Monday, October 19, 2015

Inside The Mind

Liberal friends on Facebook are not a necessity, but can most certainly be a source of humor, insight, and subject matter for this blog. They could all be unfriended with no interruption to life and little inconvenience. And that's the key - convenience.

One such friend, a self-identified feminist, with distinct leftist leanings, made this her status the other day:
Since we can't seem to come to a consensus on gun laws, I have an idea. Let's separate the country into two halves. Those of you who think the answer is more guns/more freedom to carry guns can have one half, and the ones who think the answer is tighter gun legislation or bans can have the other. No weapons allowed to cross the border. Hmm, I wonder which side the criminals will flock to...

Now, of course her words were meant to suggest that violence would only ever occur in the half of the country with weapons, but we all know that's not how it would work. The criminals would prey on the unarmed populace with impunity and virtually ignore the half of the country that was armed.

Not to mention, and admittedly this is picking nits, that the country wouldn't be divided in "halves." It would be more like 3/4 and 1/4, give or take.

This friend can be forgiven, to an extent. She's only 23 and just out of college. Now, if she still holds that opinion in ten years...

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  1. Not only will she hold that opinion but she will have made the effort to ensure that others do, if even by force. That is what I find so peculiar about this gun control thing; that force will be used to exact compliance with that opinion which decries the use of force.


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