Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Primary Final


That's pretty much the Republican field at this time. By the time this article posts, I will have cast my primary vote. For whom, you ask?


How can that be?

Nature abhors a vacuum. Right now, there is a major power vacuum as a hapless delta-male has been President for seven years.  Donald Trump is not only the only Alpha-male in this race, he's the only true alpha to have run for President since 1996 (and no, that one wasn't Dole). The unwashed masses yearn for leadership, and only one candidate can provide that.

Of the remaining candidates, only Cruz touts liberty - and even he, not nearly enough. Trump is virtually the same as Carson on the issue. Rubio is shaky. Kasich and Bush are not liberty minded at all.

So, in the primary, I vote Trump.

In the general election? I'll vote for Cruz, Trump, or Carson without reservation. I might vote for Rubio if he is the candidate. I will not vote for Bush or Kasich regardless.

Cruz seriously needs to be on the Supreme Court. He would make an excellent Justice.

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