Thursday, October 29, 2015

Debate Observations

Wasn't it "odd" that the media was crowing over the "fact" that Trump was no longer polling in the lead. So much so that they seemed somewhat happy that the poll leader was Carson.

Those "polls" are not to be trusted, that's for certain.

The fact that Trump leads the field and that the leftist media hates it is proof enough that he may be the right guy for the job. He has moved the dialogue more to the right than anyone in the past century.

The fact that the cuckservative part of the Republican party hates Trump almost as bad as the leftists should tell you how much they can be trusted.

Ted Cruz had the zinger of the night when he attacked the media. Instant polling for that statement registered more favorably than any candidate has ever registered, according to several sources.

Kasich and Bush should just drop out.
Fiorina, Rubio, and Huckster should follow directly after.

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