Monday, February 8, 2016

Feminist Lies Take Down Male Meeting

Or did it?

Return of Kings (which has been linked to on this blog on more than one occasion) had been set to host a series of meetings on saturday, February 6. Liberal feminists discovered this and started spreading lies. They had people believing that ROK advocates rape (they don't) and that the men attending these meetings would be on the hunt to rape women. None of it was true.

In fact, it was supposed to be assembly and fellowship of like-minded men. Men who wish to see a return to the God-ordained masculinity and male-led hierarchies of old. Men who wish to happen to life instead of having life happen to them.

No fewer than six of my friends shared the nonsense on Facebook. All six would call themselves conservative. I would not disagree. Five of the six go to church regularly.

This goes to show you... be wary of "news" you get from Facebook.

Not only that, but many of the meetings went on anyways. In Mount Juliet, TN, for example, several people went to the original meeting place. Of course, wary from the lies, Mount Juliet police were there, waving people away. The owner of the cigar shop expressed his interest to not have ROK readers meet at his parking lot after business hours, so I suppose the police were acting within their constitutional authority. Surprisingly (or not), there were no protesters.

In a surprise turn of events, however...
Men still met in some places.
Women were not raped by these men.
Masculine principles were discussed.
A grand time was had by all.

In a twist of irony, coordinator Roosh V was reported to have been "hiding in his mommy's basement" - by an outfit called This same outfit, on its same homepage, claimed to have found the fictitious Yeti in the mountains of Italy. It's the National Enquirer of 2016. Major news outlets did not forward or even carry the same story. It would seem the reality of the situation was that "Roosh" had visited his mother (who lives in Maryland) the day before he had planned to be at the meeting in Washington, DC.

Certainly, a few "friendships" may have been lost over misinformation. And this is unfortunate. Perhaps some people will learn to vet their sources better moving forward. Repeating information originating from liberal feminist sources is not the spreading of truth, to be sure.

This author was present to witness these things. The number of men in that meeting shall not be divulged so as to maintain anonymity. Much thanks to "Mister Alighieri" for picking up this author's tab - certainly not necessary, but definitely appreciated.

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