Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Special Kind of Stupid

It takes a special kind of stupid to join an organization like the Boy Scouts, while being an atheist (this week, at least), and then complain about one of the (optional) merit badges requiring a project showing your religion. Here's a hint (pick any one):

- Don't join an organization known to have Christian values if that upsets you. Heck, Boy Scouts have made major headlines in recent years for having Christian values. Don't say you didn't know.

- Leave said organization without drama. I know, I just took your only tool in life away.

- Don't participate in that project. Don't earn that merit badge. BFD.

Sounds like the kind of person that would do a profile picture overlay of supporting planned parenthood, using a picture of their toddler. It takes an asinine idiot to support a group that makes its money off of killing children and illegally selling the body parts; and to do so with a picture of your child...


  1. A Scout is reverent, and promises to fulfill his duty to God, but BSA is non-denominational. There are over 60 religious emblems available, the requirements for which are administered by each denomination, not BSA.

  2. Thank you. Great points.

    In this instance, it was an atheist (at least this week - this person's religion gets changed more than their underwear) who was simply wanting to create drama. But then, I only know a small handful of self avowed atheists who do not want to create drama.


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