Thursday, October 1, 2015

Introvert Scale

A good friend, whom I have known for many years is the subject of today's discussion. He is an introvert. I know this because of observation. But also because he identifies himself as an introvert. Rarely does a week go by that he doesn't tweet something from a Twitter account called "Introvert Life."

Many people mistakenly assume that an introverted person cannot demonstrate masculinity. Nothing could be further from the truth. Now, by definition, you will not see many true top alpha males who are introverted, that's does not mean an introvert cannot be at the top of the food chain.

At first glance, due to my friend's preferred and intentional quiet nature, you might be inclined to think him a delta. Indeed, that would be a fine spot in life for an introverted man, as  Alpha Game points out, Deltas "have responsibilities and do not normally shy away from them." That is a noble life to be sure.

However, my friend is most surely a leader without knowing it. He has led groups, and is unquestionably the leader of his household. That does not spell delta male in most cases.

He is clearly no gamma as he has no delusions of grandeur. He doesn't vote or think to the left in any way. He doesn't cause drama. He doesn't pretend to be alpha when there's another clear leader in a social setting.

That said, my friend is neither devious, nor does he despise gammas like a true sigma would, so he is clearly not sigma, either.

An omega wouldn't leave the house and would never be seen at a party. Neither of these things would be true for my friend. In fact, I've attended parties at his place and he has at mine. You would certainly think to invite him, so he is no omega.

If I had to put my thumb on it, I'd say he's a higher order beta with regards to Alpha Game's definition. To be fair, he likely has no clue of his SMV. He is happily married and has a wonderful, loving family. If he woke up tomorrow not married, he would be able to date women of a value that exceeds the common man.

Not bad for an introvert. To be sure, introversion has no definitive correlation with any of the heirarchy, except the afore - mentioned fact that by definition, a top alpha is not introverted.

On the flip side, I have seen and met several gammas with a penchant for extroversion. Yet, they are the most antisocial of the species. 

Now, if we use the Chateau Heartiste dichotomy scale, then my friend is certainly an alpha and not a beta. It is critical to understand the difference in these terms though. An AG beta is night-and-day different from a CH beta.

Ironically, after I'd written this, I took this test using correct answers for my friend, and it came up with the same results.

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