Sunday, October 18, 2015

Memphis > Ole Miss > Alabama

Yesterday, between errands, I got to watch parts of the Memphis - Ole Miss game. Memphis won, of course. And they won in convincing fashion. It was no fluke, and the final score did not properly convey how lop-sided it truly was.

I am a UTC Mocs fan first, as they are my alma mater. The Tennessee Vols are my favorite team that I've followed for 30 or so years. However, I did live in Memphis for a while and am not reluctant to root for the Tigers. My friend, Right Minded, is a Tigers alumni and between his blog and Twitter feed, I remain regularly updated on their progress.

As it stands right now, Memphis is the best college football program in the state of Tennessee. They deserve a top 15 ranking. They've not had an easy schedule, and the Ole Miss team is a legitimate top 25 team. If the Tigers were to play my Vols, it would be another Memphis win.

If Memphis had played the Vols schedule, the worst they'd be right now is 5-1, with a realistic chance at being 6-0. They only game whose outcome I wouldn't have been sure of is a game against Florida with the steroid-laden quarterback.

I wish them well during the rest of their season. If they win out, I think they should get a nod for the national championship playoff.

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