that is also a good choice. Hiking boots from a reputable manufacturer and in a comfortable design colored in dull earth colors - tans, browns, greens. A hat and a shemagh completes the attire selection.

Load Out
My AR15 rifle (SPR build) with 7 loaded mags is the preference. As backup, a Smith & Wesson M&P in 9mm (full size) with 5 loaded magazines. The mags are all kept either in the corresponding firearm, or in a recon chest rig (also A-TACS).

Knife, multi-tool, flashlight, binoculars, cord, fire starter, compass, cotton bandana, rain jacket. All kept in a backpack (A-TACS of course).

3 days worth of food (3 lbs of beef jerky). 2 L water bladder affixed to the back of the recon chest rig. Another 1 L canteen on my bug out bag (BOB). Water filtration device.

Note: I have, on multiple occasions, stretched 3 lbs of beef jerky into 5 days worth of food. This is not a stress or strain for me.

Since I am often more than 35 miles from home, I do not carry comms with me. That will change soon, but the limitations must be understood.

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