Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nine Rounds

Nine rounds.
Will it be enough?
One on one, probably.
Two on one, possibly.
Three on one, maybe.
Maybe not.

Nine rounds.
Will the rifle in the car do a better job?
It will, but can I get there?
It will, but do I need it?
It will, but what dangers lurk between here and there?
Nine Rounds will do for now.

Nine rounds.
Hope one is never needed.
Hope, if needed, the family is not there.
Hope, if needed, the family can be defended.
The wife has seven more rounds.

Nine rounds.
The draw will be smooth.
The shot will fly true.
The awareness will be made.
The martial art of it has been honed.

(This poem written by someone who carries a S&W Shield 9mm with nine rounds in it)


  1. Really good stuff

  2. Thank you, Mark for reading and commenting.


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